Granby Missouri police chief suspended with pay without explanation

Yes, Granby Piggy is a scumbag above the law in Granby-Gomorrah shithole

by: Bobbie Pottorff

Posted: Nov 30, 2023 / 03:03 PM CST

Updated: Nov 30, 2023 / 03:03 PM CST

GRANBY, Mo. — Granby city officials suspend the town’s police chief without explanation.MARCH 2023: Granby has a new police chief

Granby Police Chief Freddie “Rico” Engberg was placed on a 30-day paid suspension earlier this month, according to Mayor Jamie Conway. Conway said she was not able to discuss the reason for the suspension and declined further comment.

The city council met in closed session on November 20th to discuss selecting an interim police chief from the current ranks, but they decided against that action, saying the current officers work so well together that the council did not want to choose one over the other.

During the meeting, council members said they would appoint either a retired officer or an outside agency to perform the administrative duties for which the chief is normally responsible.

A council meeting is set for Thursday night with another closed session on the agenda to discuss personnel matters. Chief Engberg said he could not comment on the matter.

He was named police chief in March.

Another nail in Granby’s Coffin

The foolish and evil Granby City Council-Criminals put the nail in Granby’s coffin by setting up Fatt Lawna as “City manager” given that she is now skilled — albeit not in book-keeping but in getting “free money” from Senile Joe’s administration to put Granby into debt the next 40 years.…te%20p1-11.pdf

Lawna Price is a skilled perjurer who ginned up a fraudulent “domestic protection order with the help of corrupt Newton County judges Kevil Lee Selby and GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel absent any jurisdiction given that she didn’t have any domestic connection uder Revised Stastutes of Missouri Chapter 456 — domestic relations and was merely a crooked cituy clerk who didn’t want to give me a copy of the public record posted on the bulletin board. So I posted three Sunshine Act Enforcent suits and was assessed a $4000 fine for doing so which Bryan Reo bought for $1000 on Oct. 14, 2019 and the City of Granby Council-Criminals bulldozed my and Roxie’s properties on 15 Oct. 2019. Which is why I never condemn all these mass shootings because it is the only time that ordinary people can get revenge upon a dying criminal regime.

For the next two years I would call up Newton County dispatch at a price of $14.92 at one o’clock Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because the crooked judges of Newton County wanted to pretend that there still was a First Amendment. Now if an evil mean crooked bitch like Fattt Lawna can cause so much damage and tyranny as a City Clerk who can’t book-keep unless Taylor-Green does it for $26,000 per year and has gotten out of billing, imagine what crooked crap she can do for $10,000 more per year as “City [mis]manager as the Granby city council-criminals get to blame they’s crap on her instead of having to own up to it?

Enjoy living under a police state paying $300-400 sewer and water bills for the next 40 years of debt while your children move out to Springfield or Neosho and all because Barry Flint wanted to set up a trailer park and didn’t want you to live in your own used single-wide trailer.

Granby-Gomorrah/Flintville is dying and tonight another nail was hammered into its coffin by a witless and wicked city council with Fatt Lawna being the maggot eating the corpse.