The Granby Thievery Intended Financing (TIF) Plan — 1998-2021 (RIP)

Thievery of tax money was intended back in 1998 and thievery was accomplished every single year until time r.u.n.n.t.-o.u.t. on it.

A tornado like what hit Pierce City in May 2003 would be a cheaper and better form of urban renewal than a thieving TIF could ever do.

The whole purpose of the Granby TIF — like the Joplin TIF — was to take tax money out of the school districts in order to pay coonnected insiders to build their businesses on the public dime. Every single TIF plan is mere politics designed to drain the school districts, especially poor rural school districts like East Newton R-6. There probably might have been an additional day per weak at the whigger factory — five daze instead of merely four — if not for the TIF thievery and connected polyticks. It is like allotting a portion which was supposed to be used for textbooks diverted instead to a nickle bag of crack for budding crackheads.

A real business has a business plan involving competition, market, whether one can make a profit. The Styrons, just like with the 1/4 cent “safety tax” for a “new” police station, sat on theys’ paws while the fools voted for the TIF then cum paws outstretched for the TIF to repay them $250,000 for their building to specifications a Dollar General Store to lease indefinitely for the next several decades and then they were repaid from TIF from the new business brought into town. The Granby TIF was a no-lose situation for them. The Styrons have owned the North Ward City Council-Criminal seats and most of the mayors as well. Why the City of Granby and the East Newton R-6 School Board couldn’t have set up a corporation and received in addition to the new sales taxes the lease payments has never been explained to me. All we are talking about is rent collection to suppliment taxation from the Granby district taxpayers, i.e. using TIF raised taxes to generate sales tax dollars for the life of the lease on the metal building for the next 40 years, not day-to-day management.

Eighty Thousand dollars of TIF funding was used in the mid 2000s to purchase a job for the mayor son to where they tore the Community Building up instead of accepting the $53,000 bid from Bettes Construction. They tore down the concrete block City Maintenence Building to build a $190,000 building which if a farmer built it would cost $30,000. I call it the “Kenneth Channel Memorial $30 Thousand Pole Barn that cost $190,000.”

The Channels are a sub-species of inbred retards native to Granby which lives off Granby while living just outside the city limits so that they don’t have to live in the nest they fouled, procreating like the Jukes & Kallikaks by allegedly seducing anglo-mestizo skanks buying five-point beer and dollar sippers at the Granby Paki-Trip. They have battened theysselfs down onto the pub[l]ic works of Granby which goes to show why Granby infrastructure is shot. (This uncharitable view is probably not an exaggeration.) Can’t rebuild Granby unless you remove the [improper] Channels from off the anus of the Granby body polytick.

Of course Roxie Fausnaught and I removed our properties from out of the Granby Thievery Intended Foolishness (TIF) plan as soon as possible. Back in 2005 or so I got some of myself and Roxie’s properties out of the TIF district.

“Don’t you want the Styrons to put in a Dollar General Store.” I pointed out that Granby would get a Dollar General Store regardless of the TIF because Granby was large enough to support a Dollar General Store but I didn’t see why I needed to be taxed for private interests to get public taxes. When Granby was built these past men and women like Rex Burnett didn’t need a TIF to build a store. And why not set up a Granby corporation to build a $250,000 metal building splitting up the lease payments between the City of Granby and the East Newton R-6 Skrule District for the next thirty years? Under threat of litigation the TIF Bored let me and Roxie’s properties off the TIF District back then.

Then I bought Roxie’s moms’ house by buying off the other six siblings and Roxie put in her share back in 2012. And I couln’t corner the TIF Bored to take my $150 per year out of the TIF district. Then I got wind that Jaimie was removing five of her commercial properties, four of her fathers’ and one of her brother’s from the TIF District. So filed a letter of removing the property of myself and Roxie along with some other things which make for a perfect “Martin Letter”. The process was one in which the TIF Bored had no choice but to acknowledge that someone wants to remove their property from the TIF district and gives notice to the County Assessor’s Office so that the property is removed from the TIF district to the East Newton R-6 School District.

So Ira Hawkins was chairing the TIF meeting in July 2019. I gave him two copies of me & Roxie’s withdrawal of our house and acre of property next to the baal-priest Ashley Edgemon and Lawna and her Lustful Meercat David Price’s feed store at the top of the gully. I even enclosed a self-addressed envelope to the County Assessor Cheryl Perkins. I was going to provide the stamp to send it with.

“Well, Crooked Ira, I have three 2017 Forever Bird stamps. Choice of a wood-pecker, a blue jay or a titmouse. What stamp do you want in order to mail it off with, Crooked Ira?”

Crooked Ira couldn’t decide. So I told him that since thieving and not leading was his strong suit, I’d make an executive decision in deciding which stamp to use. A tit-mouse it was.

Meanwhile Jaimie Arnall is reproaching me about how she didn’t want to make “a farce” of withdrawing from the TIF District. I asked her what she was talking about. I was only going to remove one property which paid in $150 in TIF taxes — she was withdrawing 10 properties which brought in over $5000 to the TIF. Why was it a “fiasco” for me to remove my one remaining property and not a “fiasco” for her to remove all her ten?

So yes, insofar as possible I removed myself and my properties out from under Granby Thuggish Improvised Foolishness (TIF) and so I really don’t have a dog in this fight. I ridicule Jaimie by saying that this is the only Granby Tax Bored (be it Cemetery, Piglice, or TIF) in which I have a better chance of appointment than she does. The last thing Granby City Council Criminals want is someone honest and competent interrupting theys’ thievery and intention to impoverish Granby. Since she would be the best possible person on the Granby Taxation Increasing Fraud (TIF) Bored then according to the Iron Law of Granby Polyticks she will never ever be on it. Never Ever. That seat is reserved for Lustfool Meercats of the She-Mayoress unable to run feed stores or the former Baal-Priest Sausage-Fest Milwaukees Worst Kegger Party of Ruin Head Council-Criminal who done got r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Getting r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. is a non-terminal occupation for Granby City Council-Criminals and only means that they might probably be back once the Statute of Limitations is over.

