Granby Council-Criminals “moving forward” like shitting dogs to create an unnecessary storm-water sewer pool to store rainwater runoff in return for $2,106 million in coonsolidated water bonds for next 40 years.

GRANBY, Mo. — Big improvements are coming to the wastewater system in Granby. An additional unnecessary storm-water sewer lagoon to trap even more rainfall over 1″ and up to nearly 3″ shall be dug at a cost of $2.602 million shall be dug by a lucky coontractard to place the shitty of Granby for the next 40 years — or longer.

“We hear the citizens, we are moving forward, and our goal is to grow just like they want to, and to provide them with the amenities that they deserve,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby. Everyone retarded just needs an additional storm-water rainwater lagoon to treat stormwater to please the environmental burrocrats who put the pressure on T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins to sign over debt for the next 40 years which shall probbly never be repaid.

Monday was a big day in Granby, as city officials broke ground on a project they’ve been discussing since 2019: upgrading their wastewater system, collecting kickbacks, and runnting-offt to make Granby Inbred Tards pay it off as best they can.

“In the past, water has been infiltrating our system during heavy rainfall, which is causing our system not to be able to treat the water/sewage as quickly as we need it to do,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby. Jim Channel was allowed to goof off rather than fix the sewer and water lines and it is a lot easier to tax Granby Inbred Tards out the ass rather than try to get the Channel family to work.

“Wastewater and sewer are what we are addressing here. The modifications to the plant will make it easier for the operators to operate,” said Crooked Ira Hawkins, Former Mayor of Granby. Screw the Granby Inbred Tards, they will just have to pay it off as best they can, if they can.

The city will be adding a new additional basin near the plant to collect runoff and will be expanding the plant to be better equipped to handle an influx of waste. There was already an old basin from 2007-2008 but we hid or destroyed the engineering reports in order to pull one on the People of Granby.

After sending her “golden shovel” into the dirt, Mayor Conway told us how excited she is, claiming Monday’s groundbreaking is a direct result of listening to the people. She used to be against this project, in fact it was on the table before she got [s]elected but she resurrected it after Crooked Ira’s fat daughter took the clot-shot and croaked last Sept. 2022 and Crooked Ira figured that YHWH was all mad at his thieving and took her home. The new Mayor Crooked Ira with tits would take the matter off the table and restore it like a fool. She’ll likely runnt-offt to Floriduh to be with her husband next year given that she’s sold her store.

“They said, ‘We want a water system, we want new water lines,’ and that was my push. But none of the voters said, ‘Wait a second, we voted a bond in 2019, why haven’t you made that sewer happen?’ So, I’m here to say, the sewer is happening, we are moving forward like shitting dogs doing theys; business on the neighbor’s yard to avoid hatching fleas,” said Conway/Crooked Ira with tits. “The rest of the council-critters will be long gone by the time it cums to pay for it, either dead or gone to Floriduh.”

And according to Mayor Conway, this is simply the first step in improving the city’s water system. “We’s gonna fuck you up good.”

“We are working on our water system behind the scenes right now, to get our funding lined out, we have engineers creating the designs, we’ve passed the bond, they passed it, the citizens want it. We’re not slowing down, this train is moving forward, right over the cliff.” said Conway. “This entire scam should cost 15-20 million with a water & sewer bill over $300-400 per month for the next 40 years, probably never be paid off.”

The project has a timeline of 480 days, with Mayor Conway saying residents shouldn’t expect any inconveniences besides a gradual increase in their water bills, which has already begun. Council-critter Gomer-Goober Carrel didn’t raise the water bill by 2% last year and the Council-Criminals simply lied to the Granby Inbred Tards telling them that they wouldn’t have to pay the 120% increases until they were done five years from now and the Granby Inbred tards bought it. Screw them.”

A Crappy Big-Box store gives money and time to the Jasper County Baby-Stealers for the initial holding place for white children. Lowe’s volunteers transform outdoor space at Children’s Haven.

JOPLIN, Mo. — A grant through a national retailer has resulted in upgrades and additions for a Joplin nonprofit.

The non-profit being the Non-Government Organization for which one Stephanie Theis starts the process to steal white children from their families upon the anonymous hotline accusation to the Missouri Department of Family Services.

And Wednesday — there was even more help for the Children’s Haven of Southwest Missouri. Employees from Lowe’s in Joplin were on the property to do some outdoor cosmetic work.

In other words this crappy big-box store are working with the Jasper County Juvenile Office to fix up the first place where stolen children can play outside.

Children’s Haven — which provides a temporary home to kids whose families are experiencing a crisis — was chosen for a Lowe’s Hometown Community Impact Grant. A grant that funded a complete remodel of its kitchen area — including new appliances, countertops, cabinets, and flooring.

