There was a Granby Council-Critter Special Work Meating to determine the proposed budget 6 July 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Due to not feeling well and not having the ZOGbux for gas for the first time I did not attend.

The Granby Council-Critters have the problem in that due to cutbacks in other government agencies — Region M Waste Disposal and East Newton Special Fire District — the salaries cut to Joe Guin and Tim Murphy will have to be made up by Granby funds. And while T-Rampageifer Gamble was shown the road a few cans short of a Milwaukee Worst’s 12-pack of the extra special job his pal and previous mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins had made expressly for him without the knowledge & coonsent of the rest of the council-critters the $35-38K salary should spread well between Tim Murphy and Joe Guinn.

The thang to know about Granby City council-criminals is that they are not honest men and women and they are devoid of any principle other than using theys’ office to steal for theysselfs and theys’ friends and family. This is why Granby never gets ahead. Theys’ only plan is to beg the state and federal government for sewer and water and other civic improvements by showing all the pore Granby Inbreds who either can’t or won’t leave the dumping ground of Newton County by showing how the bottom twenty-five percenters live and begging them through grants to pay off 75-90% of the proposed improvements from which they will line theys’ pockets. As like Africa, Granby ALWAYS wins. So these little thieves beg the bigger thieves on the political local state and federal food-chain for the ZOGbux. Whatever the Big Political Pimp-Daddy or Mamma-san says goes and they must take it like the least bitch on the prison yard a plain packet of chicken-flavored ramen.

So they had the numbers plugged in last meating but need to know how the butt-licking at Region M and East Newton fire District went, turn the crank, and see what the crap-sausage looks like. This should be done within a half-hour. Doubtless like in the past 20 years they will not be video recording or doing live streams so that is how it goes.

Since it is hot and humid and since my brother Pighook the Mother-Killer took me to the mailbox to check my mail yesterday, then what of it? I’ll request a listing of the City employees and how much they make later. City Council-Critter Meatings coonsist of the council-critters deciding in advance what to do and at the last minute putting in the facts thus making buying of council-criminal packets only 50% effective. They give to Chadifer Sexton Meercat #3 Heyworthless of the Newton County Fake Douche a free council-criminal packet and then if any questions remain then a private coonference with the Mayor to go ass-3-mouf and Chadifer will publish what himself as a press agent decides to publish.

I decided to simply stay home for this farce. I’ll find out the figures — or so they say — eventually.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Former elected legitimate South Ward City Council-Critter (2020-22)

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

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