Your skin is trying to tell you something & that it wants de-annexation from you.

Cheryl N Roger Bogan-Kidd

he makes my skin crawl. He basically makes fun of Jesus in almost every single post he makes. I also don’t live in town but it scares me to think of what it will become if that pervert gets in to any position in the town. Just having read read his posts makes me want to get out of the group. I keep trying to remember that there are so many great people on here and he is just one useless thing. I don’t like the fact that he is getting all of this attention.

Well at your age it is a good thing to have crawling skin. Maybe your skin is trying to de-annex itself from yourself like I’m trying to de-annex those who are tired of living under the corrupt & witless [d]rule of City Hall. Your skin may well be a Pastor Lindstedt supporter, in which case I’m all in favor of judging you by the color of your skin!

Insofar as being a pervert is cooncerned, the accusations were something to be used to stifle dissent. I’ve told the Newton County Establishment that of course come a Revolution that they and their families will pay like House Ahab did for destroying Naboth and his family. I’m not a pervert but I sure met quite a few of them at the Nuthouse and I’m sure that they will do all manner of vengeful things once unleashed upon them which used to be in power. Right now there is the question of what to do with all them caged up criminals, many of them innocent. Kill them or turn them loose? Either way more chaos ahead.

You say that you don’t live here. Fine by me. This “private group” has more people in it than live in Granby. Most of you live outside Granby. So Granby is akin to a diseased cell awash with Covid-GAIDS-Ebola ZOGvirus in an overall diseased boddy politic which is about to go under both at the cellular and the bodily level. I’m merely trying to salvage what I can of the Old Granby pre-1990 and tear it off from those who come in from outside and want to loot what little remains as Granby further crumbles.

So if you leave this forum what of it? Your crawling skin might bring you back to look. Many is the time that some gliberal whigger has given me the gliberal whigger Poop & Scoot:
I’m going to whine muh last whine and leave a turd as a my final word. Good-bye Cruel Mad Dog! Now to leave before the Nazi jackboot descends upon the now shit-encrusted Muh Anus.