The Granby City Council-Criminals want to disallow property owners from living on the ground floors of their own properties on North Main Street.

These political monkey-poxers want to sneak in back-door back-room zoning.

Just over a year ago they were scheming to tear down Granby Heritage Buildings. Now they want to sneak in zoning by means of saying that because they want to play at urban renewal of boutique businesses in an era of $4.00 gasoline that property owners cannot build in residential living on North Main street from the highway to McKinley Street.

Property owners are 90% opposed to zoning because it puts what they get to do with their private property into the corrupt paws of thieving idiots wanting to run a police state until they get paid off or have Barry Flint approve it. Why should their own property values be limited to what is approved by Granby Council-Criminals because no one will want to buy these old decrepit properties and fix them back up if they have to make payoffs or engage in litigation in order to do so?

Police being unleashed to make false arrests based upon criticism leads to making false arrests based upon getting to fill the municipal cash-register court which can lead to homeless crackheads with guns shooting three little pigs like in Joplin.

The next Council-Meeting will have a proposed ordinance in which corrupt idiots decide just like dogs licking theys’ nuts to make an ordinance which will be negated by litigation “just because they can.”

What do mangy dogs & Granby City Council-Criminals have in common?

A mangy dog licks its nuts because it can.

A Granby City Council-Criminal makes ordinances to apply to the People of Granby but not theysselfs, theys’ families and friends because theys’ can.

Barry Flint doesn’t bother telling mangy dogs to lick theys’ nuts though. No ZOGbux to be found there. Barry Flint tells his mangy dogs on the Granby City Council to lick they’s nuts & butts for ZOGbux because Barry is running a racketeering organization and he always keeps his eye on the bottom line. Just a matter of time until Granby becum-cum cum-cums Flintville.

Any Main Street property owner wanting to live on the ground floor of his property better put up a sleeping mat before the Council-Criminals convene though to get in grounds for a lawsuit if wanted. No Granby Inbred’s life, liberty or property is safe from Mayor Crooked Ira and the Council-Criminals while the municipal corporation of Granby retains its home-rule charter.

Just a critical observation made safely outside the city limits although my Church and I still have property regrettably not de-annexed just yet.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/ANElected

South Ward City Council 2020-22

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

Granby City Pub[l]ic Meating – Waterloo Court Trailer Park 12 July 2022

Subsequently disabled on Granby UnCensored

Thirty-five Minutes of Granby Racketeering in Action

This is a recording of the Granby City Pub[l]ic Meating cooncerning Travis and Rodney Allen of Stark City (small village of Eastern Newton County Missouri) having bought the Waterloo Court street Mobile Home Trailer Park which was set up with 20+ slots wanting to buy factory seconds and used houses and refurbishing 13 of them to out in the doubled lots.

Most Granby trailer parks were established late 1980s upon Barry Flint outlawing the private use of mobile homes and setting up his own trailer park having outlawed by legistreason poor people with children setting up their own affordable housing arrangements. Previous to ex-Mayor Barry Flint and the Council-Criminals outlawing single-wides and used double-wides the preferred method of housing was either to buy a hovel and fix it up enough to live in or to buy a used single-wide for a few thousand, pay $500-1000 to move it to the lot and thus not have to pay Barry Flint $300-400 per month for the great privilege of living in Granby. To enfarce these rules for the perpetuation of racketeering it was necessary to remove fat old Dewey Beaver as the elected town marshal who would not enfarce Barry Flint’s crap and create an animal Granby Police Force who would enforce these laws and corruption. The Granby Police Force became the haven for the dregs of the police profession and thus the basis for Granby decline.

These brothers already have seven or eight trailer parks, one in Diamond, of around 100 units total. They are prudently running their business of establishing mid-range rentals by rebuilding trailer houses to where they are livable to families starting out. The trailer park was flooded in the Great Gum Springs Granby Deluge of 2017 which flood water rose from the swollen dry creek to 4-5 ft crest. So much so that an old trailer made according to the manufacturer’s plate in 1953 was gutted and on its side. Back in 1994 in my first run for pub[l]ic office I went there to get Hancock II signatures and the place was full of families mowing the grass and barbequeing.

However, Bobbi White and her husband Steve, a former city council-critter with a pathological hatred of “trailer-trash” living in their native habitat, and their son Brandon have gotten 25 petitioners living in NorthEastern Granby in the flatlands next to the trailer park to sign a petition for the Granby City Council-Criminals running theys’ racketeering scheme to deny the brothers their rehabilitation project.

Looking at the 35 minute video one can tell that they have no problem with Barry Flint cutting a deal with Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins (Christian-Scumbag & Baal-Priest) to bring in five more trailers to Barry Flint’s trailer park a half-mile or so away. Other than the fact that because Crooked Ira, Council-Criminals Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and JoAnn Lamp, and two others signed on just before the April 2021 municipal [s]election might change things. Initially Brandon seen the proof of racketeering and said to his mother Bobbi something to the effect that “It’s all over, they can’t deny Travis & Rodney their permit if they let Barry move some more trailers in. Which is why Bobbi interrupts myself given that Granby municipal ordinances mean nothing legally given that those who make up all these rules don’t follow them theysselfs.

This is why Crooked Ira didn’t let me speak over 40 seconds with interruption because the “municipal ordinances” dodge falls apart when it is shown that these “rules” are enfarced selectively. If Barry Flint can move five more trailers into his mobile home park why can’t the Allens move 13 refurbished trailers to their 20+ lot trailer park to double-lot their park? After all, rather than spend money on a new trailer park infrastructure civic costs of functioning sewer and water connections, is it not better to simply improve that which already exists and is functional with no need for future survey? And the land at Waterloo Court was a flood plain since well before Granby was platted in 1845, the park was formed in the late 1980s, and before the second set of municipal ordinances made for Barry Flint’s benefit was passed in 1996. Putting duplexes on that property won’t make it any less of a flood plain.

The cumplaints by Bobbi White and her family are nothing more than the demand that private property ought to be run by an extremely corrupt mayor & city council to suit their notions of “proper growth.” If you don’t like Granby the way it is do what almost all of the young people and outlanders who too late find out about Granby and move to where the population is less inbred and the goats who prey upon the Granby sheep less rapacious and corrupt.

Granby is really nothing more than a civil racketeering scheme run by coonected City Council-Criminals enfarced by Granby Piglice over a bunch of inbred Granby-Tards.

Where oh where are you Eric Schmidt, Mo Atty General?

Send ZOGbux:

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

PO Box 666 Granby Missouri 64844

There was a Granby Council-Critter Special Work Meating to determine the proposed budget 6 July 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Due to not feeling well and not having the ZOGbux for gas for the first time I did not attend.

The Granby Council-Critters have the problem in that due to cutbacks in other government agencies — Region M Waste Disposal and East Newton Special Fire District — the salaries cut to Joe Guin and Tim Murphy will have to be made up by Granby funds. And while T-Rampageifer Gamble was shown the road a few cans short of a Milwaukee Worst’s 12-pack of the extra special job his pal and previous mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins had made expressly for him without the knowledge & coonsent of the rest of the council-critters the $35-38K salary should spread well between Tim Murphy and Joe Guinn.

The thang to know about Granby City council-criminals is that they are not honest men and women and they are devoid of any principle other than using theys’ office to steal for theysselfs and theys’ friends and family. This is why Granby never gets ahead. Theys’ only plan is to beg the state and federal government for sewer and water and other civic improvements by showing all the pore Granby Inbreds who either can’t or won’t leave the dumping ground of Newton County by showing how the bottom twenty-five percenters live and begging them through grants to pay off 75-90% of the proposed improvements from which they will line theys’ pockets. As like Africa, Granby ALWAYS wins. So these little thieves beg the bigger thieves on the political local state and federal food-chain for the ZOGbux. Whatever the Big Political Pimp-Daddy or Mamma-san says goes and they must take it like the least bitch on the prison yard a plain packet of chicken-flavored ramen.

So they had the numbers plugged in last meating but need to know how the butt-licking at Region M and East Newton fire District went, turn the crank, and see what the crap-sausage looks like. This should be done within a half-hour. Doubtless like in the past 20 years they will not be video recording or doing live streams so that is how it goes.

Since it is hot and humid and since my brother Pighook the Mother-Killer took me to the mailbox to check my mail yesterday, then what of it? I’ll request a listing of the City employees and how much they make later. City Council-Critter Meatings coonsist of the council-critters deciding in advance what to do and at the last minute putting in the facts thus making buying of council-criminal packets only 50% effective. They give to Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworthless of the Newton County Fake Douche a free council-criminal packet and then if any questions remain then a private coonference with the Mayor to go ass-3-mouf and Chadifer will publish what himself as a press agent decides to publish.

I decided to simply stay home for this farce. I’ll find out the figures — or so they say — eventually.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Former elected legitimate South Ward City Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

Seen by 1




Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — The Granby City Council-Critter Budget Meating of 27 June 2022

Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — Giving Granby Employees small 2% raises during an “Oafishul” 8.5 % pre-Hyperinflation period — of the Granby City Council-Critter meating of 27 June 2022

Pretty much the Department Heads of the Fire Department Joe Guinn and Fire Chief Tim Murphy get $38,000 salary per year while the Region 8 Waste Management cuts Joe Guinn’s salary by half and East Newton fire District does the same. The search for juggling funds to make up for other governmental units cutting their budgets. Cumming to no coonsensus the budget process was tabled until the Granby committee members can work with the Region 8 and East Newton Committees paying more than half the salaries while fuel and everything prices soar.

After all the yapping about live-streaming last meating no web-cam or video-camera for archives but me and my $65 Sony digicam recorded this mind-numbing foolishness.

As usual, I amused myself by asking embarrassing questions showing theys’ corrupt stupidity: Such as “How much did you save by finally firing Crooked Ira’s bunghole buddy T-Rampageifer Gamble in his made-up job for which he was begging for voluteers to help him do? $35-40 K? Which like a few years ago going from five piglice kept at 4 piglice meant that Jacob Kelly and “Barney Fife” Denno and Ms. Piggy (who later plotted with Box-Wine Wedgie Tard to remove Kelly and replace him with her piglice humps from Pineville to Carthage in the failed Thanksgiving Coup of 2020) would absorb the Wages of No Fifth Piggy.

Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) of the Newton County Fake-Douche — T-Rampageifer’s Object de Bromance & Crooked Ira’s Press Secretary said that he knew exactly how much T-Rampage got (excluding graft & kickbacks). Chadifer would know because Chadifer & T-Rampagifer & Crooked ira are going ass-3-mouf,

So i asked, so “How much did T-Rampageifer get so how much was saved? “None of your [expletive deleted] business. “

OK, Chadifer. If you ever were a real reporter it long since disappeared when you becum a presstitute & Meercat #3 for jewnifer’s alimony payment lie-paper. Makes me support the Saudi Prince who invited a lie-paper jewrnalist from the BezosBlog to the embassy in Turkey, beat same to death and then took out a meatsaw and fed the presstitute to the pariah dogs. You told me. That said, your lying foolishness is nowhere near as entertaining and likely less true than what is said on Jeromy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views and nearly as likely as on Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry.”

With a likely real inflation rate of 25-30+ percent and gasoline literally doubling from last year on its way to $10 per gallon due to Senile Joes’s War on Carbon & Russia two government boards — Region M & East Newton Fire District have halved paying Granby Department heads Joe Guinn and Tim Murphy so in order to give a modest 2-4% pay increase in a “8.5 %” (Actually 30+ percent) pre-Hyperinflation rate the Granby council-critters must beg and scramble and such is the reality. They could have cum up with a vote on a “preliminary budget” but they know that when reality cums around like a “Rough Beast whose time has cum-cum, cum-cum to Granby-Gomorrah” that they will have to meat again to “do something” so they tabled the matter to after the Farce of jewlie.

Such is what I observed of the 27th June Granby City Council-Meating.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN, M.D. (Mad Dog)

Unseated legitimate south Ward granby Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

It was some sundry tails told by lying idiots to Granby tards signifying nothing much — The 10 May 2022 Granby City Council-Critter Meating

(With apologies to the soul of William Shakespear)

“Out, out, brief candle. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
Macbeth after he hears of Lady Macbeth’s death, in Act 5, scene 5, lines 16–27.

Granby is lawyering up.

Most of the time you see the same old people. Sometimes like the Dec. 2021 Council-Critter Meating literally there were a total of nine people. The four council-critters and Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins. A pig from the Granby Pig-lice State making sure that no “free speech” will take place from the usual suspect who causes more trouble than the other 2000 Granby Inbreds coonbined. Fattt Lawna Price the Granby City Clerk a.k.a. The She-Mayoress / Crooked Ira’s Brain. Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) the Editard of the Newton County Fake-Douche and the Granby Piglice State Presstitute. Jim Channel and his cell phone on Facebook as opposed to a porn site. And me and my video-camera, the Sony Digicam #2, having misplaced the first battered piglice & council-critter riot cam. The rest of the Granby Inbred Tards not wanting anything from the Granby Council-Critters/Criminals prudently stayed home. In short, a political free-fire zone in which I am not allowed counter-battery fire.

