Granby Telephone Company should NOT receive public tax dollars for Rural Broadband because of past and current behavior.

Martin Lindstedt <>

to, me, Randy Turner

I did a video on my Odysee video channel and on my Granby UnCensored FaceBook Group.

Granby Telephone Company has a past history of taking public money as from JANICS back in the first Missouri Internet initiative and cutting off right-wing commentary from myself based upon the complains of some screetching bitch who got all mad because I observed that Paul of Tarsus said that women were to be silent in church. While Dual-Seedline Christian Identity are not big fans of Paul of Tarsus who is oft at variance with the red-letters of Christ, Christian-Identity congregations are not for women’s lip. As a result of losing on a listserver that Meggie and Klunt Downey (The former sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan who also loved censoring us Dual-Seedliners by taking over these small Christian Identity web sites and mail-servers on behalf of the “No Devil” heretics.) took over along with the rest of the “No Devil” heretics, Meggie complained and got me severed from my JANICS account. The mess from Sept-Oct 2001 is recounted here on my web page: My counter-complaint got lost in the chaos of 11th September 2001.


JANICS (Jasper and Newton Internet Connectivity Service) was the first effort by the State of Missouri to bring about Internet connectivity back in 1995 to five state areas. Initially it was run out of the Computerland in Joplin store with 30 modems bolted to a closet door with a fan blowing on them to keep them cool but regrettably the Granby Telephone Company got a piece of that action and sure enough they used it to bully its customers. I got around Granby Telephone Company by setting up an Internet account in Monett, and various efforts to get Internet. At the same time there were no fewer than three Internet outlets in Neosho offering a better product than Granby Telephone Company. Myself and Roxie simply bought a cell phone plan from US Cellular.

When Granby was putting in fiber optics cable around Reindeer Road they allowed me to keep up Roxie’s land line but refused to sell me Internet service via they’s new fiber optic cable. I informed them that this happened 20 years ago and that I’d learned to not use the free email to avoid stalkers and thus cumplaints to them. It did not matter. Granby Telephone Company would refuse to let me connected to theys’ new fiber-optic lines even though my neighbors are connected.

My point is that no public dollars should be wasted for BroadBand Connectivity on Granby Telephone Company. My friends with much the same politics have broadband with leru and my sister has Barry County Electric. These companies are not petty and vicious and vengeful and take running a public utility seriously.

Randy Turner of his gliberal whigger Turner Report informed me of this matter:

Again, if there is any tax dollars to be spent by the County for Rural Broadband Access, the Granby Telephone Company should not get any of it as they ignored and defied they’s JANICS obligations using state money 20 years ago.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri