I get thrown out of the Granby City Council-Criminal Meating on an #815 Action


(To a party who messaged me as to what transpired after being ejected from the Granby Council-Criminal Meating)

Thanks for letting me know what went on after I was threatened with arrest for making fun of Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Fatter Lawna the She-Mayoress, Baal Shittrell, and Gomer-Goober Carrel. Not that it mattered as the serious issues this month were swept under the rug.

But the issue is that the City of Granby is running a corrupt police state in which the other city council members wish to simply get rich off of kickbacks from contracts then run off with the proceeds, leaving Granby with massive debts. And they use a corrupt poice force to act as their enforcers.

Last night Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Baal Shittrell, and Gomer-Goober Carrell decided to not allow myself to speak in an orderly fashion and so when I wanted to make it quite clear to the City Attorney, also corrupt, that here would be litigation under color of Ordinance 815 I was threatened with arrest and thus given a new federal lawsuit which will cost the City $100,000 in litigation and hopefully lead to the pulling of the City Charter so that any water and sewer improvements can be placed in the hands of water companies and gas companies given that these people are simply too stupid and corrupt to run anything, much less a decaying town of less than 2000 people.

These 815 actions are losers.

You might have to get used to living amongst the crackheads as opposed to having boutiques run in Granby while the inbreds are drinking sulphur & sewage slurry. These people ought to be smart enough to realize that their actions are made public and while Granby used to be a nice place to live there is no point to investing anything much over $50,000 to live within the City limits. Granby needs to become the Quean City of Eastern Newton County, not a dumping ground for the poor, weak, stupid, doped-up and perverted of Newton County and Southwestern Missouri.

I like living in Granby or at least I did and take Granby people as they are — except for the City Council-Criminals. Perhaps we can talk about this later and presently I have no intention of suing you but you need to understand that the best thing for the People of Granby is to go after the thieves, make them disgorge everything they stole and then some, disband this animal police department, and to let the County take back over minimum policing.

Tall grass & crackheads raising theys’ spawn without public utilities is far better than massive debt from massive corruption.

Hail Victory !!!

Jim Channel shoahs up from Suck Granby Dry following too closely his sock-puppet

In addition to being a thieving genius, walnut logger, porn watcher, running “Suck Granby Dry”, trying to teach the Granby She-Mayoress book-keeping & learning from her how to lay pipe, Jimb[l]o Channel is a Great Master[Debatard] of Espionage & Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ Prodigal Spawn

Jim Channel:

I am so very glad that early in the morning before you show up for a hard daze thieving, watching porn, moderating Suck Granby Dry, and overseeing logging operations at the Granby ball park that you along with your sock-puppet had time to post here on Granby UnCensored.

I’m going to ask Jeromy to let me back on to Granby Thots & Views but not to post, just to collect grist for my rhetorical mill as opposed to infiltraiting with a new sock-puppet and then when getting about a dozen or so blowing one away like Greg “5G” Johnson. Putting in a Gayporium that sells rubber goods for the weekend, a used adult bookstore & a gay bath-house atop Crooked Evil Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump as part of the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (henceforth F-GGBBBBBB) is a stretch for Moan Persona.

There are some, like T-Rampage Gamble that thinks you are a 91 IQ (on a good day) thieving moron as present patriarch of the Channel Fambly. Channel is defined as being between “cancer” and “chlymidia” on the Granby City lumpen-anglo-mestizo-tariate body polytick. Closer to chlymidia most of the time but persistent like cancer. Better City Councils got rid of you but only for a while and you were back like untreated syphilis.

Actually, I think that you are a glib sub-moron as well, but with a genius for thievery who fits well with the present Granby City Council. Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins at the last City Council Meating — in which there were only nine left — said that even though the Council-Cucks wanted you to get off your ass and deliver “final notice” for shutting off City Utilities [while a rattlesnake will give ‘final notice’ a baal-priest like Crooked Ira and the r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Assley Edgmon won’t] Crooked Ira gave the parable of the lazy son who wouldn’t get off his ass in bed and go to work on time.

Here’s Mayor Crooked Evil Ira’s Parable about the Prodigal Channel: Crooked Evil Ira has a son who will not get up and thieve from Granby. So when he finally gets up it is to watch Internet Porn and to tinket with his Facebook Channel, and to put yet another clamp joining the other dozen on the 10 ft. water or sewer pipe, to try to teach the She-Mayoress how to book-keep & for her to teach you how to lay pipe, and to log off the walnut and oak timber trees at the Granby ball park. So Crooked Evil Ira doesn’t want to trifle with the Prodigal Channel’s propensity for thieving. Thus even though there was a 3-0 vote to make you work, and two of them already got theys’ itty-bitty heads together to make you work they still cucked out like chicken waste through a tin horn.

So here’s the deal for you, Jim Channel. You get to post here on Granby UnCensored — as does anybody. And both you and Jeromy allow myself the same. Jeremy on Granby’s Thots & Views and you on Suck Granby Dry, er, Help Granby Grow.

The Dec. 2021 City Council Meating could best be described as “Chickens are cum-cumming home to roost.” They admitted that they should have patched up the sewer and water leaks before going $3.2 million into debt. You admitted to logging off the Granby ball park. By default the Granby Cemetery Board is going to have to fend for itself. And the only options for getting out of this mess is getting the Granby retarded voters living with decayed infrastructure is for them to foolishly give you Granby Council-Criminals and employees who will not work yet another $100-200 thousand in [ab]use sales taxes taking 2.6250 percent on their Internet purchases which will not help a single one of Granbys’ current merchants.

I had to laugh when Joe Guinn cumplained about your logging these walnut logs but said it had to be “through the right Channels.” Wrong Joe, say it isn’t so. In Granby the “right channels” is ALWAYS the “Wrong Channels.”

You and Jeremy lets me on your respective Facebook Channels then you will get the uncensored cut of the Granby City Council-Criminal Meatings as opposed to having to watch Muh Directard’s Cut and not have to worry about a whorde of sock-possums to boot.

What say you? I don’t mind being lied to because I expect nothing else from you.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Current Elected South Ward City Councilman

Understanding the Flintville-Greater Granby “Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (the F-GG BB[B]BBBB) — 12 Sept 2021 City Council Meating Video

What you Granby Inbred Jeds & Jethrenes need to understand is that it is a small club & YOU ain’t in it

Unless you are a coonected City Council-Criminal no small buildings or cathouses for YOU, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Stick around with a cold nose at a Granby City Council-Criminal Meating and find out all manner of stuff

During the Secret closed-session meating on 12 Oct. 2021, Jim Channel was yakking to Barry Flint and Sarah James of the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (henceforth the FGGBBBBBB) who had thanked North Wq22rd City Councilwoman Jamie Arnall for under pressure giving her old brick hardware store for which she paid $10,000 to former Mayor Barry Flint and the FGGBBBBBB for free.

So what was asked, at least by myself, Pastor Martin Lindstedt, was a scheme to build around a dozen brightly painted 12 ft by 12 ft “cathouses which like a prostitutes crib will be used to “bring in bizness” to Granby — as opposed to simply opening up a “Christmas Market” in the Community Building. Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins has his snout in the Flintville Civic Trough by having these “cathouses” built atop Crooked Evil Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump which leaks toxic runoff into buildings downhill in Granby. Asked was how come since Barry flint made up a number of trailer home restrictions and his sock-possum T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins passed yet another law saying “no small buildings” back in 2017, wherefore the little 12 x 12 cathouses much less than 750 sq. ft.?

Of course, Barry Flint — who belongs in jail and in Hell for keeping the poor from building their own trailers and putting it on their own property and bypass Barry’s slum-lord trailer park — glibly had an answer to my question.

“It’s Retail”, Barry sneered, and thus since poor white people with children are not allowed to build their own shelters within the Shitty Limits, why some crackhead wanting to sell meth or sex within Barry’s FGGBBBBBB have a perfect right to open up a bizness atop Crooked Evil Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump. cum-cum, cum-cum.

Barry Flint who attends Granby City Council Meatings like a stray dog being fed scraps from the operating table tossed him from the surgeons has it all worked out. Barry Flint, Crooked Evil Ira, and most of the Granby City Council have the working rudiments of fascism down pat. And as Huey Long predicted, when it cum-cum, cum-cums to the ZOGland will be called “Anti-Fascism.”

