The Silence of the Meercats

If you live on the South Ward, even though you outnumber the North Ward by 400 to 1000, your vote doesn’t count.

Several years back in 2017-18 when Ira Hawkins and T-Rampage Gamble were going to appoint their choice as to who to replace Bill Cooper as South Ward City Council and not even have an election I called up Newton County Clerk Kay Baum and asked her to call up T-Rampage in lieu of my filing a mandamus action to force open the election. Kay Baum called up City Hall and told them that they had to have an election. The Newton County [Fake]-News lie-paper claimed that according to their lawyers and the Missouri Municipal League they didn’t have to hold an election for the office but they were going to do so anyway . . . just in case. I asked how many registered voters there were on the North Ward and South Ward. The figure was 375 to 945 or a ratio of 2.5 to 1 more registered voters on the South Ward than North Ward.

Which is why during the upcoming litigation it will be necessary to pursue a more equitable representation arrangement other than the traditional one in which the North Ward dominates since the founding of Granby. The North Ward is where the richer families lived, the businesses were built and the stamping mill was located. The South Ward housed the miners and underneath Cobbn Hill were the lead mines. This is the way it always was.

I have no doubt that they, being desperate as well as stupid and corrupt will leave it to litigation

The cities in America are burning right now because of the population in them being whipped up by antifa like the ones which Ira Hawkins and Ashley Edgemon sold a bogus judgment against myself to. Right now I’m counter-suing some of them in four federal lawsuits and will add Ashley Edgemon and Ira Hawkins to the litigation soon. They prefer the non-white non-heterosexial white supremacists as opposed to those of us who are merely waiting the collapse. Below is the 2017 IRS 501(c)(3) Short Form income tax form showing that they and the Board of Directors are the very ones responsible for the Charlottesville Massacre.

These riots are merely a prelude to the inevitable food riots for this fall as there is a massive die-off as the Mighty Evil Empire implodes into pockets of survival. A lot of white people will no longer be able to feed themselves or their families so the current foolishness of worrying about others who burn down and loot their own neighborhoods is going to evaporate rather quickly.

I have no doubt that the current Granby City Council will do as advertised. Ashley Edgemon was second on the ballot because in the waning days of filing he filed after me on the last day. The entire plan was to leave the City Council open to their choice of selected thieves.

Which is why I have not expressed any “white supremacy” beliefs but rather sought to ask you South Ward city voters to accept my 4 proposals as posted on my yard sign:

1.) Deny, delay and disavow the $3.2 million needless storm-water sewer basin debt brought by the current City Council. Ashley Edgemon is an evil and wicked man for forcing like a pharisee this debt burden and then fleeing to Florida when it comes time for him to pay anything on this 35 year debt.

2.) Fix the water pipes 100 ft at a time. Jim Channel isn’t going to do this so he will be gone and we’ll find someone who will work for the wages Granby pays him.

3.) Plug the sewer leaks. Again Jim Channel isn’t going to do this so he will be gone and we’ll find someone who will work for the wages Granby pays him.

4.) Open the schools and businesses so that we can go back to what is now the new “normal.”

What is most important is to not be providing Granby with any new or renewed taxes. Save our Cemetery by taking it out of the City Hall’s thieving paws. Vote “NO” on the Cemetery property tax. Vote “No” on the 1/2 cent Newton County Sheriff’s sales tax.

By depriving them of the feed they need to grow and cover up their past thievery you control them to where they have no choice but to fire the corrupt Lawna Price and Jim Channel and cannot proceed with putting Granby into further debt. You control the tax money and you control the government. These realities are the basis of Western parliamentary and congressional representative governments.

I think that Ashley will “win” and then resign so that the corrupt City Hall can appoint a meat-puppet meercat (literally) but if the tax increases fail then ira Hawkins will be confined to watching systems fail or imposing efficiency through terminating the wasteful Lawna Price and Jim Channel.

I’ll of course keep on fighting.

The pathetic Facebook page created two daze ago by Jim Channel and the upper 80s-lower 90’s IQ Channel Fambily means nothing but the Silence of the Meercats.