Here’s another victim of the Granby Thievery Immanent Fraudulency (TIF) plan. Kody Bottoms, perhaps the only non-pig on the Granby Piglice Farce was called by the She-Mayoress as part of her protection plan when she violated the Missouri Sunshine Act by refusing to make me a copy of the public notice of the 4 August 2020 extra Special Special City Council-Criminal Meating on the TIF Bored. Just like two of my Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Actions litigated in 2018 she refused to let me have a copy of the pub[l]ic notice posted on the Bulletin Board. Since she has been a City Clerk Lawna Price will only post it inside and not on the door to City Hall because she whines that it dirties the glass. Of course when she gets a paid vacation all such coonsiderations fail and she posts the stuff she wants you to see on the front door.

Last month the She-Mayoress / City Clerk unable to do the book-keeping or billing whined about how by cumming into City Hall at 10 minutes before closing at 5 pm that I kept the flunky City Collector open five minutes late. I said that she had a procedure — along with the rest of the City Council-Criminals back when they had a fraudulent “domestic protection order” out against me at City Hall — of filing the agenda at the last minute just before five and then holding a secret special emergency meating like on May 2017 to put in Joyce Mann’s used double-wife and on Aug. 20 2019 when they held the secret meeting to push through the stormwater sewer plan for Allieger-Martin. Sure enough on July 21 I found out about the secret extra-special City Council-Criminal Emergency Meating held the day before for the Granby Piglice Vehicle. When I said that I didn’t see Notice of Pub[l]ic Meating the Friday before, Lawna explained that she had snuck in after hours on the weekend and posted it to the bulletin board.

You got to realize this, but Lawna Price was kicked out of the Jasper county courts as an employee twenty years ago or so probably for some crookedness. And sometime the past three years she has lost her notary pub[l]ic license. And I cannot prove this but suspect that as a fat she-heiferess of Bashan over 40 years ago that she used to sneak under the doors at the bus station terminal and pick the locks for the dimes in the pay toilets as well. I’ve never met a more self-righteous thieving skank in my life — and I got a liking for fat white women.

Anyways, the Granby Piglice are called and Kody Bottoms, the nicest pig and so nice that he really ain’t much of a pig at all shows up. I rant about how what Fat Lawna and Katlyn are doing is illegal. That Dianne Parragon the Granby City Attorney said to coontact her if they pulled that crap so as to avoid Sunshine Act litigation last month at the Granby Municipal Ca$h-Register Kort, etc. Kody said for me to let him ask for the public notice. I told him that he could get fired for this but gave him a quarter and told me to bring me back the change. A few minutes later he came back and said that Fat Lawna told him nothing doing and handed back the quarter.

Last week Kody was fired. And I’m glad. Kody had no business being a pig, much less a Granby pig. Granby pigs are either starting out or being kicked out of law enfarcement. Now that Diamond’s speed trap got shuit down Granby pigs are the dregs of the profession.

Back on October when the Council Criminals sold a bogus sanction to Bryan Reo — non-white homosexual White Supremacist and Spawn of Satan fighting with me since 2010 and currently locked in litigation both state and federal in Ohio, Missouri and South Dakota — and then bulldozed down my grass and small trees I seriously considered going all Cookie Thornton or Rockne Newall on Granby City Council-Criminals. The baal-priests Assley Edgemon and Ira Hawkins were inspecting the damage like the Israelis inspecting the Palestinian camps they just bulldozed at Gaza. I’ve said as much in kort filings. But I’d sure have hated to see Kody in my sights or me in his but that would have been the way of things in Post-Collapse ZOGland. Since then what with the Covid-19 pandemic and financial collapse and everything going my way as predicted I’ve not thought of shooting some evil and worthless bastards in Granby since January or maybe February tops. But like when Billy beat Fraaaaankie, I’m certain that I’m not the only one.

Which is why I haven’t made an [s]election cumplaint either. Neither myself not the [d]ruling criminals believe in free open fair [s]elections so when the Collapse occurs and I will have full moral authority to bulldoze down the properties of the former regime criminals and sell their spawn as stock for the Newton County Geldings & Walking Wombs.

So getting back to the Granby Thievery Inevitable Foolishness (TIF). It was never anything other than a proposal for connected thieves to get access to skrule tax dollars. The addlepated little bastards could now get a diploma not knowing their letters before, but the funding for the chrome of illiteracy would be lessened. Big deal. The TIF funds were used for $17,000 signs and $30,000 pole barns and all manner of thievery as a slush fund. So what? TIF funds were used to destroy the Doc Chester Clinic next to the Granby Elementary Skrule so that an otherwise unnecessary $3.2 million school extension could be built without danger of a $65,000 Granby Heritage Building used to try to edjewmacate retards. Would antique looking street lamps which were historically replaced at the first available opportunity be an improvement? The Granby girls basketball leagues now rent the Granby Elementary gymnasium at a cheaper rate than the T-Rampage Gamble Memorial Gym & Milwaukees Worst Swillery.

Things won’t improve until Granby hits rock bottom. Pray for a tornado to perform the necessary urban renewal like in May 2003 Pierce City.

This is a copy of the TIF Plan of 1998 scanned in: