Two Proven Birds in the North Ward Hand Beats a Suspected Unknown Scumbag in the Council-Criminal Bush

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

“Martin Lindstedt just so that you will have your facts straight the meeting was not a secret meeting the meeting on the 12th was put off for one weak due to sickness in the council and lack of quorum. I was the one that approached the mayor and told him I would be interested in filling the vacant seat and that I was interested in filing to run. The mayor had no clue who I was until I started coming to the council meetings a couple of months ago. On top of that you have no clue who I am and I would hope you would give me a chance before passing judgment on me. I love my city and I want to see it grow and I pray that we can see great things come to pass. I believe if the people of Granby want great things and want change they need to get involved and help bring change. Martin Lindstedt I have decided to become involved… thank you sir” — Bill Kittrel, North Ward apponted meat-puppet to the Granby City Council-Criminals

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

First of all, I called in on both Monday and Tuesday to find out who was going to run. On the previous Friday and both days I was told no City Council meetings until Jan. 26th. So when I went in to collect my public records on Wednesday I read that a new City Councilman had been appointed in place of Reggie Bard, who was a massively dishonest and vicious person until she ran afoul of the pros on the current Granby City Council and Police Department who were even more vicious and wicked than she was. This dishonesty from City Hall is business as usual. You know sometimes they even claim to have posted the Notice of Meeting outside business hours on weekends in order to lying claim to not violate the Missouri Sunshine Act.

Then I read in the Newton county [Fake] News liepaper  that you were appointed to fill Reggie Bard’s seat. It seemed to myself, knowing Granby politics, that you were to be given a “leg up” in order to take your place amongst the most thieving criminal lot in the most decayed and dying town in Southwest Missouri. At the same time, Joyce Mann who made a big deal of “retiring” until such time as Will Barrett — North Ward – Styrons — r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Carthage after saddling Granby for the next 35 years with the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewer scam. Then she filed at the last minute to run against Jaimie Arnall. The last year all this thieving and musical chair filling with nothing but baal-priests and meat-possum thieves to replace the thieves who have r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. has left the Granby City Council-Criminals in power as they have looted every single tax fund, used their police department to stifle dissent and criticism. And now yourself have cum out of nowhere, claiming that you just want to “help” and that you are not to be judged as being like those who have given you an office as a “walk-in” even though Bobby Brooks six years ago was trying to get an independent audit of the City books, not the Dog&pony show audits with secret protocol “management letters”.

Thus you are adjudged accordingly to those of us who will judge according to the recent past events. I simply must assume that you are as big of a crook as the mayor who appointed you who appointed every single failed criminal back to the City Council or TIF Bored or whatever spends Granby tax money. Why should I give you a chance to do a good job as one of a den of thieves?

Now let’s say you are honest and just want to help as you claim. Therefore you are not out something if you were to immediately resign in favor of Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks who have a proven record of love and service to Granby as small businessmen? If the Mayor had cared for an independent voice and mind on the Granby City Council he could have appointed Jaimie Arnall to the TIF Board and then the City Council. Or done so with Bobby Brooks and agreed to a thorough State Audit costing just a little bit extra, $18-21 thousand as opposed to the dog&pony show fake audit which backstops the $21,000 spent year after year because the she-mayoress / City Clerk can’t and won’t do book-keeping.

If as you say, you just walked in and offered to help, then you won’t be out anything by resigning then will you? Of course not !!! You first act of service in showing that you are an honorable candidate for office would be to selflessly say, “Please Ira Hawkins, please the rest of you Council-Criminals, let me wait my turn at the trough, please don’t use me to finish off Granby. Appoint in my place Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks so that Granby Reform can get its honest snout in the door, please, please, please I beg you as an honest man !!!”

You get my drift, don’t you?

Well, I have slathered it on a bit thick. I think you are not going to resign. I think you are lying to me. If on the off chance you are not a crook, then I shall say as much. I don’t know you. But I do know Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks and although a South Ward voter will support them even though not able to vote for them.

