Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 22 September 2020

Proposed Amended Agenda September 22, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted September 18, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, September 8, 2020


1) Amanda Kelley: re: Christmas Festival

Regular Business:

1) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

2) Victor Coggin purchase request

3) Write-Offs Jan-April 2020

4) Discussion of Trailer Park Ordinance

5) Discussion re: temporary RV usage

Full Video 22 Sept. 2020 Granby City Council Meeting:

Social Media Might Predict Real-World Results

What harm can cum-cum, cum-cum of having some self-righteous idiotic infantile skank hiding behind a uniform with the witless delusion that she has some sort of superior morality yet deaf and willfully blind to the facts armed to the tits with a fully automatic assault weapon at one of the many flashpoints leading up to full-blown Civil War II?

Lindsay Ann McDaniel when not inserting herself into news items of no direct concern to herself in the name of “compassion” regrettably is a Military Police soldier in a Missouri National Guard unit..

 Perhaps I should write a letter to your commanding officer of your military police unit informing him(or her) that he has a potential rogue female soldier who will go all “Abu Ghraib” when called upon as a National Guard member to deal with the inevitable civil unrest.

You and other females with too much time on your paws come upon this forum (Granby Thots & Views) and demand censorship of news items pending notification of people you do not know because you care so very much for them. It is pointed out that this is social media and that you go onto this Granby Thots & Views you might see things which you don’t like. Still you as a spoiled infantile she-child insist that certain news items not be published until some one you don’t know but claim to speak for have been informed as to a matter of public news. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office posts that his employee has been killed driving to work. They as the relevant law-enforcement with jurisdiction over this matter would have been the ones to notify the family of the deceased. In fact, THEY CLAIM TO BE THE FAMILY OF THE DECEASED.

So with all these facts still yourself and some other badly brought up female from the other side of this county still stomps your feet and insists that news be censored on a social media newsgroup in which you asked to join and were approved for no other reason than because you have nothing better to do than to insert yourself into this matter because you claim to care.

I’m suggesting that you don’t care. You are merely a snoop and a meddler and an idle female with nothing better to do than to bother people who normally would have nothing to do with you. In sterner times there would be a dunking chair and a scold’s muzzle to deter females like you and if that still didn’t work then the stocks and pillory where you could be pelted with offal. Doubtless that would make you behave as you have no strong character of yourself. In fact a night in the stocks wherein after night the baser sort of men could have theys’ way with you might do you a world of good. Your father and/or husband should be ashamed for how you sully their good name and status by your behavior.

But this is merely Granby Thots & Views. How serious can it be that some importunate skank(s) like you with nothing better to do cums on here demanding that the rest of the Facebook news group censor theysselfs because you inserted yousself into the matter because of “feelz”? And the answer is, not much. When so much of the population is like you then nothing much can be done pending collapse and then you will all die like maggots when the food runs out.

But the problem is that you are a National Guard soldier of the military piggery Military Occupational Specialty and will be called out to deal with the inevitable unrest. And you will be armed with a military assault rifle and maybe even given live ammunition. What harm can cum-cum, cum-cum of having some self-righteous idiotic infantile skank hiding behind a uniform with the witless delusion that she has some sort of superior morality yet deaf and willfully blind to the facts armed to the tits with a fully automatic assault weapon at one of the many flashpoints leading up to full-blown Civil War II?

When I put it like that — no telling — but sometimes thangs just happen like sunrise following sunset.

I think I need to notify your Commanding Oficers that they have a domestic pre-Abu Ghraib potential situation on theys’ hands and that they need to nip it, nip it, nip it in the bud, as Barney Fife would say.

Logic and reason doesn’t seem to work with you. I suppose that means humiliation and ridicule must be employed to either make you behave or at the very least make it so you cannot do further harm.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department announced on their official Facebook Page that one of their administration employees, Lisa Sharp, 51 died in a car accident on her way to work 22 Sep. 2020,

This is not secret news which needs to curated by self-appointed Facebook skanks with nothing better to do but virtue signal on social media.

Granby Sudden Infantile Death Syndrome

When fools on social media whine that they seen something they didn’t like on social media yet still remain on social media to whine about seeing something on social media.

Cropped picture taken from road side of semi-car accident on US Route 60 3 miles east of Granby posted on Granby Thots & Views within an hour of the accident 9:12 am on Sept. 22, 2020.

Another one of the 40,000 traffic deaths occurred this morning just outside of Granby. A picture was taken of the semi-truck and the four-wheeler involved — or what was left of the four-wheeler. Whenever a 40 ton semi truck gets into a collision of any sort with a fragile plastic ton and a half vehicle then the difference in mass and momentum means that the smaller vehicle twenty times smaller gets the worst of it. Thirty years ago while driving a truck I seen an accident involving a big rig and a small car. The mother and her two small children were killed and where she had struck the semi in the front wheel didn’t even have most of the chrome lug nuts removed yet her entire car was caved in. The traffic on the Interstate back east was backed up for miles due to the curious  looking on and placing traffic to a standstill.

So someone took a picture of the wreck and posted it to Granby Thots & Views. The only social media Facebook Group which allows somewhat of free speech. Not the Jim Channel “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook group in which Jim Channel with his gang of thieves tries to get a cut of every tax dollar of a declining tax base. Not Box-Wine Wedgie Tard over on Wedgie-Tard dot cum / the $680 taxpayer-supported web page supposedly the “Oafishul” voice of Granby but seldom accessed or watched that she uses for her own aggradisement. But rather Granby Thots & Views with 2500 + members, most of them not from Granby.

So having an account here and being on the FB Group, these people who are here somehow think that the editorial and news coontent should be subject to theys’ whim, no matter how infantile and self-serving. They bemoan the very social media from whence they get theys’ news from because they are . . . they are . . . they are . . . er’ a victim, you see and even if they ain’t they really really feel for the victims of life itself because they really really feel for others because they are good people, really.  

So let’s look at some censortards only one of whom lives in Granby. The other might be a relatard of the Infamous Box Wine Wedgie Tard and gradjewmacated in Diamond and lives in the Joplin hamlet of Saginaw.

First one Keri Bard (living in Saginaw) claims that the post should be removed because she wants the news cycle to be halted while the authorities hunt down the family. Note that she is not the family but wants a prior restraint “gag order” to be put into effect for a social media Facebook group cooncerning a news-worthy event some place where she does not live. So much for the First Amendment. And how will this act of censorship be accomplished? Females are the first femnisheviks always thinking that the world revolves around their female holes and such females always have meercats wanting theys’ burrow furrows to try to get them sum.

Yet another femnishevik skankazoid, Lindsey Ann McDaniel, agrees with censoring the news because of “feelz”. She supposedly lives in Granby but more worrisome is a Military Piglice in the Missouri National Guard. That she asked to be let onto Granby Thots & Views or that she doesn’t have to read anything she doesn’t like there obviously does not register on her little femnishevik Military Piglice mind or what passes for such. Her and her fellow femnishevik tards get to decide what is to be allowed to be said on a place where others think differently.

Of course I disagreed with doctrinnaire shithead femnishevikism from skanks:

Couldn’t agree less. Granby Thots & Views is the one place where the news isn’t censored or spun. Those of you who cannot accept reality have plenty of places where you can be lied to so you need to go over there rather than be here telling one of the last relatively free places what to see or what to think. No one is making you read what is on GT&V.

To which Lindsay Ann McDaniel replied:
“it sucks that I never find the words to respond to you! If half of what you typed made sense in the first place, it would make it easier! “

Pore Lindsay, like many if not most ZOGling skankazoid whigger females is suffereing from terminal chronic “C.U.N.T. Syndrome” — Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. She is thinking with her, well, let’s say the very essense of her female parts. She mistakes her personal pan queefs for valid social commentary. Her coondition is likely permanent although a pallet slat with a rusty nail sprayed with medicinal alpha-male urine can when topically applied a-thwack the side of the head can mitigate the symptoms somewhat as long as there is a credible threat of seconds direct from a 55-gallon drum of industrial strength whup-ass.