The Channel Fam-bully

In the Granby City body polytick them “Channels” is always somewheres between “cancer” & “chlymidia”

I usually try to ignore Martin but he continually tries to discredit me if anyone wants to question my job and what I do and what I get accomplished they are more than welcome to inquire at city hall, I ask them to look at the city’s finances when I first came back to work for the city and then look at them now, with the help of 2 good mayors and the city clerk and support of an outstanding council we have turned the pages from red to black, I can’t explain Martin’s love for me as we have nothing in common I’ve never been in any state corrections facility or spent a night in any jail I’ve never been accused of child molestation so I don’t know why he is obsessed with porn which I don’t watch on the computer at my office or even my home” — Jim Channel Granby Thots & Views

I am the William Faulkner of the Shitty of Granby, as well as its Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolf Hitler.

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