Granby reserve piglice oreficer suspended without pay after threatening to falsely arrest Mayor Crooked-Ira-with-tits over being sent to squeal on Piglice chief — Gonna try to sue the Granby Council-Criminals slapping down they’s errent piglice

Piggy loses this Council-Critter & Piglice Riot and is escorted out by loyal piglice

GRANBY, Mo. — After Granby’s police chief was suspended last month, there’s more trouble for the city’s police department.PREVIOUS: Granby Police Chief suspended with pay without explanation

The city council held a special closed session last night to discuss possible disciplinary action against reserve officer John Epperson. Mayor Jamie Conway said they were considering taking action because Epperson started an unauthorized investigation into one of the Granby officers that outranked him.

When council members returned to open session, Epperson was given a chance to address the council. For unknown reasons, Epperson then read Conway the Miranda Warning, and that’s when things got heated:

  • Jamie Conway, Granby Mayor
    • “Are you an employee of the City of Granby?”
  • John Epperson, Reserve Officer
    • [unintelligible…] “Just stop.”
  • Conway
    • “Are you an employee of the City of Granby?”
  • Epperson
    • “Just stop mam…I’m, I’m..”
  • Bobbi White, Council Member
    • “Sir, she’s your boss.”
  • Epperson
    • “Negative.”
  • White
    • “She is your boss.”
  • Doreen Clouse , Council Member
    • “I would like to make a motion that we move to suspend officer Epperson, upon formal investigation.”
  • Epperson
    • “Do you understand that…”
  • Conway
    • “I have a motion on the floor by Doreen, that states that um…”
  • Epperson
    • “You just violated my civil rights.”
  • Conway
    • “Please step back. Officer Denno.”
  • Epperson
    • “Do you understand that?”
  • Conway
    • “Please step back.”
  • Gabe Carrell , Council Member
    • “Behind the microphone.”
  • Conway
    • “Behind the microphone sir.”
  • Epperson
    • “Sure. it’s okay. I’m good. Do you understand?”
  • [Unintelligible voices.]
  • Carrell
    • “I second that.”
  • Conway
    • “I’m sorry… (bangs the gavel), Order. Stop speaking sir.”
  • Carrell
    • “We don’t care about it. We made a motion.”
  • Epperson
    • “Okay. Good.”
  • Conway
    • “Stop speaking sir.”
  • Conway
    • “Doreen has made the motion to suspend officer Epperson.”
  • Epperson
    • “See you in court. See you in court.”
  • Conway
    • “Gabe has seconded that. All those in favor.”
  • Epperson
    • “I’ll see you in court.”
  • Conway
    • “4/Zero. As of today you are suspended. Thank you. Have a good evening.”
  • Epperson
    • “And you have just violated my civil rights.”
  • Conway
    • “We’re gonna need your key card please.”

The council meets on December 15th to discuss the fate of suspended Police Chief Rico Engberg.

Another nail in Granby’s Coffin

The foolish and evil Granby City Council-Criminals put the nail in Granby’s coffin by setting up Fatt Lawna as “City manager” given that she is now skilled — albeit not in book-keeping but in getting “free money” from Senile Joe’s administration to put Granby into debt the next 40 years.…te%20p1-11.pdf

Lawna Price is a skilled perjurer who ginned up a fraudulent “domestic protection order with the help of corrupt Newton County judges Kevil Lee Selby and GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel absent any jurisdiction given that she didn’t have any domestic connection uder Revised Stastutes of Missouri Chapter 456 — domestic relations and was merely a crooked cituy clerk who didn’t want to give me a copy of the public record posted on the bulletin board. So I posted three Sunshine Act Enforcent suits and was assessed a $4000 fine for doing so which Bryan Reo bought for $1000 on Oct. 14, 2019 and the City of Granby Council-Criminals bulldozed my and Roxie’s properties on 15 Oct. 2019. Which is why I never condemn all these mass shootings because it is the only time that ordinary people can get revenge upon a dying criminal regime.

