Political Realities in Granby

As a frequent candidate for political office at the state, local and municipal level my policy has been to tell the electorate what I think they need to hear, not some lies I use to get into power to loot the public purse — like the current Granby City Council. Dem[on[ocracy is a fraud and representative dem[on]ocracy is the most corrupt form of dem[on]ocracy as it enables the looting of what little remains under color of popular sovereignity. The most stable form of government is the military dictatorship which follows all democracies like sharks following a slave ship.

Telling the electorate that they are mostly nothing more than a herd of diseased herd animals awaiting the collapse of their environment’s carrying capacity is not popular — except amongst the sane and healthy ones who know what is happening. Only one in twenty of you have any real leadership capability. Four out of five of that talented five percent are bought off. Get the allegiance remaining one percent and when the die-off claims eighty percent then you have the new ruling class of the 10-20 % survivors.

So this reality will play out everywhere as in Granby.

Let’s understand something. Ashley Edgemon is going to win the election. I am going to come in second. Ashley is going to resign and the City Council will appoint David Price (or some of you want Danny Bush) to try to fill the term. Lawsuits will be filed, and the State of Missouri might well swoop down and declare Granby to be a “failed municipality” like they do with other municipalities which have been declared bankrupt. All of which is fine by me.

So I’m offering an alternative. Fire Lawna Price and Jim Channel. Repudiate increasing Granby debt passed by fraud and fear. Fix the water pipes and sewer leaks using the current resources intelligently planned and applied. Undo the municipal ordinances telling people what they can and cannot do with their private property. Let the police force revert back to the County, which while corrupt has no interest in enfarcing municipal ordinances. Allow people to have their say before the Granby City Council as opposed to unlawfully doing what these council-criminals got theys heads together to do anyways under color of “resolution”.

Now many of you equate freedom with me setting up say, Dauchau. When I tell some woman that I do not intend to use City police or ordinances to harass her or her non-white husband it seems that once extermination is off the table all of a sudden I don’t deserve to live in Granby. This is why I am so dubious about refugees from elsewhere. Their main objective is to tell the natives how good it is for them to come in, then when they are established they immediately seek to take over and loot the place to turn it into from whence they fled. They get on the City Council and then things immediately take a turn for the worse. Then they flee back, either from whence they came like Ashley Edgemon or to seek another Granby to loot like Reggie Bard.

So the funds are depleted. I urge people to vote “No” on the Granby Cemetery 1/8 cent sales tax which used to bring in $12,000 but will be used as a tool to have the Granby City Council dictate what should be Granby Cemetery policy. The runnt-oft T-Rampage Gamble and Ashley Edgemon were the main architects behind that scam in which the price of cemetery lots quadrupled, and $400 of the now $500-$600 grave opening fees go to Jim Channel’s pocket as opposed to $100 for the cemetery upkeep. Decouple the sales tax and you decouple the power of the Granby City Council to rule over what should be an independent board which will apply funding for cemetery plots and grave openings to the upkeep of the cemetery. You want to save the cemetery? Get it out of the thieving and incompetent paws of the Granby City Council.

I also urge people to vote “NO” to the half-cent sales tax for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. They are absolutely corrupt and should be starved of funding always so that they don’t get into mischief and false arrests even in the best of times. When you need every single penny before the currency is hyper-inflated away you will need the $500 or more in additional sales taxes you will pay to buy canned food and shotgun shells. The only virtue to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department is that they will not enfarce selectively or at all Granby municipal ordinances.

The good times are over. There will be no return to “normal”. We either fix Granby using our own resources or some of us are going to go our own way and let the rest of you fend for yousselfs while claiming to be Granby.

Your skin is trying to tell you something & that it wants de-annexation from you.

Cheryl N Roger Bogan-Kidd

he makes my skin crawl. He basically makes fun of Jesus in almost every single post he makes. I also don’t live in town but it scares me to think of what it will become if that pervert gets in to any position in the town. Just having read read his posts makes me want to get out of the group. I keep trying to remember that there are so many great people on here and he is just one useless thing. I don’t like the fact that he is getting all of this attention.

Well at your age it is a good thing to have crawling skin. Maybe your skin is trying to de-annex itself from yourself like I’m trying to de-annex those who are tired of living under the corrupt & witless [d]rule of City Hall. Your skin may well be a Pastor Lindstedt supporter, in which case I’m all in favor of judging you by the color of your skin!

Insofar as being a pervert is cooncerned, the accusations were something to be used to stifle dissent. I’ve told the Newton County Establishment that of course come a Revolution that they and their families will pay like House Ahab did for destroying Naboth and his family. I’m not a pervert but I sure met quite a few of them at the Nuthouse and I’m sure that they will do all manner of vengeful things once unleashed upon them which used to be in power. Right now there is the question of what to do with all them caged up criminals, many of them innocent. Kill them or turn them loose? Either way more chaos ahead.

You say that you don’t live here. Fine by me. This “private group” has more people in it than live in Granby. Most of you live outside Granby. So Granby is akin to a diseased cell awash with Covid-GAIDS-Ebola ZOGvirus in an overall diseased boddy politic which is about to go under both at the cellular and the bodily level. I’m merely trying to salvage what I can of the Old Granby pre-1990 and tear it off from those who come in from outside and want to loot what little remains as Granby further crumbles.

So if you leave this forum what of it? Your crawling skin might bring you back to look. Many is the time that some gliberal whigger has given me the gliberal whigger Poop & Scoot:
I’m going to whine muh last whine and leave a turd as a my final word. Good-bye Cruel Mad Dog! Now to leave before the Nazi jackboot descends upon the now shit-encrusted Muh Anus.

Me & Phred Phelps & The Phelpsters from the Westboro Babtist Church diss Joplin

My feeding Phred & the Phelpsters of the Westboro Babtist Church back in May 2011 just after the Joplin E-5 Tornado was merely lashing them up to a fine homophobic frenzy by pointing out that the massive tornado started on the Missouri Kansas border and first hit McClelland Park in the sourthwest corner of Joplin wherein the rump-rangers don’t have to get a room but rather use the rest-rooms there. Back in the daze of pre-Lawrence v. Texas 2003 Supreme kort decision decriminalizing consensual sodomy the Joplin Police Department would dress up as girly-men and entrap the fudge-packers for mashing. Seneca readers like the cocktail waitress who thought she was better than me take note: Your current Seneca Police Chief Altic was the best entrapper of them homos. Why here I was being arraigned in Joplin Municipal kort back in 1996 for failure to wear a seat belt while driving my car on Main Street and a dozen fudge packers were pleading guilty to “mashing” all of them caught in the act by James Altic.

As my friend Swillis Gumpff-Turner who raised on a Newtonia sheep farm whose life took a different turn than his Cousin Randy Turner says, “How are you going to keep them on the [sheep] farm once theys’ seen Gay jewplin?” He don’t like his Cousin Randy much. He abandoned Ewelene.

Well, anyways Paula get yourself off’n the floor and time to make a plan to relocate. I hear that Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and East St. Louis are lovely this time of year, especially if you enjoy that diversity sausage.

Further closer to home since the Prices can’t run a feed store in Granby but have moved their base of operations to Neosho, even though rumor has it that when Assley runnts-oft to Florida the Granby City Council-Criminals will plop the Meercat into my rightful seat pending litigation and keep her on as the Granby City Clerk and “She-Mayoress.”

Show your solidarity while in Neosho by patronizing they’s feed store and everyone in Granby patronizes the MFA, Orschlin’s or Ritchey Crossroads feed store. See if you can’t go snout up in theys’ “Blue-Trough Special” 1/2 Star Dining and fill ‘er on up. A half-peck of chopped corn mixed with a handful of milo, yum, yum.

So what part of my Church’s web pages offended your tender sensibilities?

Why the Granby City Council-Criminals Don’t Want to Reopen the City Hall

— OR —
Fart T-Rampage, Fart Ira, Fart Lawna vs Granby Pissed-Oft Peasant Country

The City Council-Critters have no intension of ever opening if they can help it. They can hold “council-meetings” in which only they can attend and “discuss” spending what little money they have left now that the municipal bond markets have collapsed.

They had to get a bogus “domestic protection order” from Judge Greggie Stremel and Judge Kevin Selby to where I couldn’t just walk in to see what they were up to.

Governor Mike Parsons put out a lockdown order which shut down the government but lifted it on May 3d. Ira Hawkins and the she-mayor Lawna Price have no intention of lifting the “State of Emergency” until after the [s]election, Ashley Edgemon and Reggie Bard are installed and Ashley can runnt-oft to Florida and they appoint some other one of their own corrupt feebs to . . . do what?

Make some more ordinances which they theysselfs can’t and won’t obey but will enfarce against yourself?

They can’t sell municipal bonds. Fix the water pipes and the sewer leaks all of a sudden? Can’t have that! The entire purpose of refusal to fix the water pipes and plug the leaks in the sewer system was so that when it failed gradually then there would be a sudden need to make the voters vote in a $3.2 million sewer bond in order to get $830,000 to Allieger-Martin in a no-bid contract of which the council-criminals would get their cut. T-Rampage was forced to resign but it passed.

The Granby Cemetery Trust Fund of $250,000 was brought under the control of the City Council thanks to T-Rampage Gamble and Ashley Edgemon and now they hold their public meetings at their cemetery building so that no one except the Cemetery Committee knows how they are going to go through the $250,000 accumulated since 1960. Yes, you fools, vote to continue the $12,000 per year brought in by the 1/8 cent sales tax so that Jim Channel can make $40,000 digging graves on his own personal grave-digging attachment done on Granby time atop his salary of $40,000. Don’t vote “no” so that the City of Granby City Council-Criminals are decoupled from the Cemetery Scam!

The plan of these thieving City Hall mattoids was to finally put in a water system at a cost of $10-15 million, put it up for no-bid to Allieger-Martin, and collect kickbacks amounting to hundreds of thousands given that they can’t even run a feed store!

So what choice do they have now that the municipal bond market is finished as not only municipalities but entire states like Illinois, New York, California get to declare bankruptcy? As it is the only way to get around sovereign debt is either debt repudiation or hyper-inflation or most likely a mixture of both. Which is why I offered to give Assley Edgemon one of my 2019 George Hwerbert Walker Hoover Bush “Forever” stamps so that if Mayor Ira Hawkins or Reggie Bard is around then that they can forego buying a $10 Trillion Trump Forever Stamp to send in the payment in full of the $3.2 million sewer bond repayment check.

There was a reason why Jim channel never fixed the water pipes the past five years (& before) other than laziness. There is a reason for buying a $30,000 smoke detection unit and never using it to detect sewer leaks other than normal Granby stupidity.


Which is why there is a handy epidemic which doesn’t kill anyone other than the very old or fat or sick and bound to die anyway within the year to allow you as a City Council-Criminal or City-Clerk to destroy the records and not have to face the People of Granby whom you have defrauded and stolen from. Have the local lie-paper — the Newton County [Fake]News — print about how all is well at Fart T-Rampage, Ira, Lawna whilst outside is Granby injun country in which a mob of the native addlepated peasantry bearing pitchforks and torches are being lead by the rogue YHWH-Priest Mad Dog Marty and the Granby Piglice are cowered within the Styron Eyesore.

They have no intention of letting any of you into City Hall unless it is for you to give them sustainence or tribute or taxes or to pay utility bills. Why should they? They never wanted you to go inside City Hall back when times were “normal”. They certainly don’t want you coming into City Hall even to be milked because an open lobby lets in everyone — especially myself.

I’m running for City Council on a platform of “Re-Building Granby by Ourselves”. I’ll fire Jim Channel, Lawna Price and upon reflection maybe others who can not be repurposed to serve Granby as opposed to City Hall. Worksheets and work orders will be implimented. The pipes will be fixed and the sewer leaks plugged and private property rights restored. If thieves runnt-oft they may well be extradited. If you come from outside Granby and want to turn Granby into the very same sort of craphole from whence you fled, you will be at the very least rebuffed. You will not take over this leaking lifeboat. Granby for the native Granbyites.

Another missive to Wedgie Tard’s DeNutted Sprog. . . . & Wherein I explain my criminal history.

Hey kid. I thought that you were Wedgie Tard’s fifth husband or Sixth Major Meercat but you turn out to be her spawn. Huh. Did you know that when times are rough a mother squirrel will bite off the testicles of the second and later male pups? You really need to be smarter than pore J.R. Fullerton, Donna Fullerton’s son. Your mother — as I’ve explained before is no Donna Fullerton. She’s mean and vicious but doesn’t have any executive or legislative ability. All she wants to do for Granby is to make up a bunch of ordinances that she’ll not obey when incoonvenient.

I’ve posted that the Newton County Republican Party and Sheriff’s Department and Division of Family Services decided to do what to me that they do all the time for the past 50 years to pore white welfare sluts or just the poor white women. They steal their children and sell them to rich Republicans or to rich Democrats and perverts. Nary a kid in foster care doesn’t end up messed up somehow. Now I got them back the first time they were taken. Beat the odds. When the Division of Family Services takes children statewide you only have a 26% chance of getting them back. In Newton, McDonald and Jasper counties the rate goes down to 11%. The second time they decided to charge me with statutory sodomy for allegedly kissing my grandson’s penis and buttocks sometime in the past. Since I refused to allow a pub[l]ic pretender to misrepresent me I was sent to the Fulton State NutHouse for 31 months until I managed to get off of forced doping and pretended to hire a lawyer and my retarded grandson who was homosexually sodomized and doped up in foster care refused to lie about me and the charges were nolle prossed. I had five of my teeth knocked out taking me up to the NutHouse by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department. All of this is on my web page.

Now I’m a rather vengeful man and this is neither the place nor time to cover this on this forum.

Suffice it to say that today I filed a Withdrawal of my Withdrawal and am going to be a Candidate for South Ward City Council. Suffice it to say that the Council-Criminals think that they will do whatever they want. I think that events will overtake them soon. It is unwise to run a corrupt election process against a warlord.

I have been convicted of “Coontempt of Kort” for failure to pay a traffic ticket when coonvicted of driving with a burnt-out headlight arising from a Granby policeman perjury back in 1994 and spent 28 days in jail. I was coonvicted of not wearing a seat belt and got a jury trial costing Joplin $1500 and had to pay a $10 fine back in 1999. I was kicked out of the Missouri LibberToon Party and prosecuted for trespass but didn’t have to pay anything because I sued them and the State of Missouri for an election matter. There was much fighting with the IRS and an Administrative Hearing Commission trial in which I appealed to the Missouri Western Court of Appeals regarding Missouri income taxes which went no-where. So yes, I’m a regular misdeameanor dillinger.

And yes, me and my Church have been sued by one Bryan Reo in Lake County Ohio and lost and am now appealing and in four more federal lawsuits and to be another one because Ira Hawkins and the Granby City Council sold him a bogus judgement resulting from my Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Actions. My Church got an ecclesatical court to render a $400 billion judgment with quantrillization and chernobylization against the State of Ohio. All of it on my web page.

One has to be patient like Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky. Iron Felix lost every single case against him as a Bolshevik and spent 20 years in Siberia and when came the Russian Revolution was made Lenin’s Secret Policeman and Iron Felix finished off the Tzar and his family and a quarter million White Russians and won their Civil War and won every single case.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve been in Revolutionary Politics for 30 years. I am a Servant of YHWH’s Servant Nation. A “pastor” must take care of YHWH’s sheep, and that means culling harshly the diseased members of the herd and driving out those who do not belong who are a threat to their well being . . . like the current Granby City Council and your mother.

You have to understand the mother squirrel’s point of view. She isn’t going to kill her offspring like bears eating their cubs when times are tough. Sometimes the mother squirrel even has to bite off the nuts of her bestest male pup when thangs get as rough as they are going to get very very soon. The mother squirrel who bites off her male pups’ nuts has to keep in mind what is best for the overall herd of squirrel.

But your mother bit off your nuts because she is an evil mean bitch.
Kid, if you still have any of your nuts left then you better flee as opposed to becummin’ a fifth-rate low-rent J.R. Fullerton.

Ashley Edgemon — Granby Baal Priest & Council-Criminal


One thing, among many, which I’ve learned about the complexities of the human mind, is that there is a darkness in each of us. For some that darkness, if unmitigated, leads them to do some awful things which without fail leads to pain and suffering not only for them but for those beloved and close to them. In many cases when a person can’t come to terms with that darkness within and the results of their actions, they project that darkness onto other people.

I think that you, Martin, are a classic case of this. I think you carry around a lot of guilt; guilt stemming from the many poor choices you have made that have had a very ill effect on those you would normally call loved ones. Rather than being honest and admitting to yourself your mistakes you refuse to take ownership of your own actions and you project your own darkness onto anyone that you decide is against you. All the while your false rage and your accusations snowball growing ever outlandish. You’ve proven that you’re willing to lie and deceive in order to advance your own agenda that, if ever realized, would lead to slothfulness and decay. To see tangible evidence of this one needs look no farther than any property at which you have owned or lived. You have left a wake of decay and disrepair wherever you have lingered.

You seem to think that you have anything that you could ever use as leverage against me or to intimidate me. Know this: You don’t intimidate me in the slightest. Nor do your idle threats give me pause for one second. If anything I pity you. You are a very lonely man who is obviously in a lot of pain. As hard as it is not to, I don’t hate you. My Lord and Savior, (The one you keep referring to as little lord baby Jesus) has taught me to forgive people. Even those that are hateful and undeserving. So I forgive you for your foolishness, but that doesn’t mean that I will stand aside and allow you to go unchecked. I will stand for the election. If enough of the South Ward voters agree, I will be duly elected as the South Ward Alderman, and when I do leave the leaders of this City will appoint someone to that seat that will have more in mind than spreading hatred and blight upon the people of this town that simply don’t deserve to put up with you.
This is the last time I will address you directly on this forum. I do pray that one day you will wake up and realize what you have done to your life and the lives of those around you. No one is a hopeless case. It’s never too late to change your course.

I come home from Neosho where put in my Notice of Withdrawal of Withdrawal As Candidate for South Ward City Council to the County Clerk. She tried to call Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State and the worthless spawn of John Ashcroft, another baal-priest who used to be a U.S. Senatard until he lost to Minstrel-Show Mel Carnahan, the former Governor. Tami Owens didn’t know what to do in this case. I told her not to worry about it, that back in the 1990s I filed three election lawsuits against Kay Baum and the Missouri Secretary of State and lost all of them after a fight and they simply don’t know what to do so after a few years they rule in favor of the politicians anyways. Voting is such a scam. Always has been. But they got to pretend that these [s]elections are legitimate. We talked about Granby scumbags and council-criminals, I showed her the article in the Newton County [Fake]News lie-paper, she made a copy, I explained to her the nature of the Covid-19 Blessed ZOG-virus killing rural whites last or not at all, and when 4:30 rolled around said that Jay Asscrack’s Office hadn’t called her back. I said that these matters are determined by litigation, not law, and if I didn’t get what I wanted then I’d sue the worthless bastard like all the rest anyways.

So I come back here and see that this fat baal-priest of mammon at the First Synagogue of Satan must use on me its pseudo-psychology that it might have learned at the seminary, along with how to digest massive quantities of fried chicken and to skillit-lick white flour pepper-gravy. Not anything from the Bible. Not anything YHWH told Moses or Christ told his Disciples or even what Saul of Tarsus — renegade & reformed pharisee — yapped to the Greeks about how the Law has been done away with and by Grace are you saved. Juat some blather about how I don’t run my properties the way Assley thinks I should and that is why THE LITTLE LORD BABY JESUS told the City of Granby to attack my and Roxie’s and my dead mother’s and brother’s and niece and nephews properties and shred the grass and small trees and erode large portions of Cobb Hill to where it is now a flint-field without anything other than a resolution.

Well, I’ve told Ashley and the rest of the City Council-Criminals what are the penalties for perjury and thieving and oppressing and tyranny, which of course being regime criminals with control of their own private police enfarcement they think that they will evade. I’ll cover this later at length.

But the most relevant portions are from 1 Kings Chapter 13 where YHWH told Kink Jereboam that his baal-temple would be razed, his baal-priests slaughtered, and theys’ bones burnt.

To be continued . . .

Wedgie Tard’s Sprog Speaks

She’s my mother and I’m most certain that with a 99%ish survival rate. We will all be doing great this time next year. Ashley running and winning is the best possible scenario for the City of Granby. It’s literally the definition of politics. Who has the best move and can stay within the statutes of the state. You see, I and many many others in this beautiful country aren’t as stupid as you might want to believe. Serving your city is most definitely a servants job. You don’t get kickback as you would like believe. The City of Granby will survive the “pandemic”, however, it wouldn’t survive a person such as yourself. Hence the politics.

The Missouri Revised Statutes are violated all the time, especially given the conduct of city meetings otherwise known as the Missouri Sunshine Act. Pretty much politics as it is is coming to an end as the politicians have destroyed the economy in an effort to “save” the very old and sick at the end of their last year of life. If you had ever driven a truck or a combine you would know as much, but you don’t. Things are not going to end up fine.

You know or care nothing about the City of Granby. Neither does your mother. She was caught wishing a miscarriage on one of the native’s wives — someone whose fathers tried to run as a Granby Reform candidate back in 2017. She hasn’t gotten back with me about setting our differences aside — and she won’t. She is going to “win” a seat on a dying town city council in a town on its last legs.

The T-Rampage model of city infrastucture was to allow Jim Channel to do nothing insofar as fixing the infrastructure — especially the water and sewer infrastructure. For five years T-Rampage and the rest of the Granby City Council would yammer about purchasing a new water system for mumble, mumble, mumble $10-15 million. When asked what fixing the water pipes would cost last year there was no answer. There could be no answer. There were not any timesheets or work orders detailing exactly how many man and machine hours went to fixing a particular leak. According to Granby lore there were over a dozen patches on one 10 ft section of rotting pipe to where there was more patch than pipe. But under the T-Rampage model of civic corruption the goal is to do as little as possible so that a “new” massive water or sewer project is needed to be as expensive as possible so that upon a “no-bid” contract approved by “Resolution” — which requires no prior public notice or debate like the March 10, 2020 resolution to pay off the Styrons for their eyesore before the contracted payoff date of 2032 — there can be kickbacks to those who passed the “Resolution.” Two daze later a state of emergency was declared and the funds from the extortionate gas meter fees was spent to be paid back from the police tax in 2042.

So the T-Rampage model of civic corruption is to let the infrastructure decay to the point of collapse, then get the suckers to vote in a municipal bond issue. Which they do. Supposedly the sewer indebtedness is quadrupled by $3.2 million and it would take 35 years to pay off.

For years I warned about spending every single penny and not fixing the pipes. What would happen if the bubble burst? Well now we don’t have a mere recession, We don’t even have a depression. We have a Great Collapse.

