The Newton County Republicunt Watermelon Feed 3 Aug. 2021

Nothing but a super-spreader of Republican politicians wanting to becum the next U.S. Senaturd

(This is a work in progress)

I went to this year’s off-election year Newton County Republican Water-melon Feed from 6:00 to 8:30 pm at Big Spring Park in Neosho where I learned about the mood of the Neosho Courthouse Clique and their sundry delusions about the State of Missouri, of Newton County and of the federal government interaction of them all.

Four of the potential U.S. Senatard candidates to take over the Senate seat of Roy “Skunk” Blunt (ZOG-Corporate) were giving they’s spiels. Two were U.S. Congress-Critters who are allegedly giving up theys’ seats as one of 435 clowns to try for a bigger seat as one of a hundred Senaturds. Jason Smith from the 8th Congressional District showed up later and seems to have some grip on reality in that “anusannouncing ain’t the same as doing” and is probably just trying to milk the free publicity. The other one present Vickie Hartzler from the Fourth Congressional District is easily the stupidest Congress-kritter huffing from her own supply and with no idea other than that she wants to be a Senatard in order “save ZOG from itzself” or some other such crap. And she had an especially smarmy and slimey kid who rather than simply hand out a campaign card with an e-mail address promised to give me a return e-mail and then refused to take it down.

Then Eric Schmitt — current Missouri Attorney General — yapped about how he is going to sue the Chinese Communist Party but not Dokturd FrankenFauci who used tax ZOGbux to create the ZOG-virus which has killed over 600,000 ZOGlings so far plus counting. Of course “selective enfarcement” is what Eric Schmitt and all the prostitutors do in order to advance their selective tyranny and oppression. In fact, I’m suing Eric Schmitt — and Josh Hawley — over their coontempt for the Missouri Sunshine Law and for them getting my own Sunshine Enforcement actions shut down against crooked Newton County judges GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel and Kevin Lee Selby for them granting “domestic protection orders” on behalf of Granby City Clerks Lawna Price and Carra Jo Coffer. But Eric Blood-Ass Schmitt knowing who I am and seeing nothing to be gained by talking to me run like a pussy or having blockers so I never got to explain why I’m suing him for his legal and moral deficiencies.

Leading off was Attorney Mark McCloskey the lawyer with his wife who waved guns at antifa Black Lives Matter (albeit not to the niggers gunning each other down in the big shitties) activists who trespassed inside they’s gated mansions and pleaded “guilty” to something about scaring trespassers.

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