For the next two years I would call up Newton County dispatch at a price of $14.92 at one o’clock Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because the crooked judges of Newton County wanted to pretend that there still was a First Amendment. Now if an evil mean crooked bitch like Fattt Lawna can cause so much damage and tyranny as a City Clerk who can’t book-keep unless Taylor-Green does it for $26,000 per year and has gotten out of billing, imagine what crooked crap she can do for $10,000 more per year as “City [mis]manager as the Granby city council-criminals get to blame they’s crap on her instead of having to own up to it?

Enjoy living under a police state paying $300-400 sewer and water bills for the next 40 years of debt while your children move out to Springfield or Neosho and all because Barry Flint wanted to set up a trailer park and didn’t want you to live in your own used single-wide trailer.

Granby-Gomorrah/Flintville is dying and tonight another nail was hammered into its coffin by a witless and wicked city council with Fatt Lawna being the maggot eating the corpse.

Granby Council-Criminals “moving forward” like shitting dogs to create an unnecessary storm-water sewer pool to store rainwater runoff in return for $2,106 million in coonsolidated water bonds for next 40 years.

GRANBY, Mo. — Big improvements are coming to the wastewater system in Granby. An additional unnecessary storm-water sewer lagoon to trap even more rainfall over 1″ and up to nearly 3″ shall be dug at a cost of $2.602 million shall be dug by a lucky coontractard to place the shitty of Granby for the next 40 years — or longer.

“We hear the citizens, we are moving forward, and our goal is to grow just like they want to, and to provide them with the amenities that they deserve,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby. Everyone retarded just needs an additional storm-water rainwater lagoon to treat stormwater to please the environmental burrocrats who put the pressure on T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins to sign over debt for the next 40 years which shall probbly never be repaid.

Monday was a big day in Granby, as city officials broke ground on a project they’ve been discussing since 2019: upgrading their wastewater system, collecting kickbacks, and runnting-offt to make Granby Inbred Tards pay it off as best they can.

“In the past, water has been infiltrating our system during heavy rainfall, which is causing our system not to be able to treat the water/sewage as quickly as we need it to do,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby. Jim Channel was allowed to goof off rather than fix the sewer and water lines and it is a lot easier to tax Granby Inbred Tards out the ass rather than try to get the Channel family to work.

“Wastewater and sewer are what we are addressing here. The modifications to the plant will make it easier for the operators to operate,” said Crooked Ira Hawkins, Former Mayor of Granby. Screw the Granby Inbred Tards, they will just have to pay it off as best they can, if they can.

The city will be adding a new additional basin near the plant to collect runoff and will be expanding the plant to be better equipped to handle an influx of waste. There was already an old basin from 2007-2008 but we hid or destroyed the engineering reports in order to pull one on the People of Granby.

After sending her “golden shovel” into the dirt, Mayor Conway told us how excited she is, claiming Monday’s groundbreaking is a direct result of listening to the people. She used to be against this project, in fact it was on the table before she got [s]elected but she resurrected it after Crooked Ira’s fat daughter took the clot-shot and croaked last Sept. 2022 and Crooked Ira figured that YHWH was all mad at his thieving and took her home. The new Mayor Crooked Ira with tits would take the matter off the table and restore it like a fool. She’ll likely runnt-offt to Floriduh to be with her husband next year given that she’s sold her store.

“They said, ‘We want a water system, we want new water lines,’ and that was my push. But none of the voters said, ‘Wait a second, we voted a bond in 2019, why haven’t you made that sewer happen?’ So, I’m here to say, the sewer is happening, we are moving forward like shitting dogs doing theys; business on the neighbor’s yard to avoid hatching fleas,” said Conway/Crooked Ira with tits. “The rest of the council-critters will be long gone by the time it cums to pay for it, either dead or gone to Floriduh.”

And according to Mayor Conway, this is simply the first step in improving the city’s water system. “We’s gonna fuck you up good.”

“We are working on our water system behind the scenes right now, to get our funding lined out, we have engineers creating the designs, we’ve passed the bond, they passed it, the citizens want it. We’re not slowing down, this train is moving forward, right over the cliff.” said Conway. “This entire scam should cost 15-20 million with a water & sewer bill over $300-400 per month for the next 40 years, probably never be paid off.”

The project has a timeline of 480 days, with Mayor Conway saying residents shouldn’t expect any inconveniences besides a gradual increase in their water bills, which has already begun. Council-critter Gomer-Goober Carrel didn’t raise the water bill by 2% last year and the Council-Criminals simply lied to the Granby Inbred Tards telling them that they wouldn’t have to pay the 120% increases until they were done five years from now and the Granby Inbred tards bought it. Screw them.”

Mad Dog Musings 5 Oct 2023 — Granbys’ Best Daze on Granby Uncensored

In this shorter 21 minute video Pastor Lindstedt talks about how the idiotic and corrupt-stupid Granby City Council is simply wasting money on projects dreamed up as a scam by Barry Flint with former Granby City Council-Critter Pfat ‘Jackass’ Kelly still mad about how former Granby Council-critter and now Mayor Crooked-Ira-with-tits didn’t tear down her 1890s Granby Hardware Store with a three-brick thick walls and instead under pressure sold it to Barry Flint who wants to spend $500,000 on restoring it as opposed to simply gutting it and rebuilding it with cheap concrete blocks for $300,000 less — the tax-payer funding of less than the $175,000 for putting in a parking lot atop the former Crooked-Iras-toxic waste dump and putting in 7 cargo coontainers. In short Pfat ‘Jackass’ Kelly hasn’t learned anything other than its old dislike for certain people in the Granby demographic.

Pfat Jackass Kelly is a Boomer a few years older than myself, a changeling who left Granby then when it gots money came back changed against the native-born Granby Inbred Jed Population. Now being older and within death less than a decade from now, Pfat wants to hearken back to the 1960s and 1970s when he was younger and in his prime. For the mythical “Good Ol’ Daze” of his youth. What I seek to explain is that the Good Ol’ Daze were not as good as remembered. For example, back in 1975 when I was 16 the Vietnam War ended and thus the liklihood of being drafted to fight in that stupid imperial-colonial war.

What I explain is that the late 19th and early 20th Century is long gone and so all that is left of those times and the men who built Granby from firing up the clay using old wood is the buildings from that time and if these Granby Heritage Buildings are torn down so too is Granby Heritage as well, and this flavor of the past cannot be restored and lives now only within living memory. Pfat Jackass Kelly thus destroys not only the older times when Granby had a future, but the past as well. Couple that with the fact that ZOG is in terminal decline and once torn down cannot be replaced, certainly not with lesser men and materials today. Thus the past should be refurnished because it cannot be replaced. Something I keep on trying to preach to the current aborted, impoverished, and poverty-made [de]generation.

21 minutes in this vlog tonight.

Hail Victory !!!

Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

P.O. Box 666
Granby. Missouri 64844

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We (Re)Bill’t This Shitty (On Inbred Tards)

Jamie Conway
July 14 2023 10pm

I see good people working very hard to take a step or two forward, while I watch others push them down and tear their accomplishments to shreds. It’s truly a disappointment at times. Keep on fighting the good fight friends, as long as there is hope the enemy will not win.

Then some nigger pieties from a nigger baal-priest race-hustler designed to pry apart a whiggress’ legs

The term “Move Forward” should be ASS-o-ciated with a shitting dog who does its business in your yard in order to get away from the flea eggs about to hatch in itz own shit. Same thing with these idiot crooked Granby council-criminals who rack up millions in debt simply because they didn’t want to make Jim Channel maintain the water and sewer lines. And because they want to make Granby Inbred Tards of geezers, chomos, & crackheads pay for theys’ stupid projects while they collect the bills for the next 30-40 years until they roll it over forever.

There are some of us who own old houses in Granby who don’t want to drink sewage and sulphur water no matter how filtered and have a $300-400 a month Granby utility bill for the next 40 years. We would rather pay $125 a month for a Public-Service regulated utility with nothing to do with the Granby City Council-Criminals and theys’ favorites or animal Granby Piglice Department or simply collect rainwater to do the laundry, flush the toilets and drink bottled water.

Now some of us want to deal with our own shit or to make Granby employees work or simply live inexpensively and not “move forward” over the nearest financial cliff. Call us “Reactionaries” or simply “ungovernable” by the likes of Granby city council-criminals and theys’ animal Piglice Department. In fact, none of us want to make Barry Flint richer and some of us want to shoot these idiots. Make of it what you [s]will.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

(S)Elected Granby South Ward City-Council 2020-22

Candidate for Prez-o-dint of the ZOGland or Governor of Missouri

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Judge Mad Dog Musings — April Foolz –The Crooked Ira / T-Rampage /JimNance Campaign Rally

Judge Mad Dog Musings on the April Fools Campaign Rally by Granby Christian Scumbag Faction

Like all thangs associated with the Granby City Council, this wasn’t a candidate forum but rather a corrupt Granby Piglice State which was NOT a town meating but rather just a campaign rally ostensibly funded by Jim Nance a South Ward Council-Critter candidate to finish off Jamie Arnall, Doreen Clause, and Bill Kittrell while at the same time trying to get the Granby Inbreds vote in a $11 million water bond so that the Granby Inbreds can pay a $300-400 per month water & sewer bill essentially forever as opposed to simply selling away to Missouri-American Water to have a $125 per month sewer or water bill.

But the biggest issue is how these Council-Criminals hate each other yet want to establish a police state of massive corruption in order to benefit theysselfs and theys’ families and friends.

I got kicked out real quick by having Crooked Ira Hawkins, T-Rampage Gamble and Jim Nance and theys’ “Cristian Scumbag” factotum declare that I was “disrupting” a town meating and not allowed to speak even though on the ballot. Then was allowed back in but muzzled. Same thing happened 3 years ago with the sewer scam.

The cheapest thing to do is simply vote “no” on the water-bond $11 million increase and by shutting down theys’ funding they will be powerless to do anything much. No money No Funny.

Why was T-Rampage Gamble fired from the city job Mayor Crooked Ira gave him? Likely because T.-Rampageifer is a drunken psychotic a-hole although something was imputed about screwing a skank in the municipal gymnasium.

But what gets me is the mental and moral degeneration of Granby Inbreds. They will rant and rave about Turd-Whirrrrld Cuntrees while at the same time allowing Granby Police State Racketeering right under theys’ snouts.

I have or control six old houses with water and sewer coonections. The sewer coonection works just fine on rainwater harvested from the roofs on each old building. Don’t buy the city water the built-in sewer is free.

But all these council-criminals ‘think’ that they can get the resident Granby Inbreds to bring in new businesses to pay for it, the corrupt fools. No new businesses will cum-cum cum-cum to Flintville-Greater Granby-Gomorrah.

Quite a turnout of Granby Inbred Tard and newbie refugeesmwho don’t know Granby Jack-Shat. But like Afrika and for the same reasons GRANBY ALWAYS WINS.

I’ll put up the rest of the Granby Clown Shoah of April Foolz for the amusement & amazement of the rest of the ZOGland.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt

Candidate for Granby Minicipal Cash-Regi$ter Kort Judge

Judge’ Mad Dog Musings 15 March 2023 –$16Million in Bond Issues-Itz ALL About Coontrol

Judge “Mad Dog” on the $16 million bond issue scams

On the Granby April 4, 2023 Municipal Ballot I am running for Municipal Judge in order to finish off the Flintville-GranbyGomorrah Racketeering Piglice State.

​​​​​​​But this [s]election cycle has not only about the $11 million to give the Granby City Council-Criminals massive debt lasting forever or at least 30+ years to build 46% of a new straw to suck down sewage and sulphur water just to replace the very pipes that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins allowed Jim Channel to let rot especially over the past decade, but the East Newton County R-6 Skrule Board wants to coonsolidate the entire Junior High especially Tri-Way away from separate grades 7-8 campuses already present in the Granby and Triway communities to the coonsolidated Heil Skrule. In short bussing children away from Granby costing not only additional school taxes for these expanded building but additional fuel and bussing to the high school, thus removing Granby children from the current campus already paid for the past 100 years. This building of an additional grades 7-8 junior high gymnasium is for 250 students in order to benefit the latrinos who are brought in by Tyson Foods, Conagra, and Cargill and adding to theys’ profits plus having more whiggress & anglo-mestizo gordas getting impregnated and additional beaners driving without insurance. Additionally it will cum at the expense of the older Boomer whiggers, especially those who are clueless ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

Just the sort of shit which should be proscribed, not encouraged and the Aryan Nations of Missouri is against.