The municipal bond market is finished. The rates are down to zero percent, or even negative. The running decifit was $1 trillion. Now they have printed $6 trillion in three months. Can you say hyper-inflation?

Now I’m advocating firing Jim Channel and Lawna Price. Jim Channel had over five years to fix the pipes, but didn’t. My proposal is to know how much it costs to fix our infrastructure and to go ahead and do so. Hire two City workers in Channel’s place and set them to work.

But your mother and the current City Council refuses to do so. They intend to accept Ashley Edgemon’s resignation and to appoint an accomodating weak crook to take his place, ignoring that even though Ashley refuses to stick around and enjoy the mess he has created with the City (and Cemetery) departments that corrupt business as usual can continue. Even though the bond market is gone and that they have no plan to fix the infrastucture or make Jim Channel (or Lawna Price) work then eventually the water pressure will drop for days at a time due to leaks and the sewage will be backed up, half the City population can’t pay its bills or taxes, and there might well be a real public health crisis.

Your mother wants to make a whole bunch of idiotic municipal ordinances as enforced as she sees fit. Your mother wants to make Granby into whatever craphole from whence she fled. Your mother is one of the last people who should have power, not knowing anything good in how to exercise it.

The best thing to do is to simply let me have the City Council seat I’ll win by default. But that isn’t going to happen because I’ll be working to jail those who brought Granby to ruin. There will be litigation while disaster proceeds apace.

But this is happening all across the ZOGland. Soon, very soon, we shall see a Great Collapse such as the Fall of the Old Empire of Egypt from 2200-2000 BCm, the Bronze Age Collapse circa 1200 BC or the Dark Ages circa 476-1492 A.D. What I myself am working towards is the Ten Thousand Warlords Project in which the population of ZOG/Babylon is reduced to 10-20 million ruled by theocratic military dictatorships. But that is neither here nor there.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Granby City Council-Crackheads — OR —

When you can’t or won’t do what you are supposed to do, like fix the water pipes and maintain the infrastructure . . . Make new ordinances keeping people from simply doing without need for yourself.

In June 2017, then Mayor T-Rampage Gamble and the rest of the City Council were all mad that someone bought a wooden storage building and proceeded to live in it without coonnecting to city utilities thus outside their abilities to “shut them off”. They couldn’t have anyone telling them that they were irrelevant to how they chose to live in Granby on their own city property. So the City Council passed a toothless 750 sq. foot law which will be overturned in the courts if challenged. Whenever not holding the citizens hostage so that they can build an unnecessary sewer improvement scam they can pass lots of city ordinances to apply to others (but not theysselfs).

This is the reality of Granby living. Someone decided to live simply without any need for the Granby City Council-Critters and not be held hostage to Granby city services. So he simply bought a “small-house” in the form of an overgrown wooden storage shed from a kit bought at Lowes or Home Depot or made him a kit. He proceeded to catch water falling out of the sky or to use a composting toilet. He didn’t need or want city services or city government. And T-Rampage and Ira Hawkins and Will Barrett and Tim Murphy and Joyce Mann (fresh from getting put in illegally under color of Granby ‘law’ her own double-wide luxury) were foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs that they couldn’t be “disrespected” in that manner. Why THE LITTLE LORD BABY JESUS told these civic baal-priests that these geezers were Caesars and everyone with the misfortune of living in Granby must render due allegiance and respect to them because they . . . could pass a law. Which they did. A law which is not obeyed by the city council-critters when incoonvenient or by the city crackheads when incoherent and they need to steal something for the very most important things of they’s life which ain’t free — like crack.

Granby City Council-Critters actually are the same morally and mentally as Granby City Crack-Heads — It is just that their drug of choice, where they get theys’ dopamine rush is through telling other people what to do.

Which is why Reggie Bard will be no improvement over Joyce Mann.

They can’t or won’t make their City Clerk learn book-keeping or do the billing. Can’t make their public works director mandate a worksheet protocol detailing what time and money are spent on fixing the water pipes and leaking storm water sewers. A worksheet might show how since April 2013 when the thaw comes the water system loses 64% of the gallons pumped out of the ground so there is a series of quick fixes to get the rate below 60% — According to the Sept 2015 Water Report. A worksheet protocol detailing where the city funding for infrastructure maintenance would show how little is done — or accomplished.

This legistreason accomplishment was run through within two weeks of them holding a “secret emergency meeting” to allow Council-woman Joyce Mann to buy a used trailer to house her daughter and family. So they unlawfully broke theys’ own laws that they selectively enforce against others. I got arrested at that meeting for making fun of the mayor — Granby Ordinance #815. I was duly coonvicted a year later and have applied for a trial de nova which isn’t happening.