The rest of the interaction involved Jim “Between Cancer & Chlymidia” Channel who likes padding the Granby Utility bills and Pastor Lindstedt

Aftermath — Two & a Half Hour Granby City Council-Critter Meating 14 Dec. 2021


Jim Channel gets to log off fhe Granby Ballpark, Allieger-Martin says it’s finally time to detect the source of the water & sewer leaks, Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress while she cannot book-keep and won’t do the billing is suddenly qualified to write a $59,000 Grant Proposal to build a $10-15 million new water system, $4000 for a web page that they don’t use all that much now that Wedgie-Tard is r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t., Crooked Evil Ira & the Council-Criminals want Granby suckers to pay an additional 2.625 percent sales [ab]use tax on Internet purchases, a dog&pony shoah fake audit like the past six years, Granby [s]elections for Crooked Evil Ira selected walk-in council-criminals, Barry Flint of the Flintville Greater-Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (F-GGBBBBBB) shows up like a stray dog into the political operating room for his customary lunch of kickback meat scraps, and Pfat Jackass Kelly & Fatt Lawna wanted to arrest myself for making fun of them, and numerous other incidentals of thieving idiocy. In short bizness as usual but for 2.5 hours ending up in only nine attendees present, i.e. Council-Criminals, Fatt Lawna the She-Mayoress, Jim Channel, Piglice Chief Jacob Kelly, and theys’ Press Secretary Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) and myself of Granby UnCensored / Greater Granby Cobb & Teurpentine. Everyone else r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. before the last dog was hung.

Video was taken by myself and will be released after my own particular Directard’s Cut.

At the end of the City Council-Criminal Meeting at 8:30 pm there were only nine, and North Ward City Council-Criminal Baal Kittrell knew enough to not shoah up to this mess.

Granby is soooooo f*@ked.

Hail Victory !!!

PastorĀ Martin Lindstedt

Duly-[S]Elected South Ward City Council-Critter

Granby City Council Meeting Agenda 14 Dec. 2021

Granby City Council Agenda 14 Dec. 2021

Proposed Agenda, December 14, 202 1 a 6:00 p.m.
Posted December 10, 2021
Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call:

  1. Approval of Agenda as presented
  2. Approval of Minutes November 9 and November 12, 2021.


  1. Marshall Decker, 2020/2021 Audit
  2. Stephen Chunn (Mo-Ark Plumbing) business license application
  3. William Bradford Thompson (Sweet Springs) business license application
  4. Jenny Mansour (Jenny’s Homestead) business license application

Gene Spears re: ARPA Funds

New Business:

  1. Bills to Pay, Balances on hand
  2. Department Head Reports
  3. Request for Proposals/Qualifications for water study
  4. Resolution re: application for water study grant
  5. Victor Coggin – re: training/internship
  6. Resolution re: lease-purchase for backhoe for street department
  7. Paid Holidays for 2022
  8. DTOM Technologies contract renewal


14. Making Jim Channel restore “final notice” on Granby Utility Bills and making Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins make the lazy thieving bastard work as opposed to watching Internet porn, operating a FaceBook Group, and logging off Granby city property.

(Added on. Even though all three council-critters wanted Mayor Crooked Evil Ira to make the thieving lazy bastard give out final notices before disconnect Mayor Crooked Evil Ira wants his “son” to have more Granby-paid time to beat his meat and log off Granby property and keep the proceeds, Crooked Evil Ira wanted to take it under advisement.)

Granby Council-Criminals are Destroying the Granby Heritage Buildings

Especially Pfat Jackass Kelly who wants to destroy Heritage Granby

The Scholes Building being destroyed
Later that day totally demolished

Pfat Kelly gloats about how it is commendable for old whiggers to destroy their own old buildings to suit the idiotic prejudices of Granby Council-Criminals:


Pat Kelly

Here is a property owner in Granby, doing the correct thing, more of this needs to be done, we need no danger of falling buildings

Martin Lindstedt

Pat Kelly You and the rest of the Granby City Council made Jamie Arnall deed her building over to Barry Flint and now you just made an elderly couple destroy their own building at their own expense. I don’t call this extortion leading up to destruction the “correct thing” but given that there isn’t much left of Granby Heritage buildings not much “more of this needs to be done.” So when are you going to make the Mexicans tear down their old church with asbestos do so at their expense as well as opposed to costing Granby $100,000? Pretty soon nothing much will be left of Granby Heritage other than fading pictures on a Facebook Group populated by dying old people nostalgic about when they were young and Granby growing.

