Two years ago I received a visit from one of my listeners from Chicago and during our visit like Tiberius Gracchus riding in the hinterland outside Granby I found out more by teaching than I imparted. What was shocking was how decrepit Granby was and how there were no and going to be no Shubart-Mitchell $250,000 minimum McMansions put up in Granby but plenty of them outside Granby in the Newton, Barry and Lawrence County area. So much so that Newton County reminds me of McDonald County in the 1980s and 1990s wherein the Walmart millionares would buy up Sugar Creek properties and put up a rich bungalow and a half-mile you would have the poor McDonald County natives living in single-wides and even some remnant tar-paper chicken-wire & concrete shacks with their children and their chickens running around open-air toxic waste dumps burning off the plastic to get to the copper wire to sell off for meth. Now Granby is much like that in the 2010-2020s.

Fatkike (his alias given him when he listened but disagreed with me on my Internuts podcasts from 2010) was from Chicago and no stranger to civic corruption but even he was amazed at local piglice corruption. Fatkike said that Neosho had the most piglice per capita that he ever seen and I pointed out that a decade ago when the Neosho whiggers & anglo-mestizos refused to raise a 1 cent sales tax, they ended up firing half the piglice and fire-pigs. Now the Newton County ZOGling whigger & anglo-mestizo ass-clown ZOGtards have raised the sales taxes for Newton County Sheriff piglice and Neosho piglice expect them to run even further wild.

However Granby is a byword in corruption. Ever since Barry Flint and the rest of the Granby City council-Criminals have done away with an elected City Marshal in order to do away with poor whiggers able to raise theys’ young in used single-wides so that Barry and coonected council-criminals could profit from they’s made-up municipal ordinances and have an animal Granby Piglice Farce to set up they’s own Turd-Whirrrld Piglice State they have done so since 1987. But the last six years under T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins the rate of corruption and resulting decay of the Granby City infrastructure has increased to well past the point of recovery.

That is why I recently sued the City of Granby and its past and present officials, employees, piglice, etc., along with Newton County and the State of Missouri and the federal ZOG regime for letting this corruption proceed apace.


And that is why medieval justice shall have to be imposed upon ZOGling criminal regimeists by the Ten Thousand Warlords upon the current criminal regimeists like lawyers, judges, politicians, jewrnalists, piglice and their families. They will invariably coonfess through the use of torture then publically crucified and their families enslaved to pay off their debts against the People in order to cement the power of the successor local theocratic military dictatorships.

[S]election time is near — Tuesday April 6, 2021 — and the only choice of voting in on the North Ward. However I think that the majority of Granby Inbreds will vote for more screwing even when the chickens are cum-cum cum-cummin’ home to roost.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Legitimate South Ward City Councilman



A lot of you tards are wondering, “Fatkike, why are you so intelligent, when we’re all idiots?” Well, for one thing, I don’t have an 88 IQ like some of you tards, who believe that whigger trash is really secretly jewish, and I don’t believe in stupid shit like Creatardtivity. There are signs that make it obvious what’s going on. That’s why when you tell me that you don’t understand the significance of Yockey and Spengler, I know I’m dealing with an intellectual inferior.

Many tards are also asking more specific questions like, “Fatkike, how do you know ZOG’s going to collapse?” Again, I answer, you need to perceive the signs of the times. One big giveaway that ZOG is done is that local piglice don’t even solve crimes anymore. The piglice are only there to extort money for the local corrupt ZOG government. Anything that doesn’t bring in money, they’re not interested in. Which is why pigs literally spend two seconds trying to solve crimes. PIGS ARE THOROUGHLY CORRUPT, even at the minute, local Granby, MO level.

This situation is turning whiggers against the system. As long as whiggers were safe and were free to work and make shekels, then the whigger herd LOVED the system. Now that the system has turned against them, whiggers are no longer invested in defending ZOG or any part of it. Pigs are no longer their “friends.” Pigs are just corrupt assholes who need to die along with ZOG. There’s no way that this obviously corrupt situation can coontinue to exist. That’s how I KNOW with CERTAINTY that ZOG’s days are limited.

Nothing’s really changed. Pigs were always bad. They never solved crimes, except for the crimes that were bad for business. Also, the masses had power in the past (whiggers remember how good ZOG used to be), so public opinion was something that existed as a real power, only to an extent. This put pressure on pigs to solve some crimes. But “public pressure” no longer exists. In the past, cops were just better at pretending to do their work. Somewhere around the 1980s, pigs just gave up pretending and started hanging out at the local doughnut shops, not caring that everyone could see they were nothing but corrupt loafers.

Pigs don’t give a shit. I’m amazed to see whiggers still cumplaining about pigs. Pigs don’t do anything, which is why so many of them are fat retards. SO MANY murders go UNSOLVED because the pigs are just too lazy to solve them. Pigs use a lot of resources in the beginning of an investigation, and if the crime is not solved immediately, they give up. Some crimes are so heinous that the FIB has to step in with their unlimited ZOG resources, because to not solve some crimes would damage the system’s credibility.

Solving crimes has nothing to do with any of these pig assholes being “public servants,” or “to serve and protect.” The pigs “serve and protect” alright, just not the whigger public, LMAO. The fact that pigs give up so easily exposes the narcissistic philosophy the pigs use. Narcissists are typical for starting something and giving up quickly when it proves not to be easy. Narcissists are spoiled assholes who never had to work for anything. Just think of Jewnald Drumpf. He was a big narcissistic (((boomer))) who gave up whenever the going got tough.

I’ve been watching a lot of true crime videos and it’s amazing how many people get away with murder. The pigs know who did it, they just won’t look for any evidence. The laws of ZOG are stupid. They favor the criminals. If someone is last seen with someone who goes missing, it’s bretty obvious who did it. But whiggers have learned that if you get rid of a body, you most likely will never be coonvicted of murder. And the idiot PIGS DON’T GIVE A SHIT if you or your loved ones are killed and the killer goes free. There’s literally THOUSANDS of murderers walking around free.

This system can’t last. Whiggers have figured out how to get away with crimes. The problem with any system is that whiggers are good at figuring out how to get around it. Which is why torture is necessary, and not human rights. Only the FIB can solve crimes by following around the suspect forever, and searching everything they have. But most pigs are too lazy, stupid or corrupt to do this. Solving crime does not produce income, so pigs don’t bother. This means the system has run its course and new techniques need to be employed, like torturing someone until they tell you the truth. None of this shit about “human rights” is for real. “Human rights” means only the criminals have rights.

There’s too much crime. Shit, the jews who own the banks are all criminals, by their very own laws! The highest members of ZOG society are nothing but criminals, which is why dago wops don’t feel ashamed being mafioso scumbags. Most businesses are criminal enterprises on some level. So, ZOG is finished. This system can’t go on forever. It’s one thing when they can’t find a killer. It’s a WHOLE OTHER ballgame when EVERYONE knows who the killer is, but the piglice won’t do anything. There’s literally thousands of criminals walking around.

ZOG is over. Piglice are some of the biggest criminals. They PROTECT the other criminals, which is why ZOG got rid of the dago wop mafia. The mafia’s services were not needed anymore. ZOG probably used the dago wop mafia to corrupt the local governments, so that pigs would not go after ZOG. And then ZOG got rid of the mafia, when they got coontrol of the pigs, and the mafia was no longer useful and more of a burden.

I’ve even heard that the piglice purposely hire morons. Maybe ZOG has their hands in that, too. I do know that if there was a real moobment where you could vote for leaders, you scumbag tards would NEVER vote for Fatkike for any position. You hate him out of jealousy of your own inferiority.

People are LITERALLY doing their own investigations now, or hiring private investigators, to solve crimes. The piglice are worthless and not even worthy of the name “police.” This is a huge sign that ZOG is almost over. I don’t know anyone who likes the piglice. The piglice don’t make communities safer. If crime goes down, it’s because cameras are everywhere now. Piglice ARE THE ENEMY. They enforce all of ZOG’s edicts, no matter how bad. The pigs have totally gone senile by destroying their own communities, listening to ZOG.

NOTE: This is especially the case with the Granby Piglice in which they go after the poor whiggers for poverty in failing to register a motor vehicle or living in an RV or trailer while Barry Flint gets a pass for his shitty mobile home park or Senile Heifer Joyce Mann gets to put in a used double-wide for her daughter and family. A righteous military dictatorship would make the Granby city council-criminals and piglice pick rocks out of a bag and then club those with the black rocks by the white rocks until there are only a few left to be hewers of wood and drawers of water in perpetuity. This after bulldozing down Granby public buildings, these regime-criminals’ homes, churches, and buildings. –Pastor Martin Lindstedt

When the REVOLUTION starts, the first people that have to go are piglice and judges. These are the real traitors today, helping the disgusting jews for 30 pieces of silver. The best quote I ever heard about “law enforcement” was, “It’s amazing how much evidence it takes to coonvict a guilty person, and how little evidence it takes to coonvict an innocent person.” When sayings like this start going around, it’s only a matter of time that ZOG will fall.