The “crisis” of these children is being removed from their parents simply because some piglice and burrocrats who get funding to destroy white families started the process of destroying white families.

“So we have an employee whose mom works at Lowe’s, and she nominated us when she saw the grant application come out. There were thousands of communities who applied, and they narrowed it down to 100, and we are one of the hundred finalists around the United States,” said Stephanie Theis, Children’s Haven.

This evil bitch ginned up a bogus child molestation case agaunst myself in April 2004 to where all four granbchildren were removed. The retarded six-year-old was coerced into claiming that I kissed his dick and licked his bunghole and all four children were removed on 9 April 2004. Over a year later these twisted perverted regime criminals charged me with child molestation on the retarded grandson and because I refused to accept a lawyer sent me for 31 months to be doped-up and tortured at the Gulton State Nuthouse. My grandson was raped his very first night in foster care and became a homo and rage-monster and thus couldn’t be trusted to perjure himself so the case was dismissed four years later.

Her husband Eric Theis is head of the Jasper County Juvenile Division and kort administrator.

Satanic creatures like this is why as Resistance policy their entire family are to be tortured into confessions and put to death to form a newer, better regime actually working for the Revolutionary People.

“I’m just very thankful to be a part of Lowe’s, and be in an organization that wants to give back. It’s very passionate to me. I’m from Joplin, well, from CJ, from the greater Joplin area, and so giving back is huge to me. And it’s, it’s, I’m just honored to keep being chosen by my store manager to help lead these projects,” said J.T. Weber, Lowe’s.

Look ZOGling Whigger Ass-clown, you work for a crooked big box store which when I bought a Maytag washing machine and then a 5-year extended service plan when it went tits up the Maytag people came out the first year ans replaced a $60 switch. When the switch went out 5 months later some fat kid in a van told me my extended warranty was cancelled becaue I had cockroaches in the house — something not brought up by the Maytage people. Which is why I refuse to buy major appliances from Loews. My sister bought a new refridgerator from Loews back in Dec. 2019 and it is going out three years later. I wouldn’t buy shit from Loew’s.

Not even 800 bricks for a quarter each. Loews ripped me off for $200 in May 2019 because they didn’t credit me for taking them home in my Geo Metro, so I’m out $200 and 800 bricks.

Past projects for Lowe’s volunteers have taken place at Joe Becker Stadium and Lafayette House.

Layfayette House = Lesbian House. Battered women are encouraged to divorce their husbands or risk losing their children. Defintely an anti-man place beloved of regime-enfarcement to destroy white families.

Mad Dog Musings 5 Oct 2023 — Granbys’ Best Daze on Granby Uncensored

In this shorter 21 minute video Pastor Lindstedt talks about how the idiotic and corrupt-stupid Granby City Council is simply wasting money on projects dreamed up as a scam by Barry Flint with former Granby City Council-Critter Pfat ‘Jackass’ Kelly still mad about how former Granby Council-critter and now Mayor Crooked-Ira-with-tits didn’t tear down her 1890s Granby Hardware Store with a three-brick thick walls and instead under pressure sold it to Barry Flint who wants to spend $500,000 on restoring it as opposed to simply gutting it and rebuilding it with cheap concrete blocks for $300,000 less — the tax-payer funding of less than the $175,000 for putting in a parking lot atop the former Crooked-Iras-toxic waste dump and putting in 7 cargo coontainers. In short Pfat ‘Jackass’ Kelly hasn’t learned anything other than its old dislike for certain people in the Granby demographic.

Pfat Jackass Kelly is a Boomer a few years older than myself, a changeling who left Granby then when it gots money came back changed against the native-born Granby Inbred Jed Population. Now being older and within death less than a decade from now, Pfat wants to hearken back to the 1960s and 1970s when he was younger and in his prime. For the mythical “Good Ol’ Daze” of his youth. What I seek to explain is that the Good Ol’ Daze were not as good as remembered. For example, back in 1975 when I was 16 the Vietnam War ended and thus the liklihood of being drafted to fight in that stupid imperial-colonial war.

What I explain is that the late 19th and early 20th Century is long gone and so all that is left of those times and the men who built Granby from firing up the clay using old wood is the buildings from that time and if these Granby Heritage Buildings are torn down so too is Granby Heritage as well, and this flavor of the past cannot be restored and lives now only within living memory. Pfat Jackass Kelly thus destroys not only the older times when Granby had a future, but the past as well. Couple that with the fact that ZOG is in terminal decline and once torn down cannot be replaced, certainly not with lesser men and materials today. Thus the past should be refurnished because it cannot be replaced. Something I keep on trying to preach to the current aborted, impoverished, and poverty-made [de]generation.

21 minutes in this vlog tonight.

Hail Victory !!!

Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

P.O. Box 666
Granby. Missouri 64844

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