KSNTV16 10Jan23 10pm – Granby Council Critters Vote for $11million rate increase on water rates

Video by KSN-TV16. Commentary by Pastor Mad-Dog Martin Lindstedt

KSN TV-16 The NBC affiliate out of Pittsburg Kansas was interested in finding out why Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley after 8 1/2 years in Granby done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Norwood Missouri back to whence he cum and what Granby will do for a piglice chief to keep Barry Flint and Crooked Ira’s racketeering scam going.

But instead the Granby Council-Criminals decided to stick Granby utility rate payers with a $11 million + interest rate increase instead of simply selling the sewer and water departments to a Liberty Utilities state-regulated company and do without the $11 + 3.4 million in debt for the next 30 years.

Jim Channel, the supposed Granby pub[l]ic works directard was there, playing on his cell phone but for once not looking at porn or trolling for “swingers” on Adult Friend Finder. Jim Channel is the bond salesman’s chief customer because Jim Channel refuses to maintain the water and sewer pipes — and the Granby Council-Critters let Jim Channel goof off.

Mayor “Crooked Ira” Hawkins was South Ward City Council-Criminal back in 2015 when the bill was $970,000. Now it is $11 million. Crooked Ira is part of the “Christian Scumbag” political ring and a Baal-Priest in good standing Under Satan’s Administration. USA! USA!

The Kansas City bond salesman and “Granby Municipal Advisor” four years ago had to live off of $660,000 bond debt. Now it is $3.2 million for digging two sewage pools from 2019 and $11 million if Granby tards vote in the $11 million. He is right about Granby residents — including myself — wanting clean drinking water and safe sewers. However most of us have given up on getting anything but corruption and debt from Granby Council-Criminals.

The Granby City Council-Critters, knowing that they have to raise water & sewer rates by 100% in order to get “free money” in the form of grants and loan forgiveness, but they want Granby Inbred Tards to vote in another $11 million in debt which will have to be repaid someday for the next 30 years. So they voted down a 2% increase in scheduled water and sewer and gas rates. After the water bond passes, time for collecting both the 2% and the 98% increase in utilities from the Granby Inbred Tards.

The KSN-TV16 reporter filmed 15 minutes of footage. I talked to him about the crookedness. By the time the video-editing was done it was all of 1 minute long.

Every single one of my hovels has a water and sewer coonection even though only one house is barely habitable. I’d just as soon pay half or less for drinking water with the sewage and sulphur filtered out by the electric company and not reward the same corrupt degenerate idiots who by their laziness and stupidity created the current mess Granby is in today.

Vote NO on this $11 million bond issue and let’s let it be fixed for less thsn half the utility rates by someone whose business is running a public utility regulated by the State of Missouri.

The entire video is from KSN TV-16 from 10 January 2023 @ 10pm. The “subtitle commentary” is entirely my own.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge