The Vote Which Failed 11 May 2021 Granby City Council Meeting

Mayor Ira Hawkins and South Ward City Councilmen Pat Kelly and JoAnn Lamp decide through a pretext of “safety” to vote using Granby city taxpayer funds to generate a bogus structural report to punish North Ward Councilwoman Jaimie Arnall to justify wasting another $200,000 in taxpayer money to destroy her old brick hardware building while ignoring a decrepit old church and building whose owners don’t mind having their properties demolished.

Jaimie Arnall wants to fix the old building, put in a new roof and use it for her array of businesses while restoring a 120-year old Granby Heritage building.

After much wrangling it comes to a vote. Pat Kelly and JoAnn Lamp vote to destroy the old building. Bill Kittrell not seeing the point of pointlessly destroying an old building on the North Ward given that his collegue on the North Ward wants to fix it up and so he votes “no”. Jaimie Arnall is unlawfully not allowed to vote against destroying her old building but is forced to abstain.

The editor of the Newton County Fake-News points out that with a vote of 2-2 or 2-1-1 that since a majority of the vote wasn’t reached that the Motion to hire a structural engineer at Granby city expense fails, and thus the vote is moot. This annoys Ira Hawkins, JoAnn Lamp and especially Pat Kelly while Jaimie Arnall has the good grace not to gloat.

11 minutes 23 seconds videoed 11 May 2021 at Granby City Hall.

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