Anyways, since these council-criminals can’t obey their own laws, why have any municipal codes at all infringing on the rights of property owners to do with their property as they see fit? As it is now, with massive debt and failing infrastructure it really makes no economic sense to build new housing in Granby and is far smarter to purchase acreage and set up your own septic and water collection systems outside the city limits without the 10-20% additional city taxation.

Living in Granby now means all of the hassle of civic corruption without the benefit of civic amenities like a working water system and honest government.

Pastor Lindstedt is “un-withdrawing” as a Candidate for South Ward City Council

OK, lets cut to the chase.

I read the Newton County [Fake]News lie-paper and found out that Ashley Edgemon was moving back to Florida, where he belongs. Ashley was a loyal foot-soldier for the present bunch in Granby City Hall who have been looting Granby blind for the past decade or so.

“But . . . but . . . but you no longer live within Granby according to the Granby City Hall. Well, I do have quite a few properties within Granby — some of which were bulldozered and I certainly do intend to do the bulldozering onto those who are under the delusion that THE LORD BABY JESUS told them that it was fine by HIM to treat myself like a Palestinian and they be the Mossad — and it sure would be fun to engage in some federal litigation over the matter. In any case, Jeromy and I cum to a deal. He let me post before [S]Election Day and I withdraw muh withdrawal.

Now what are you going to do as a Council-Critter, Pastor Mad Dog Half Beard? Well, first of all there are going to be a lot of 3-1 votes and maybe some 2-2 votes if Reggie Bard and I can get past our mutual loathing. The fact is that while she is no Donna Fullerton — I knew (non-Biblically) Donna Fullerton. Donna Fullerton hated dogs, small children and myself and I was the only one of the three who hated her right back, since it is true that all dogs go to Heaven and small children ain’t much good at hating — but every single time Reggie Bard tries to take things over. Reality means that the daze of easy living are over and there isn’t much left to steal in Granby, because it already has been stolen.

The way things are going, even if Granby is able to sell a $3.24 million sewer bond so that Allierger-Martin gets 30% or $825,000 hyperinflation means that by next year paying off the bond will be with a $10 Trillion “forever” Stamp.

Do you know that there are less than 400 registered voters on the North Ward (North of U.S. 60) and nearly 1,000 registered voters on the South Ward? So why, especially given that the City Hall run Bill Cooper who didn’t show up for the city council meetings half the time, isn’t the South Ward got any representation according to their numbers, not even [mis]representation? Shouldn’t there be three seats for the South Ward and a general ward which would represent the voting realities better?

Let’s understand something. Voting is a fraud. Anyone who takes it seriously is a sucker, a mark, a boob, an idiot. Most of the voters want to be screwed. They obviously love liars and thieves. As proof that is what they elect. A representative dem[on]ocracy is the most corrupt form of government with the maximum of corruption and the minimum of responsibility, accountability and actual freedom. I think that when the accounting is done I’m going to lose to Ashley Edgemon by a landslide. Ashley always was “one of them Floriduh People” as the South Georgians & Alabamans say. But Ashley will be gone and I’ll be here and we all can have some fun.

Granby City Hall has absolutely no respect for the private property of others. In an era of tightened budgets there will be no money from outside for Granby from the State or federal regimes. So Granby will have to live or die upon its own resources and we have no other choice but to make City Hall stop eating all our Fruit Loops.

I will undo all of the municipal ordinances. You want to put a single-wide on your own property while not being related to a council-critter you can do so. You will no longer have to keep around a single-wide from the Truman Administration hoping to have enough ZOGbux to move into double-wide luxury someday.

The current City Clerk shall be fired and replaced by someone who can do book-keeping and resume billing.

The current City municipal director will be fired and replaced by someone who will do the work, instead of fist-fighting with the taxpayers and then getting then his cowardly butt whupped like a dog. City workers will have to fill out worksheets to account for employee and city machine time and to see that up to 100 foot of rotten water and sewer pipes are replaced at a time. The Granby Cemetery Committee will buy a grave-digging attachment to a city backhoe and those who pay cemetery tax will pay only $200 or less for grave-opening and those outside not paying cemetery tax will have all of the opening fees going to the Cemetery Trust, not an additional $30-50 thousand a year to the pocket of the municipal works director. Fifty-eight years of robbing the Granby dead since 1962 is enough.

The office of City Collector will revert to being elected and have financial oversight over City tax and utility funds. If they cannot do book-keeping, well, that is why there will be a City Clerk able to do so. Not a unelected unaccountable city worker who doesn’t even live within the city limits or even have taxable property within Granby.

There will be a State Auditor Audit — not a Dog & Pony Show Audit with secret “eyes-only” management letters to be seen by the City Council-Critters only.

