T-Rampageifer Gamble bitches about the price of gas @ the Granby Paki-marts

Stupid drunken evil mean ass-hole should have made Jim Channel fix the water & sewer leaks when he was mayor instead


Stream of ass-holeishness coonsciousness from T-Rampageifer Gamble the failed worst Granby mayor ever:

As a lying thieving retard who had to resign numerous times when running things in Granby cum-cumpletely into the ground I realize that there is little that can be achieved by this post but it’s not going to stop me because as admitted previously I’m a thieving retard in love with the sound of my own retarded voice.

Now for what I wish to bitch about, I dont like to see the residents of Granby consistently getting hosed at the gas pump by them damn Pakis who also got a liquor license but give me no discount on all that Wilwaukee’s Worst I like to drink in mass quantities!

Its always at least 10 cents higher then the surrounding towns, these damn Pakis who own the Neosho Paki-Mart keep theys gas priced coonpetitive — over there.

I also am well aware of our towns lifeblood is tax revenue so shopping outside of town is like getting castrated by my own mean bitch who drives me to drink. My own neighbor is better off because your neighbor has to many kids but having the market cornered is not a good thing for consumers we desperately need competition in the convenience store/ gas station area . Can you tell that I’ve been drinking heavily? Casey would be such a great addition to our town! If I was still Mayor I’d give them a liquor license, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

Competition keeps everyone on there game and creates a more well rounded town. That said, I buy my gas and my Milwaukee’s Worst in Joplin where I work.


There, fixed it for you, you drunken mean stupid ass-hole T-Rampageifer Gamble. Also known as “The very worst Mayor ever of Granby”.

First of all, even if you hadn’t been forced out as Mayor and then when allowed back in as TIF Bored Chairmattoid by Crooked Ira Hawkins acted the drunken mean asshole and was forced to resign a second time, what the Pakis who now own both the gas stations / coonvenience stores choose to price theys’ shitty gas at a nickle to a dime far above what is charged in every single town in Southwest Missouri isn’t really under your control. At theys’ Pakimart in Neosho they charge no more than the other gas stations charge. They can charge more in Granby because Granby has changed into the most expensive shithole to live — the dumping ground of SW Missouri, the boil on the ass-hole shithole of Newton County — precisely because you and the thieving City Council doubled the city utility rates and shut down any citizen input into City of Granby business to where since there are no jobs the working people when they go to work they simply buy their groceries and gas in Joplin, Neosho, Carthage and Monett on the way back to the shithole wherein they live in the decaying housing.

The Pakis charge more for their gas because they can charge more for their gas. Granby had the highest sales tax in Newton County until Neosho decided to vote in an additional half-cent sales tax for their piglice. As it is right now the best way to protest the absolutely corrupt Granby City Council [mis]governance is simply to buy the bulk of your groceries, all of your gas, and most of your books, electronics, building supplies, and other items out of town and on Amazon.

Actually Granby is still a pretty good place to live — as long as you understand realities of living in Granby. Where else can you buy an old hovel with a half-acre to live for $3000 back in 1987 because the old-timers with children and grand-children sold you their properties real cheap because nobody with anything on the ball wanted to live in Granby? Before the thieving ass-holes on the Granby City Council figured out that they wanted to pass all sorts of municipal ordinances that they theysselfs had no intention of obeying and unleahing a “whole swarm of thieving worthless Granby Piglice to set up theys’ own Granby Piglice State” starting in 1994, Granby used to be a semi-lawless place in which the inbreds lived in chaotic crackhead harmony. Granby has always been a lawless place of anglo-mestizo inbreds where everyone knew each other and made allowances while the Granby City Council performed corrupt acts of petty thievery and graft to benefit theys’ friends & fambly.

Where shit really went off the rails was bringing in a Granby Piglice Farce back in 1994 and then in 2016 with the [s]Election of T-Rampage Gamble a narcissistic psychotic asshole who got rid of the elected office of City Collector who stood in T-Rampage’s and Crooked Ira Hawkins’ way, choosing a City Clerk who was run-off from offices of trust and responsibility, unable to do book-keeping and unwilling to do billing, who destroyed over 30 years of public records and allowed the so-called “Public Works Directard” to not fix the water and sewer systems vital to city living. That and bringing in outsiders to fill City of Granby jobs and weaponizing the Granby Piglice Department to stifle dissent leading to the impossibility of “self-help” repair of the collapsing Granby water and sewer infrastructure. In short, T-Rampage Gamble was the Worst Mayor of Granby who was suckceeded by the Second Worst Mayor of Granby, Crooked Ira Hawkins, who carried out further the decay and rot of Granby city water and sewer infrastructure while making it beyond the reach of Granby citizens who are older and more poor and driving out the working middle class having jobs outside Granby.

Even to this very day the Worst and Second-Worst Mayors of Granby meat every Sunday in Crooked Ira’s Synogogue of Satan to coonspire how they can screw over Granby and turn Granby into a worse shithole.

Wherein the Worst Mayor of Granby whines about high gas prices @ the Granby Paki-marts when T-Rampageifer Gamble is the main reason why Granby utility payers are paying high utility rates on Granby sulphur & sewage water in broken and leaking water pipes. There is no money available to fix this infrastructure because it has all been stolen because of the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewage scam and debt lasting until 2050 and beyond.

The only thing which can be done is to keep on doing what Granby People have always done — buy all your gas and most of your groceries outside Granby where you work. The poor and old shall do what they have always done — hunker down and make the best of it.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Rightful South Ward City Councilman