Mayor Goofhead-Nero with tits announces some ethnic cleansing of Granby-Gomorrah poorinbredtards & creating endemic burnt-out districts using “compassionate fascism” enfarced by Granby-Gomorrah Piglice

My Brother, Pighook the Mother-Killer called me just after midnight. Thanks to Bryan Reo and the Ohio state and federal korts I have lost my inheritance to some homosexual mongrel ZOGbot in the Ohio state and federal korts and to the State of South Dakota letting lawyers run wild in stealing my property.

I told Pighook the Mother-Killer that I went to the Granby City Council and the Council-Critters like shitting dogs moving away from theys’ dump were “moving forward” in doing Granby shit, i.e. oppressing the poor by not being able to do whatever it takes to raise property values so that they can sell out and move out of the Granby-Gomorrah shithole to Neosho or Joplin. So I was annoyed that Jaimie Arnall not only turned into Crooked Ira with tits, but a big discussion was held about how she would call these old houses which are the only reason for Granby still existing “dangerous buildings” according to her view as “building inspectard.” The entire premise of simply leaving the poor alone to live in a single-wide or similar hole to live theys’ lives were foreign to her. I told her that I didn’t like the way the Council-Criminals were piling on massive debt for the poor to pay back (somehow) or how she was going to create these “burnt-out” districts in Granby. You see, if a house is condemned after a piglice trial by Granby piglice and these poor people can’t afford to fix it up, it might be cheaper to simply burn it down so that Granby fire-pigs can get arson training. The end result is a poor “whigger detriot” with the rubble pile going to weeds.

These Granby City Council-Criminals having no appreciation for private property think like fascists that the People of Granby exist to serve them and increase theys’ property values so they can hire more Granby piglice to make sure that they are not ridiculed. T-Rampage Gamble even though a drunken psychotic ass-clown had more drunken anglo-mestizo hue-mamzer dignity.

Anyways, Pighook the Mother-Killer in an effort to seem real smart interrupted and asked if it wasn’t that “you were up her ass and she had a big dangerous building and you supported her years ago.” I said that she wasn’t up my ass, but I thought we were allied in trying to save Granby Heritage Buildings, but given whigger chicken nature none of these power seekers can forgo telling others how to live once they got power over others. That is why a well-run military dictatorship is the best form of government because they know better than to pull shit which might get them shot — like on 15 Oct. 2019 @ 12:35 pm when these regime criminals were bulldozing me and Roxie’s property and they haven’t learned a single thing without capital punishment. I said that I might sell my old buildings to some needy Somalians just like this old church was saved by being sold to beaners. Granby Inbred-Jeds like Pfat “Jackass” Kelly love to claim that “they cum-cum, cum-cum back to Granby for the naggers”, so selling my old houses to a gang of Shittyapolis-Mogadishu goat-rapers with AK-47s might be the trick. That or litigation over selective enfarcement by dusting off the March 30, 2020 federal lawsuit might work.

Now it wasn’t until March 2023 that I let Pighook the Mother-killer know that Bryan Reo had lost in the 6th Circus Kort 0oad so he could turn over his half to the Hippo the Baby-Momma of Baby-Pighook. Hippos kill more Afreeekoons than lions, tigers, bears, go-rillas, and this Hippo has a bad temper. W200 per month for 2024 to live on in poverty in return for letting him call me at noon and after midnight to coonfirm how very smart he is.

So Pighook the Mother-Killer tells me, “Didn’t that ungratefool skank usedta own a big brick dangerous building without a roof on it in downtown Granby.” “Yes, she did but that was then and this is now, and she is mayor and now gets to be an ass-pecker over the other white chickens”, referenceing an article I wrote about white chickens back in 1993. “I suppose I’ll either have to bring in some real Afreekoons or get to litigation.”

Then Pighook yapped about how by suing these regime criminals I was no different than Bryan Reo. I snapped out that he ought to call Bryan Reo and get that mongrel homo ZOGbot on HIS ass and see how he liked it. Then I hung up.

A minute later, Pighook calls. “Did we get cut off.” “No. Wipe off and call back tomorrow afternoon.”

Pighook calls in 10 minutes. I tell him that if he wants to try to show how very smart he is for the money spent, then the limit is once a night. Call back tomorrow. I’m done with his dumb ass for tonight.

Anyways, the Ohio korts are going to let Bryan Reo run wild, acting like Sodom and Gomorrah in theys’ abuse of legal process to kidnap, rob and murder passing strangers once they stopped moving on the caravan route to the headwaters of the Jordan into the Dead Sea circa the time of Abraham 2000 BC. ZOG/Babylon always indulges in the Sin of Sodom of using the apparatus of law and justice to plunder the strangers and theys’ own poor and Granby-Gomorrah acts the same way. Act like Sodom and Gomorrah, be treated like Sodom and Gomorrah. These Blue Hives are surrounded by old ailing nuclear power plants which eventually shall go all chernobyl. A clever domestic terrorist can melt-down an ailing nuclear power plant given control or the facility or simply by shutting off diesel for the water cooling pumps.

In the case of South Dakota, no nuclear power plant but they do have massive impoundments, so give them a deluge instead of fire and brimstone. Hunt down lawyers, judges, piglice and politicians and theys’ families and let them know that theys’ lawlessness under color of law is NOT appreciated.

After all, it was Cain who built the first city and Nimrod who tried to make the First Mighty Evil Empire. Given that Satan is the god of this world, I’m amused at the hypocritical and idiotic ceremonies before the Council-Criminals Meat to screw over the Shitizens of Granby.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Granby Telephone Company should NOT receive public tax dollars for Rural Broadband because of past and current behavior.

Martin Lindstedt <>

to, me, Randy Turner

I did a video on my Odysee video channel and on my Granby UnCensored FaceBook Group.

Granby Telephone Company has a past history of taking public money as from JANICS back in the first Missouri Internet initiative and cutting off right-wing commentary from myself based upon the complains of some screetching bitch who got all mad because I observed that Paul of Tarsus said that women were to be silent in church. While Dual-Seedline Christian Identity are not big fans of Paul of Tarsus who is oft at variance with the red-letters of Christ, Christian-Identity congregations are not for women’s lip. As a result of losing on a listserver that Meggie and Klunt Downey (The former sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan who also loved censoring us Dual-Seedliners by taking over these small Christian Identity web sites and mail-servers on behalf of the “No Devil” heretics.) took over along with the rest of the “No Devil” heretics, Meggie complained and got me severed from my JANICS account. The mess from Sept-Oct 2001 is recounted here on my web page: My counter-complaint got lost in the chaos of 11th September 2001.


JANICS (Jasper and Newton Internet Connectivity Service) was the first effort by the State of Missouri to bring about Internet connectivity back in 1995 to five state areas. Initially it was run out of the Computerland in Joplin store with 30 modems bolted to a closet door with a fan blowing on them to keep them cool but regrettably the Granby Telephone Company got a piece of that action and sure enough they used it to bully its customers. I got around Granby Telephone Company by setting up an Internet account in Monett, and various efforts to get Internet. At the same time there were no fewer than three Internet outlets in Neosho offering a better product than Granby Telephone Company. Myself and Roxie simply bought a cell phone plan from US Cellular.

When Granby was putting in fiber optics cable around Reindeer Road they allowed me to keep up Roxie’s land line but refused to sell me Internet service via they’s new fiber optic cable. I informed them that this happened 20 years ago and that I’d learned to not use the free email to avoid stalkers and thus cumplaints to them. It did not matter. Granby Telephone Company would refuse to let me connected to theys’ new fiber-optic lines even though my neighbors are connected.

My point is that no public dollars should be wasted for BroadBand Connectivity on Granby Telephone Company. My friends with much the same politics have broadband with leru and my sister has Barry County Electric. These companies are not petty and vicious and vengeful and take running a public utility seriously.

Randy Turner of his gliberal whigger Turner Report informed me of this matter:

Again, if there is any tax dollars to be spent by the County for Rural Broadband Access, the Granby Telephone Company should not get any of it as they ignored and defied they’s JANICS obligations using state money 20 years ago.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


No telling what useful godly purposes it will be put to when fixed up right !!!???

Cums with a functioning first-pull 1991 powerful 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. But it needs a new set of blades which costs $38 and can be installed for $20. I took the first $50 out of the Aryan Nations domestic terrorism action fund, but would appreciate your anonymous funding care of The YHWH White Supremacy Poverty Law Center where we combat the Ashkenazi Defecation League, The $outhern Poverty Law Center and Bryan Reo’s Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center (ZPLC) in the form of Walmart Gift cards or simple money orders in a fake name mailed out of a big city post office.

