The Granby Missouri 2014 Water Survey Summary

Section IX “Implementation & Costs” 
Summary of five pages.

“Build a $750,000 Well #3 Water Tower, 
$220,000 Additional Costs, raise the water 
bills by 229 % to get state & federal grants”

Of a 100+ page Water Report from Sept. 2014 these five pages concerning the recommendation and how to pay for $970K improvements is the summary.

This Engineering Report has Well #1 and the East Tower #1 both made in 1906 as a reserve system.

This 2014 Water Study compressed into five pages recommends that a $750 thousand water tower be built at Well #3 instead of pumping Well #3 water to Well & Tower #2 and other improvements costing another $220 thousand. To pay for it via “grants” from the federal and state governments but you won’t get the grants unless you raise the water rates by 229 percent.

What the Granby City Council did was to do nothing other than to raise water rates by 100%.

The importance of the 2014 water study was that it recommended making real capital improvements to be paid for by grants made possible by raising water rates by at least 229 percent.

Build a new Water Tower #3 at Well #3 at a cost of $750,000 and sundry improvements at Well & Tower #2 for $220,000 and raise water rates ASAP.

The Granby City Council had no intention of building any new water tower or following any recommendations of this 2014 Water Study other than raising the water rates by at least double or more

The five pages of Section IX detailing the proposal and how to pay for it is the core of the 100+ page 2014 Water Study.