The Very Last Person Departed Granby South Ward City Council-man Ashley Edgemon Wanted to See His City Council Papers Has His City Council Papers & Other Things of Interest

I go to my house in Granby every day. Usually to get the water or take a shower and to make sure that the rat hasn’t unplugged the refrigerator or to use the old Windows 7 computer. Today I went to get the Granby City Council-Packets and today they gave me the minutes of their secret “emergency” City Council meeting to swear in Ashley Edgemon — but not Reggie Bard — so that Ashley could leave for Florida and the City Council could accept his resignation as planned back when Ashley filed at 4:49pm 22 January 2020 — 11 minutes before filing ended so as to defeat myself who had signed up on 15 Jan 2020. The Granby City Council deliberately made him file so they could later “appoint” a compliant meat-puppet meercat to further steal Granby blind. Ashley Edgemon left this past weekend.

As I drove to where I take care of Roxie, I seen an ice-chest in the small dumpster across from Ashley Edgemon’s former church. So I turned around and the workmen working on Skeeter Lamp’s back yard didn’t bat an eye. So I retrieved the ice-chest, a broken clothes hamper, a broken lawn chair, and saw some binders. I dug deeper. And there were approximately three-four years of the “City Council packets” made for the attention of the Granby City Councilmen for use at Granby Council Meetings. These city packets I have to pay for but Chad Heyworth gets for free as their tame newspaperman. The paperwork had stale coffee and pizza boxes soiling them buI I scooped them up and put them in the broken clothes hamper.

I also found the August 2019 Allieger-Martin sewer report that I shamed a copy from Ashley Edgemon and posted to the Internet. But what I found to show half-hearted shamefulness was a never-worn yellow Allieger-Martin 2X t-shirt which was given as a reward to the City Councilmen. That and Ashley Edgemon’s card holder. Ashley is obviously never going to be a pastor again. It made me mad because here Ashley was, shilling for $3.2 million in unnecessary debt lasting for the next 35 years and here he got a t-shirt and likely other stuff but never will have to pay a penny on it, not him or his kids. Just his stupid, stupid baal-sheep who listened to him and voted for him.

I also found the past city council-packets for March, April, and May 2020. Looks like I’ll not be needing to pay for them now that I got Ashley’s. He threw them away when he fled / r.u.n.n.t,-o.f.f.t. into the night to Florida. The June 2019 Dog&Pony Show Audit. Ashley was not even going to leave a copy for his successor — but he actually did as I’m notifying the Missouri Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditor for them to come to Granby and do their jobs.

The past five years of Granby City Hall criminality must be undone. I’ll be releasing these records rescued from the dumpster to those who ask. And as your next South-Ward City Councilman you will be able to see City business done with your tax dollars 10-15 minutes after I see what is on the plate and get my copy.

When I ran on four planks I meant them. 1) Disown Ashley Edgemon’s $3.2 million dollar sewer bond debt. 2). Fix the water pipes 3.) Plug the sewer leaks. and 4) Open the schools and businesses and keep them open.

We need to understand that it is up to us to fix our infrastructure and to hire them who will do it which means firing those who keep us from attaining our objectives.

The trash lady Tami tried to shoo me off but it was too late. I think I got everything except maybe a file or two as she picked up the dumpster and flipped it into the truck. I left behind a broken cork-board and broken picture-frames.

I found in Ashley Edgemon’s Church’s dumpster that it is not only evil which is banal, but representative democracy when run by such as Ashley Edgemon and Granby council-critters.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
2d Place Granby South Ward City Councilman.