Granby Council-Criminals Coonspire to Build Back Barry Better; Coondemning Granby Inbreds to sucking up Moar Sewage, Sulphur, & Lead

Gomorrah was blessed with Fire & Sulphur circa 2000 BC upon they’s godless pelts; 4000 years later Granby-Gomorrah drinks Sewage & Sulphur because of theys’ gubbermint

This is a work in progress, the reporter is awaiting a back-order box of adjectives . . .

It was a typpycull Granby City Council-Criminal pub[l]ic meating wherein those who go along with the She-Mayoress/City Clerk Lawna Price (also known as “She who cannot book-keep & won’t do billing and who coonsumes large quantities at her failed feed-store run by The Lustfool Meercat) and Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins (no relation to the “Good Hawkins’) met with Barry Flint and his clueless factotumess Sarah James coonspiring to spend Senile Joe ZOG-virus/FrankenFauchi Flu ZOGbux not on making the necessary upgrades to the 1988 sewer but in giving 20% of the loot to the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau. The FGG-BB[B]BBBB has great schemes to not spend a nickle of the $210,000 already put out by Senile Joe or $210,000 yet to be put out in the near future in the ailing sewer and water infrastructure but based upon the thievingest of the inbreds ability to get the TalmudVision stations to make a big deal about how in the Special Civic Olympics a small boutique thrift store or a dog pound, to build some small chipped-board Flintville “cathouses” atop what is now Crooked Evil Awful Ass-clown Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump kitty[litter]-cornered across from that wretched hive of scum & villiany known as City Hall, someday soon to becum-cum known as Barry’s New Old Masonic Hall.

Given that all of this 27+ civil lawfare against myself by “SwordBrethren/Bryan Reo Da Mamzer from Mentor” litigation in the federal and state korts has greviously depleted my funds, I went into Granby to pick up the Council-Criminal “packets” ordered the previous Friday at just before 5 pm and was greeted by a bill of $7.30, which I paid, especially since what costs Granby 25 cents per page can only be charged a dime. Plus I deprived Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) of the Newton County Fake-Douche his free copy due him as the Granby City Council-Criminal regime’s press agent. Most of it was nothing more than a data-dump of the Monett/Mexinett Shitty Building Codes & Ordinances. As I was about to leave here cum-cum in Barry Flint and some old fat woman, who had the code to the door lock and entered as if they owned the place. –They do.– The She-Mayoress /City Clerk Lawna Price is actually theys’ employee, even if the People of Granby/Flintville pay for her check & thievery.

Then Sarah James, the Snow White Factotumess to Barry Flint’s washed rat of a thieving troll cum into City Hall and I told her that Barry and his fat female were ahead of her waiting up to get fed like a scruffy hound frequenting the operating room for scraps cut off by thieving quacks to be fed. I’ve made it quite clear that Barry Flint is more to be blamed for the decay and destruction of Granby even more than the Styrons but she scurried through the door like a milk-cow awaiting evening milking.

Now there are plenty of females like fat, greedy, evil JoAnn Lamp or Senile Heifer Joyce Mann — both thankfully now in Hell being poked in theys’ fat asses sans apples in theys’ agape mugs by devils with pitchforks praise to the Dylann Storn Coof. Back when I had cable I used to watch that kikess lesbo-sow Rachel Mad-Sow and dream of making her piss nekked down her leg while I was dressed up like Amon Goeth in “Swindler’s List” beating her unmercifully with a pallet slat with a rusty nail that I had just pissed on. Amon Goeth sure knew how to treat a kikess. But Sarah has such big eyes and knows not what she does and it goes against my grain as a White Supremacist to be mean to her so I let her go.

Since it was obvious that I’d not be let in the office door to reach the Council-Criminal Chamber I exited the front door and ventured to the front door of the Chambers, which was locked. Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins came doddering to the Office door. Ira has gotten even more senile after getting the ZOGvirus clot-shot & Baal Gates Mark of the Beast Mark 666 Micro-chip. I told him that it was locked. Ira fumbled around for the key. He seems to have had brain surgery and had a lot of what little he had left cut away. So he doddered to the Council-Chambers door, where the She-Mayoress Lawna Price who winds him up let him in. But not me, of course. Crooked Ira went over to get his marching orders from Barry Flint as Mayor of Flintville.

Now I’d like to pretend that I acted like in that documentary “The Walking Dead.” It is a documentary, you know. Regrettably I no longer have cable and the past seasons are filled with race-mixing and perversion, which is why it actually is a documentary about the ZOGland.

Anyways, I would like to pretend that I was like Negan with my piss-elm club named “Roxie” wrapped in barbed wire and I set that evil sow Lawna Price right as to letting me in to the City Council Chambers door thusly:

Big fat pig, big fat pig, (Lawna) Lemme In, Lemme In !!!
Not by the hairs of your half-bearded psycho chinny chin chin !!!