T-Rampageifer Gamble Throws a Tantrum, Gits a Gumball, Sugar-Tit & Itz Way on the TIF Street Lights

I can’t have Box-Wine Wedgie Tard arrested and shit, so I must throw a tantrum and cow the rest of the TIF tards into shelving the street light deal promised back then

Here is the footage of the Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 TIF Meating wherein I got my stuff done then threw a tantrum about the deal with the street lights, accused that mean bitch Box-Wine Wedgie Tard who voted against me being the Chairman of the TIF Bored of wanting to becum Meyer of Granby, acted like I was gonna have a heart attack, got a gumball from the skrule bored member (just a sugar tit, not a mamzeress mammary) and delayed indefinitely bids on historic street lights as promised when the Granby Inbred Tards voted in the TIF back in 1998.

When you are a drunken mean petty asshole who don’t give a shit for the Businesses and People of Granby but can’t use the corrupt Granby Piglice to arrest your opposition or stifle dissent, you have to dominate the Granby fuktards who were appointed to steal Granby blind. Unlike the “New Granby Police Station Scam” the only ones who care for the street lights are Sharon Jackson and Jaimie Arnall. I can’t get kickbacks from the Styrons like I did for buying the Styron Eyesore while promising a new police station for those stupid lights. So time to send Sharon packing and refuse to “pander to the pub[l]ic”, especially when the only pub[l]ic around is Martin Lindstedt and his ex-son-in-law living east of Pineville anyways.

Why, I sackrificed for the Inbred Tards of Granby. Muh mechanics business was destroyed like Fat Lawna & the Lustfool Meercat’s feed store because I served as Meyer before I was forced to resign. It had nothing to do with the fact that I’m a piss-pore businessman and drunken abusive asshole who makes sure that there is absolutely no repeat business. Couldn’t have anything to do with that !!!

It is so nice to be Head Tard, to drink 12-packs of Milwaukee’s Worst, and to discreetly go ass-to-mouth with muh media — Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) — and to make that rival bitch Box-Wine Wedgie Tard fume while I lick her ass, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Editard’s Note: T-Rampage is NOT on the record as saying anything of the above. However, this buffoon did put on quite a show, buffaloed the TIF Tards who should have told T-Rampage to eat shit and demanded T-Rampage’s threatened resignation, and proceeded to at least move that the street lights would be purchased sometime as opposed to never while T-Rampage is chairman appointed by Crooked Ira Hawkins. The fact of the matter is that Reggie Bard was right. Historic street lights were promised and they should be delivered.

Uncensored & Uncut Video Footage of 5 Oct. 2020 TIF Board Meeting


Far be it for me to interrupt the fascinating stories about stray dogs & cats recently jailed at the Granby puppy pound, but I’d like to present my new Granby Missouri You-Tube Channel and starting out with the infamous 5 Oct. 2020 TIF Bored Meating in which T-Rampage Gamble and Reggie Bard screamed at each other and T-Rampage offered to resign, acted as if he was going to have a coronary and got a gumball instead and his way because the promised heritage lighing got delayed until all the TIF money is all spent and wasted on kickbacks and Reggie Bard didn’t get her way. T-Rampage Gamble refused to cater to the pub[l]ic and after running Sharon Jackson off in tears none of the pub[l]ic was around except myself and my ex son-in-law and he didn’t appreciate the non-pandering to the pub[l]ic nearly as much as I did and maybe you will upon viewing the video. That said, sometimes your pub[l]ic could do with a spell of pandering . . .

Another Great Moment in the History of Granby Civic Corruption at its very best !!!

This video along with others such as the 22 Sept and soon the 13 Oct Granby City Council Meeting will be put up live, uncut and uncensored like the original SouthPark Movie (Rated PG-13) on both the Granby Missouri Youtube Channel and my Oafishul Legitimate Cum-in-Second But Actually Elected South Ward City of Granby Councilman Blog.



Life with Granby People — The Never-Ending Granby EPA Lead Cleanups

From 1850 to 1960 lead was mined in Granby; Now they mine EPA SuperFund Trust Dollars

Galena lead in limestone rocks is stable. The retangular lead oxide in the rocks mined from Granby didn’t affect the water supply. But when the rock is crushed and smelted the lead gets aerosoled and spreads with the wind all over. The Granby smelters crushed the rock and then burnt it to get at the lead. The lead got into the air and being heavy was spread over the ground around where it was smelted in North Granby. But the aerosol lead can spread far and wide given enough wind force. So throughout the Granby area there is a lot of lead parts per million lessening as the distance from the former Granby smelter. Yet there are lead deposits in Greenland ice cores from Roman times.

So the process of lead removal in Granby means that they replace the black dirt with high concentrations of lead with red clay in which the aerosol lead  blows back from less contaminated areas and then gets leaded again and then there is more cleanup for SuperFund dollars. Concerning Pitcher Oklahoma there was an article that it took 11 minutes of the wind blowing  to undo millions of dollars in cleanup in an editorial of the Joplin Globe over 20 years ago.

In a few cases like at Dick Smith Park this is the second or third time the ground was removed because of aerosol lead resettling back on the worked over ground. So less contaminated areas inevitably contaminate the “cleaned-up” zones leading to the same areas being  “cleaned up” two or more times. Pitcher Oklahoma had many such cleanups and eventually the EPA simply bought it out and closed it down to where it was on 2007’s “Life After People” History Channel series.

The most effacious lead removal step was in banning tetraethyl lead in leaded regular gas as was done in the late 1980s and thus not putting over 200,000 tons of lead into the environment in the first place. It removed over three-quarters of the blood level lead in small children. The second step would be to remove the old lead paint in really old houses by offering financial incentives.

Is this a wasting of federal reserve notes for this never-ending Granby cleanup? Sure is. But every ZOGbux spent here in Granby is ZOGbux not spent on places where the rioters burnt down theys nests. If you want your 6-8 inches black dirt removed and replaced with a foot and a half of red clay and orange plastic netting put onto the bottom then you might well assent to an EPA cleanup of your yard.

Living in Granby “Barter-Town”

At the end of the last city council meeting I told Granby Police Chief Kelley that he was slipping . . . When he asked “How so?” I told him that two Granby City Council Meetings in a row and I hadn’t been threatened with arrest for ridiculing the corruption and stupidity of the Granby City Council — one of them a meat-puppet sock-possum walk-in not elected at all that they unlawfully put into my elected seat.

The purpose of the Granby Police Department is to enfarce the interests of the Granby City Council and its employees who are looting Granby. I’ve been arrested around 10 times under the T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins [Mal]Administrations and threatened with arrest hundreds of times more.  They are here to serve & protect — those who pay their salaries. Nothing more.

Pit bulls and rottweilers are known as “doper dogs.” The crackheads have these vicious animals for many good reasons to them. Three year olds getting theys’ faces ripped off & eaten and myriad dead cats are acceptable “collateral damage” for a healthy and thriving Granby City drug trade and sub-culture — so the Granby  City Council “legalized” them a few years ago under the rational that ‘since all dogs can bite we must not practice vicious animal discrimination.’


And at the last council-criminal meeting they discussed not allowing poor people to lawfully buy used trailers and putting them in mobile home parks under the 1993 Barry Flint Ordinance.  All the council-criminals & baal-priests were foaming at the mouth at the very idea of allowing poor whites with children to move into Granby.

I’ve offered to assist poor white people to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against them doing that sort of thing but nobody wants to fight to live in Granby.

So the Granby Police Department was set up to enfarce Granby self-serving municipal ordinances. 

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 22 September 2020

Proposed Amended Agenda September 22, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted September 18, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, September 8, 2020


1) Amanda Kelley: re: Christmas Festival

Regular Business:

1) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

2) Victor Coggin purchase request

3) Write-Offs Jan-April 2020

4) Discussion of Trailer Park Ordinance

5) Discussion re: temporary RV usage

Full Video 22 Sept. 2020 Granby City Council Meeting:

Social Media Might Predict Real-World Results

What harm can cum-cum, cum-cum of having some self-righteous idiotic infantile skank hiding behind a uniform with the witless delusion that she has some sort of superior morality yet deaf and willfully blind to the facts armed to the tits with a fully automatic assault weapon at one of the many flashpoints leading up to full-blown Civil War II?

Lindsay Ann McDaniel when not inserting herself into news items of no direct concern to herself in the name of “compassion” regrettably is a Military Police soldier in a Missouri National Guard unit..

 Perhaps I should write a letter to your commanding officer of your military police unit informing him(or her) that he has a potential rogue female soldier who will go all “Abu Ghraib” when called upon as a National Guard member to deal with the inevitable civil unrest.

You and other females with too much time on your paws come upon this forum (Granby Thots & Views) and demand censorship of news items pending notification of people you do not know because you care so very much for them. It is pointed out that this is social media and that you go onto this Granby Thots & Views you might see things which you don’t like. Still you as a spoiled infantile she-child insist that certain news items not be published until some one you don’t know but claim to speak for have been informed as to a matter of public news. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office posts that his employee has been killed driving to work. They as the relevant law-enforcement with jurisdiction over this matter would have been the ones to notify the family of the deceased. In fact, THEY CLAIM TO BE THE FAMILY OF THE DECEASED.

So with all these facts still yourself and some other badly brought up female from the other side of this county still stomps your feet and insists that news be censored on a social media newsgroup in which you asked to join and were approved for no other reason than because you have nothing better to do than to insert yourself into this matter because you claim to care.

I’m suggesting that you don’t care. You are merely a snoop and a meddler and an idle female with nothing better to do than to bother people who normally would have nothing to do with you. In sterner times there would be a dunking chair and a scold’s muzzle to deter females like you and if that still didn’t work then the stocks and pillory where you could be pelted with offal. Doubtless that would make you behave as you have no strong character of yourself. In fact a night in the stocks wherein after night the baser sort of men could have theys’ way with you might do you a world of good. Your father and/or husband should be ashamed for how you sully their good name and status by your behavior.

But this is merely Granby Thots & Views. How serious can it be that some importunate skank(s) like you with nothing better to do cums on here demanding that the rest of the Facebook news group censor theysselfs because you inserted yousself into the matter because of “feelz”? And the answer is, not much. When so much of the population is like you then nothing much can be done pending collapse and then you will all die like maggots when the food runs out.

But the problem is that you are a National Guard soldier of the military piggery Military Occupational Specialty and will be called out to deal with the inevitable unrest. And you will be armed with a military assault rifle and maybe even given live ammunition. What harm can cum-cum, cum-cum of having some self-righteous idiotic infantile skank hiding behind a uniform with the witless delusion that she has some sort of superior morality yet deaf and willfully blind to the facts armed to the tits with a fully automatic assault weapon at one of the many flashpoints leading up to full-blown Civil War II?

When I put it like that — no telling — but sometimes thangs just happen like sunrise following sunset.

I think I need to notify your Commanding Oficers that they have a domestic pre-Abu Ghraib potential situation on theys’ hands and that they need to nip it, nip it, nip it in the bud, as Barney Fife would say.

Logic and reason doesn’t seem to work with you. I suppose that means humiliation and ridicule must be employed to either make you behave or at the very least make it so you cannot do further harm.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department announced on their official Facebook Page that one of their administration employees, Lisa Sharp, 51 died in a car accident on her way to work 22 Sep. 2020,

This is not secret news which needs to curated by self-appointed Facebook skanks with nothing better to do but virtue signal on social media.

Granby Sudden Infantile Death Syndrome

When fools on social media whine that they seen something they didn’t like on social media yet still remain on social media to whine about seeing something on social media.

Cropped picture taken from road side of semi-car accident on US Route 60 3 miles east of Granby posted on Granby Thots & Views within an hour of the accident 9:12 am on Sept. 22, 2020.

Another one of the 40,000 traffic deaths occurred this morning just outside of Granby. A picture was taken of the semi-truck and the four-wheeler involved — or what was left of the four-wheeler. Whenever a 40 ton semi truck gets into a collision of any sort with a fragile plastic ton and a half vehicle then the difference in mass and momentum means that the smaller vehicle twenty times smaller gets the worst of it. Thirty years ago while driving a truck I seen an accident involving a big rig and a small car. The mother and her two small children were killed and where she had struck the semi in the front wheel didn’t even have most of the chrome lug nuts removed yet her entire car was caved in. The traffic on the Interstate back east was backed up for miles due to the curious  looking on and placing traffic to a standstill.

So someone took a picture of the wreck and posted it to Granby Thots & Views. The only social media Facebook Group which allows somewhat of free speech. Not the Jim Channel “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook group in which Jim Channel with his gang of thieves tries to get a cut of every tax dollar of a declining tax base. Not Box-Wine Wedgie Tard over on Wedgie-Tard dot cum / granbymo.com the $680 taxpayer-supported web page supposedly the “Oafishul” voice of Granby but seldom accessed or watched that she uses for her own aggradisement. But rather Granby Thots & Views with 2500 + members, most of them not from Granby.

So having an account here and being on the FB Group, these people who are here somehow think that the editorial and news coontent should be subject to theys’ whim, no matter how infantile and self-serving. They bemoan the very social media from whence they get theys’ news from because they are . . . they are . . . they are . . . er’ a victim, you see and even if they ain’t they really really feel for the victims of life itself because they really really feel for others because they are good people, really.  

So let’s look at some censortards only one of whom lives in Granby. The other might be a relatard of the Infamous Box Wine Wedgie Tard and gradjewmacated in Diamond and lives in the Joplin hamlet of Saginaw.

First one Keri Bard (living in Saginaw) claims that the post should be removed because she wants the news cycle to be halted while the authorities hunt down the family. Note that she is not the family but wants a prior restraint “gag order” to be put into effect for a social media Facebook group cooncerning a news-worthy event some place where she does not live. So much for the First Amendment. And how will this act of censorship be accomplished? Females are the first femnisheviks always thinking that the world revolves around their female holes and such females always have meercats wanting theys’ burrow furrows to try to get them sum.

Yet another femnishevik skankazoid, Lindsey Ann McDaniel, agrees with censoring the news because of “feelz”. She supposedly lives in Granby but more worrisome is a Military Piglice in the Missouri National Guard. That she asked to be let onto Granby Thots & Views or that she doesn’t have to read anything she doesn’t like there obviously does not register on her little femnishevik Military Piglice mind or what passes for such. Her and her fellow femnishevik tards get to decide what is to be allowed to be said on a place where others think differently.

Of course I disagreed with doctrinnaire shithead femnishevikism from skanks:

Couldn’t agree less. Granby Thots & Views is the one place where the news isn’t censored or spun. Those of you who cannot accept reality have plenty of places where you can be lied to so you need to go over there rather than be here telling one of the last relatively free places what to see or what to think. No one is making you read what is on GT&V.

To which Lindsay Ann McDaniel replied:
“it sucks that I never find the words to respond to you! If half of what you typed made sense in the first place, it would make it easier! “

Pore Lindsay, like many if not most ZOGling skankazoid whigger females is suffereing from terminal chronic “C.U.N.T. Syndrome” — Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. She is thinking with her, well, let’s say the very essense of her female parts. She mistakes her personal pan queefs for valid social commentary. Her coondition is likely permanent although a pallet slat with a rusty nail sprayed with medicinal alpha-male urine can when topically applied a-thwack the side of the head can mitigate the symptoms somewhat as long as there is a credible threat of seconds direct from a 55-gallon drum of industrial strength whup-ass.

Reggie Bard’s $680 Granby Taxpayer Paid For “Oafishul” Granby Web Page

Also soon to be known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s Thots & Views

Looks like Reggie Bard pulled a Jim Channel and done r.u.u.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to either Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook page or to her new de facto pretend new Granby web page which will cost $505 to set up with $175 per year hosting charge as opposed to simply going with the free $75 per year web page provided for by Barry Flint’s Economic Corp which has online bill payments for City Utilities and no new coontent since 2013. Reggie Bard has screetched Granby and Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins into paying for a new “Oafishul” Granbyweb page, also soon to the known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s Thots & Views”

Reggie cums here from Illinois where she is a “housekeeper.” She keeps the houses owned by her present and former meetcats.

(Urban Dik-dik-shun-ary: A meercat is a pussy-whupped whigger quasi-male who because he wants to not be WP (Without Pussy) is PW (Pussy Whupped) instead. All of which is pointless as meercats are usualy gelded by they’s She-Beast mistresses. Meercats are commonly found with theys’ little meercat heads bobbling witlessly in random directions sticking out from they’s dry barren coosh-holes surrounded by rank hair owned altogether by theys’ domineering She-Beast mistresses.)

She is rumored to get high from Meercat Domination — both domestic and from the Granby Volunteer Group whose orange sign is stuck to her SUV door — from huffing urine from 23 cats, and much much bow wine. Thus she is commonly known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard” and puts on airs because she won election to the North Ward due to nobody else wanting to run. (As opposed to myself winning the election because the baal-priest aldermamzer running against myself r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t.) Reggie is a thoroughly nasty dried-out prune-faced skank whom people cum up to me at the Neosho Walmart to fink out whenever possible.

So like Jim Channel — the 91-IQ (on a good day) Directard of Pub[l]ic Works who set up a laughable Granby Facebook Page ridiculously named “Help Granby Grow” (Actually Suck Granby Dry which because he draws a $40,000 salary plus the $30,000 for digging graves in the Granby Cemetery for which he has a monopoly license to dig) and this Isbell female who set up her own Facebook Group which dried up — Bow Wine Wedgie wants to cuntrol the narrative as they say. She doesn’t like to stay where she is easily outsmarted and perpetually ridiculed like on Granby Thots & Views (GT&V) by myself and others. GT&V Admin’s sister Jaimie Arnall ( Granby’s Very Own Pollyanna) finds Reggie Bard incomprehensible and hopes that, like the She-Mayoress & Lawna’s Lustfool Meercat, and Ashley Edgemon the former South Ward City Council-Criminal and baal-prist of the Granby Church of God / Synagogue of Satan that when they are done sodomizing and looting Granby to where it is a drier husk that they will move away / r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. or return from whence they cum. Preferably either to Hell or Connaught as Texas hath a drier climate in parts west.

Now all this is the Granby way. To paraphrase Chairman Mao “Let a thousand blooming idjits boom and a dozen or so thieving inbreds run about like deranged possums seeking whatsoever shit or persimmons (though persimmons are scarce this year) theys can devour.” What is yet another free Facebook Group that some thieving inbred or outbred can cobble together and make of it a retard reservation rumpus room more or less? Why the more Granby Facebook Groups there are why that leaves less time and effort for sumthang marginally more useful like Internet porn. As long as one can make a suitable sock-possum to monitard the situation then all is well and good.

Granby Thots & Views (GT&V) is the oldest and best of these groups because it allows limited freedumb of speech and everyone is watching it. Even Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, like when she wished that the wife of one of her detractors would have a miscarrage or she wanted “Black Satanix input” either from myself or Granby’s Own Nigerian immigrunt she then pissed down her leg and r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. into the woods or her house she still kept up with her meercat Force of the alleged fourth husband or her spawn in monitarding GT&V.

Jeromy Hopper is getting some flak from some of the inbreds and parasitic outbreds though for letting me have some fun about Granby business. A week or so ago he was cussed out for one of my links to this Greater Granby Cobb & Turpentine Blog for ridiculing the more parasitical and thieving of the Granby ZOGtards, so for future use I am only putting up the name of the Blog and not a direct link to the post.

At the 25 August 2020 City Council-Criminal Meating Barry Flint — the Second Smartest Man in Granby and the prime mover for Granby being the sucked-dry Shithole of Newton County it is today — represented his spawn Tony Flint, purveyer of the $4,956 4K video system that gets 3% dynamic audio range when a $30 Logitech would work better. Barry Flint said that the Barry Flint Economic Empowerment Association provided a free web page www.granby-mo-com which allows online Granby utility bills payment even though it costs him $75 in server space. While it was set up back in the late 90s the fact that it hasn’t been upgraded since 2013 is because the City of Granby people have not provided any new content since. If Granby goes with a new Internet Service Provider other than Barry’s sprong then the free Granby web page might as well go away.