Jaimie Arnall knows all about the Granby sulphur and sewage in the water since it was in her shop that she drew the stinking water five weeks ago. Bobby Brooks knows what the problems are as well and was against the City Council lawlessly bulldozing down my and Roxie’s and niece and nephews’ property back in Oct. 2019. So if they win and are allowed to take their city council seats along with Pat Kelly there is a chance that the sewer bond scam can be set aside, that Jim Channel and Lawna Price fired, and that all these municipal ordinances that this City Council won’t obey themselves repealed and the law enforcement can be sent back to Newton County.

With you, all there is is campaign rhetoric from someone appointed as one of their dreary meat-puppets by Granby City Council-Criminals who have made Granby into a thieves paradise. I prefer to stick with the reform that I got in Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks.

The reason that I didn’t run for anything for the first time since 1994 is because voting implies consent to a failed form of government. I have filed a tax protest and intend to file litigation to strip Granby of its taxing priviledges or allow those of us who have had enough to de-annex ourselves from the lot of you altogether.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Duly Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-2022
Duly Elected Granby Municipal Judge 2003-2004

And then there were plenty

All sorts of People are running to preside over Granby’s further decline

And then there were plenty

First of all, the City of Granby does not observe Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. Which is fine by me. I suspected as much, that Granby City Hall would be open because the City Clerk — also known as “The She-Mayoress” and “Crooked Ira’s Brain” — while never ever posting the pub[l]ic notices public meeting agendas on the door ever since she was hired at the start of the T-Rampage Gamble [Mal]Administration in 2015 always posts Notice of Holidays in which she doesn’t work as opposed to the endless daze in which she doesn’t work on doing the book-keeping or the billing. So I called up Granby City Hall, our civic Babylon, and asked the [un]elected City Collector (whose elected status was done away with over four years ago) and after asking her what she thought of Granby not observing a federal holiday (devoted to one of her kind), got onto the purpose of my call. Who was running for Granby City elected positions?

On Friday there were only two people running for the City Council Seats. Jaimie Arnall running for the North Ward City Council position of the r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Box Wine Wedgie Tard (a.k.a. Reggie Bard the “brains” behind the failed Wedgie-Tard / Ms. Piggy Thanksgiving Coup of 2020). And Pat Kelly who is running for my South Ward City Council seat. And Crooked Ira Hawkins for Mayor, seeking to have a second term in the Position Perilous. (“Perilous” because since in recent history no one has ever sought, and if getting got, to serve two whole terms because either the Granby voters get pissed off or the State tells them they got to go quietly or go to jail.) Steve White is running for Granby Cash-Register Municipal Kort for the 13th time since 1995.

I told Steve White on Jan. 5th Court wherein he was squeezing the white trash that he need not fear me running against him like I did from 1995 to 2003. (When I came in second and was denied my lawful position as municipal judge when Steve got sent to Iraq and neither the FBI nor Missouri Attorney General chose to uphold the Missouri Statutary law then either.) In all these decaying Missouri towns devoid of any economic reason to exist whatsoever they all have to have a corrupt Piglice Farce to enfarce municipal ordinances and pay for their piglice forces upon the backs of the poor as opposed to taxing their own property. The symbol of Amurrikwan jewstice should be not a blindfolded woman with a balance and sword but rather a whore running a cash register.

So here is a list of current candidates:

Mayor: Crooked Ira Hawkins

North Ward City Council:
Jaimie Arnall (1 year, Wedgie Tard’s seat)
Bobby Brooks & Billy Kittrel (Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett’s seat who r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t to Carthage and was replaced again by “Senile Heifer” Joyce Mann)

South Ward City Council: Pat Kelly (For my lawful elected South Ward City Council Seat)
JoAnn Lamp (wanting re-election for a two-year seat. And later I shall “tell some” about JoAnn Lamp, the wife of my woman Roxie Fausnaught’s older brother Clinton Lamp and younger sister to George Martin legendary Granby cocksman and her efficient self-serving corruption as former Granby City Clerk)

Let’s understand something. The Granby South Ward has two and a half times as many voters (1,000) as the North Ward (400). These wards are divided by U.S. Route 60 into the two wards. The North Ward had the bulk of the smelting back in the days of the lead-zinc mines and has the bulk of the businesses today. The South Ward has the bulk of the population and the pastures. The South Ward has always been under- & mis-represented, especially the past thirty years, but even more so the past six years.

