What Steps Do You Recommend to Save the Granby Poor Over The Winter Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins?

You and Baal Shittrell and Pfat Jackass Kelly and now Goober-Gomer Squirrell are firmly in charge and thus responsible for this mess so now what’s next, you pharisatanic Granby City Council-Criminal ass-clowns???



Ira Hawkins and City Council members as winter is fast approaching and the costs of natural gas rising quickly could you let the residents know in the next billing any issues they may need to be prepared for due to our current political situation. I’d hate to see folks not budget accordingly since everything else has gotten more expensive and out of control. Plus since you pharisatanic ass-clown City Council-Criminals are less Christian than a rattlesnake and don’t want to cut down on Liemond Jim Chlymidia-Channel’s Internuts porn & Facebook time so no final notice could you coonsider giving this belated kindness to the poor and weak amongst you jewr utmost attention? Cum-cum, cum-cum & Thank you !!!

Allen Malloy
Friday Oct. 15, 2021 @ 2:25pm

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