The Granby City Council-Criminals want to disallow property owners from living on the ground floors of their own properties on North Main Street.

These political monkey-poxers want to sneak in back-door back-room zoning.

Just over a year ago they were scheming to tear down Granby Heritage Buildings. Now they want to sneak in zoning by means of saying that because they want to play at urban renewal of boutique businesses in an era of $4.00 gasoline that property owners cannot build in residential living on North Main street from the highway to McKinley Street.

Property owners are 90% opposed to zoning because it puts what they get to do with their private property into the corrupt paws of thieving idiots wanting to run a police state until they get paid off or have Barry Flint approve it. Why should their own property values be limited to what is approved by Granby Council-Criminals because no one will want to buy these old decrepit properties and fix them back up if they have to make payoffs or engage in litigation in order to do so?

Police being unleashed to make false arrests based upon criticism leads to making false arrests based upon getting to fill the municipal cash-register court which can lead to homeless crackheads with guns shooting three little pigs like in Joplin.

The next Council-Meeting will have a proposed ordinance in which corrupt idiots decide just like dogs licking theys’ nuts to make an ordinance which will be negated by litigation “just because they can.”

What do mangy dogs & Granby City Council-Criminals have in common?

A mangy dog licks its nuts because it can.

A Granby City Council-Criminal makes ordinances to apply to the People of Granby but not theysselfs, theys’ families and friends because theys’ can.

Barry Flint doesn’t bother telling mangy dogs to lick theys’ nuts though. No ZOGbux to be found there. Barry Flint tells his mangy dogs on the Granby City Council to lick they’s nuts & butts for ZOGbux because Barry is running a racketeering organization and he always keeps his eye on the bottom line. Just a matter of time until Granby becum-cum cum-cums Flintville.

Any Main Street property owner wanting to live on the ground floor of his property better put up a sleeping mat before the Council-Criminals convene though to get in grounds for a lawsuit if wanted. No Granby Inbred’s life, liberty or property is safe from Mayor Crooked Ira and the Council-Criminals while the municipal corporation of Granby retains its home-rule charter.

Just a critical observation made safely outside the city limits although my Church and I still have property regrettably not de-annexed just yet.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/ANElected

South Ward City Council 2020-22

Write-in Candidate for US Senate

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