Two Proven Birds in the North Ward Hand Beats a Suspected Unknown Scumbag in the Council-Criminal Bush

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

“Martin Lindstedt just so that you will have your facts straight the meeting was not a secret meeting the meeting on the 12th was put off for one weak due to sickness in the council and lack of quorum. I was the one that approached the mayor and told him I would be interested in filling the vacant seat and that I was interested in filing to run. The mayor had no clue who I was until I started coming to the council meetings a couple of months ago. On top of that you have no clue who I am and I would hope you would give me a chance before passing judgment on me. I love my city and I want to see it grow and I pray that we can see great things come to pass. I believe if the people of Granby want great things and want change they need to get involved and help bring change. Martin Lindstedt I have decided to become involved… thank you sir” — Bill Kittrel, North Ward apponted meat-puppet to the Granby City Council-Criminals

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

First of all, I called in on both Monday and Tuesday to find out who was going to run. On the previous Friday and both days I was told no City Council meetings until Jan. 26th. So when I went in to collect my public records on Wednesday I read that a new City Councilman had been appointed in place of Reggie Bard, who was a massively dishonest and vicious person until she ran afoul of the pros on the current Granby City Council and Police Department who were even more vicious and wicked than she was. This dishonesty from City Hall is business as usual. You know sometimes they even claim to have posted the Notice of Meeting outside business hours on weekends in order to lying claim to not violate the Missouri Sunshine Act.

Then I read in the Newton county [Fake] News liepaper  that you were appointed to fill Reggie Bard’s seat. It seemed to myself, knowing Granby politics, that you were to be given a “leg up” in order to take your place amongst the most thieving criminal lot in the most decayed and dying town in Southwest Missouri. At the same time, Joyce Mann who made a big deal of “retiring” until such time as Will Barrett — North Ward – Styrons — r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Carthage after saddling Granby for the next 35 years with the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewer scam. Then she filed at the last minute to run against Jaimie Arnall. The last year all this thieving and musical chair filling with nothing but baal-priests and meat-possum thieves to replace the thieves who have r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. has left the Granby City Council-Criminals in power as they have looted every single tax fund, used their police department to stifle dissent and criticism. And now yourself have cum out of nowhere, claiming that you just want to “help” and that you are not to be judged as being like those who have given you an office as a “walk-in” even though Bobby Brooks six years ago was trying to get an independent audit of the City books, not the Dog&pony show audits with secret protocol “management letters”.

Thus you are adjudged accordingly to those of us who will judge according to the recent past events. I simply must assume that you are as big of a crook as the mayor who appointed you who appointed every single failed criminal back to the City Council or TIF Bored or whatever spends Granby tax money. Why should I give you a chance to do a good job as one of a den of thieves?

Now let’s say you are honest and just want to help as you claim. Therefore you are not out something if you were to immediately resign in favor of Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks who have a proven record of love and service to Granby as small businessmen? If the Mayor had cared for an independent voice and mind on the Granby City Council he could have appointed Jaimie Arnall to the TIF Board and then the City Council. Or done so with Bobby Brooks and agreed to a thorough State Audit costing just a little bit extra, $18-21 thousand as opposed to the dog&pony show fake audit which backstops the $21,000 spent year after year because the she-mayoress / City Clerk can’t and won’t do book-keeping.

If as you say, you just walked in and offered to help, then you won’t be out anything by resigning then will you? Of course not !!! You first act of service in showing that you are an honorable candidate for office would be to selflessly say, “Please Ira Hawkins, please the rest of you Council-Criminals, let me wait my turn at the trough, please don’t use me to finish off Granby. Appoint in my place Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks so that Granby Reform can get its honest snout in the door, please, please, please I beg you as an honest man !!!”

You get my drift, don’t you?

Well, I have slathered it on a bit thick. I think you are not going to resign. I think you are lying to me. If on the off chance you are not a crook, then I shall say as much. I don’t know you. But I do know Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks and although a South Ward voter will support them even though not able to vote for them.

Jaimie Arnall knows all about the Granby sulphur and sewage in the water since it was in her shop that she drew the stinking water five weeks ago. Bobby Brooks knows what the problems are as well and was against the City Council lawlessly bulldozing down my and Roxie’s and niece and nephews’ property back in Oct. 2019. So if they win and are allowed to take their city council seats along with Pat Kelly there is a chance that the sewer bond scam can be set aside, that Jim Channel and Lawna Price fired, and that all these municipal ordinances that this City Council won’t obey themselves repealed and the law enforcement can be sent back to Newton County.

With you, all there is is campaign rhetoric from someone appointed as one of their dreary meat-puppets by Granby City Council-Criminals who have made Granby into a thieves paradise. I prefer to stick with the reform that I got in Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks.

The reason that I didn’t run for anything for the first time since 1994 is because voting implies consent to a failed form of government. I have filed a tax protest and intend to file litigation to strip Granby of its taxing priviledges or allow those of us who have had enough to de-annex ourselves from the lot of you altogether.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Duly Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-2022
Duly Elected Granby Municipal Judge 2003-2004

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