The Granby City Council-Criminals hate their Granby Heritage Buildings. They cannot make anything off of old buildings which were around long before they were and want kickbacks for putting up cheap metal buildings so rather than simply add-on to Granby choose to destroy these old buildings, turning low-rent Mining Mayberry into hi-rent Gomorrah.

These beaners bought this old church building for a couple of thousand ZOGbux. This building if owned by some old whiggers like the Scholes or younger GenX whiggresses like Jamie Arnall with all the character of a sheep is easily destroyed. The beaners however have an old church loaded with asbestos and being beaners cannot be forced to destroy their old church. If the City of Granby were to buy it it would cost $100,000 to tear down because of the asbestos. So the cheapest way to get rid of the old church would be to offer the beaners $10,000 for a vacant lot. But Pfat Kelly, Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins want to get rich from old whiggers being forced to destroy their own buildings and not at Granby expense.

For example, after much Granby piglice harassment, I agreed to let Granby bulldoze down the Old Summey House (which is ruins) and the part which is this old aluminum trailer at Granby expense back in early 2020. When spring cum around I asked Granby Piglice Chief Jacob Kelley what was taking them in doing as coerced. He said that Box-Wine Wedgie Tard kept it from happening. Yes, Granby Council-Criminals want all these old buildings bulldozed down but they don’t want to pay for it.

Actually as explained years ago to me in Rameys store in Granby when this grey little man who introduced me as Ira Hawkins cornered me and explained what he wanted to do to Granby, it was an idiotic scheme to bring in millionares but have the Granby population of old inbreds, the poor, the chomos and crackheads pay for the latest and greatest civic infrastructure and to let the new bunch of ultra-rich who for some unknown reason was cum-cum, cum-cumming to Granby to enjoy it.

When asked what I thought of this grey little man’s idiotic schemes, I said that it never would work. Crooked Evil Ira then stated: “So whatever I am for you will be against?” I said that was the case and Crooked Evil Ira never explained hisself to me again.

The “Good Ol’ Boys Nutwerk of Granby” is out to screw over the general population of Granby. They want to take from the poor and give to the rich — which is them.

So knowing that one shouldn’t be surprised when they extort and force people like Jamie Arnall and the Scholes to tear down their Granby Heritage Buildings — at their own expense.

Three Strikes & This Sock-possum is OUT on Granby Thots & Views:

The Inbred Jeds sucking up Sulphur, Sewage, & Lead don’t do Satire

They don’t do Faulkner in the Granby Piglice State — http://granby-mo.xyz/2021/Dec21/BannedGT%26V_8Dec21a.jpg
http://granby-mo.xyz/2021/Dec21/BannedGT%26V_8Dec21b.jpg —
Greg 5G Johnson is disgustipatin’ to fat anglo-mestizess Granby Skankazoids, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Here is the latest offending post in relation to the Verizon Slowdown in this area:

I sure hope that this doesn’t interfere with me posting my One Post of the Day as I wanted to post about the Cemetery Board Meeting last night but here goes:

Verizon not only hasn’t been working the past three daze, but it is also likely the Cause of an Unfortunate Transporter Accident with the other Greg 5G Johnson out of Sans Fagscrisco to where I now have an irresistable impulse to join the GGBBBBBB (Greater Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau) to put up a used adult bookstore & Gayporium to sell Rubber Goods for the Weekend & Gay Bath-House where Mayor Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump currently squats across from Granby City Hall & when it rains creates a mudslide onto Wayne Brooks Tattoo Parlor Shop & am currently up to close to Three Percent and a $3 ZOGbux bill less Homophobick.

I have a Verizon cell phone which I use as a hotspot given that since Sept. 11, 2001 I have been banned from using the Internet on Stouffer Communications working in tandem with the Granby City Hall and Bryan Reo and ZOG. Whenever I need to use broadband I go parking at JJs or at Walmart. But the cell phone hotspot is by far the cheapest and most coonvenient.

For the past three daze I’ve had a problem with my Verizon cell-phone hotspot. I especially needed it when I got a letter from Senior federal Judge Chris Boyko in Bryan Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 1:19-cv-02589-CAB informing me of his final judgment (Doc. 123). So I had to get on PACER to download Docs #117-123 informing me that Judge Boyko without benefit of a jury trial assessed me a $750,000 judgment violative of not only the First Amendment but the 7th Amendment of a jury trial and 8th Amendment no excessive fines or judgments clauses. Luckily three of those judgments were a free download so it only cost me three dollars to download and I’ll appeal again to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals where it will join the other two and the pending U.S. Supreme Court docket 21-6219.

Isn’t it nice to know that the federal courts around Cleveland are even more corrupt by degree than the Newton County and Granby korts? They do corruption bigger in Cleveland Ohio and Lake County Ohio.

But it took me the better part of two hours to download off of PACER (Pub[l]ic Access to Court Electronic Records) the early morning hours of the 8th of December after the Day which will live in Idiocy around 50 pages of court documents. But this Verizon slowdown is nothing cum-cum-pared to what happened over Verizon in April of this year when I was teleported mentally with a left-wing homosexual white supremacist and exchanged, THANKFULLY no precious bodily fluids but consciousness — and I’m sure that it didn’t do him much good either.

To see the rest of this article go to Granby UnCensored: @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363179937888031

I think I — and we will get into exactly who I am later — Have Struck a Nerve


I think I — and we will get into exactly who I am later — Have Struck a Nerve.

This will be my one post for the day and it will be truncated in order to not be banned again and most of it will be on the Granby UnCensored FaceBook Group and in even greater depth as a guest poster on The Granby Missouri blog concerning whatever anyone even thinking of coming to Granby should know in advance. I do not want Jeremy Hopper to be assaulted by Pat Kelly or for Jamie Arnall to give up another of her Granby Heritage buildings for what is said here as neither is responsible for my own particular Thots & Views.

Granby UnCensored —-> https://www.facebook.com/groups/363179937888031

Granby Mo Blog ———> http://www.granby-mo.xyz/blog/

When I start blogging later tonight — as I’m attending the Granby Cemetery Committee Meeting tonight @ 6:30pm — I will address how I seem to have struck a nerve. . . . .

Still with me? OK. Let’s Go on on This Day Which Will Live In Idiocy . . .

Pastor Martin Lindstedt is terminally banned over on Granby Thots & Views. As mentioned above Pfat Jackass Kelly assaulted the FB Blog admin Jeremy Hopper nearly two years ago over what I wrote over there about Granby civic corruption. Why should Jeremy be assaulted over mythical “free speech” as there never is and never was any such thing as the numerous lawsuits and arrests by sundry members of ZOG certainly prove? Right now Bryan Reo has over $2 million in lawsuits for me calling the crazed homosexual mongrel agent provocateur out and in turn I intend to quantrillize NorthEastern Ohio and chernobylize the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant and for the South Dakota corrupt legal system up there to be drowned out by destroying the Oahe Dam and flushing away the state capital of Pierre South Dakota. It is ALWAYS necessary to set aside the myth of liberal democracy and freedumb of speech in order to get down to what really matters: Who holds power — and since political power grows out of the barrel of a gun according to Chairman Mao who killed 49 million Chinese upon taking power in 1949 –and political power is defined as the effectiveness of the terror promised & delivered — and to what purposes those who exercise power is what really matters.

Jamie Arnall for daring to run for the North Ward of City Hall had to give up her Granby Heritage building at the insistence of Pfat Jackass Kelly even though she makes an excuse for her weakness in doing so. So over on Jeremy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views certain Thoughts & Views cannot be spoken, certainly not a-loud and certainly not by Pastor Martin Lindstedt Head of the Aryan Nations & Super-super White Sooooopremicist.

So sundry sock-possums must be created and occasionally uncovered on Granby Thots & Views.

GRIDS-Grindr Gaywall-Grifting Greggy (5G) Johnson is a real personage who during an unfortunate Transporter Accident at an American Renaissance coonference switched places with Pastor Lindstedt for a second or two and so we understand each other although our polyticks is 180 degrees apart.

I really am interested in Granby. I intend to set up a used adult book-store and bath-house atop Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump just north of Wayne Brooks’ Tattoo Parlor and build a new concrete gaywall with stainless-steel & rubber condom-rebar instead of using the city services of Jim “Channel is midway-between-cancer-&-chlymidia-in-the-Granby-City-Body-Polytick” Channel to dig up the mud flowing into Wayne’s tattoo parlor whenever the toxic waste dump gets rained upon. For water I’ll use rainwater from the roofs and to drink, why not rosewater or other exotic flavours?

My boutique bizness — used adult bookstore & bath-house.

So, instead of the crass & censorable Pastor Martin Lindstedt explaining Granby polyticks you have the sofistickated, urbane Greggy 5G Johnson explaining the Granby Facts of Life to Inbred Jed sucking up lead along with Sister Jethrene who drinks box wine and collects cats who hails from these parts.

Such a deal !!!

Well, I’ve left quite a dump like a stray dog four hours after eating the entire road-killt possum so as Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins keeps on saying about his messes, time to MOVE ON, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Join the Greater Granby Build Back Better Botique Businesses Bureau (The GBBBBBB) & Let the Infrastructure Take Care of Itself As Best It Can!!!

From previously in the thread:


Thank you Jamie Arnall and Allen Malloy for making it clear that none of you want to be on the Granby City Council but rather on the Granby Build Back Better Botique Businesses Bureau. (Henceforth “The GBBBBBB”). Granby needs more flea markets and antique sellers downtown to take the place of . . . well whatever there used to be whenever there was something there.

I wish you all the luck in getting on the Granby BBBBBB, especially given that Mrs. Arnall has already contributed her building worth $10,000. And yet another Granby Heritage Building was recently wrecked at the expense of the owners. Perhaps those owners too can get a place on the Granby BBBBB. Perhaps Mr. Malloy can contribute his old heritage building as well to show that he is serious about being on the GBBBBBB. Perhaps the owners of this old church can be induced to destroy their old church building with asbestos in return for a place on the GBBBBBB along with their cousin Jesus. Think of the free publicity!!! Jesus gave up his Church and joined the GBBBBBB!!! Well Granby is used to & prefers being kicked as opposed to being ignored. Granby NEEDS a whole lot more of Jesus (and a lot less late 1800’s and early 1900s Granby Heritage buildings).

Why to think about the filings for City Council nearly two years ago! The City Council except for Mayor Ira Hawkins either croaked of the Covid-coof or r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida or Carthage or for the tall grass after voting in $3.2 million for Allieger-Martin to build a stormwater sewer plant. Indeed, it is suspected that all of them got kickbacks and one of them actually worked for them (although this was not mentioned on Facebook until he r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t to Florida and certainly not when filing his Financial Disclosure Form eleven minutes before the close of filing). The Granby City Council seems to have placed such burdens upon Granby utility customers for the next 40 years while evading them and their families paying for them by either death or by distance.

So the next step will be in getting a water system. If it is done like it is usually done in Granby then the result shall be a $10-15 million water system which like the Birmingham Alabama city utilities will result in $400-$500 water and sewer bills paid for by the Section 8 welfare houses while the greater number of Granby people will simply set up rooftop rainwater catchment cisterns and drink bottled water and simply flush their toilets with wash rainwater.

Or like Purcell, which got a state audit, found that the mayor and council-members were stealing and held them up on charges and voted by 4 to 49 to sell their water and sewer to the Missouri American Water System for $200,000.

So how much do you think that Granby will get for its low-pressure leaking water and sewer system full of sulphur and sewage?Of course knowing Granby, any such payment to take things over shall be stolen as surely as walnut logs from the City ball park.

But not to worry. Mayor Ira Hawkins surely has a number of “walk-ins” to do whatever to keep business as usual usual in Granby (or Flintville). Let him reap the whirlwind that he and his kind have sown in the name of Jesus. (Not the one perhaps soon to be on the GBBBBBB.)

Perhaps the State will step in. (The County certainly won’t if they have any choice in the matter.) Or Granby voters will eventually vote to dis-incorporate Granby (while trying to disown the massive debt left).

Nope, some things are just too far gone to fix.

Like Granby.