The Granby Shitty Council-Criminals Want to Tear Down Muh BBBB (Big Beautiful Brick Building)

Crooked Ira, Senile Heifer, Charlie Clown, JoAnn Skank & The New Bill-the-Buttlicker want to punish someone for daring to run agin Theys’ Kleptocrapocracy

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'ANTIQUES 10 FRE All for the Love of My Hometown'
Jaimie Arnall’s Old Granby Hardware Store —

I have been thinking long and hard on this building, and I really want to know what my fellow community members think about it. Please be honest and provide reason for your opinion. To remodel this building will cost a small fortune; however, it will house 6 Businesses at the least and open up 2 (possibly 3) buildings for additional business to come to our town. Personally, I love this old building and I know it could be a huge asset to our economy. City officials have recently posed the desire to have it demolished what are your thoughts?

Fight against demo and figure out how to pay the small fortune to bring it back to life?


Let the city demo it?