Mad Dog Musings 2 Dec 2022 — Reading from the Newton-County Fake-Douche about Flintville/Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro Pt. 2

Another 38 minutes detailing the Crooked Ira / Build Back Barry Infrastructure Scams

Mad Dog Musings 2 Dec 2022 Flintville/Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro Pt. 2 38 min +

In Part 2, Pastor Martin Lindstedt reads further from the Newton County Fake-Douche of30 Nov. 2022 covering how the thieving Granby City Council is going use State and Federal water and sewer grants to put up a series of flea markets in 20 ft cargo containers atop Mayor Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump across from Granby Shitty Hall. This when ordinary Granby Inbred Tards can’t buy an old single-wide trailer or series of cargo coontainers and put these improvements on theys’ own private property.

In short, Granby Council-Criminals simply want to use pore Granby crackheads, chomos, geezers who are extremely poverty stricken in order to get massive government grants for water and sewer projects which will not be used for that purpose but rather as graft for an expedition in building flea-markets to enrich the pockets of Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins, Barry Flint and the right worsesheepfool Council-Critters of Granby who forget that Granby needs safe and clean drinking water and non-leaking into the aquifer sewer lines 

Granby is receiving a bunch of state and federal funds supposed to be spent on infrastructure but is voting instead on spending it on Barry Flint’s sundry schemes, be it a flea-market atop Mayor Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump atop the old Lux Theater which as used before its collapse in 1984 to store barrels of cyanide and toxic waste and on rebuilding the roof and internal structure of Jamie Arnall’s old hardware store which Crooked Ira, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and Fattt JoAnn Lamp wanted to tear down in March and got Jamie Arnall to sign over to Barry Flint’s Granby Racketeering operation also known as the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro. Barry Flint made it so that ordinary Granby citizens cannot put up a single-wide trailer or older double-wide much less the 20 foot cargo containers from which Barry will build his combined flea-market. But whenever Barry Flint wants something Crooked Ira and Crooked Ira’s council-criminal ass-lickers give it to him.

Now it is one thing to sign over a hundred-year old Boy Scout building and turn it into a thrift store as it was not used. However. taking away state and federal Covid and water funds meant for fixing the decrepit sewer and water lines which haven’t been addressed since the 1980s and applying these funds to select Granby insiders is yet another. In any case, this policy of building with boutique stores won’t work because the boutique businesses are packing up and moving to Neosho simply because Granby is dying due to Granby Council crookedness and demographic decline. The young people if any move to where they can make something of themselves, the few working people of Gen X and Millennial age prefer to buy their groceries and goods where they work in Neosho, Joplin, Carthage and Monett and to starve the corrupt Granby City of local tax funds.

Granby, because of its history as a lead and zinc mining town also has structural problems in that the lead mineshafts reach down hundreds of feet, and those mineshafts once abandoned in the late 1950s and early 1960s were used as cesspools. Also the water in east Granby stinks of sulphur from the industrial processes used to separate the lead from the crushed ore. The aquifer is only 700 ft deep and the mineshafts have contaminate the well dug in 1906. The historic water tower in east Granby was erected in 1907. So east Granby water which is the oldest section of town with a lot of mineshafts always stinks.

A sweet water well #was2 drilled in the early 1980s and has a tower on Tower Road on the western city limits of Granby. Well #3 without a tower is in Northwest Granby and stinks somewhat of sulphur.

So the Granby water supply is contaminated by both sulphur and sewage. Over 60% of the water leaks out of the decaying water pipes, joins the sewer leaks and further contaminates the water supply. The idiotic and corrupt Granby City Council knows of this, but since they can’t really do anything about it except sell the water and sewer system to Missouri American / Liberty Utilities they prefer to loot whatever “grants” are available and divert the funds to theys’ own pockets.

Usually the Newton County Fake-Douche with its editard Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) acts as a press secretary for first T-Rampageifer Gamble then Crooked Ira Hawkins, but he did report on the crooked diversion of funds in the 30 Nov. 2022, from which Pastor Lindstedt read — and chortled.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt read from the Newton County Fake-Douche 30 Nov. 2022 front page in both Part 1 and Part 2.

Youtube Video From Dec. 2, 2022, Part 2 38+ Minutes

Mad Dog reads another 38 minutes from the Newton County Fake-Douche about Granby Council-Criminal Crookedness

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri 64844

Mad Dog Musings 2 Dec 2022 — Reading from the Newton-County Fake-Douche about Flintville/Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro Pt. 1

Reading from the 30 Nov. 2022 Newton County Fake-Douche

Reading the front page of the 30 November 2022 Newton County Fake-Douche lie-paper of the Granby City Council wanting to steal $1 million from Covid-19 funding which is supposed to be used for sewer and water projects and instead stolen by Barry Flint for his “Grow Granby” use the funds to bring in cargo trailers to create a flea-market atop Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump. Now usually the editard of the Newton County Fake Douche lie-paper is nothing but Crooked Ira’s press secretary but in this issue Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) makes it quite clear that wasting $1 million in water grants shouldn’t be used to enrich Barry Flint and sundry Granby council-criminals. Rather water and sewer funding from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources should only be used for sewer and water projects.

Rather the thieving Granby City Council is going use State and Federal water and sewer grants to put up a series of flea markets in 20 ft cargo containers atop Mayor Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump across from Granby Shitty Hall. This when ordinary Granby Inbred Tards can’t buy an old single-wide trailer or series of cargo coontainers and put these improvements on theys’ own private property.

In short, Granby Council-Criminals simply want to use pore Granby crackheads, chomos, geezers who are extremely poverty stricken in order to get massive government grants for water and sewer projects which will not be used for that purpose but rather as graft for an expedition in building flea-markets to enrich the pockets of Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins, Barry Flint and the right worsesheepfool Council-Critters of Granby who forget that Granby needs safe and clean drinking water and non-leaking into the aquifer sewer lines .

Youtube Video From Dec. 2, 2022, Part 1 31+ Minutes

Reading from the 30 Nov. 2022 Newton County Fake-Douche about what Crooked Ira is up to

Pastor Martin Lindstedt read from the Newton County Fake-Douche 30 Nov. 2022 front page in both Part 1 and Part 2.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri 64844

Mad Dog Musings 11 Sep 2022 — Make Granby Back to Mayberry NOT Gomorrah Still

What does Jackson Mississippi, Purcell Missouri and Granby Missouri have in common?

All three have third-world populations infested with corrupt council-criminals unable to maintain a water and sewer system given them to where either they need to fix it up by themselves (given that for the past thirty years they have refused to do so) or simply sell it to a competent private water works corporation.

Now Jackson Mississippi a mainly black capital city in Mississippi which is the poorest state in the US, the Jackson city council has refused to spend the money raised in taxes and users fees towards actually repairing its water and sewer system for the past 30 years. Rather they are going to be the largely White Republican state legislature to give them a $ billion to give them a whole new water and sewer system which is not likely to happen, particularly since the white and smarter black populations have fled the county.

In the case of Purcell, a city in Jasper County of less than 400 like Granby with a population of 2000 they had a corrupt and inept city council who hid their thiever by hiring dog&pony show audits. But unlike Granby they got enough signature petitions to force a state audit. The state audit found that the city mayor and council were stealing from the town. So they were charged and removed, a new city council elected, and last year by a vote of 49 to 4 the vote was to admit that they were simply unable to run a water and sewer system so they sold it to Missouri American water company this year.

Likewise with Granby. The water system has decayed the past 40 years but gotten especially worse given that Mayors like T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins refuse to make Jim Channel work on the matter, preferring to instead hope that some contractor wanting to put in a multi-million new water system will pay them off with kickbacks so they can sell out and move elsewhere than Granby with theys’ loot.

That the Granby City Council has nothing but contempt for the private property of Granby residents is a given. This video by Pastor Lindstedt, who is running as an “oafishul” write-in Candidate for US Senate since as an open White Supremacist he is not allowed on the primary ballots is to make the point that the City of Granby, like the residents of Purcell, if they wish to have clean water and safe sewers need to simply let some private corporation which does this work to do so rather than continue to allow thieving council-criminals to neither repair or fix the municipal utilities.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Official Write-In Candidate for US Senate
338 Rabbit Track Road
P.O. Box 666
Granby, Missouri 64844

Crooked Ira’s She-Spawn Croaks of SADS

Satan took the Baal-Priest’s Daughter Home, Crooked Ira learns nothing.

Crooked Ira’s She-Spawn Croaks of SADS

This is so hard !

Being a Satan-serving crooked politician who is out to steal everything from them stupid Granby Inbreds, presiding over the collapse of its infrastructure, voting in higher taxes so there is more to steal, bulldozing without a kort order the private property of my political enemies, indulging in setting out my Granby Piglice to terrorize those who don’t cut their grass to my wishes, establishing zoning against the wishes of business owners, telling the poor that they cannot put in a trailer house on their own property, coonspiring to let Senile Heifer Joyce Mann violate said municipal ordinances, giving Barry Flint everything he wants while forbidding others from setting up a reconditioned trailer park, letting Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress run wild and Jim Channel too, saddling Granby with endless unsustainable debt for the next 50 years, refusal to obey [s]election results and filling the Granby City Council Seats with fellow baal-priests and “Christian Scumbags” and refusal to trust in YHWH to protect myself and my family from the ZOG-virus and thus taking the Baal-Gates Micro$haft 2019 ZOG-virus Mark of the Beast Clot Shot and encouraging my spawn to do likewise and thus having them croak of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and like a goat wonder what happened since Satan is supposed to protect me and mine from the Coonsequences is easy, cf. Matthew 7:13-14:

13: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way. that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.

Criminal case against future Newton County auditor dismissed

NEOSHO, Mo. — A criminal case against a future Newton County official has been dismissed.

Newton County Prosecutor, William Lynch dismissed a misdemeanor count of Tampering with a Public Record that was filed against Matt Major on August 19th.

Lynch said he didn’t feel like they could prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Plus everyone knows that the Newton County korts and Sheriff’s Department is corrupt as can be so even though making a big deal of this political arrest the citizens of Newton County voted FOR Matt Major because of this political arrest. Having 30% of a jury drawn from registered voters means that a Newton County Prostitutard bringing this case will lose and lose big.

That charge was from 2021, when Major resigned from the county assessor’s office. According to court papers, workers found information related to county tax records had been deleted from his computer — and paper copies were also missing.

Matt Major while working at the County Assessor’s office reduced the six acres I bought for my Church in 2019 to the bare land as agriculture use in 2020 as opposed to the old trailers which used to be on the land as having a residential rate of taxation. Matt Major is a competent and decent public employee.

While searching Major’s house, investigators found computerized files on a flash drive and two boxes of paperwork.

This Newton County Sheriff Piece of Shit named Hornbeck who acts as Nicky Myers’s — Chairman of the Newton County Republican Party — own personal police goon made a big deal of the matter. Any case handled by this corrupt piglice goon should be dismissed for probable corruption.

Major denied any wrongdoing — saying he believed the items he took from the assessor’s office were either his or public information.

He won the county auditor primary on August 2nd and is unopposed in the November election.

I voted for Raleigh Ritter in the primary because I know and like Raleigh. However, Matt Major is competent and at odds with the Newton County political establishment and so the voters handed the office to Matt Major because they don’t believe the same old crooks.

I am suggesting to Jill Carter, the primary winner of the 32s State Senatorial District loosen up the legislative laws so as to allow a lesser percentage of voters in small cities able to petition for an governmental audit at the second-class and below county level for second-class and below cities within those counties instead of having to petition the state auditor. This reduced petitioning would lessen these Arthur-Anderson/Enron accounting like at the Purcell and Granby level wherein these private auditors having to be paid by those they “audit” get to create private “council-criminal eyes only management letters.” Purcell was not able to catch theys’ council-criminals stealing from them, they passed all of theys’ dog&pony shoah “audits” until they got a percentage of the registered voters to sign on for the state auditor’s audit — which caught them stealing, had them removed, and to where by a 9-1 vote they sold the Purcell water & sewer system to Missouri Water Company.

Having a County Auditor go over the City books because of a lower percentage of registered voters want governmental oversight as opposed to the current attitude of “Whatever crooked crap originates in Granby needs to stay in Granby” and “Let Granby rot as you have to house the old geezers, the crackheads, and the chomos someplace and it might as well remain in Granby while Neosho and Joplin prospers due to the commerce on I-49 and I-44” and “Neosho gots Schubert-Mitchells (McMansion builders of $300,000 up houses) and Granby gots Hovels & Shitholes.”

20 June 201 7: Mayor T-Rampage Gamble has me arrested for making fun of himself under Granby Municipal Ordinance #815

T-Rampage Gamble, Crooked Evil Ira & Sundry Granby Regime Criminals have me arrested
for violating Granby Municipal Ordinance #815 20 June 2017

Well, I’m uploading youtube video taken down back in June 2019 from June 2017 with T-Rampage Gamble having me arrested upon pretext of violating Granby Municipal Ordinance #815. T-Rampage Gamble was foaming at the mouth about some Granby Inbred Tard telling T-Rampage to go eat shit over since he bought a manufactured shop at Sutherlands in Joplin and had no intention of hooking up Granby sewer or water that he seen no reason to kiss T-Rampage’s or Crooked Ira Hawkins’ ass nor the rest of the Granby City Council-Criminals either. So less than a month after T-Rampage, Crooked Ira and Tim Murphy met in secret “emergency” session to grant Joyce Mann a variance to set up a used double-wide on her property for her daughter, and grandchildren without obeying any of the municipal ordinances of a ten-day notice given to the neighbors and printed in the Newton County Fake-Douche or anything but rather holding a secret meating in which the one person objecting was ignored and threatened by the City Attorney and Granby Police.

Granby should have its municipal charter pulled for this crooked shit — or at the very least have its municipal ca$h-register kort abolished and piglice department abolished for the next 40 years until they learn to obey theys’ own laws first. However Granby is really nothing but a police state run as a racketeering operation for the benefit of senile Boomers who support Boomer regime criminals.

The Granby City Council is comprised of local criminals running a criminal regime in coonjunction with the Granby police department in order to make up sundry rules which are used against ordinary people and not even remotely enforced against the very criminals making up these rules.

In this 20 June 2017 “work session” just a few weeks after having a “emergency special” work city council-meeting in which they met secretly at the behest of the corrupt city attorney Jarod Thomas and Granby Piglice to allow North Ward Council-Critter Senile Heifer Joyce Mann to buy a used double-wide and set it up for her daughter and her family without ten days’ notice or publication in the local paper and against objections by someone living within 300 ft, Mayor T-Rampage Gamble and his City council-criminals especially Crooked Ira, Tim Murphy, Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett but not with Senile Heifer Joyce Mann proceeded to hook them up on City Utilities. Now T-Rampage was all maddened that some one didn’t want city utilities and went and bought a work shack at Sutherlands without kissing T-Rampage’s ass. So T-Rampage and the rest of the City council-criminals are out to pass another law mandating making someone else kiss theys’ asses and pay them off. T-Rampage doesn’t want to explain why making up new “laws” are necessary when they can’t obey the laws they have already.

In short these council-criminals are simply criminals who make up the rules but not against theysselfs and they have an extremely corrupt police department to act as “law enforcement” for their racketeering schemes.

Which is why if you live in Granby then it is because you belong in such as marginal town to begin with. After all, the Granby Inbreds voted for these regime-criminals and to establish their animal police department.

What should also be understood is if you are the vast majority of Granby People who voted for this collection of sundry regime criminals operating what really is a criminal racketeering operation comprised of so many baal-priests who screw over the population and enable a corrupt police department which would make Saddam Hussein ruling over a mangy pack of mongrellized reg-heads, then let it be understood that of course you belong in Granby as it is the dumping ground of Newton County and Southwestern Missouri for crackheads, chomos, and others who definitely belong in the lower levels of the genetic cesspool. I myself think that only 20% of you will ever make up much more than a quarter of an ass-hole.

The Granby Christian Scumbag Faction will voat in more [d]rules.

At the next Granby Council-Critter Meating on 9 August our council-critters will be voating to sneak in back-door zoning by telling people that they cannot live in their own building on the ground floor and no putting up a family residence atop Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump across from City Hall.

Of course back in March 2021 Crooked Ira, Senile Heifer Joyce Mann, Pig-smells-Wolf JoAnn Lamp and one of Crooked Ira’s baal-priests Charlie Clown was voting to let Barry Flint to move in five more trailers into his trailer park — and last month disallowing the Allen brothers from bringing in 13 to theirs — and in April 2021 Pfat Jackass Kelly and JoAnn Lamp was voting to try to tear down Jamie’s old hardware store. So these idiots until and unless God strikes theys dead using the ZOGvirus or the voters get tired of theys crap have a long and sordid history of destroying Granby’s History. Urban renewal not so much.

So Jamie gave her old building — which could have been renovated to form apartments behind the brick facade — to Barry Flint’s Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back Barry Better Boutique Bizness Burreau (hereafter the F-GG BB(B)BBBB). The two old buildings next door have two cars parked. The bank building isn’t likely to have renters nor is the Miner’s Museaum, the Fire Department, City Hall, the F-GG BB(B)BBBB Thrift Store or the piggery. Nor on the other side of the street is the Paki-trip, JJ’s, Crooked Ira’s Synagogue of Satan Charities, Wayne’s World Tattoo Parlor, Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump is not to be $42,000 richer with ZOGvirus fundings bringing in six trailers to sell F-GG BB(B)BBBB trinkets, then Veteran’s Park, then what used to be the Styrons, and then Bill-the-Buttlicker Barretts until he got his pelf from Allieger Martin and r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Carthage.

Looks like there is no valid reason to pass such nonsense unless they are scared that Wayne will set up a flophouse in his tattoo parlor. If Crooked Ira Hawkins finds his new laws incoonvenient he can have the rest of the Granby Christian Scumbag Faction council-critters pass an extra special variance for him like they did for Senile Heifer Joyce Mann in May 2017.

Lets see. Granby incorporated in 1845. Now is 2022. 177 years of council-critters and not until now was any such ordinance necessary. What next? No more clamps on one of Granby decaying water pipes than 50 per 10 ft. section since Richard Eustzler told Jim Channel he could put in one per dozen foot section back in 2014?

These criminal idiots went a scam too far with the Allieger-Martin Stormwater Sewer Scam of 2019. Next up, vote in a $10 million drinking water system so that Granby Inbreds can slurp up Sewage & Sulphur with a new straw — which will fall into decay just like the current one.

This past primary [s]election I was asking the Republican candidates about what were they going to do about Granby corruption and the inevitable decay. A few answered. And the Granby Christian Scumbag Faction didn’t grow too much.

But the best thing which could happen to the People of Granby is having the Granby municipal charter pulled, the Granby municipal police department let go, and the water, sewer, and gas utilities sold to a private company under public utility laws and have them do the work that isn’t being done now.

Then the Granby Christian Scumbag Faction could go back to theys’ Synagogues of Satan and pass ecclesiastical edicts against the inbred skanks, skankmongers, crackheads and hand out to the Boy Scouts merit badges in Sodomy & Civic Corruption and leave the rest of us benighted people not bothering to mow our lawns, living in hovels & single-wides, in peace to leave off polishing the civic turd known throughout the four-state area as “Granby”.

Granby used to be such a relaxed place to live before these native thieving inbreds, especially the Christian Scumbag Faction and the Blue-State Refugee Locusts turned the place into Gomorrah.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt, CJCC/AN, M.D.

Lawful Granby South Ward City Council-Critter 2020-22

Write In Candidate for US Senate

Pastor Mad Dog’s Pick of the Republican Pricks on the 2d Aug 2022 ballot:

US Senate: Eric Greitens (yes a jew and yes ran a Navy SEAL Republican Fambly Values BDSM Rape-Dungeon and yes is one heck of a pussy-grabber even more than the ZOG-Emperor Trump and slapped around his jew wife & kids like the ZOG-Emperor should have done with Ivanka but his nomination will make the RINO-publicucks just shit if he wins.)

State Auditor: Scott Fitzgerald. Just a politician and not a lawyer.

7th Congress District: Eric Burlison — kneejerk coonservative and not a RINO-publican though I like Mike Moon better because he is smarter and killed a live chicken in his campaign ad protesting abortion years ago.

State Senator: Jill Carter Local girl being outspent 6-1 by Baal White, juvenile kort lawyer seeking 2d term

Newton County Presiding Commissioner: Kevin Van Story. Wants a state audit, agrees to video county public meetings, understands that Newton County cannot have economic growth without affordable housing, is no friend of the Newton County courthouse clique, and went to Washington for the Jan. 6th event. Openly is against wasting taxpayer dollars on this county litigation spurred on by pointless power trips between county officials. Is not one of the “Christian Scumbags” helping run Granby as a racketeering outfit.

County Auditor: Raleigh Ritter. Lives near Seneca on the other end of Newton County asks me if I’m staying out of trouble (usually not) and we have a wary relationship. Has offered to dye the white skunk stripe in the middle of his hair if I agree to shave off my half beard. Not gonna happen. I shouldn’t comment on other peoples’ appearance — for obvious reasons and if Raleigh Ritter wants to go through life looking like a skunk then what of it? I know how to mind my own business.

The rest of the county offices are unopposed. I will NOT vote for Ben Baker, Christian Scumbag because for years I’ve told him about Granby corruption and Baker refuses to do anything about it or his friends like Crooked Ira Hawkins doing it.

I will vote FOR Patty Krueger for Clerk of Courts. As Perigo’s secretary she got Judge Kevin Lee Selby on 15 September 2004 to sign a final judgment so that myself and Roxie could file an appeal to try to get the grandkids back. Of course later these evil judges charged me with bogus child molestation charges and I got sent illegally to the NutHouse for refusal to allow a pub[l]ic pretender to [mis]represent me and got five front teeth knocked out on Dec. 6, 2005 by Newton County Deputy Sheriffs and the corrupt Southern Court of Appeals judges denied my appeal while awaiting preliminary hearing and I spent 31 months of torture and doping up until I pretended to hire a lawyer and didn’t and the case fell apart because my retarded 6-year-old grandson got anally raped in foster care, turned into a homo & rage-monster so he chose not to lie about myself. The Newton and Jasper County DFS is running a state-sanctioned pedophile ring. And since I’m running as a write-in for US Senate my campaign slogan is “Pastor Mad Dog will make these regime criminals eat theys’ spawns’ nuts.”

But since I don’t want people thinking I’m a complete sociopath I also urge listeners to not harm Mrs. Krueger or her family. She’s helped me as much as she dared with GRIDS-Grindr Greggy Stremel and that vicious Satanic beast Kevin Lee Selby and the rest of the crooked judges and so I’m grateful.

That and chain up a few past Newton County Sheriffs and theys’ deputies and theys’ famblys to the hitch of theys’ pigmobiles and let them find out the real meaning of “police brutality” in a few rounds being drug in chains around the Courthouse. What goes around cum-cum, cum-cums around.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Elected Granby South Ward City Council-Man 2020-22

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

New YouTube Channel — Mad-Dog 4 Missouri 4 US Senate 2022

Have you watched these IDIOTIC & SILLY political ads just before the 2d August 2022 Republican primary [s]election and idly thought some [at best] PG-17 or R-Rated thots about the sort of stoooooopid crap you would REALLY like to see from these lying basstids?

Well I sure have.

I’m not allowed as an open White Soooopremicist to run on the primary ballots of the Republicucks, the Dem[on]crats, the LibberToons or the CONstipation parties in Missouri since 2008 so for the last 6 [s]election cycles I’ve had to pull a write in campaign for pub[l]ic office. Now I don’t have anything in the way of ZOGbux but I do have a wild imagination.

Why not enjoy this? The idiots and fools and crooks who want us to be stupid enough to vote for them deserve ridicule. I have a LOT of ridicule for them & theys’ weasel corps.

Let the fun begin.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN MD (Mad Dog)

338 Rabbit Track Road (Mailbox next to The Hippo’s)

P.O. Box 666 (For those of you not superstitious but with memory problems)

Granby Missouri 64844

(Will accept small denomination ZOGbux)

The Granby City Council-Criminals want to disallow property owners from living on the ground floors of their own properties on North Main Street.

These political monkey-poxers want to sneak in back-door back-room zoning.

Just over a year ago they were scheming to tear down Granby Heritage Buildings. Now they want to sneak in zoning by means of saying that because they want to play at urban renewal of boutique businesses in an era of $4.00 gasoline that property owners cannot build in residential living on North Main street from the highway to McKinley Street.

Property owners are 90% opposed to zoning because it puts what they get to do with their private property into the corrupt paws of thieving idiots wanting to run a police state until they get paid off or have Barry Flint approve it. Why should their own property values be limited to what is approved by Granby Council-Criminals because no one will want to buy these old decrepit properties and fix them back up if they have to make payoffs or engage in litigation in order to do so?

Police being unleashed to make false arrests based upon criticism leads to making false arrests based upon getting to fill the municipal cash-register court which can lead to homeless crackheads with guns shooting three little pigs like in Joplin.

The next Council-Meeting will have a proposed ordinance in which corrupt idiots decide just like dogs licking theys’ nuts to make an ordinance which will be negated by litigation “just because they can.”

What do mangy dogs & Granby City Council-Criminals have in common?

A mangy dog licks its nuts because it can.

A Granby City Council-Criminal makes ordinances to apply to the People of Granby but not theysselfs, theys’ families and friends because theys’ can.

Barry Flint doesn’t bother telling mangy dogs to lick theys’ nuts though. No ZOGbux to be found there. Barry Flint tells his mangy dogs on the Granby City Council to lick they’s nuts & butts for ZOGbux because Barry is running a racketeering organization and he always keeps his eye on the bottom line. Just a matter of time until Granby becum-cum cum-cums Flintville.

Any Main Street property owner wanting to live on the ground floor of his property better put up a sleeping mat before the Council-Criminals convene though to get in grounds for a lawsuit if wanted. No Granby Inbred’s life, liberty or property is safe from Mayor Crooked Ira and the Council-Criminals while the municipal corporation of Granby retains its home-rule charter.

Just a critical observation made safely outside the city limits although my Church and I still have property regrettably not de-annexed just yet.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/ANElected

South Ward City Council 2020-22

Write-in Candidate for US Senate