Street-Walking Main Street with those who have Destroyed Granby Most.

I suppose Granby could use a small boutique thrift store run by gliberal middle-aged strong empowered wymyn that smell good slightly more than a Gayporium selling used rubber-goods for the weekend for the Granby Inbred-swingers market, a used adult book store and a gay bath-house but NOT if Barry Flint or Pfat Jackass Kelly or Crooked Evil Awful Ira Hawkins or any moar of the Granby City Council-Criminals have anything to do with it.

For those who don’t live in Granby who are just driving along on U.S. Route 60 and looking at the few remaining buildings back from around the early 1900s but with gaps, the people who are behind today’s salebrayshun are mainly the ones who have done the most to destroy these old buildings and to impoverish Granby’s people and the big buildings that their vigorous ancestors built five generations ago that only a few, like Jamie Arnall and the Tanners, Farmers and Burnetts even wish to maintain intact. Most of the Granby Inbreds are resigned to having their town go further down the crapper — indeed they can’t even maintain the water and sewer infrastructure — because they keep on electing the very sorts of criminals and degenerates on the thieving Granby City Council who will steal everything they can to coonvert it to theys’ own uses. Granby City corruption and degeneracy is legendary in this area and they have set up an animal Granby Piglice Department which is run less honestly than Saddam Hussein ran his Republican Guard. Thievery and corruption and sometimes rape even of children is carried out and condoned, but that is a different part of this blog which intends to detail today’s events.

Why cum-cum, cum-cum to Granby?
You’ll likely be fine as long as you keep your wallet on a chain.

First of all, another Granby Heritage Building, the Old Boy Scout Building, was given to Barry Flint to run with a figurehead female as a “Boutique Thrift Store.” She is a very nice, obviously rich female who runs another boutique store further down the road which has items that a rogue male like myself feels totally alien in. When I did go in I was suffocated in the stench of perfume and of estrogen from four women and so I left quickly promising to return — but unlike McArthur — someday, but not soon. I much prefer the smell of a feed store or tractor dealership and the rough company there.

Which is why I have chided her for being used by Barry Flint as a catspaw. Barry Flint used to be mayor of Granby back in 1987 to 1989 and Barry brought in a cheap new sewer to Granby paid for by 95% state and federal ZOGbux because Granby was the largest municipality in Missouri without a sewer system and since the Inbreds didn’t want to pay for one the State of Missouri gave them one cheap with the experimental treatment of Ultraviolet light which failed within 20 years long after it was not fully paid for with 40-year bonds.

Barry Flint likes to pretend to be a man of God which makes it easier for him to be a rabid thieving scumbag. Immediately Barry raised the water and sewer rates, which was to be expected, but wanting to set up a trailer park for the poor and young to live in for $300-$400 per month, Barry figured out that these poor people starting out would prefer to simply buy a cheap used single-wide for a few thousand, pay $500 to move it in and set it up, and then after a year they would have a crappy starter home to live in for around $1000-5000 as opposed to paying Barry Flint that much for just one year and have nothing to show for it. As was the custom, some of these young people would fix it up or add to it or replace it as they got older and so Granby would slowly grow with herds of whigger & anglo-mestizo Granby Inbreds.

So Barry and a few others of the Granby Shitty Council-Criminals decided to pass new [f]laws but how to enfarce these sundry [f]laws? The Newton County Sheriff — not even Ron Doerge selling delicious nutricious avaricious doerge-dope / meth — wanted to dick with running inbreds and theys’ spawn out of Granby as itz bad for bizness. And fat old Dewey Beaver who would write ONE $300 ticket per year wanted no part of Build-Back-Barry-Better of the District of Flintville. So the most thieving and vicious of the thieving Inbreds (especially JoAnn Lamp and Joyce Mann) plotted to bring about a Granby Piglice State a all and so here cum-cum, cum-cums the most degenerate and thieving Piglice Farce ever. The Granby Police Department and its rent-a-lawyer from the dregs of the legal profession.

And the rest is history which will be covered further in this blog. Anyways . . .

Now Barry Flint shows up to Granby City Council most of the time like a hungry hound fed cut-off scraps from the operating table, which is even worse than Bismarck’s observation about watching polyticks is like watching sausage being made. Because Soylent Granby is made out of Inbreds.

But Barry Flint is no absentee landlord but keeps on maintaining the thieving. Barry was present at the Street-Walking Main Street Event for “Boutique Bizness.”

If itz not so wonderful a life then this must be Flintville

Now this Old Boy Scout Building is another old Heritage Building and the only reason it is in good shape is because until recently the City of Granby didn’t own it. Instead one of the Granby “Bad Ol’ Boys” coonvinced the Methodist Church to sign it over to Granby within the past eight years or so. Otherwise it would be in the same shape as Granby City Hall or rather Barry Flint’s someday New Old Hardware Building.

So what happened to the Boy Scouts? Well they’ve gone woke and got broke[backed]. Some of them followed Ashley Edgmon the Baal-Priest of the First Synagogue of Satan & the Pied-Piper of Allieger-Martin who led them all into fiscal drowning in the unnecessary storm-water sewer plant and the rest got [de]merit badges in sodomy and civic corruption upon joining the baal-priesthood as altar-tards.

But now let’s cover a particularly evil and worthless piece of shit who has worked overtime in destroying the Granby Heritage Buildings — and for the children too! Regrettably it has lived on for another year but one can only hope that the FrankenFauchi Flu will carry away this thieving Granby City Council-Criminal like it did for JoAnn Lamp, Joyce Mann and possibly Mild Swill Cooper.

This member in good standing with the local Granby Piglice State in fact was trying to make Jamie Arnall destroy her old hardware building until Jamie gave up and deeded it over to Barry Flint’s F-GG BBBBBBB. This senile thieving old piece of shit even pressured unceasingly this older couple to tear down their old three-story concrete building that was crumbling at their own expense in early December. Meanwhile there is a long-crumbling church downtown next to the convenience store which has been in decay for the past 20 years but because it has been bought by beaners for $4000, neither Pfat Jackass Kelly, Baal Shittrell, Gomer-Goober Cattrell nor especially Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ira Hawkins will do anything about it because while they will cheerfully bulldoze down my properties or prevent poor whites from putting up a single-wide to raise their young in, these anti-white racists will worship the most dirty Squatemelan or rapefugee Somalian. In fact, Pfat Jackass Kelly should wear while campaigning for a second term a t-shirt with “I cum-cum, cum-cum 2 Granby for the niggers !!!”

The Killing of Rambo in Granby

Inbred anglo-mestizos kill both dogs & whiggers but eat neither.

Rambo gots gunned down in Granby

Pfat Jackass Kelly, Granby Council-Criminal & Piece of Shit:

Everyone in Granby Loved this Dog. Well, obviously not “Everyone”.

Rambo shot 4 times! Yes 4 times!! In broad daylight, in the city limits and in the direction of a daycare where kids were at! across Highway 60 shot Rambo where he was laying in the grass that he called home. shotter claims “self-defense.” But how is it self-defense when the human is going after the dog not the dog going after the human? Rambo was a big big dog and a barker & growler. Really really dangerous if you are a pussy.

Rambo has been on that corner for the last 3 years, I’ve never been able to touch him or pet him. A professional Trapper could not trap him because he was so smart. He would go and visit the dogs at the pound to keep them company. He not only protected my property but the neighbor property as well everybody knew Rambo and everybody knew that Rambo would not let them get close enough to pet him and or catch him. Why is it that fools want to pet a big dog that growls and don’t belong to them?

I am devastated over the way that Rambo passed away! Or I should say that the way Rambo was killed! I myself am devastated as to how this fat ignorant piece of shit is a South Ward Shitty Council-Criminal who along with Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ira Hawkins likes to call the Granby Piglice to arrest myself for making fun of these pieces of shit on the City Council and the way he keeps on trying to destroy Granby Heritage Buildings at the expense of the owners.

I am devastated over the loss of Rambo but much more devastated to know that a human could walk across the road where a dog was laying in the grass and shoot him 4 times in broad daylight, in the city limits, towards a daycare and then just walk away. And then have the audacity to claim self-defense! I myself am devastated that the wrong Kelly jackass got r.u.n.n.t.-o.v.e.r.

Pfat Jackass Kelly and a Tale of Two Jackasses

As a good friend said I truly hope we get “Justice for Rambo!”

As a lying piece of shit I certainly will stir shit up in Granby.

I get thrown out of the Granby City Council-Criminal Meating on an #815 Action

(To a party who messaged me as to what transpired after being ejected from the Granby Council-Criminal Meating)

Thanks for letting me know what went on after I was threatened with arrest for making fun of Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Fatter Lawna the She-Mayoress, Baal Shittrell, and Gomer-Goober Carrel. Not that it mattered as the serious issues this month were swept under the rug.

But the issue is that the City of Granby is running a corrupt police state in which the other city council members wish to simply get rich off of kickbacks from contracts then run off with the proceeds, leaving Granby with massive debts. And they use a corrupt poice force to act as their enforcers.

Last night Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Baal Shittrell, and Gomer-Goober Carrell decided to not allow myself to speak in an orderly fashion and so when I wanted to make it quite clear to the City Attorney, also corrupt, that here would be litigation under color of Ordinance 815 I was threatened with arrest and thus given a new federal lawsuit which will cost the City $100,000 in litigation and hopefully lead to the pulling of the City Charter so that any water and sewer improvements can be placed in the hands of water companies and gas companies given that these people are simply too stupid and corrupt to run anything, much less a decaying town of less than 2000 people.

These 815 actions are losers.

You might have to get used to living amongst the crackheads as opposed to having boutiques run in Granby while the inbreds are drinking sulphur & sewage slurry. These people ought to be smart enough to realize that their actions are made public and while Granby used to be a nice place to live there is no point to investing anything much over $50,000 to live within the City limits. Granby needs to become the Quean City of Eastern Newton County, not a dumping ground for the poor, weak, stupid, doped-up and perverted of Newton County and Southwestern Missouri.

I like living in Granby or at least I did and take Granby people as they are — except for the City Council-Criminals. Perhaps we can talk about this later and presently I have no intention of suing you but you need to understand that the best thing for the People of Granby is to go after the thieves, make them disgorge everything they stole and then some, disband this animal police department, and to let the County take back over minimum policing.

Tall grass & crackheads raising theys’ spawn without public utilities is far better than massive debt from massive corruption.

Hail Victory !!!