Turmoil within the Granby Piglice Department — How cum?

Chief of Granby Piglice Jacob Kelley fires Sgt. Ms Piggy Christina for something or another — Was It a Wedgie Tard / Ms Piggy Coup, cum-cum, cum-cum???

Here is another questions I have. If the Chief of Police is such a great Chief of Police why does he keep hiring so many people he has to fire? Wouldn’t a good chief of police be able to find good officers? One of which he brought from the Department he worked with before who saved a baby not more than a month before, And yet he fired him as well. Constantly doing less than his 40 hours a week that he is paid to do because he’s on salary?( very unethical and Theft ). Which was brought to the council’s attention with proof. Just a lot of things it’s not adding up. Anyone else questioning any of this? –Jeremy Hopper, Admin Granby Thots & Views. 3 Dec. 2020


“Who appoints this position? Isn’t there a board?”

“There is a police board that reviews all the applications for the Cheif position and then they pick two or three applicants and present them to the mayor and council which they then hire from.” Jim Channel, ostensible Granby Pub[l]ic Works Director


The Granby Marshal’s Office was subverted for years by those who would use the City of Granby to enrich themselves and their families at the public expense.

When Dewey Beaver finally decided to retire the vote to set up a Granby Police Farce passed by three votes.

Many of us knew that a Granby Police Department would be used to steal from the poor and weak on behalf of the politically connected. The police serve those who pay them.

The Granby Police Department has always been corrupt since its inception in 1994.

I’ve been beaten up upon the orders of Mayor Craig Hopper back in 1997.

I’ve been arrested on the orders of T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins for trying to address their thievery in open public city council meetings.

One Granby Police Officer raped 16 year old girls and it wasn’t until a city council-member’s 16 year old step-daughter was a victim that the officer was fired. A grand jury indicted that officer for statutory rape and the Granby City Council members tipped off that officer who fled to Washington State, was brought back and got a slap on the wrist.

Granby police officers were complicit in having my grandchildren bought and sold in 2004 and having me falsely charged with child molestation in 2005.

Police officers broke out five of my front teeth taking me to the NutHouse for my refusal to accept a public pretender.

If it was up to me I’d exterminate them all, along with the lawyers, judges, politicians, social workers and cull heavily their families and make the survivors helot slaves for seven generations. The French and then the Russians did the same thing, as will we who survive the Collapse.

But for now the plan should be to simply disband the Granby Police Department and let it revert back to Newton County as a satellite station for Granby and Eastern Newton County. The Newton County Sheriff’s Department is corrupt as well, but they won’t be jailing people for putting up used single-wide trailer homes on their own property or not mowing their grass or for making fun of the Mayor or the rest of the Granby City Council-Criminals.

Any lawful police department should be funded by property taxes of the middle-class and rich and not by reverse-robin-hooding the poor, stupid and addicted. This 25-year ignoble experiment with a Granby Police Department should be cut up and flushed down the toilet as its entire purpose from the very beginning was to create armed muscle for those who would run the corrupt Granby City Hall. Take away their enforcement arm and you take away most of their ability to do evil.