So the night’s agenda was set up to allow a competent-looking lawyer (as opposed to the lawyer-clowns like Jared Thomas or Diane Paragon whose function is to screw over the Granby Inbred Tards or some out-of-towners caught up in a speed trap. in the ca$h-register municipal kort) with a few inches of tightly stacked legal files to have the closed legal session put first in the new business so that this expensive lawyer could get on with it.

This looks like it will be something which co$ts Granby and has a real trial. Not just the same old crooked crap which can be pushed upder the rug or something which can be solved by a mass shooting by Granby Inbred Tard. Perhaps Ms. Piggy’s lawsuit from the Failed Ms Piggy / Box-Wine Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving coup of 2020 is about to hit showtime. There was some mentioning about Jim Channel’s sundry thievery and Facebook pimping later, but it doesn’t arise to the level of having the insurance lawyer cum down from Kansas City like the jew lawyer Brian Todd Goldstein on Sunshine Act Enforcement Action #1 back in 2018. Jim Channel’s thievery is usually ignored then lied about when Jamie Arnall bitches about it like thieving off the walnut logs from the ballpark.

After this meating of 45 minutes or so the Granby Council-Criminals announced that they didn’t do anything with the expensive lawyer in theys’ secret coonclave. Which is typpycull for theysselfs.

Mayor Crooked Ira hangs on for now as Kink defending his “Bad Ol’ Boys” Ring against “The Stronk Wymyn” She-Council-Critters Nutwerk

Jamie Arnall immediately takes Jim Channel to task for hiring some character thrown out for stealing from Granby with a criminal record and no driver’s license and letting Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins hire the former mayor T-Rampage Gamble to take care of Granby buildings because T-Rampage got fired from his job at an auto place in Joplin. These patronage hirings by Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins under the rubric of Pub[l]ic Utilities Directard Jim Channel is against Granby official policy of several years past. But Jamie Arnall brought it up just after she chastized Jim Channel for not buying street signs which were supposed to be ordered last November and Jim Channel simply lied to Jamie Channel until she found out that these signs were countermanded by Jim Channel probably with the coonivance of Fattt Lawna the City Clerk / She Mayoress and Crooked Ira the putativwe mayor. There was supposed to be $4200 allotted to purchasing these signs but Jim Channel made a number of evasions that some of those signs were not in the Granby city Limits as an excuse for ordering none of them. Jamie Arnall was fuming and it is an open question as to whether any money has been allotted to buy the signs.

After 40 minutes of bitching Crooked Ira anusounces that none of the “Bad Ol’ Boys” — some of them with criminal records and sans drivers licenses — will be removed from theys’ city patronage jobs even though hired coontrary to City policy. City policy is that all hires have to be interviewed by the Department head then approved by the City Council in session as opposed to Jim Channel hiring one of his criminal buddies or Crooked Ira hiring the former mayor forced to resign from two Granby positions as a private favor. Last month outgoing Pfat Jackass Kelley bitched and begged about ending Jim Channel’s and Crooked Ira’s running wild about this crap and ending these violations of policy. They survived ending this crookedness last month. But Jamie kept pushing the issue again this month. Still for now the end result is that while Jamie may bitch about Granby crookedness, then Jim Channel carrying it out with Mayor Crooked Ira’s allowance won’t pay for violating Granby city policy set in the past or presumably in the future. But that may change in the future.

Then Jamie Arnall complained about Jim Channel’s Facebook Group Help Granby Grow ,i.e. Suck Granby Dry:

Jim Channel formed this Facebook Group on May 29, 2020, a bare three days before the 2 June 2020 [S]election in which I was running against Ashley Edgemon for South Ward City councilman. Jeremy Hopper had just let me back onto Granby Thots & Views because he thought Jim Channel was a thieving piece of shit talking shit about his sister Jamie Arnall. Jeremy Hopper voted to fire Jim Channel from his job thieving but Donna Fullerton let the piece of shit back in later. Jim Channel as a Granby City Employee isn’t supposed to have any part of pretending to speak for the City of Granby, much less use Granby time to post on Facebook, but he does. So Jamie Arnall took exception to one of the Granby City employees on Jim Channel’s Facebook page telling some Granby Utilities customer to “get over it” as to how this Granby worker does his job.

It would be easier if Jim Channel simply has his wife or one of his relatives take over his Granby ass-licking Facebook Channel, but Mayor Crooked Ira and She-Mayor Fattt Lawna need to have some “social media” telling the sundry Granby Inbred Tards that these thieving scumbags are serving them really really good from muzzle to bunghole. Jeremy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views is actually neutral to slightly unfriendly to Granby City antics. Pfat Jackass Kelley actually pushed Jeremy Hopper around over something I said. As T-Rampage and Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna and Jimblow think that not telling these Council-Criminals gave you the Whirrrrld’s Best Blowjob for letting the City infrastructure dissolve and collapse is somehow “Auntie-Granby.”

Of course Granby UnCensored is implacably hostile to the corrupt municipal corporation of Granby Missouri, wants the City Utilities sold to a profit company because these crooks are too stupid and corrupt to keep them up, to allow poor people to enjoy their property even going so far as to live in old single-wide trailers and not mow their grass.

The problem is that no side or faction should be allowed to claim to speak for the municipal corporation or its elected officials or employees on a social media page. Certainly not on behalf of a political entity which collects taxes nor its officers. The problem is that Crooked Ira, Fattt Lawna, T-Rampage Gamble nor Pfat Jackass Kelley have any decency or sense.

So there was much bitching by Jamie Arnall as she recited her Bill of Particulars against Jim Channel, who as with the street signs, was caught dead to rights. So Jim Channel simply showed Jamie Arnall more open disrespect while Doreen Clause looked grim, Gomer-Goober Carrel looked uneasy and Baal Shittrell was unexpressive. Mayor Crooked Ira spoke in favor of his henchman. The audience acted that they had never heard the like but fell quite short of disapproval. I enjoyed the incipent mutiny.

Let’s understand that Jamie Arnall made a damning case but as usual, nothing was scheduled to be done about these matters.

Municipal [S]Election Pre-dik-dik-shuns for 5 April 2022 Granby [S]Election:

I expect the additional Granby AB_Use Tax of 2.2666 % Sales Tax on Internuts purchases to fail and that Doreen Clouse will prevail over Pfat Jackass Kelly, thus endling my tenure as elected/non-selected South Ward City Council-Critter. The Dylann Storm Coof ZOGvirus brewed in Ft. Detrick/Wuhan hath rid Granby of some really senile & thieving council-criminals and Assley Edgmon & Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh and Carthage with the Allieger-Martin winnings leaving the Granby Inbreds with the bills. Only Mayor Crooked Evil Awful ass-Clown Ira Hawkins remains and this senile thieving retard looks like large hunks have been taken from its brain leaving not much left just like Senile Joe of what wasn’t much there to begin with of a grouping thieving idiot politician.

Crooked Ira’s walk-n thieving retard replacing JoAnn Lamp who croaked, Gomer-Goober Carrel will get 80% of the eligible vote of nine percent of the 400 registered voters so approximately 45 votes with a few “No Gomer-Goober” write-ins.

Jamie Arnall shall win re-selection as a strong empowered woman to the North Ward City Council Seat. She could have saved Granby $3500 by telling Pfat Jackass Kelly, Crooked Ira, and Senile Heifer Joyce Mann that she wasn’t allowing them to tear down her old hardware store and they could shove that plan into theys’ seats of consciousness but didn’t. Crooked Ira and Pfat Kelly cum-cum, cum-cum around after she deeded her building to the Flintville / Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (Henceforth the F-GG BB[B]BBBB). Pfat Jackass Kelly then destroyed the old building across from the Church and made the owners do it at they’s own expense, but spared to old church owned by Mexicans. She voted to give the F-GG BB[B]BBBB 20% of the BidenBux for something other than Granby sewer and water infrastructure. She has refused to boycott Granby City Council Meatings thus letting Crooked Ira appoint one of his council-criminals to thieve, i.e. Gomer-Goober Carrel.