The Styron Police Department Building scam will be overturned. Granby should not be buying people new buildings and then buying their old buildings. Those who would do business in Granby must pull their weight, not be subsidized by the Granby taxpayers.

The City Hall meetings will be opened to actual debate and decision-making, not the double-dealing without debate which has already been decided and arrest for dissent which Ashley Edgemon laughably calls “transparency.”

These and many other changes — not for the mere sake of change but because Granby can no longer afford the same old ways of corruption — is what I propose as Granby South Ward City Councilman.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you elect me it will not be because I was your first choice but rather because I was your “break the glass and pick up the fire-axe LAST & FINAL Choice.”

I don’t and won’t make a practice of posting on Granby Thots & Views past 10pm, but I did want to ruin the remainder of the Memorial Day Weekend for some of you — and we all know who you are.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN

What is the difference between a Blue-State Refugee and a Wandering Zombie wanting to bite a Granby Native’s Neck? . . . . You Tell Me.

Granby is pretty factionalized as it is. You have no idea as to how factionalized. Especially given that most of the factions lie as to their intentions and goals. Add refugees to the mix and it gets even more divided with a City Council made up of refugees trying to loot Granby of what little there is left from the shutdown of the lead and zinc mines in the late fifties and the fact that there isn’t much left.

The problem with economic refugees is that they seldom, if ever, want to allow the natives to live as they have been on straitened circumstances but must try to change it back to the very places they have destroyed. But Granby ALWAYS wins in the end. At the end of the day Granby has the human capital left from the sheer fact that the best and brightest can do far better for themselves in Neosho, Joplin, Carthage, Monett and especially Springfield. The best and brightest come back as changelings, half of them benign or even good, but some twisted and vicious like the previous mayor who centralized everything — fire department, police farce, the parks, even the Granby Cemetery — destroyed the only checks to his unaccountable power in the fire department, elected city collector, TIF Board, and even the Cemetery Board. Few, if any of the Granby City employees live inside Granby, when it used to be that city workers had to live inside and pay taxes to this municipality. Dissent was ordinanced away and the main dissenter, myself, arrested about a dozen times and threatened with arrest for ridiculing the corrupt mayors and City councils and employees the past three years. What you have is a system in which the refugees like yourself found common cause and ground with the absolute worst & greediest & stupidest of the natives to loot Granby even more.

There is a reason that a house in Granby is at least a tenth the price of a similar house in California, and 60%, if that, of a house in Neosho.

There is a reason why a native woman put in $109,000 in building materials and her new house inside Granby is worth only $75,000.

There is a reason why there are no Schubert-Mitchell $250,000 McMansions being built within the city limits of Granby but plenty of them outside Granby.

There is a reason why former mayors and councilmen and even city employees brag about no longer living within the Granby city limits.

There is a reason why I was able to buy old properties for pennies on the dollar simply because they were within Granby because the heirs to the old people who died didn’t want to live in Granby.

Now if you do move inside Granby and like most of the others before you once you get a bellyful of Granby decide to sell out then do so, but you simply cannot expect me to go along with your inevitably wanting to get a Neosho or Monett kind of price once you decide to move on so you will have enough money to get out of Granby and so agitate the corrupt City Hall to do so against the interests of those who live here and have no intentions of moving to do so. I don’t have a problem with you moving just outside Granby since it means that you won’t be adding to the main Granby problem which is its City Hall. Everyone living just outside Granby knows all about Granby and they don’t cause Granby people any trouble any more than people living in East Berlin caused West Berliners any problems. But the odds of you as a refugee coming to Granby and not being some sort of zombie or parasite wanting to bite me or the rest of the natives who love Granby the way it was pre-1987 in the neck are mighty slim or none, and I think Slim — if he ever existed — has just left the room. Refugees and zombies are so predictable because their needs & wants & hungers are always the same so they inevitably act the same.

The biggest reason for continuing Granby poverty and decline is because of its corrupt and idiotic City Hall and why the best thing to do is to dis-incorporate the municipal corporation, sell off the city utilities and let it go back to the County, which while corrupt at least doesn’t want to get involved in Granby poly-tics. Then it won’t matter about City Hall corruption because they won’t have a corrupt police farce to enfarce theys’ [s]will. Until private property rights for all are restored it makes no sense for making more than the bare minimum of effort to advance your property inside Granby. You can’t tear out that rotten single-wide from the Truman Administration because you need it to replace it with another used double-wide unless you are on the City Council. Dis-incorporate Granby and there will then be all manner of reason to build a Schubert-Mitchell McMansion or maybe even a Burger-Shack.

Granted, while I do not know you, I’m sure not hearing anything different from you that I’ve not already heard from the scores of refugees before you, so I think I won’t be manning the welcome wagon any time soon.