Another nail in Granby’s Coffin

The foolish and evil Granby City Council-Criminals put the nail in Granby’s coffin by setting up Fatt Lawna as “City manager” given that she is now skilled — albeit not in book-keeping but in getting “free money” from Senile Joe’s administration to put Granby into debt the next 40 years.…te%20p1-11.pdf

Lawna Price is a skilled perjurer who ginned up a fraudulent “domestic protection order with the help of corrupt Newton County judges Kevil Lee Selby and GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel absent any jurisdiction given that she didn’t have any domestic connection uder Revised Stastutes of Missouri Chapter 456 — domestic relations and was merely a crooked cituy clerk who didn’t want to give me a copy of the public record posted on the bulletin board. So I posted three Sunshine Act Enforcent suits and was assessed a $4000 fine for doing so which Bryan Reo bought for $1000 on Oct. 14, 2019 and the City of Granby Council-Criminals bulldozed my and Roxie’s properties on 15 Oct. 2019. Which is why I never condemn all these mass shootings because it is the only time that ordinary people can get revenge upon a dying criminal regime.

For the next two years I would call up Newton County dispatch at a price of $14.92 at one o’clock Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because the crooked judges of Newton County wanted to pretend that there still was a First Amendment. Now if an evil mean crooked bitch like Fattt Lawna can cause so much damage and tyranny as a City Clerk who can’t book-keep unless Taylor-Green does it for $26,000 per year and has gotten out of billing, imagine what crooked crap she can do for $10,000 more per year as “City [mis]manager as the Granby city council-criminals get to blame they’s crap on her instead of having to own up to it?

Enjoy living under a police state paying $300-400 sewer and water bills for the next 40 years of debt while your children move out to Springfield or Neosho and all because Barry Flint wanted to set up a trailer park and didn’t want you to live in your own used single-wide trailer.

Granby-Gomorrah/Flintville is dying and tonight another nail was hammered into its coffin by a witless and wicked city council with Fatt Lawna being the maggot eating the corpse.