Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — The Granby City Council-Critter Budget Meating of 27 June 2022

Three Hours of Mind-Numbing Boredumb — Giving Granby Employees small 2% raises during an “Oafishul” 8.5 % pre-Hyperinflation period — of the Granby City Council-Critter meating of 27 June 2022

Pretty much the Department Heads of the Fire Department Joe Guinn and Fire Chief Tim Murphy get $38,000 salary per year while the Region 8 Waste Management cuts Joe Guinn’s salary by half and East Newton fire District does the same. The search for juggling funds to make up for other governmental units cutting their budgets. Cumming to no coonsensus the budget process was tabled until the Granby committee members can work with the Region 8 and East Newton Committees paying more than half the salaries while fuel and everything prices soar.

After all the yapping about live-streaming last meating no web-cam or video-camera for archives but me and my $65 Sony digicam recorded this mind-numbing foolishness.

As usual, I amused myself by asking embarrassing questions showing theys’ corrupt stupidity: Such as “How much did you save by finally firing Crooked Ira’s bunghole buddy T-Rampageifer Gamble in his made-up job for which he was begging for voluteers to help him do? $35-40 K? Which like a few years ago going from five piglice kept at 4 piglice meant that Jacob Kelly and “Barney Fife” Denno and Ms. Piggy (who later plotted with Box-Wine Wedgie Tard to remove Kelly and replace him with her piglice humps from Pineville to Carthage in the failed Thanksgiving Coup of 2020) would absorb the Wages of No Fifth Piggy.

Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) of the Newton County Fake-Douche — T-Rampageifer’s Object de Bromance & Crooked Ira’s Press Secretary said that he knew exactly how much T-Rampage got (excluding graft & kickbacks). Chadifer would know because Chadifer & T-Rampagifer & Crooked ira are going ass-3-mouf,

So i asked, so “How much did T-Rampageifer get so how much was saved? “None of your [expletive deleted] business. “

OK, Chadifer. If you ever were a real reporter it long since disappeared when you becum a presstitute & Meercat #3 for jewnifer’s alimony payment lie-paper. Makes me support the Saudi Prince who invited a lie-paper jewrnalist from the BezosBlog to the embassy in Turkey, beat same to death and then took out a meatsaw and fed the presstitute to the pariah dogs. You told me. That said, your lying foolishness is nowhere near as entertaining and likely less true than what is said on Jeromy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views and nearly as likely as on Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry.”

With a likely real inflation rate of 25-30+ percent and gasoline literally doubling from last year on its way to $10 per gallon due to Senile Joes’s War on Carbon & Russia two government boards — Region M & East Newton Fire District have halved paying Granby Department heads Joe Guinn and Tim Murphy so in order to give a modest 2-4% pay increase in a “8.5 %” (Actually 30+ percent) pre-Hyperinflation rate the Granby council-critters must beg and scramble and such is the reality. They could have cum up with a vote on a “preliminary budget” but they know that when reality cums around like a “Rough Beast whose time has cum-cum, cum-cum to Granby-Gomorrah” that they will have to meat again to “do something” so they tabled the matter to after the Farce of jewlie.

Such is what I observed of the 27th June Granby City Council-Meating.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN, M.D. (Mad Dog)

Unseated legitimate south Ward granby Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate