The Grate T-Rampage Gamble / Danny Bush Landlord Accountability Debate

I used to go to city council meetings more than the council-critters, particularly the old and aged ones who used to vote as the rest. And I remember the debate about making the landlords pay for their errant renters — eventually. Once Barry Flint decided to let it go forward.

Here is a City history lesson:

Barry Flint used to show up at City Council Meetings all the time to advance his interests. After all it is Barry Flint being Mayor back in 1987-89 who brought in the 90% “free” sewer paid for by the feds and state grants and then, in order to make sure that poor people couldn’t buy a used mobile home and put it in for a few thousand and then not need to rent from him at high prices got passed along with the sewer authorization some pseudo-zoning ordinances back around the same time. After all, if you bought a used single-wide for $2000 and a $1000 to move it then you wouldn’t need to pay $300 per month in rent to Barry Flint and you would have it paid off in a year. But the sheriff of Newton County didn’t want to enforce such ordinances — at that time there were far more profitable corruption avenues than working as “law enforcement muscle” for Barry Flint — so the next order of business was in doing away with the post of elected city marshall held by Dewey Beaver who would not go along with that or anything more than writing his one ticket per year at the end on June. So what was needed to enforce “municipal ordinances” was a thoroughly corrupt Granby Police Farce answerable only to Granby City Council-Criminals.

Barry Flint made hisself head of the Police Board and thus the rapes, robberies, assaults, and general overall thievery which has made the Granby Police Department [in]famous are properly laid at his door. A few years ago when there were vacancies, I applied although both myself and Barry Flint knew that was a dead issue. Jaime Arnall would have a better chance of getting on the T[hievery] I[nfinite] F[raud] Bored than myself on the oversight board over Granby Piglice.

So back in 2015, during the first year of the T-Rampage [Mal]Administration, when the subject cum up about going after deadbeats not paying past-due city utility bills, Barry Flint shut that discussion down by claiming that the Missouri Supreme Kort had just made a ruling that landlords couldn’t be made to pay for the city utility bills they left behind. When I asked where and when they allegedly said that, T-Rampage ruled that I was out of order and the council-criminals, having gotten their dispersal orders from Barry Flint let it drop.

Ashley Edgemon was there at that meeting. A few years later, when they revisited making the landlords have to pay for the bills of their renters and Danny Bush was chewing on T-Rampage’s butt about it, Barry Flint, having made arrangements for the new ordinance to pass (which is a felony-level RICO offense) must have “forgotten” about the mythical Missouri Supreme kort ruling. Within the week I asked Edgemon if he had remembered the previous objection, and Edgemon said yes he had. “So why didn’t you bring that item up yourself?” Edgemon claimed to have ‘forgotten.’ Yeah right. What a clever clever baal-priest. Ashley had his orders.

These Granby City-Criminals violate the Missouri Sunshine Act all the time. They don’t even bother to hide that they do at all any more. Those of you who were listening to the Facebook streamed video on the $4,946 Flint Enterprises 4K[ickback] system with the 3% audio dynamic range system which could have been better streamed on a $30 Logitech webcam bought at Best Buy don’t understand that real city councils at Neosho or Joplin don’t and can’t do business this way. They have posted agendas, opportunities to speak, Robert’s Rules of Order, … no Municipal Ordinance / Bill of Arrainder #815 outlawing making fun of the mayor and council-critters for their stupidity, greed and corruption.

Now they have learned the trick of passing “Resolutions” to where in theys’ little minds they can simply do whatever they please without notifying the People of Granby that they are about to purchase in advance of 2032 the old Styron store just before the shutdown comes and to buy some other property that they want without having any debate or discussion. This is a violation of the Missouri Sunshine Act as while they are supposed to have a public agenda, they are not supposed to go into even a quasi-public meeting — a bare six days before re-opening up — already deciding to purchase new city property with tax dollars.

Yes, the City of Granby is a criminal organization which needs to be have its municipal corporate charter destroyed and dis-incorporated and city utilities sold off or farmed out like the trash service and the police and road services returned to the County — which is itself corrupt but not having any alliegances to certain coonected people in Granby. The Styrons have coonived with the Granby City Council to have the taxpayers of Granby buy them a new store for $250,000 and to sell their old store for $253,000. Such a deal. But I think that Barry Flint was a far more efficient predator and parasite because Barry Flint made it to where nobody is certain of having any private property safe from the Granby City Council-Criminals and their animal corrupt Granby Police Department saying that you cannot put a trailer house or small building on your own property and who will literally unleash a bulldozer upon your property to tear up the ground or shred trees and erode your land without any due process of law except for their own secret councils.

This pandemic bids to kill up to a fraction of a percent of the entire population. But the Collapse of life-support economic, financial and government systems bids fair to kill around 90% of us, or at least those of us unable to discern reality.