So send jewr ZOGbux today to:

YHWH Poverty [F]Law Center

Attn: White Army Faction of the Army of Aryan Christian Israel Action Wish List

P.O. Box 666

Granby Missouri 64844

If you want to go all pussazoid about it then address it to me, Pastor Martin Lindstedt, and say that it is a Political Action Fund for whatever it is that I’m running this year @ P.O. Box 666 and best still don’t leave jewr name and real address. I’m NOT someone who you wish to list on a resume.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Former [S]elected Granby South Ward Council-Critter (never seated) 2020-2022

Candidate for Governor of Missouri or for very last Prez-o-dint of the jewnited $nakes of ZOGmurriKwa

We (Re)Bill’t This Shitty (On Inbred Tards)

Jamie Conway
July 14 2023 10pm

I see good people working very hard to take a step or two forward, while I watch others push them down and tear their accomplishments to shreds. It’s truly a disappointment at times. Keep on fighting the good fight friends, as long as there is hope the enemy will not win.

Then some nigger pieties from a nigger baal-priest race-hustler designed to pry apart a whiggress’ legs

The term “Move Forward” should be ASS-o-ciated with a shitting dog who does its business in your yard in order to get away from the flea eggs about to hatch in itz own shit. Same thing with these idiot crooked Granby council-criminals who rack up millions in debt simply because they didn’t want to make Jim Channel maintain the water and sewer lines. And because they want to make Granby Inbred Tards of geezers, chomos, & crackheads pay for theys’ stupid projects while they collect the bills for the next 30-40 years until they roll it over forever.

There are some of us who own old houses in Granby who don’t want to drink sewage and sulphur water no matter how filtered and have a $300-400 a month Granby utility bill for the next 40 years. We would rather pay $125 a month for a Public-Service regulated utility with nothing to do with the Granby City Council-Criminals and theys’ favorites or animal Granby Piglice Department or simply collect rainwater to do the laundry, flush the toilets and drink bottled water.

Now some of us want to deal with our own shit or to make Granby employees work or simply live inexpensively and not “move forward” over the nearest financial cliff. Call us “Reactionaries” or simply “ungovernable” by the likes of Granby city council-criminals and theys’ animal Piglice Department. In fact, none of us want to make Barry Flint richer and some of us want to shoot these idiots. Make of it what you [s]will.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

(S)Elected Granby South Ward City-Council 2020-22

Candidate for Prez-o-dint of the ZOGland or Governor of Missouri

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Mad Dog Musings_14July 2023_The Dying ZOGtard Town

For the past 13 years since 7 Feb 2010 Pastor Lindstedt has been doing a Talksjew Podcast at least once a week whenever not censored. Now weekends Pastor Lindstedt does a “The Dying ZOG” with Fatkike who is a wizard of Talksjew and makes his own secret archive once or twice a week.

But The Dying ZOG on the Fatkike Talksjew Channel involves current events while ZOG/Babylon is dying, is falling, has fallen and can’t get up.

After the first few minutes of kvetching by Fatkike the nearly full video memory is activated with having to charge up the cell-phone. This is Part 1.

First up is a lament about how even at the Granby Council-Critter level the new mayor is going to do the same shit as the old mayor Crooked Ira, but full speed ahead with the stupid shit like digging in another storm-water sewage lagoon for treatment of rainwater for $4.4 million which was a dead letter under Crooked Ira Hawkins. Jamie Arnall-Conway wants to go fool speed ahead and jump the tracks and over a cliff because the Crooked Ira [mal]administration signed an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources back in 2015 and now that all of them are gone Granby just needs to be saddled with theys’ corrupt stupidity, because . . . Crooked Ira was stupid and lazy. Jamie is foolish and energetic, thus stupid shit will be done quick. Put jewr trust not in princes — or council-critters.

Went to Neosho earlier Friday. Bought the Aryan Nations its first wood-chipper. So send ZOGbux.

Robert Bowers earned eligibility for the death penalty. Bowers is an Aryan Christian Israelite POW.

Bryan Reo/Ol’ Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor is trying to overturn the 6th Circuit Kort of Appeals 8 Dec. 2022 decision by bitching up a ton of Motions to Magistrate Thomas Parker of the Northern District of Ohio federal district kort. So how well will a White Supremacist do against a nigger-jew mamzer faggot ZOGbot in a ZOG kort. Probably none too well but I’ll keep on fighting. Today I mailed off another mailing to the Northern Ohio federal district court. Since tonight is the evening of 30 June thus the end of the quarter I’ll look things up on PACER.


Read a letter from Attorney Robert Konrad about taking another rental payment from myself and giving it to Bryan Reo.

The jewkrainians are losing to the Russians but to make a new Khazaristani homeland is worth it to jews who will fight to the very last jewkrainian.

Bryan Reo is still after me and wants to risk chernobyling the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant by yet another bogus civil-lawfare lawsuit out of Lake County. I got two certified letters to pick up someday.

Pighook the Mother-killer wants to call in and bother me about hiring a lawyer. Time to save what I got and plus in the cell-phone.

A 36 minutes of psychotic raving video on Part 1 of this Eppysode of The Dying ZOG.
So have fun playing this on your cumputer or tablet with the earphones or earbuds plugged in because this white supremacist video porn should be shared only with those who think like yourselfs.

Hail Victory !!!

Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

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Judge Mad Dog Musings — April Foolz –The Crooked Ira / T-Rampage /JimNance Campaign Rally

Judge Mad Dog Musings on the April Fools Campaign Rally by Granby Christian Scumbag Faction

Like all thangs associated with the Granby City Council, this wasn’t a candidate forum but rather a corrupt Granby Piglice State which was NOT a town meating but rather just a campaign rally ostensibly funded by Jim Nance a South Ward Council-Critter candidate to finish off Jamie Arnall, Doreen Clause, and Bill Kittrell while at the same time trying to get the Granby Inbreds vote in a $11 million water bond so that the Granby Inbreds can pay a $300-400 per month water & sewer bill essentially forever as opposed to simply selling away to Missouri-American Water to have a $125 per month sewer or water bill.

But the biggest issue is how these Council-Criminals hate each other yet want to establish a police state of massive corruption in order to benefit theysselfs and theys’ families and friends.

I got kicked out real quick by having Crooked Ira Hawkins, T-Rampage Gamble and Jim Nance and theys’ “Cristian Scumbag” factotum declare that I was “disrupting” a town meating and not allowed to speak even though on the ballot. Then was allowed back in but muzzled. Same thing happened 3 years ago with the sewer scam.

The cheapest thing to do is simply vote “no” on the water-bond $11 million increase and by shutting down theys’ funding they will be powerless to do anything much. No money No Funny.

Why was T-Rampage Gamble fired from the city job Mayor Crooked Ira gave him? Likely because T.-Rampageifer is a drunken psychotic a-hole although something was imputed about screwing a skank in the municipal gymnasium.

But what gets me is the mental and moral degeneration of Granby Inbreds. They will rant and rave about Turd-Whirrrrld Cuntrees while at the same time allowing Granby Police State Racketeering right under theys’ snouts.

I have or control six old houses with water and sewer coonections. The sewer coonection works just fine on rainwater harvested from the roofs on each old building. Don’t buy the city water the built-in sewer is free.

But all these council-criminals ‘think’ that they can get the resident Granby Inbreds to bring in new businesses to pay for it, the corrupt fools. No new businesses will cum-cum cum-cum to Flintville-Greater Granby-Gomorrah.

Quite a turnout of Granby Inbred Tard and newbie refugeesmwho don’t know Granby Jack-Shat. But like Afrika and for the same reasons GRANBY ALWAYS WINS.

I’ll put up the rest of the Granby Clown Shoah of April Foolz for the amusement & amazement of the rest of the ZOGland.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt

Candidate for Granby Minicipal Cash-Regi$ter Kort Judge

Judge’ Mad Dog Musings 15 March 2023 –$16Million in Bond Issues-Itz ALL About Coontrol

Judge “Mad Dog” on the $16 million bond issue scams

On the Granby April 4, 2023 Municipal Ballot I am running for Municipal Judge in order to finish off the Flintville-GranbyGomorrah Racketeering Piglice State.

