New YouTube Channel — Mad-Dog 4 Missouri 4 US Senate 2022

Have you watched these IDIOTIC & SILLY political ads just before the 2d August 2022 Republican primary [s]election and idly thought some [at best] PG-17 or R-Rated thots about the sort of stoooooopid crap you would REALLY like to see from these lying basstids?

Well I sure have.

I’m not allowed as an open White Soooopremicist to run on the primary ballots of the Republicucks, the Dem[on]crats, the LibberToons or the CONstipation parties in Missouri since 2008 so for the last 6 [s]election cycles I’ve had to pull a write in campaign for pub[l]ic office. Now I don’t have anything in the way of ZOGbux but I do have a wild imagination.

Why not enjoy this? The idiots and fools and crooks who want us to be stupid enough to vote for them deserve ridicule. I have a LOT of ridicule for them & theys’ weasel corps.

Let the fun begin.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN MD (Mad Dog)

338 Rabbit Track Road (Mailbox next to The Hippo’s)

P.O. Box 666 (For those of you not superstitious but with memory problems)

Granby Missouri 64844

(Will accept small denomination ZOGbux)

The Granby City Council-Criminals want to disallow property owners from living on the ground floors of their own properties on North Main Street.

These political monkey-poxers want to sneak in back-door back-room zoning.

Just over a year ago they were scheming to tear down Granby Heritage Buildings. Now they want to sneak in zoning by means of saying that because they want to play at urban renewal of boutique businesses in an era of $4.00 gasoline that property owners cannot build in residential living on North Main street from the highway to McKinley Street.

Property owners are 90% opposed to zoning because it puts what they get to do with their private property into the corrupt paws of thieving idiots wanting to run a police state until they get paid off or have Barry Flint approve it. Why should their own property values be limited to what is approved by Granby Council-Criminals because no one will want to buy these old decrepit properties and fix them back up if they have to make payoffs or engage in litigation in order to do so?

Police being unleashed to make false arrests based upon criticism leads to making false arrests based upon getting to fill the municipal cash-register court which can lead to homeless crackheads with guns shooting three little pigs like in Joplin.

The next Council-Meeting will have a proposed ordinance in which corrupt idiots decide just like dogs licking theys’ nuts to make an ordinance which will be negated by litigation “just because they can.”

What do mangy dogs & Granby City Council-Criminals have in common?

A mangy dog licks its nuts because it can.

A Granby City Council-Criminal makes ordinances to apply to the People of Granby but not theysselfs, theys’ families and friends because theys’ can.

Barry Flint doesn’t bother telling mangy dogs to lick theys’ nuts though. No ZOGbux to be found there. Barry Flint tells his mangy dogs on the Granby City Council to lick they’s nuts & butts for ZOGbux because Barry is running a racketeering organization and he always keeps his eye on the bottom line. Just a matter of time until Granby becum-cum cum-cums Flintville.

Any Main Street property owner wanting to live on the ground floor of his property better put up a sleeping mat before the Council-Criminals convene though to get in grounds for a lawsuit if wanted. No Granby Inbred’s life, liberty or property is safe from Mayor Crooked Ira and the Council-Criminals while the municipal corporation of Granby retains its home-rule charter.

Just a critical observation made safely outside the city limits although my Church and I still have property regrettably not de-annexed just yet.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/ANElected

South Ward City Council 2020-22

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

Granby City Pub[l]ic Meating – Waterloo Court Trailer Park 12 July 2022

Subsequently disabled on Granby UnCensored

Thirty-five Minutes of Granby Racketeering in Action

This is a recording of the Granby City Pub[l]ic Meating cooncerning Travis and Rodney Allen of Stark City (small village of Eastern Newton County Missouri) having bought the Waterloo Court street Mobile Home Trailer Park which was set up with 20+ slots wanting to buy factory seconds and used houses and refurbishing 13 of them to out in the doubled lots.

Most Granby trailer parks were established late 1980s upon Barry Flint outlawing the private use of mobile homes and setting up his own trailer park having outlawed by legistreason poor people with children setting up their own affordable housing arrangements. Previous to ex-Mayor Barry Flint and the Council-Criminals outlawing single-wides and used double-wides the preferred method of housing was either to buy a hovel and fix it up enough to live in or to buy a used single-wide for a few thousand, pay $500-1000 to move it to the lot and thus not have to pay Barry Flint $300-400 per month for the great privilege of living in Granby. To enfarce these rules for the perpetuation of racketeering it was necessary to remove fat old Dewey Beaver as the elected town marshal who would not enfarce Barry Flint’s crap and create an animal Granby Police Force who would enforce these laws and corruption. The Granby Police Force became the haven for the dregs of the police profession and thus the basis for Granby decline.

These brothers already have seven or eight trailer parks, one in Diamond, of around 100 units total. They are prudently running their business of establishing mid-range rentals by rebuilding trailer houses to where they are livable to families starting out. The trailer park was flooded in the Great Gum Springs Granby Deluge of 2017 which flood water rose from the swollen dry creek to 4-5 ft crest. So much so that an old trailer made according to the manufacturer’s plate in 1953 was gutted and on its side. Back in 1994 in my first run for pub[l]ic office I went there to get Hancock II signatures and the place was full of families mowing the grass and barbequeing.

However, Bobbi White and her husband Steve, a former city council-critter with a pathological hatred of “trailer-trash” living in their native habitat, and their son Brandon have gotten 25 petitioners living in NorthEastern Granby in the flatlands next to the trailer park to sign a petition for the Granby City Council-Criminals running theys’ racketeering scheme to deny the brothers their rehabilitation project.

Looking at the 35 minute video one can tell that they have no problem with Barry Flint cutting a deal with Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins (Christian-Scumbag & Baal-Priest) to bring in five more trailers to Barry Flint’s trailer park a half-mile or so away. Other than the fact that because Crooked Ira, Council-Criminals Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and JoAnn Lamp, and two others signed on just before the April 2021 municipal [s]election might change things. Initially Brandon seen the proof of racketeering and said to his mother Bobbi something to the effect that “It’s all over, they can’t deny Travis & Rodney their permit if they let Barry move some more trailers in. Which is why Bobbi interrupts myself given that Granby municipal ordinances mean nothing legally given that those who make up all these rules don’t follow them theysselfs.

This is why Crooked Ira didn’t let me speak over 40 seconds with interruption because the “municipal ordinances” dodge falls apart when it is shown that these “rules” are enfarced selectively. If Barry Flint can move five more trailers into his mobile home park why can’t the Allens move 13 refurbished trailers to their 20+ lot trailer park to double-lot their park? After all, rather than spend money on a new trailer park infrastructure civic costs of functioning sewer and water connections, is it not better to simply improve that which already exists and is functional with no need for future survey? And the land at Waterloo Court was a flood plain since well before Granby was platted in 1845, the park was formed in the late 1980s, and before the second set of municipal ordinances made for Barry Flint’s benefit was passed in 1996. Putting duplexes on that property won’t make it any less of a flood plain.

The cumplaints by Bobbi White and her family are nothing more than the demand that private property ought to be run by an extremely corrupt mayor & city council to suit their notions of “proper growth.” If you don’t like Granby the way it is do what almost all of the young people and outlanders who too late find out about Granby and move to where the population is less inbred and the goats who prey upon the Granby sheep less rapacious and corrupt.

Granby is really nothing more than a civil racketeering scheme run by coonected City Council-Criminals enfarced by Granby Piglice over a bunch of inbred Granby-Tards.

Where oh where are you Eric Schmidt, Mo Atty General?

Send ZOGbux:

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

PO Box 666 Granby Missouri 64844

Aftermath Granby City Council Meating 12 July 2022

This is the aftermath of the Granby City Council-Critter Meating of July 12, 2022.

And like nearly all of these city council meetings these council-criminals are making up new laws which they and their friends who give them money don’t have to obey but the common People of Granby and friendless outside businesses have enfarced ruthlessly simply because the Granby City Council-Criminals have no respect for private property. That’s because they think that it is their property, you just get to pay taxes for the priviledge of owning it.

So some brothers living in Stark City Missouri appeared with their lawyer asking to put in 13 refurnished trailer houses in the Waterloo Court trailer park which they bought recently. They removed the one made in 1953 and want to fix up two of them recently inhabited by squatters. They know that Council-woman Joyce Mann was allowed to buy a used double-wide placed illegally in violation of their ordinances and learned that Mayor Ira Hawkins and his Granby Council-Critters made a “special deal” to let Barry Flint, the former mayor and maker of ordinances designed to disallow ordinary people to simply buy used trailers and live in them outside the trailer parks he intended to create. This was done May 23, 2021 last year.

Now of course Granby has no lawful right to make rules for the poor and weak and ignore or directly violate it when their friends, family, and fellow council-critters want to ignore these rules with the help of their city attorney and city police. But this is Granby.

Additionally Old Boomers don’t want “trailer trash” or working class whites with children to move into these trailers because . . . simply they hate poor white trailer trash and want to die hoping that Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk will buy a $500,000 Schubert-Mitchell McMansion not seen ever inside Granby.

So Doreen Clause, Baal Shittrell and Gomer-Goober Carrel voated to keep the 13 reconditioned trailers out, regardless of what the law said because of “Boomer Feels” in bringing in a better class of white trailer-trash losers. The Stark City Brothers lawyer got all mad and will file the lawsuit, regrettably in Newton County Circuit Court as opposed to federal court because he doesn’t want to simply strip away Granby’s municipal charter but rather sip Granby sewage & sulphur water. But he did hiss in leaving that he was going to file “ethical violations” against the Granby council-criminals and wondered aloud how anything gets done.

Well, usually it doesn’t or rather nothing much good.

Additionally Ms Junior Varsity Piggy got all huffy when I was talking about the “Animal Granby Police Department” of the past 25 years ever since Barry Flint set it up to keep poor white trailer trash from seeking theys’ natural habitat outside his overpriced nesting boxes.

Granby Piglice exist for the same reason that Saddam Hussein had piglice. To stifle dissent. So I was kicked out for the 666th time whenever my railery gets out of hand. Which it almost usually does.

As the screen caption says, “Most people love dogs . . . not nearly as many like pigs !!!”

Like I myself, the trailer-park brothers, and even the Granby City Attorney tried to tell them on the Granby City Council: You will be sued. It will be expensive. (And you might have your city home-rule charter pulled thus ending this crap.)

Anyways I mostly kept it PG-13 and this most certainly does cover Granby.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Elected but unseated South Ward City Councilman (2020-22)
Write-In Candidate for US Senate

There was a Granby Council-Critter Special Work Meating to determine the proposed budget 6 July 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Due to not feeling well and not having the ZOGbux for gas for the first time I did not attend.

The Granby Council-Critters have the problem in that due to cutbacks in other government agencies — Region M Waste Disposal and East Newton Special Fire District — the salaries cut to Joe Guin and Tim Murphy will have to be made up by Granby funds. And while T-Rampageifer Gamble was shown the road a few cans short of a Milwaukee Worst’s 12-pack of the extra special job his pal and previous mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins had made expressly for him without the knowledge & coonsent of the rest of the council-critters the $35-38K salary should spread well between Tim Murphy and Joe Guinn.

The thang to know about Granby City council-criminals is that they are not honest men and women and they are devoid of any principle other than using theys’ office to steal for theysselfs and theys’ friends and family. This is why Granby never gets ahead. Theys’ only plan is to beg the state and federal government for sewer and water and other civic improvements by showing all the pore Granby Inbreds who either can’t or won’t leave the dumping ground of Newton County by showing how the bottom twenty-five percenters live and begging them through grants to pay off 75-90% of the proposed improvements from which they will line theys’ pockets. As like Africa, Granby ALWAYS wins. So these little thieves beg the bigger thieves on the political local state and federal food-chain for the ZOGbux. Whatever the Big Political Pimp-Daddy or Mamma-san says goes and they must take it like the least bitch on the prison yard a plain packet of chicken-flavored ramen.

So they had the numbers plugged in last meating but need to know how the butt-licking at Region M and East Newton fire District went, turn the crank, and see what the crap-sausage looks like. This should be done within a half-hour. Doubtless like in the past 20 years they will not be video recording or doing live streams so that is how it goes.

Since it is hot and humid and since my brother Pighook the Mother-Killer took me to the mailbox to check my mail yesterday, then what of it? I’ll request a listing of the City employees and how much they make later. City Council-Critter Meatings coonsist of the council-critters deciding in advance what to do and at the last minute putting in the facts thus making buying of council-criminal packets only 50% effective. They give to Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworthless of the Newton County Fake Douche a free council-criminal packet and then if any questions remain then a private coonference with the Mayor to go ass-3-mouf and Chadifer will publish what himself as a press agent decides to publish.

I decided to simply stay home for this farce. I’ll find out the figures — or so they say — eventually.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Former elected legitimate South Ward City Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

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