23 June 2020 Granby City Council Meeting Agenda

Proposed Agenda June 23, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted June 19, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, June 9, and June 18 2020

Regular Business:

1) Bills to Pay, Balances on hand

2) Closed Session re: personnel matters

3) 2020/2021 Budget

4) Solid Waste RFP

5) Bill pay procedure

6) Discussion re: new council-member appointment

Closed session in accordance with RSMo 610.021 (3) Re: Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of employees.

Granby & Eastern Newton County’s On-Coming “New Normal”

(As opposed to the St. Louis Covid-19 Season One The Walking Dead hotspot which I seen yesterday)

There has been a big jump in these ZOG-virus infections (which are relatively benign) here in Newton County. Since you are going to get it anyway — and you likely will unless you become a hermit — it would be best to get it when you are in good health and the sun shines during the late spring. That way you might have some immunity before a new & improved ZOG-virus is unleashed, like the current one in September just in time for the [s]election. Think of the electorial process as Granby writ large on a National scale where they run someone that the Deep State people know won’t be around like Ashley Edgemon so that they can appoint one of theys meat-puppet meercats or simply leave the South Ward open or to run #SenileJoe Biden so that he can croak and we get CrookedHillary or some affirmative action pick female who will further finish off a bankrupt and corrupt regime. There isn’t much difference between how Granby and the District of Corruption is run. Both bankrupt and wanting to pile on the debt which cannot be paid back ever over a declining population as the infrastructure decays then collapses.

I took Roxie Fausnaught up to St. Louis yesterday to see her cancer doctor and he decided to simply keep her rather than have her make the 300 mile trip again. But this was an inner-city major hospital and majority black and unlike here in Newton County EVERYONE was wearing a paper mask and having to get their temperature checked and answer where they been and who they seen in the past two weeks. St Louis has over 600 of the 900 deaths of Missouri. I was told that I wouldn’t be allowed to visit Roxie so I left her there for her treatment. In normal times there would be all manner of delay. Now they want to simply collect the VA payments from Roxie at the highest possible government expense. With this virus the incompetence and stupidity of the entire System seems to be working to my advantage for once.

So to me I’m thankful for the beloved Certificate of Vaccination – 2019 (Covid-19) ZOG-virus and hope to get it just in time while Roxie is in the hospital to help beat back the soon-to-come new&improved ZOG-virus 2020. I asked a homeless man for directions in downtown St. Louis and they all got it and are running around begging for money out in the sunshine as opposed to getting it over at Wally World like everyone else here in Newton County.

Where Newton County is getting the delayed ZOG-virus 2019 model is at the Walmarts and big box stores — where we all go to shop. Now in St. Louis everywhere the normal population isn’t wearing masks. The streets and businesses in downtown St. Louis, especially in the Bosnian ethnic section were a lot less busy than normal — the homeless were not wearing masks. But around the major hospital it looked like Season One of The Walking Dead — everyone in masks and majority non-white. Which makes sense because the very first episodes involved a deadly plague which kills 90% of the population and turns them into zombies in Atlanta. The St. Louis demographic isn’t much, if any, different.

So for those of us desperately wanting to get back to “normal” there is none such. All the ZOG-virus-19 did was to allow the she-mayoress and City Council to fort up in City Hall and to hoover up what little ZOGbux was left in the petty cash drawer. They certainly showed us all that it doesn’t matter what the 1000 voters in the South Ward (as opposed to the 400 voters in the North Ward) might want insofar as fixing the infrastructure is concerned — they will deliberately force someone who knew that he wouldn’t be around to take the office to run against the known “white supremacist” who ran solely on the “fixing up Granby ourselves” platform, not any other issues although to partisans of those who need termination from City employment on the grounds of incompetence & thievery would lie differently. You voted for imcreased taxes building up buildings for public day-care/education and yet, want to keep these glorified day-care centers closed because your particular offspring might catch a ZOG-virus which so far amongst our particular demographic (which for some reason I think is “superior” but then again I have my own peculiar beliefs) has largely killed only the very old and sick who in normal times would be dead within a year of something or another anyways.

I was running for school board as well. My recommendation would have been to close the schools for spring vacation to get the oldsters and dying anyways under quarantine and then after the week was over to keep the schools open. I would have voted to allow those who wanted to keep their children home to do so, to enable home schooling, but to let the vast majority of children to have something to do be spent in acquiring what passes for education in these parts. But I would not add further building to creating expensive buildings and facilities to prop up a failed system which will remain vacant once a second wave of 2020 ZOG-viruses returns. I came in dead last as usual, but at least for East Newton the situation isn’t as dire and there were plenty of other mediocre candidates promising the usual panaceas.

In Granby it was only some foreign woman without any agenda other than wanting power over others and her name and face on TV for running a “town improvement committee” who ran unopposed for the North Ward. The South Ward had the City Council’s Manchurian Meercat who had no intention of facing the consequences of his votes or staying in Granby to help pay the increased taxes and utility fees he brought about (which he never paid anyways but his Church did) versus the “white supremacist” who wanted to repair his town at a cost we could afford. The Granby City Hall culture is so toxic that I could not find reform candidates this year so I filed six days before the end of filing season on 15 January and at the 11th last minute Ashley Edgemon filed at 4:49 pm on 22 January 2020. The plan was to have Ashley Edgemon win and then have the Granby City Council replace him with someone they could appoint. Right now the South Ward City Council seat is vacant because they can’t find a suitable meat-puppet wanting to have a part in federal civil litigation. So much for “representative democracy”. Granby Missouri has rather proven that it is no longer able to govern itself. If we simply cannot fix up our own infrastructure ourselves but rather as having home rule all we can do is to enrich connected contractors at tremendous expense going forward, far better that Granby be dis-incorporated, that the municipal corporation charter be revoked and that those functions devolve to Newton County, which while corrupt itself, has fewer of the personal animosities rife in Granby and that we as former citizens of a failed town have the lowest taxes and utility bills possible.

What I see is myself filing some paperwork to Jefferson City or before the federal district court, some more rats leaving the sinking U.S.S. Granby Tit-antic, and an eventual failed city no longer able to keep up appearances.

As a community we will have to fix or repair our common infrastructure ourselves but where that fails then the default position will be every man for hisself. What we dare not do is to lay in taxation treasures from our own pockets where rust and moth and City Hall thievery doth corrupt.

Granby is the dumping-ground for Newton County . . .

. . . and many of you are so far gone that you will have to stay here until you die.

The purpose of the half-beard is from Matt Chapter 25 when Christ returns to “Separate the nations” and in so doing to judge them according to their works into the sheep on the right and the goats on the left. The sheep cared for their poor, weak and sick and were rewarded for their concern whereas the goats merely preyed on their own and strangers. I adopted this beard wearing on May 10, 2005 as a reproach and rebuke to the Newton County Establishment. They know what it means. The full explanation is on one of my many web pages which I encourage you not to look up because you will see material there which will put you off your feed and this Facebook page is not the place for that. In fact, the only time my material from the other blogs should appear here on Granby Thoughts & Views is when the Channel Famibly — rightfully scared that I intend to fire Jim Channel for corruption and inefficiency — drags it onto this forum to stink it up like a week-old dead carp.

In any case the reason for Granby failing to thrive and even decline is because of its City Hall, which is legendarily corrupt. The reason for the City Hall being so corrupt is because of people like you who enable this City Hall by your support. I am merely explaining is that 80% of the People of Granby got the City Hall they deserve so that the People of Granby will either have to put pressure on to clean up City Hall — and it looks like most of them are r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.t. or get used to living off their own declining infrastructure which they refuse to fix themselves. Yes, the Granby City Hall is the proximate cause of Granby dysfunction but what about the People of Granby which chooses and re-elects them and believes all their lies? Refuses to see that Newton County knows all about Granby and cannot help Granby by taking from the thriving parts to rescue Granby and that the State of Missouri has already cut 10% of the State Budget so far and cannot and will not bail out Granby. I ran on a platform of Granby fixing up Granby and got 20% of the vote. Yet 80% of you voted for Ashley Edgemon who you all knew would run off back to Florida and that the corrupt City Hall would appoint his suckcessor and risk litigation. So how can anyone separate the reason for a town’s decline and fall than its government AND its People. Granby Missouri is when white people follow the exact same trajectory as Camden New Jersey, East St. Louis, or Detroit Michigan. Granby Missouri is “Whyte Pypul’s” East St. Louis.

My criticisms are indeed intended in part to warn the unwary about moving to Granby per se unless they are able to buy houses really really cheap. But do not expect a Lindstedtian Granby City Hall to make your crappy distressed city properties within the Granby city limits to sell for enough to pay for a half-princiapl down payment move to Neosho. Granby is the dumping-ground for Newton County and many of you are so far gone that you will have to stay here until you die. So knowing that, you should have voted for the “hospice candidate” who would efficiently manage what little you have left of Granby’s social capital as well as infrastructure. All I want to do is to keep Granby patched up just enough to live down to my very low standards. All I want to do is to make the trains run on time, deny the sewer-bond debt, fix the water pipes, plug the sewer leaks and re-open the schools. (I was also running for East Newton R-6 School Board as well.) So yes, Granby (and most of its inhabitants) have a bad name — and rightly so — for the past 30 years with an abrupt decline for the last five of the [mal] administrations of the T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins. They do what they want and YOU write the checks.

What I’m saying is that we don’t have to live like this if we don’t want to. We can live according to pre-1994 Granby living standards (no Granby Police Department, a half-paid for Granby sewer system added to in 2008, and water pipes which only leak 40% at any given time) if we want to which will be good enough for our civic lifeboat.

The Very Last Person Departed Granby South Ward City Council-man Ashley Edgemon Wanted to See His City Council Papers Has His City Council Papers & Other Things of Interest

I go to my house in Granby every day. Usually to get the water or take a shower and to make sure that the rat hasn’t unplugged the refrigerator or to use the old Windows 7 computer. Today I went to get the Granby City Council-Packets and today they gave me the minutes of their secret “emergency” City Council meeting to swear in Ashley Edgemon — but not Reggie Bard — so that Ashley could leave for Florida and the City Council could accept his resignation as planned back when Ashley filed at 4:49pm 22 January 2020 — 11 minutes before filing ended so as to defeat myself who had signed up on 15 Jan 2020. The Granby City Council deliberately made him file so they could later “appoint” a compliant meat-puppet meercat to further steal Granby blind. Ashley Edgemon left this past weekend.

As I drove to where I take care of Roxie, I seen an ice-chest in the small dumpster across from Ashley Edgemon’s former church. So I turned around and the workmen working on Skeeter Lamp’s back yard didn’t bat an eye. So I retrieved the ice-chest, a broken clothes hamper, a broken lawn chair, and saw some binders. I dug deeper. And there were approximately three-four years of the “City Council packets” made for the attention of the Granby City Councilmen for use at Granby Council Meetings. These city packets I have to pay for but Chad Heyworth gets for free as their tame newspaperman. The paperwork had stale coffee and pizza boxes soiling them buI I scooped them up and put them in the broken clothes hamper.

I also found the August 2019 Allieger-Martin sewer report that I shamed a copy from Ashley Edgemon and posted to the Internet. But what I found to show half-hearted shamefulness was a never-worn yellow Allieger-Martin 2X t-shirt which was given as a reward to the City Councilmen. That and Ashley Edgemon’s card holder. Ashley is obviously never going to be a pastor again. It made me mad because here Ashley was, shilling for $3.2 million in unnecessary debt lasting for the next 35 years and here he got a t-shirt and likely other stuff but never will have to pay a penny on it, not him or his kids. Just his stupid, stupid baal-sheep who listened to him and voted for him.

I also found the past city council-packets for March, April, and May 2020. Looks like I’ll not be needing to pay for them now that I got Ashley’s. He threw them away when he fled / r.u.n.n.t,-o.f.f.t. into the night to Florida. The June 2019 Dog&Pony Show Audit. Ashley was not even going to leave a copy for his successor — but he actually did as I’m notifying the Missouri Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditor for them to come to Granby and do their jobs.

The past five years of Granby City Hall criminality must be undone. I’ll be releasing these records rescued from the dumpster to those who ask. And as your next South-Ward City Councilman you will be able to see City business done with your tax dollars 10-15 minutes after I see what is on the plate and get my copy.

When I ran on four planks I meant them. 1) Disown Ashley Edgemon’s $3.2 million dollar sewer bond debt. 2). Fix the water pipes 3.) Plug the sewer leaks. and 4) Open the schools and businesses and keep them open.

We need to understand that it is up to us to fix our infrastructure and to hire them who will do it which means firing those who keep us from attaining our objectives.

The trash lady Tami tried to shoo me off but it was too late. I think I got everything except maybe a file or two as she picked up the dumpster and flipped it into the truck. I left behind a broken cork-board and broken picture-frames.

I found in Ashley Edgemon’s Church’s dumpster that it is not only evil which is banal, but representative democracy when run by such as Ashley Edgemon and Granby council-critters.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
2d Place Granby South Ward City Councilman.

It’s no longer true that on the Internet no one knows that you are a dog . . .

. . . If you are on the City of Granby “Oafishul” Facebook page EVERYONE knows that you are a lying thieving scumbag out to steal the People of Granby blind

I’m allowed back to post on this forum. There are a number of developments, particularly with these secret city Council meetings to swear in Ashley Edgemon and not Reggie Bard. The Prices are selling what little they have remaining in Granby and according to rumor moving to live in McDonald County to run their rented store in Neosho.

Jason Kelly started a post complaining about being blocked on the “City of Granby Missouri” Facebook page. In his complaints Jason Kelly is correct. Whether government actors can have an offical or semi-official social media Internet page and then block users has been litigated and decided at the federal appellate court level. See:


“This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, “block” a person from his Twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed, and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States. The answer to both questions is no.” Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump, No. 1:17-cv-05205 (S.D.N.Y.)

In August 2018, the government filed an appeal brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.[18] In October 2018, the plaintiffs filed their appeal brief in response.[19] Oral argument was heard March 26, 2019.[20] The Second Circuit issued its decision on July 9, 2019, upholding Judge Buchwald’s opinion.[21] The Second Circuit determined that Trump used his Twitter to conduct official government business, and therefore, he cannot block Americans from the account on the basis of their political views.[22][23] The government was denied an en banc review by the full Second Circuit in March 2020.[24]



While the Granby City web page says “no politics” that is far from the case. Ashley Edgemon was allowed to post his self-serving diatribe against myself. Ira Hawkins came out in favor of the 1/2 cent Sheriff’s Sales Tax. (To bail out with its $78,000 cut for Granby the mis-managed private security police force which is the Granby Police Department.) The Granby Facebook page is nothing less than the political opinions of the “She-Mayoress” Lawna Price — soon to be departed — and sometimes even Ira Hawkins, alleged Mayor of Granby.

Even more importantly, Jason Kelly has a federal case if he decides to pursue it. A case which will last a lot longer than the federal courts which will hear it for the next 2-3 years, cost Granby’s municipal insurance carrier $80,000 and have Blanchard Mitchell Robertson Cooper of West Fourth Street in Joplin as Defendants’ law firm hear it out, as they have been the lawyers hired to do Granby’s dirty work.

And lets understand something. The Newton County circuit court and the Missouri State Courts are absolutely corrupt. I lost all three of my Sunshine Act Enforcement Actions because the Missouri circus korts refuse to obey the law. I was even assessed with an unlawful $4000 sanction for daring to sue Granby, which Ira Hawkins, Ashley Edgemon sold to non-white White Supremacist Bryan Reo in Oct. 2019. The third lawsuit was dismissed because I decided to let the matter be on the Styron Eyesore because I realized that all of the 1/4 cent “Granby Police Farce” tax qwould be wasted in fixing the Styron Eyesore. Since my arrest and conviction for protesting this matter is still pending, I can revisit this matter and reverse this in the federal courts.

Also reversible via the federal courts is the sewer bond issue because it was placed on the ballot as a result of an un-announced “secret meeting” on 20 August 2019. Thus, as like the recent [s]election in which Ashley Edgemon filed 11 minutes before filing season closed in order for the rest of the Granby City Council. The several years delay aas things work their way through the murky bowels of civil litigation in federal court will finish off the sewer bond as the City Council will face scrutiny for their misbehavior.