​​​​​​​But this [s]election cycle has not only about the $11 million to give the Granby City Council-Criminals massive debt lasting forever or at least 30+ years to build 46% of a new straw to suck down sewage and sulphur water just to replace the very pipes that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins allowed Jim Channel to let rot especially over the past decade, but the East Newton County R-6 Skrule Board wants to coonsolidate the entire Junior High especially Tri-Way away from separate grades 7-8 campuses already present in the Granby and Triway communities to the coonsolidated Heil Skrule. In short bussing children away from Granby costing not only additional school taxes for these expanded building but additional fuel and bussing to the high school, thus removing Granby children from the current campus already paid for the past 100 years. This building of an additional grades 7-8 junior high gymnasium is for 250 students in order to benefit the latrinos who are brought in by Tyson Foods, Conagra, and Cargill and adding to theys’ profits plus having more whiggress & anglo-mestizo gordas getting impregnated and additional beaners driving without insurance. Additionally it will cum at the expense of the older Boomer whiggers, especially those who are clueless ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

Just the sort of shit which should be proscribed, not encouraged and the Aryan Nations of Missouri is against.

So this $5 million boond issue is about Coontrol & Coonsolidation and teaching gliberal whigger cut-jewr spawn’s dick and nuts and fill in theys’ holes and cut off theyz’ tittays and other such Satanic shit as well.

So of course five-eighth vote or 57% is needed and those old feebs who were edjewmacated in Granby and understand that the second kick in the ass to finish off Granby was closing the old Granby High Skrule back in 1968 and opening the flat roofs of East Newton coonsolidating with Triway, i.e. Newtonia-Stark City, Ritchey, and someplace else. These coonsolidated skrules, in addition to costing additional millions in transportation costs in an era of no-longer cheap fossile fuel, leads to alienation from these local communities and to where the little gaywads and baby lesbos decide to castrate theysselfs but also to engage in shooting season cum the Days of May when there no longer are sufficient targets around to make it worthwhile. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and the rest of the alienated skrule population is around trapped like white chickens. Didn’t used to hear of these shootings in the Old One-Room Skrulehouse from way back when, did you?

So vote “NO” on the $11 million for Mayor Crooked Evil Awfool Ass-Clown Ira Hawkin’s and the Granby Council-Criminal’s Drinking Sulphur & Sewage Water Bond and $5 million for Project K.I.D.S. (Keep Imbeciles Doing Shit).

Hail Victory !!!

‘Judge’ Mad Dog
Candidate for Granby Municipal kort Judge
338 RabbitTrack Road
Granby, Missouri 64844

Judge Mad Dog 11 March 2023 — Abolishing the Granby Piglice Racketeering State

Judge Mad Dog explains to Granby voters why they need to remove Crooked Ira’s wild piglice

Pastor Martin Lindstedt on the evening of 11 March 2023 explains why the Flintville-Granby Racketeering Piglice State needs to be abolished not only by defunding it by stopping voting in unnecessary water and sewer bond issues and property taxes but also to end it at the ca$h-register municipal kort level as well, especially by refusal to enfarce the municipal ordinances altogether because the council-criminals cannot obey theys’ own ordinances as well.

For example, at the end of May 2017 Mayor T-Rampage Gamble, Aldermamzers Crooked Ira Hawkins, Tim Murphy, and Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett voted to let Council-Crack Senile Heifer Joyce Mann buy a used double-wide for her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren with all of one daze notice. Nothing was published in the Newton County Fake-Douche, nor were the neighbors within 100 yards notified. The Granby City Attorney Jared Thomas and Granby Piglice Chief Jacob Kelly and Ms. Piggy the piglice public vagina were in on this scam. A secret “emergency” council-criminal meating was held and Senile Heifer Mann didn’t attend as this issue cooncerned her directly.

Because the Granby City Council acted so corruptly, for the next two [de]generations they Granby City Hall should be kept from making municipal ordinances given that they refuse to obey theys’ own pretend legistreason.

This corrupt shithole of Granby-Gomorrah should be denied police powers and they’s piglice powers abolished.

If [s]elected Granby municipal judge I’ll shut down this ca$h-register kort from enfarcing Granby Ordinances.

Hail Victory !!!

‘Judge’ Mad Dog Candidate for Granby Municipal kort Judge 338 RabbitTrack Road Granby, Missouri 64844

Granby has a new police chief

— There simply is no getting rid of Granby Piglice in the Flintville-GraterGranby Piglice State

GRANBY, Mo. — The word “interim” is no longer part of the title for the Police Chief in Granby.

Rico Engberg officially has the job. After a more than 20-year career with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force — he became more familiar with the Granby community during his 5-year stint as a school resource officer with the East Newton School District.

What with the ZOGling nippers learing less reading, writing & arithmetic but more riflery more cowardly piglice are needed to prevent the nippers from going back to skrule to shoot the place up.

Engberg — or “Officer Rico” as the kids came to call him — replaces Jacob Kelly, who retired as chief at the end of last year.

Kelly ran out while the getting was good.

“Granby was already kind of a, oh, a base for me, knowin’ a lot of people here and when I knew that they were understaffed, the prior chief had called me and asked me if I’d like to come to work and I said not really. I’m, I’m done with law enforcement, I’m retired. So he ended up calling again and he said come on in and talk to me, so, I came in and here I am,” said Engberg.

Well, I’m not much in favor of the 6th-Day Beasts of the Field known as negroes, but they do have theys’ uses in that they kill jews, piglice, and whiggress gorda mudsharks and each other in industrial quantities.

“Rico had come with high favor through different facets of the community. The council believed that he was, he was the right man for this job and this position,” said Ira Hawkins, Granby Mayor.

Yes yes Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby Council-Criminals support Granby Piglice to enfarce theys’ ordinances which they theysselfs can’t obey like most regime criminals. Voting for the $11 million bond issue which will cost $20-30 million for the next 30 years and let Jim Channel neglect means that Flintville-GranbyGomorrah will becum an even bigger shithole.

Chief Engberg and his staff are already hard at work: There are plans to implement a neighborhood watch program and a free women’s self-defense course for residents will start in the spring. The department will also mentor cadets from Crowder College.

Yes, by all means have the crackheads, chomos, and senile Boomers unable to sell out and move to Neosho keep a Granby Piglice approved gossip net on each other.

Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Which is why KOAM TV-7 local TV news is watched instead of KODE-12 or KSN-16 owned by Nextstar. These TV tards are always going ass-3-mouf with the local regime criminals under this Satanic form of government established by Cain and Nimrod.

Mad Dog Musings 5 March 2023 – Mandate from 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals Reo v Lindstedt #21-3633

Video on Odysee —

Pastor Lindstedt in this 8 minute video reads the two 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals Reo v Lindstedt #21-3633 mandate orders reversing and remanding the judgment of $2.75 million against Pastor Martin Lindstedt and his Aryan Nations Church giving his inheritance to Bryan Reo and mandating a retrial of the unlawful summary judgment.

Mandate Letter to Northern District of Ohio letter Bryan Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 19-cv-2103

The Mandate:

Mandate Letter Envelope:


Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins, the Granby City Council-criminals of Oct. 2019 sold a bogus $4000 judgment from a Sunshine Act enforcement action to Bryan Reo for $1000 on 14 Oct. 2019 and on the next day bulldozed myself & Roxie Fausnaught’s property around the Hovel. I considered shooting them on Oct. 15, 2019 until Feb. 2020 until I decided to let the ZOGvirus take them.

In short, Bryan Reo as a delusional homosexual Satanic mongrel is a ZOGbot who by civil lawfare has led to an open racial and religious civil war i.e. 2d Civil War. The Aryan Nations has decided to chernobylize the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant since 13 June 2016 and to deluge Pierre and Ft. Pierre South Dakota since Feb 27, 2020. A Satanic criminal regime and its regime-criminals and its ZOGling whigger herd animals deserves to reap the racial and religious civil war of Aryan Christian Israelite Liberation as it ensues. And so they shall.

The South Dakota Supreme Court on 11 April 2022 wrote in effect theys’ death sentences by violating South Dakota State Law 15-16A-6 prohibition against taking my property anf giving it to Bryan Reo while this case was under appeal. Now that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed & remanded, the South Dakota korts, state, Bryan Reo and his antifa lawyers owe me my property back along with 3 years of the rent, and the $150,000 + in fines, penalties, and costs assessed against my sister who wanted to quitclaim it right back to me as soon as she heard about Bryan Reo in early March 2020 and wasn’t allowed to do so because these South Dakota korts and lawyers wanted to extort her to give it to Bryan Reo.

Thus we have the regimes of Northeastern Ohio and South Dakota in a racial and religious civil Holy warfare against the Aryan Christian Israelite population and its political and military arm of the Aryan Nations.

No Satanic criminal regime has any right to exist beyond the patience of the People.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

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