But Box-Wine Wedgie Tard in her perpetual seeking after something to validate her wretched life wants to city to pay $680 more for her own aggrandisement. She simply can’t just upgrade to her own satisfaction the Barry Flint free web page. No wonder Barry Flint had a disgusted look as he left after the endless Granby City Council-Criminal Meating. His diseased sheeple Herd of Tard just wasted $680 of Granby tax money from the general fund — no way to put it on the TIF — for the first year and counting

Meanwhile there is for free as like Granby Thots & Views my own “The Oafishul Legitimate Duly-Elected (the Mamzerchurian Baal-Priest Candidate r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. and was replaced by another meat-puppet baal priest) South Ward City Council-Critter’s Granby – Mo web page. So for free bill paying go to Granby-mo dot com and for Free Sorta-edgy Granby Thots & Views go to Granby-Mo dot xyz and for box wine and Milwaukees Worst coontent that you somehow can’t read from off the $17,000 TIF sign then got to Reggie’s Thots & Views for $680 — since you are already paying for it thanks to the Decree of 25 August 2020 by the de facto Granby Council-Criminals.

www.granby-mo.com <—- Barry Flint Economic Assistance Group
www.granby-mo.xyz <— The “Oafishul” Duly-Elected South-Ward City Council-Critter

But not to worry. These thieving Granby tards will r.u.n.t.-o.f.f.t. when the Granby Trust Funds for the Cemetery, Streets, Sewer, Water, and Thievery Induced Financing (TIF) are looted and no more is cum-cum cum-cummin’ in.

Granby ALWAYS wins, be it in the end, the middle, or the beginning. Granby City Council-Criminals might propose but Granby being Granby will always dispose.

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 25 Aug 2020

Proposed Amended Agenda August 25, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted August 21, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

5:45 p.m. public hearing re: tax valuation

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, August 11, 2020


1) shannon Swope: re: tree planting

2) Todd Clouse — re: Halloween Parade

3) Mark Schrock — Business License

Regular Business:

1.) Closed Session re: legal matters

2.) Bid Proposals for Trash Service

3) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

4) Request for purchase — Chief Jacob Kelley

5) Request for purchase / demolition — Chief Tim Murphy

6) Municipal Website

7) Approval of final budget

8) Animal Shelter progress and bid proposal

9) Building permit application discussion

Closed session in accordance with RSMo 610.021 (3) Re: Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of employees.

I buried Roxie Lee Lamp Fausnaught today 13 Aug 2020

Today I buried my woman of 33 years since 21 March 2020, Roxie Lee Fausnaught. She died around 3:00 am on 4 August 2020.

I would like to thank Clark Funeral Home who did an excellent job of giving Roxie full value for her money spent in a pre-paid plan. The best thing that they did was to urge me to remember that this funeral was about Roxie first and to not mar the proceedings by being uncivil even — especially — to those who need to be knocked down several notches or two — but not today.

I researched last night the Scriptures regarding this life and the Resurrection which I will streamline for purpose of being a prayer liturgy for the Christian Israelite being buried.

If I couldn’t be polite to those who paid the respects to Roxie that I did not like, then I deemed it best to say nothing but a nod to those who did show up. So the funeral went smoothly and quickly.

I would like to thank Roxie’s nephew and his wife for hosting the reception after the funeral and my sister and her husband for being of unmeasureable help and assistance in getting through the past week since Roxie died. Yes, I’m now a lonely man but one who will get through the loss of Roxie to a new life built upon the firm foundations of the old.

In filling up the grave a competent job was done. Elden White was there explaining the process of making the Granby Cemetery fulfill its purpose and while I have reservations as to how it is run, today it worked for Roxie although it could be run better for the good of the People of Granby who voted recently to support it through their property taxes. Roxie is buried next to a lot of Granby Whites.

Roxie was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Inoperable because the medical profession no longer wants to do the bare minimum necessary to treat elderly fat old white women who have outlived their usefulness to the Greater ZOGland. Roxie’s death warrant was written in Mid-May of this year when the doctors refused to operate to remove her suspected cancer. So rather than linger on for another three or six or twelve months in the pain of speading cancer Roxie chose to leave this world when her kidneys shut down and to summon her friends and family — and those who counted came.

So I wish to thank Chaplain Joe Morris of Avalon Hospice who let my step-daughter have her mother’s funeral and myself have her funeral as Roxie would have wanted and my sister and Clark Funeral Home who kept me on target of burying Roxie and at least being civil to those I did not and still do not like because that is what Roxie would have wanted — not using her death as a cloak to advance my interests in ongoing civil warfare. To those of my enemies who loved Roxie so much that they came even though when they cut me Roxie bled but still dared to come — well today was a truce day and I thank you — conditionally.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

Roxie Lamp Fausnaught’s Man