Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins decides to let Jim Channel goof Off Some More

Its cutting into the Facebook & Youporn Cell-phone watching so no more shut-off notices for you Granby, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

A sharp-eyed business owner seen the recent city utilities notice above and decided to post it to Granby Thots & Views.

The thread devolves into sanctimonious shitheads virtue-signalling about how they always pay their bills but with a minority asking why a change in policy to where they don’t give “final notice” for those about to be shut off if they don’t pay by the first of the next month. Why this change in policy?

Terra Clouse

This is from the Missouri Public Service Commission: Before your service is shut off, your utility company must:

• Send you a notice that you are going to be shut off and
indicate what you will need to do to maintain service.

Different companies have different policies regarding
shutting off service.

• Attempt to contact you in person prior to your shut off.

• Place a hang-tag on your door, or make at least two telephone call attempts, warning you of possible shut off.

• During the winter months (November 1 through March 31), the PSC Cold Weather Rule is in effect and service cannot be disconnected when the temperature is forecasted for the following 24 hours to drop below 32 degrees.


Jim Channel

Terra Clouse the PSC rules are for investment owned companies the rules do not apply to municipality owned companies

Only a municipality as messed up as Granby would hire my worthless ass, much less discontinue the final notice because I wanted more time on Facebook and watching Internet porn.

Crooked Ira decided to let me jack off some more on City time so he discontinued giving final notice to the poorer citizens of Granby.

Jamie Arnall

Patti Miller Farmer, Jim’s comment above was exactly what I was telling you this morning about this concern. He states since the city is a “ municipality” they don’t have to follow the Missouri utility laws …. Makes you wonder why Missouri has these laws and why A municipality would not be required to follow them.

Friday, Sept 24, 2021 @ 8:45pm


Patti Miller Farmer

Jamie Arnall, it seems to me that letting people know before you shut them off is simply the right thing to do. Basically, it’s like they are saying that the law doesn’t specifically apply to our city, so we don’t care enough about our citizens to treat them fairly. Acting a lot like a big city that just doesn’t give a rats ass about people.

Granby City Council-Criminals Hire Convicted Criminal Without a Valid Drivers License Because They Can

It is NOT as if them licking theys nuts is so darn good but that Granby has to eat shit as well as drink sewage in order to shoah them Inbreds who is boss, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



In order to survive living in Granby whether you are a genuine Inbred Jed or simply someone hiding out on the cheap in this shithole which is the dumping ground of Southwest Missouri for the crackheads, drunks, chomos, and sundry Inbred Jeds & Jethrenes who like sucking up lead and a goodly amount of sulphur and now sewage through the decaying Granby water and sewer system or simply have already been r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. from Neosho, Carthage or even Monett and have neither ambition nor brains to leave then as a Tough Granby Inbred Jed Sucking up Lead then you need to vote for one of your thieving relatives onto the Granby Shitty Council or batten down as a Shitty [Sic] “Worker” and that means turning a blind eye or deaf ear or shit-loving taster or fart smeller.

If like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard or this senile old Boomer heifer who cum here because Granby being a shithole use-ta-mean this place is cheap but thanks to the [mal]Adminstrations of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins you are drinking sewer and sulphur water from the decaying sewer pipes thanks to the stupidity and thievery of the last decade and especially last seven years or so and now you have gotten to the end of the line and have no assets to move to a worse place (and not just because Granby is the worst place) then you simply need to suck it up, Buttercup.

But living in a shithole hath itz advantages, foremost of which is bitching about it on Granby Thots & Views, and to a limited extent Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” where you too can enjoy this 91 IQ (on a good day) dick-tater-sheep of the Granby ZOGling anglo-mestizotariate. The Channel Fambly is to the Granby Shitty Polytick defined as being somewhere between “Cancer” and “Chlymidia” — usually closer to merely annoying like chlymidia but insofar as Granby Infrastructure (such as it is) closer to cancer.

The problem with being an Inbred Jed/Jethrene though is that being related to everyone — like in Mississippi where the fambly tree looks like a telephone pole — is that you are going to piss off at least half your relatives if not more of them. There are cliques and claques and factions and interests which an outsider will find incomprehensible. But Granby had its day and now in the twilight of a weak and degenerate population living in the ruins while outsiders who bought some shithole properties cheap simply fail to understand them whatsoever.

So you have the “honest inbreds” who live amongst the “bad trash inbreds.” Those who are the better sort can be reasoned with and sometimes vote for myself by 20% to 80% of the rest simply because they have cum to the realization that it can’t continue like this — but it does. There is a lot of ruin in a perpetually ruined shithole to paraphrase Sodden Winnie Churchill.

So back to bitching on Granby Thots & Views, wherein I am allowed to lurk.

Last month this nasty old piece of shit Pat Kelly ( working with Bryan Reo ) upon seeing that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins used the services of Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelly to shut down for a third year in a row my criticism in wanting to de-annex my and my Aryan Nations Church properties from outside Granby shitty limits even though in the decaying heart of Granby. So of course Pat Kelly understood that it is legitimate to hide behind the guns and badges of Granby Piglice Department to make whatever threat he wanted. The Newton County Sheriff’s Department and Prostituting Attorney doesn’t want to get involved in taking my cumplaint as “Whatever happens in Granby needs to stay in Granby” like Raccoon City’s toxic waste dump.

So recently Jim Channel decided to hire one of his good buddies who like Jim Channel had been fired for being a drunken thieving scumbag. Charles Brian Barker Jr. has over thirty-five items in his Missouri Case Net file. One for felony stealing was resolved in 2019 with five years probation, which means that he is a felon on probation and parole subject if he misbehaves to being imprisoned until 2023. But the disbarring feature is State v. Charles B. Barker 19NW-CR02093 in which Barker Jr. managed to evade trial — a pre-trial coonference was held 3 Aug. 2021 — on driving with a suspended license. A clever criminal can evade trial for a long long time by “working the [corrupt] System” and Brian Barker is no exception.

I asked one of the better Inbreds if he knew Brian Barker. Yes, as a doper and meth-head and petty criminal with a lot of issues involving domestic violence. Not his father who is a “good guy.” But Brian Barker is bad bad bad news. Coontrary to the lies of Jim Channel and Crooked Ira — and they know about his not having a valid drivers license and evading trial for driving while suspended — in this “Life of Brian” he isn’t getting a Second Chance but a 666th Change from Baal-Priest Crooked Ira Hawkins of the Pharisatanist Synogogue of Mammon.

There are a number of domestic protection orders given out by GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel — and unlike the ones granted by Greggie Stremel and Kevin Lee Selby to Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and City Collector Carra Jo Coffer in order to prevent me from entering Granby Shitty Hall to see theys’ Granby Shitty Corruption and Thievery — these domestic protection orders were to prevent assault by a violent drunken addicted criminal. There is also allegations of rape in which the corruption and incompetence of the Granby Police Department prevented felon charges.

In short Granby City Council-Criminals and City Employees have hired someone exactly like theysselfs and deliberately overlooked the fact that he doesn’t even have a valid drivers license to drive on City streets !!!

What is the corrupt Granby City Police to do? Drive they’s Granby Piglice SUVs after their Granby City Worker to make sure that he isn’t drinking and doping? Or ‘selectively enforce’ the Laws of Missouri and of Granby like they do with trailer homes?

Of course there was a time in which neither Jim Channel nor his father had a drivers license which wasn’t suspended and the Granby Piglice Department refused to go after them as well.

Now a shout-out to North Ward City Council-woman Jamie Arnall and her brother running Granby Thots & Views for objecting to this hiring of this felon without a drivers license.

However, just as Jamie is only one City Council member and the rest are simply thieves and liars and crooks that means unless the situation becomes politically untenatable altogether as happens every so often leading to resignations she is simply subject to being outvoted 2-1, nor does she have the strength to boycott the city council meetings to deny a quorum.

So Granby shall stagger on from embarrassment to embarrassment as the rest of Newton County sniggers.

So Jeromy Hopper as administrator of Granby Thoughts and Views allowed some sock-puppet to log on as “Group Member” to speak freely. Jim Channel — a cowardly bully — is trying to determine her name.

What is interesting is in seeing how the People of Granby go down on this issue. No shortage of drunkards who drive, crackheads, and other criminals but there are also those who are able to do a search on Missouri Case Net or know something about the parties involved who don’t like the embarrassment of being tarred with being a resident of Granby. Everyone other than fools who refuse to do “due diligence” in buying cheap property in Granby knows all about Granby if they live here.

Frankly put, City Clerk Lawna Price should be fired as she doesn’t know book-keeping, got out of billing, destroyed public records and costs the City money better spent in hiring a local City Clerk who is honest and knows something other than thieving and lying. Same thing with Jim Channel. All this character does when nothing other than on Facebook is to slowly repair some of the water and sewer pipes. That and hire one of his criminal buddies who doesn’t even have a valid drivers license and due to his own delay hasn’t settled his driving with a suspended license litigation of which both Crooked Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel were fully aware of.

Granby Missouri as an incorporated municipality is a failure. The utilities need to be sold off, the Granby Police Department disbanded and private individuals allowed to live in peace minding their own business like pre-1994 Polce State Granby.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC
Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-22

The Channel Fam-bully

In the Granby City body polytick them “Channels” is always somewheres between “cancer” & “chlymidia”

I usually try to ignore Martin but he continually tries to discredit me if anyone wants to question my job and what I do and what I get accomplished they are more than welcome to inquire at city hall, I ask them to look at the city’s finances when I first came back to work for the city and then look at them now, with the help of 2 good mayors and the city clerk and support of an outstanding council we have turned the pages from red to black, I can’t explain Martin’s love for me as we have nothing in common I’ve never been in any state corrections facility or spent a night in any jail I’ve never been accused of child molestation so I don’t know why he is obsessed with porn which I don’t watch on the computer at my office or even my home” — Jim Channel Granby Thots & Views

I am the William Faulkner of the Shitty of Granby, as well as its Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolf Hitler.