So this $5 million boond issue is about Coontrol & Coonsolidation and teaching gliberal whigger cut-jewr spawn’s dick and nuts and fill in theys’ holes and cut off theyz’ tittays and other such Satanic shit as well.

So of course five-eighth vote or 57% is needed and those old feebs who were edjewmacated in Granby and understand that the second kick in the ass to finish off Granby was closing the old Granby High Skrule back in 1968 and opening the flat roofs of East Newton coonsolidating with Triway, i.e. Newtonia-Stark City, Ritchey, and someplace else. These coonsolidated skrules, in addition to costing additional millions in transportation costs in an era of no-longer cheap fossile fuel, leads to alienation from these local communities and to where the little gaywads and baby lesbos decide to castrate theysselfs but also to engage in shooting season cum the Days of May when there no longer are sufficient targets around to make it worthwhile. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and the rest of the alienated skrule population is around trapped like white chickens. Didn’t used to hear of these shootings in the Old One-Room Skrulehouse from way back when, did you?

So vote “NO” on the $11 million for Mayor Crooked Evil Awfool Ass-Clown Ira Hawkin’s and the Granby Council-Criminal’s Drinking Sulphur & Sewage Water Bond and $5 million for Project K.I.D.S. (Keep Imbeciles Doing Shit).

Hail Victory !!!

‘Judge’ Mad Dog
Candidate for Granby Municipal kort Judge
338 RabbitTrack Road
Granby, Missouri 64844

Mad Dog Musings 26 Feb 2023 — Granby Water Scheme Commentary & Why You Should Vote “NO” on the $11 Million Bond

Vote NO on the Granby council-critters’ $11 million racketeering schemes

In this 12 minute video Pastor Martin Lindstedt discusses why the Granby City Council refuses to allow public service water companies go before the Granby voters to discuss simply selling the Granby water and sewer operations that they have allowed to disintegrate over the past 30 years under the malign neglect by Jim Channel, preferring rather to hire a contractor who will give them kickbacks.

In fact the gas system should be sold as well, with the meter fee rolled back from $17.50 per month used as a slush fund to hire animal Granby Piglice to act as a private paramilitary for theys’ racketeering schemes.

As a candidate for municipal judge I favor simply letting the serious crimes which are violations of state law go back to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department as we must pay property and sales taxes already and having municipal ordinances which Mayor Crooked Ira and the council-criminals won’t obey theysselfs. A satellite station for Eastern Newton County should be established in Granby and if Granby voters want additional police not simply the pigs run by council-criminals and Barry Flint for purposes of racketeering then the elected office of City Marshall and Night Watchman can be re-established to where they cruise the streets at night cutting down on the crackhead thievery with a cell-phone on quick dial to the satellite Newton County Sheriff’s Office for serious crimes.

So the Granby council-criminals don’t want fresh water and safe sewers. Rather they want to run — further into the ground — essential utilities from which they can derive profit from Granby citizens charging all the market will bear as the bond plus interest goes from $15 million to $20-30 million enriching bond merchants and banksters and letting the new system degrade.

Whereas if it is simply sold to a state-regulated public service utility they can first of all reduce the amount of water leakage and then make improvements. In fact, I would prefer to give the Granby water and sewer systems to Liberty Utilities, not leaving any stray money for the Council-Criminals to steal and make as a sale price that they in perpetuity allot special low water and sewer rates to Granby citizens who are elderly and on fixed incomes. Thus the People of Granby will have lower water and sewer rates, no massive debt, and depriving witless idiotic Granby council-criminals of any money to be used to benefit theys’ racketeering and special schemes.

What is damning is that these Granby city council-critters absolutely refuse to invite and allow a public utility water company to make their own proposals.

Vote “NO” on Granby City council-criminals wanting to keep stealing from the People of Granby and at the very least putting you in debt for $11 million to $20-30 million for the next 30+ years when all along Granby People can have cheaper fresh water and safe maintained sewers without ANY debt and not having to go to Granby City Hall for anything. Just pay $50 or less along with the electric bill as opposed to $120 minimum for Granby City Council-Criminals trying to get some “free money” from the State.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Granby Council-Critter Meating 16 Feb. 2023 @ 6pm

They didn’t have a quorum on Tuesday so they will try again Thursday.

None of them have a clue as how to proceed on a working water and sewer system other than begging the voters to bail them out with $15 million in bond issues which will become $20 million + after they steal the grants and r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. elsewhere leaving Granby People with the debt and blighted properties with $200 + per month water bills as people build outside Granby.

By the way, Barry Flint is back on his police board picking the dregs of the police for Flintville-Granby to run wild. Just like the collapse of the water and sewer system cleared the path to simply selling it to the electric company and getting a working water & sewer system, the resignations and firings in the Granby Police Department and municipal kort have justified simply letting it go back to the county so that people can put what kind of housing they want on their own property and negated zoning through deceit.

The Granby City crookedness and tax wastage is simply going to put an end to business as usual. As long as a majority of Granby voters simply vote “no” on rate and bond increases, make city utilities sold to those who know how to run them efficiently, and simply make it impossible for Crooked Ira and Greedy Barry to use tax funds and police then Granby can get back to being a hardbitten Mayberry as opposed to “Christian Scumbag” Gomorrah.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Reform Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Mad Dog Musings 27Dec22 — Mad Dog 4 Granby Municipal Judge

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt files for Granby Municipal Judge on 27 Dec. 2022

A thoroughly boring 20+ minutes of filing for the office of municipal judge against the perpetual incumbent Steve White who has been [s]elected every single time since 1995, when the office became open to election as Division IV cash register police kort of no record. I ran against Steve White of the local White family of Granby and Judith Stiger who was the previous appointee and as I recall came in third of us three. Steve White got a sizable majority of the votes.

In 2003 as in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2001 I ran for Granby municipal judge and cum in second with about 10-20% of the vote. But in 2003 Steve White’s National Guard unit was called to Iraq and according to Missouri law as the runner-up I was supposed to be installed as municipal judge. Of course these corrupt korts were not going to obey Missouri law when incoonvenient as I have made it quite clear that I’m a defendant’s judge as opposed to government plaintiff’s judge. There is even a provision of fining Granby piglice $500 per case for bringing up a bogus case and I made it quite clear that I would shut down the Granby Piglice State and not enfarce Barry Flint’s Racketeering schemes regarding not letting poor people put up used single-wide trailers on theys’ own property and making Jim Channel work in connecting them to the Granby water & sewer utilities.

So Steve White is in Iraq, the Granby Piglice much of it is in Iraq, they eased off in writing tickets for revenue because they won’t be able to prostitute these cases and according to Missouri law I’m supposed to be municipal judge.

Of course these Missouri korts can’t be bothered with obeying they’s own law. They appointed Anne Wells as municipal jewge in Granby and Diamond and my retarded son-in-law was targetted and I forbidden from looking on to this supposedly open kort.

So I bitched to the FBI esconsed in jewplin and they cared nothing about municipal corruption. Instead they tried to set up a “perjury trap” of trying to find out the location of some Arkansas Christian Identity believer named Timothy Coombs who they blamed for being a “Phineas Priest” who shot this fat thieving Highway Patrol pig named Harper who was stealing more than his fair share of McDonald County dope.

So I went bitching to “The Simp” the editard of the jewplin Glob and he too didn’t give a crap about Granby and Newton County kort corruption.

In short even back in 2003 neither Granby, Newton County, the State of Missouri nor ZOG/Babylon was interested in maintaining just korts or in fair, open, free [s]elections.

The System has gotten even more corrupt since then.

For further information see:…2—MD4Judge:f

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate 4 Municipal Judge of Granby Missouri

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