Jamie is a lot better than Senile Heifer Joyce Mann who was overheard hoping to lose so that she could watch Faux SNoos with her cat until finally croaking of the Coof, but still Jamie was just a speed bump for Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna and Jim Channel

The next step is a $10-15 million (or more) water bond issue lasting the next 50 years through Allieger-Martin costing $400 per month water bills resulting in the diminished population living in hovels capturing rainwater with birdsh*t as opposed to the sulphur & sewage from the polluted aquifer. No one sane shall drink unfiltered Granby tap water but reverse osmosis filtering can filter out 2/3 of the oxygen and sulphur and 99.99 % of the sewage.

The Granby population — regardless of the legendary toughness of Granby Inbreds — shall decline by 4-5% per year in the next years as opposed to the 2% yearly decline in 2020 and 2021. The latest variant of the Boomer-Remover will strike but the Baal Gates Mark of the Beast Mark 666.66 Clot Shot shall remove much of the vaccinated sterilized population aged from 6 to 60.

However the Somalian and Guatamelian refugees will move into the hovels as Chinese — as opposed to Illinois housekeepers like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard who has lied low since the UnSuckcessfool Ms. Piggie/Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving Coup of 2020 — dump theys’ ZOGbux holdings as the price of renting a shotgun shack rises to $1000 per month plus $400 sewer/water bill. Newly rich Granby city council-criminals will sell out and move outside the city limits but faster than in the past 20 years. (Here’s looking at you Rick McCully).

Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress /City Clerk having moved out two years ago with Her Lustfool Meercat (previously appointed by Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins to the TIF Bored Prez-o-dintcy until replaced by Ex-Mayor T-Rampage Gamble in turn replaced by Crooked Ira as part of the “Bad Ol’ Boyz Nutwerk) to Build Back Barry (Both Flint & the County of) Better has refugeed from Barry County to Oklahoma and is coontemplating a move at Granby expense to Texas, where it is further but possible to commute but only if the Granby AB_Use Tax passes which it won’t.

Twenty Percent of the better sort will be allowed to de jure as well as de facto de-annex theysselfs from the Granby Police State.

Granby Piglice will mess with the wrong crackhead as in Joplin last month but it will be open season for them on baby-girl Granby crackheadettes as in Joplin.

Eric “Navy-SEAL Republican Family Values Rape-Dungeon Running ex-Governor” Greitens shall win the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate defeating Corporate Lawyer Eric Schmidt, Trans-ChickenHead Vickie Hartzler, and ZOGBot Silly Long and the several dozen Republicucks and then go down to defeat to the write-in candidacy of Pastor Martin “Half-Beard the Conqueror” Lindstedt, MD (Mad Dog) as seccessionist movements make Missouri the Guerrilla Capital of the Second Civil War like it was during the First Civil War.

Granby shall look a lot like its sister city in Eastern Ukraine. Or even more to the point Eastern Ukrainian towns and villages shall look more like Granby as events unfold.

Just a few sundry political observations and predictions now that the polls have closed.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Half-Beard Mad-Dog” Martin LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri/ZOGland

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Outgoing [S]Elected but Never-Seated South Ward Granby City Council-Critter

A vote for Doreen Clause might be voting for the lesser of two evils:

The Evil is that she thinks like a Granby City Council-Criminal: No respect for private property upon getting elected.

Sounds Good: But so was Feather-Duster Rosenfelt in 1932

Let me introduce myself. I’m Doreen Clouse and I am running for South Ward Alderman for Granby City Council, I have lived in SW MO since the age of 3. My family moved to Newtonia in 1970 and we lived there all through my school years. I have been married to my husband, Mike for 36 years and we have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. We have lived in Newton County our entire married life and plan to stay here. We have purchased our home in Granby and want to contribute to the community.

I previously worked 15 years at Sunbeam in Neosho. After that I went to Crowder College and earned an associate’s degree in accounting. Right after graduation, I started working for Crowder College in their grant funded TRIO programs. I am the Budget Manager for the TRIO programs that are housed at the Neosho campus. I have been with Crowder for the last 17 years.

My job includes managing budgets for 10 grants that each have a budget of over $250,000 annually. With this job experience I hope to use my knowledge to find ways to improve the spending habits and explore ways to use our funds efficiently. I want accountability and answers for how our funds are budgeted and expended in each department. I feel like the citizens of Granby need to be aware of the spending habits of the departments, as well as the revenue that we receive. All of this is not to point fingers, but to improve our town.

The water system is one large area that I would like to see substantial improvements as quickly as possible. It is not going to get any cheaper the longer we wait and we have wasted a lot of time and money with no real solutions to date.

Sounds good so far. But now cum-cum, cum-cums the “Oh Shit Moment” . . .

I would also like our town to look appealing to outsiders who are looking for a new place to call home. We have housing issues that need to be addressed, starting with the homes that have been abandoned and left to deteriorate. Those property owners need to be held accountable and the structures should be brought up to a standard that a family could live in, or torn down to make way for future builds. We need to be able to take pride in our town !


The above idiot notion is common to those seeking power over others. This woman thinks that just because she gets [s]elected that she gets to “own” private property within the municipality and turn it into her own private Home Owners Association in which she gets to keep the poor and weaker than he “accountable.” She wants to tear down private property if it isn’t up to her own “standards” and thus is a fascist or communist in ideation. The best way to deal with such idiot notions is to destroy the power base, in this case to dis-incorporate Granby.

I got on to her over this matter during the second of Mayor Crooked Ira’s Town Hall Beg-a-thon. So since she is slightly more rational than Pfat Jackass Kelly I’ll not make a big deal about either voting for her or not, but this woman might well be problemic if she wins, which she probably will.

Let’s also understand something. Granby is dying. There is no point to building anything new in Granby because those in power want to steal it or tell you how to live because Granby Inbreds in Power have no respect for private property, indeed think that it is theys’ property if [s]elected.

— Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN


I am excited that Grow Granby has jumped in to improve commercial growth in our town. This should be coming from our council and not from a small group of people who see the potential for Granby. Many of these committee members do not even live in our town and still want to see our town be prosperous and profitable! I will work alongside this committee to help bring businesses and increased revenue to our town.

These types of improvements will bring growth to our town. So, my hope would be by voting for me, we can work to Rebuild and Restore Granby!

Don’t Vote 4 Pfat Jackass Kelly 4 Granby South Ward Council-Criminal

. . . Not even if you are the stupidest & most degenerate Granby inbred crackhead, chomo, or sundry stupid thieving retard.

First of all, let’s see what Pfat Jackass Kelly — who happens to hold my own duly [s]elected seat by 20% of the more alert Granby inbreds from the 2020 ZOG-virus [s]election. Pfat Jackass Kelly — so named because according to its own testilying the wrong Kelly-ass was r.u.n.n.t.-o.v.e.r. in daze gone by — wants Granby Inbreds to vote him in for another term along with Gomer-Goober Carrell, a regrettably healthy-looking Crooked Ira council-criminal appointed by Mayer Crooked Evil Awful ass-Clown Ira Hawkins to take over the kleptocratic job done by JoAnn Lamp until she went to Hell, directly to Hell, Do not pass more gas, Do not collect Allieger-Martin or Barry Flint or coontractor kickback ZOGbux thanks to the ZOGvirus/FrankenFauci Flu.

In short Granby Inbreds, Pfat Jackass Kelly wants you to punch his ticket so he can do more of the same shit which has resulted in Granby shitheads drinking more sulphur & sewage at lower pressure given that none of them want to make Jim Channel work or do anything other than watch Internuts porn, run his Facebook Group, log off the Granby public domain and reduce your population. That and he wants you Granby Tards to voting to tax jewrselfs by an additional 2.625 percent on your Internuts purchases to fill up the slush fund now that the TIF is over, In short, he wants Granby Inbreds to fuck theysselfs some more as if they haven’t done it to theysselfs enough during the Reigns of t’Error of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira.

To wit, Granby witlings:

Pfat Jackass Kelly wants you Granby Inbred-Tards to Voat 4 moar of the Same

My Work has taken me to Lots of Places, No matter where I went or where Iv ever been, I was just a HillBilly Guy from a rock pile called Granby, full of Hard working, Honest, Down to Earth People that can be Proud of the Blood in their vanes, made Tough by the Lead & Zink of our Families & Friends.

As I myself, as an onlooker born and bred in Central south Dakota, I am still after living down here amongst the anglo-mestizo inbreds since July 1965, am an outsider, unlike Roxie Lamp of the Lamps who moved to Granby from Monett in 1969. If you are appalled by most of the Granby inbreds and know you could do better by definition you are an outsider.

However, a week ago after talking to one of the better denizens from one of the good founding families about her stray dog shot by another denizen’s psycho sprog, an outsider from Alaska who made the mistake of building a new $100,000 home in Granby and is looking to sell out and return to Alaska was bemoaning that Granby turned out to be such a shithole. And I pointed out that nowhere else but in Granby could I have bought hovels so cheap because these old tough Granby people died and their children sure didn’t want to live in Granby. I bought my first hovel in Granby back in 1987 for me and Roxie and my step-daughter Fatass with nearly a half-acre for $3000, which was a pretty good deal and then the rest of these shitholes in the Cobb Hill / Rabbit Track Loop from the heirs real cheap.

For outsiders seeking “survival acres” cheap like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, housekeeper from Illinois or others wanting to buy a shithole in Granby and then fix it up to where it becum-cums even a North Neosho a.k.a. “niggertown/beanertown” then you are living with the fact that like Africa, Granby ALWAYS Wins. The inbred whigger & anglo-mestizo trash will always bring you down. There is a reason that while Carl Junction and Webb City pulled itself up by its own bootstraps and now have Schubert-Mitchell McMansions Granby never will. That reason is that ever since Granby was founded, those who lived off those who took something out of the Granby Hills when they got rich moved to Joplin back in the day. In my time those who were ambitious moved to Dallas and Kansas City. Now that those places becum shitholes, the place for those who are ambitious is Springfield.

But there are some remnants of better native Granby people. and they know that the biggest impediment is the thieving and corrupt Granby City Council, especially the past 30 years and getting totally out of cuntrol during the psychotic [mal]administrations of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins. But the decent 20% is outvoted by the majority 80%. Whenever someone intelligent gets in they have to deal with the realities of the foolish inbreds listening to the promises of liars and thieves promising that they can lift Granby up by its own bootstraps, then proceeding to steal the bootstraps.

I Firley Believe Granby Missouri has the Best in department heads. They work hard every day for a Better Granby. From our Police, Fire, Sewer, & Water They All Strive for the Best for Granby There are always issues that come up but as a City we work through them & make things Better for All. I am asking for your vote for South Ward Alterman for another year. If an issue comes up that I agree with I will vote so, If I do not agree I will say so. It is my Hope to stay & assist our Mayor in his vision to make a even Better Granby

Pfat Jackass Kelly is such a moral and mental imbecile. That and a “Good Ol’ Boy” from the Axis-Nutwerk of Awful Evil Thieving Shitheads.

The Fire Department worked all right back when Kevin Johnson ran it. Then when T-Rampage Gamble run him out along with Lawna Price getting rid of the elected City Collector and firing the old City Clerk there was no stopping the rest of the decay. The Granby Piglice are an enforcement arm to arrest dissent from myself and others while running a cash register kangaroo kort to oppress the poor and enforce selectively the Granby municipal ordinances.

The Granby sewer and water system is a real disaster. Having a fool and wastrel like Jim Channel refusing to fix the water and sewer leaks means that Granby people are drinking sewage and sulphur water from a shot system with low water pressure. Ever since 2013 the City of Granby only meters slightly over a third of what it pumps out of the ground. The rest leaks back into the ground where it eventually hits the aquifer. No one in their right mind drinks the Granby water unfiltered.

But it has been a choice for things to get this way. Rather than hire someone who fixes it up as it goes, the choice of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins has been to take advantage of the fact that Granby is “economically stressed” and then try to get “free money” from the state and federal governments which they can use to get kickbacks from contractors like Allieger-Martin and then leave Granby people with the debt for the next half-century. However the state and federal governments are strapped for the very money they inflate to worthlessness and soon things will collapse.

Pfat Jackass Kelly is the very last person — after Crooked Ira, Baal Shittrell and Gomer-Goober Carrell — who can be trusted to make things better for all. Not when he has coonsistently voted to let Jim Channel slough off fixing the Granby infrastructure so that he could have more time on Facebook and Internuts porn. Not when he recently voted to give Barry Flint up to 20% of Senile Joe’s Build Back Better Infrastructure ZOGbux to the Flintville Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau [F-GG BBBBBBB].

At least have enough sense to vote for Doreen Clouse who promises to “Rebuild/Restore” Granby whether she does that or not. We know what we got. Let’s see what we can get.

Bye-bye, Pfat Jackass Kelly.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

[S]Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-22