The [mal]administration of T-Rampage Gamble meant that independent organizations such as the Granby Volunteer Fire Department and the Granby Memorial Cemetery were brought under the heel of the Granby City Hall, legendary for its corruption. The office of the City Collector was abolished through deceit and an out-of-town hireling answerable only to City Hall put in there. T-Rampage and Ira Hawkins fired the old city Clerk on the pretext that she couldn’t do book-keeping on Quicken and hired the incompetent and parasitical Lawna Price — kicked out of the Jasper County Courts & recently removed within the past few years as a notary public — was put in who can’t do the book-keeping at all and doesn’t do the billing. It is an open secret that Granby City Hall exists only to steal and put huge debts on the People of Granby.

I’ll get into later the trope that 80% of the Granby voters knowing most or some of this still voted for Ashley Edgemon. And so let me answer by saying that this is true. But should the 20 percent of those who are the most informed and responsible have our lives, liberty and property held hostage to the degenerate 80 percent who like and want this continued civic thievery and corruption simply because, owning property in Granby, living here, that instead of wanting to raise our property values in order to sell out and move to Neosho or Joplin — or like the Prices having fouled our nests — to McDonald County we simply want simple cheap city utilities in order to continue living modestly in Granby?

I think that we should either fix or repair our own infrastructure and we can’t do that with the current people we have who over the past decade wouldn’t do their jobs. Or we need to simply sell the Granby utilities to someone who will do so at an affordable rate. We need to do away with municipal ordinances, close the Granby ca$h-register municipal court, and revert back to Newton County Sheriff’s Department law enforcement — especially now that we have to pay an additional 1/2 cent Sheriff’s sales tax. Why not spend $2000 to fix the old police department roof and claw back the money stolen to buy the Styron Eyesore then use the repaired building as the East Newton County Satellite station? Instead of $78,000 going to the corrupt Granby Police Department, why not hire two more deputy sheriffs as Granby Patrol to curb the thieving crackheads?

The “City of Granby” Facebook page was nothing more than a means for the City of Granby to lie about their motives and intentions of stealing from the City of Granby. But since it claimed to be an “Official” Facebook page for the City of Granby Missouri then it thus bears the responsibility to not censor critical and dissenting views from its citizens.

And that is the law as it stands.

The Silence of the Meercats

If you live on the South Ward, even though you outnumber the North Ward by 400 to 1000, your vote doesn’t count.

Several years back in 2017-18 when Ira Hawkins and T-Rampage Gamble were going to appoint their choice as to who to replace Bill Cooper as South Ward City Council and not even have an election I called up Newton County Clerk Kay Baum and asked her to call up T-Rampage in lieu of my filing a mandamus action to force open the election. Kay Baum called up City Hall and told them that they had to have an election. The Newton County [Fake]-News lie-paper claimed that according to their lawyers and the Missouri Municipal League they didn’t have to hold an election for the office but they were going to do so anyway . . . just in case. I asked how many registered voters there were on the North Ward and South Ward. The figure was 375 to 945 or a ratio of 2.5 to 1 more registered voters on the South Ward than North Ward.

Which is why during the upcoming litigation it will be necessary to pursue a more equitable representation arrangement other than the traditional one in which the North Ward dominates since the founding of Granby. The North Ward is where the richer families lived, the businesses were built and the stamping mill was located. The South Ward housed the miners and underneath Cobbn Hill were the lead mines. This is the way it always was.

I have no doubt that they, being desperate as well as stupid and corrupt will leave it to litigation

The cities in America are burning right now because of the population in them being whipped up by antifa like the ones which Ira Hawkins and Ashley Edgemon sold a bogus judgment against myself to. Right now I’m counter-suing some of them in four federal lawsuits and will add Ashley Edgemon and Ira Hawkins to the litigation soon. They prefer the non-white non-heterosexial white supremacists as opposed to those of us who are merely waiting the collapse. Below is the 2017 IRS 501(c)(3) Short Form income tax form showing that they and the Board of Directors are the very ones responsible for the Charlottesville Massacre.


These riots are merely a prelude to the inevitable food riots for this fall as there is a massive die-off as the Mighty Evil Empire implodes into pockets of survival. A lot of white people will no longer be able to feed themselves or their families so the current foolishness of worrying about others who burn down and loot their own neighborhoods is going to evaporate rather quickly.

I have no doubt that the current Granby City Council will do as advertised. Ashley Edgemon was second on the ballot because in the waning days of filing he filed after me on the last day. The entire plan was to leave the City Council open to their choice of selected thieves.

Which is why I have not expressed any “white supremacy” beliefs but rather sought to ask you South Ward city voters to accept my 4 proposals as posted on my yard sign:

1.) Deny, delay and disavow the $3.2 million needless storm-water sewer basin debt brought by the current City Council. Ashley Edgemon is an evil and wicked man for forcing like a pharisee this debt burden and then fleeing to Florida when it comes time for him to pay anything on this 35 year debt.

2.) Fix the water pipes 100 ft at a time. Jim Channel isn’t going to do this so he will be gone and we’ll find someone who will work for the wages Granby pays him.

3.) Plug the sewer leaks. Again Jim Channel isn’t going to do this so he will be gone and we’ll find someone who will work for the wages Granby pays him.

4.) Open the schools and businesses so that we can go back to what is now the new “normal.”

What is most important is to not be providing Granby with any new or renewed taxes. Save our Cemetery by taking it out of the City Hall’s thieving paws. Vote “NO” on the Cemetery property tax. Vote “No” on the 1/2 cent Newton County Sheriff’s sales tax.

By depriving them of the feed they need to grow and cover up their past thievery you control them to where they have no choice but to fire the corrupt Lawna Price and Jim Channel and cannot proceed with putting Granby into further debt. You control the tax money and you control the government. These realities are the basis of Western parliamentary and congressional representative governments.

I think that Ashley will “win” and then resign so that the corrupt City Hall can appoint a meat-puppet meercat (literally) but if the tax increases fail then ira Hawkins will be confined to watching systems fail or imposing efficiency through terminating the wasteful Lawna Price and Jim Channel.

I’ll of course keep on fighting.

The pathetic Facebook page created two daze ago by Jim Channel and the upper 80s-lower 90’s IQ Channel Fambily means nothing but the Silence of the Meercats.

The Russians made City Howl Do It

They deliberately refused to fix the water pipes, plug the sewer leaks, bought an eyesore of a surplus building at three times the actual value & put us $3.2 million in debt just before before they r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Floriduh

Further “damage control” from the “oafishul” City of Granby /facebook page. Pity the Russians are not behind this as this is rather pathetic:


I just want to encourage everyone to vote tomorrow.

There is some misinformation going around about the tax levy issue on the ballot. I want to clarify that this is NOT A NEW TAX. It is a continuation of a tax that was originally passed in 2002 and is renewed every four years by being placed on the ballot. This tax pays for upkeep of the cemetery. It helps to pay for mowing and weed eating, fuel to do so and insurance. The average income from this tax is just less than $8700.00 per year; total payroll is $10,00.00 so the general fund pays any difference. The money comes from real estate taxes paid in to Newton County for the City of Granby. There will be no change on your real estate taxes, they will remain the same as far as cemetery tax is concerned. To further clarify, this money does not pay JIm Channel. The funeral homes typically pay Mr. Channel out of monies collected from the families of the deceased. When someone passes away, the family will pay for a cemetery lot and they will pay for opening and closing the grave. That money is collected at City Hall from the funeral homes, not taxes.

Please vote tomorrow, and make an informed vote. If you have any questions about what you’ve been told, please call us (417) 472-6556. There are several sources out there that are unreliable.


“Several sources “out there” that are unreliable. . . ” Like Granby Thoughts & Views wherein the City Council members and City Employees explain how come Granby is in debt and ailing. Maybe it is the Russians. Or the East Germans, uh well they have been gone since 1989. It never is theys’ own double-dealing, incompetence and corruption coming back to bite them.

So now they need to tell you how to think now that everyone is questioning them all of a sudden? They have had their chance to debate. Instead they abused the Panic-demic to close down City Hall and to vote on “Resolutions” spending your money without public notice.

As City Councilman from the South Ward you will have your chance to debate me at every single City Council meeting wherein the entire town will have a chance to be heard. Not an incompetent and corrupt City Clerk / she-mayoress unable to do the book-keeping and billing with a lot of time on her hands to try to save the jobs of a public works director who cannot fix the water pipes or plug the sewer leaks no matter how much you pay him.

Let’s Save Our Cemetery by putting it under an independent Cemetery Board and the way you do that is simply to veto the extention of a 1/8 cent sales tax which delivers up the Cemetery to the witless and corrupt Granby City Hall.

Your sources of information should be your own eyes, ears, and brain — not the City Hall and their lies.

Give Until You Croak — Mayor Hawkins wants you to forcibly contribute to the Newton County Sheriff’s 1/2 Cent Sales Tax


Mayor Ira Hawkins of Granby — having wasted all the 1/4 cent sales tax allotted for the police on the Styron eyesore scam — begs the People of Granby to vote away half of one percent of what they have left on a 1/2 cent “Sheriff’s Sales Tax” so that the Newton County Sheriff’s Department can do Granby Police Department business within Granby as well.

Times are going to get tough and you will need every cent — and every half-cent — that you have left to feed yourself and your family. The main reason I dropped my Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Action against the City of Granby is that I realized that if they were spending every single cent of the money upon buying the Styron Eyesore then they wouldn’t have any money to spend on anything else.

You have to realize is that last year when the Missouri Attorney General’s office came down hard against the Diamond Speed Trap scam is that Granby no longer could rack up revenue through writing up tickets over 20%. So since then the main bleeder in the general revenue fund has been for the Granby Police Department which has no real objective it seems other than to arrest me for making fun of City Hall. That and in enfarcing municipal ordinances which the county sheriff refuses to do as beneath his jurisdiction. So part of what they want is to get around having to pay dispatch fees to Newton County. This need will disappear when given no choice the Granby Police Department — a cesspool of villany and corruption since established in 1994 — is disbanded and its work reverts back to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department.

The Granby Municipal ca$h-register Court has been closed since March. Since the second wave of the Covid-19 virus will appear in September, the Granby Police Department isn’t writing as many tickets. So we don’t need them. All serious misdeameanor and felony crimes are outside the jurisdiction of any Granby Police Department or Granby Municipal Court anyways. Given the spread of Covid-19 is the reason that all the thieving crackheads even caught on video stealing over $1000 have not been arrested and jailed, much less tried. They are not going to be tried for their minor crimes any time soon. In the major cities you no longer can get the police to make a call. They are busily fighting the looters and running for theys’ lifes and having their piglice stations burnt to the ground or so it shows on the TV. It already takes at least a half-hour for them to show up now. What do you think will happen as the pandemic progresses? So folks, you are on your own.

When they pro-offered this “Sheriff’s Sales 1/2 Cent Sales Tax” scheme this man-made Covid-19 ZOG-virus was coonfined to China and Iran where it was deployed. Since then it has allegedly killed over 100,000 and tanked the economy and wrecked the tax base. Ira Hawkins and the rest of the City Council spent every single penny of your tax dollars on the Styron Eyesore and $26,000 for Taylor-Green to do the book-keeping because City Clerk Lawna Price can’t and won’t do book-keeping (or billing) and Jim Channel won’t fix water pipes or fix sewer leaks. Jim Channel will dig your loved-ones graves for $600 amd pocket $400 of it working on City time for a $40,000 salary, though. Granby’s current financial situation will lead to the firring of city employees. As a Candidate for South Ward City Council I favor keeping the ones who will work and ditching the ones like Lawna Price and Jim Channel who will not only not work but who are costing Granby serious money.

The only way for the financial bleeding to stop is for the People of Granby to vote “NO” on any and all taxes to where the Granby City Hall will have no choice but to spend more wisely on what lessened tax feedings they have left.

I’d like to thank Jeremy Hopper for approving my post of Mayor Ira Hawkins begging the People of Granby to open their wrists and give another infusion of their depleted financial blood in the form of an unnecessary sales tax for the Newton County Sheriff to give Granby City Hall another cut of the winnings so they won’t have to tighten theys’ belts.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Candidate for South Ward City Councilman of Granby Missouri