Now I’ve run every single election cycle — except when imprisoned in jail or a NutHouse — with no expectation of winning but as a means of exercising muh “sedition licence”. Several times I’ve won by default in Granby but not allowed to take the elective office. All of which goes to show that the myth of having a COONstipational Repub[l]ic is nothing but a lie and was a lie all along. Voting in the ZOGland would be illegal if it could possibly change thangs, rather it has all the sort of relevance as when Joseph Stalin rammed through the greatly liberal meaningless Soviet Constitution of 1936 during the height of the Soviet Terror, the Ukranian Holodomir and the Show Trials promising all manner of rights and priviledges for all. And who can forget, given this stolen [e]election of 2020 when the ZOG-Emperor Trump got 74 million and Senile Joe “won” through ballot harvesting in the inner cities and Dominion voting machines owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Amurrikwans are supposed to bee-leave that 155 million votes were cast for Prez-o-dint even when there are less than 160 million registered voters in the entire ZOGland? Well, as Joseph Stalin once remarked, even though voting was mandatory, and Joseph Stalin never dipped below 90% of the vote even when invaded by Nazi Germany, “It doesn’t matter as to who votes but what is important is who counts the votes.” A bunch of Africans living in Amurrikwan inner cities in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and especially [Tw]Atlanta counted throughout the night and gave the [s]election to Senile Joe & The Nasty Ho.

Now of course one of the benefits of the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf losing due to vote fraud is that Newton County Missouri which voted overwhelmingly for The Donald & Judas Pence by 80-something to nineteen-something percent over Senile Joe & the Ho has been disenfranchised by the entire Blue-State ZOGland by a slighly greater margin than I was last June by Ashley Edgemon, the Baal-Priest next door who worked for Alleger-Martin then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh as planned leaving it open for Crooked Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby Looting Council-Criminals to appoint some baal-priest meat-puppet to take my South Ward City Council seat. The vote for the departing Ashley was likewise split 80 to 20, with me getting only the 20 percent. And after manfully suppressing my racial and religious views in order to post on Granby Thots & Views and talk about the state of Granby’s decaying infrastructure. My sole campaign points against the incredibly corrupt baal-priest Ashley Edgemon — the piece of skillit-licking Xian-Zionist shit who used to work for Allieger-Martin and thus gave them a no-bid contract for $3.2 million for them to make $830,000 profit from this unnecessary storm-water sewer project — was disclaiming any such building and debt projects, in disowning the debt entirely and financing the fixing of the water pipes by fixing it ourselves as a City.

A Springfield Enabler Urges Granby People to “Move Forward” Towards Their Own-Goal New Dark Age

But we have local enablers as well . . .

“The idea was and still is to help Granby grow. All of the negative backbiting help nothing. Like the animal shelter, I volunteered help build it. As well as others. How could start helping one another for a greater good.”

Looking at your profile it says you live in Springfield Missouri where the average cost of water and sewer is $25 for a two-person household. Here in Granby the same price is $70 rising to $100 average. The end result is that Granby is the “welfare town” and dumping ground for Newton County and the rest of Southwestern Missouri as the welfare pays for their Section 8 housing and thus the city utilities. From the time of T-Rampage Gamble six years ago there has been a steady increase in the cost of city utilities — natural gas, water and sewer — while none of them have been repaired or invested in to any meaningful degree. The end result is that Granby’s sole advantage of cheap living has dissipated making it better for the working middle class to move to Neosho, Carthage, Joplin and Monett where there are jobs.

The only advantage remaining in Granby is that property values are low because Granby’s decaying old sub-standard housing is so cheap. No one intelligent or sane is going to build a Schubert-Mitchell $250,000 McMansion in Granby. Just outside Granby where things are unincorporated, sure. But not in Granby. Thus Granby has become trapped in a vicious cycle in which the elderly and the poor and child molesters and crackheads live — often without any city utilities — because they have no place else to go.

All because the corrupt Granby City Council especially under the corrupt mismanagemen of T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins has brought in an especially corrupt Granby Police State which arrests dissenters, and negates elections with the assistance of the state authorities.

What you call “back-biting” is merely bringing these matters out into the open.

This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs. The understanding was that this woman who really cared about stray dogs would raise private funds to create a new dog pound and that the Granby police would round up the strays and take them to her private facility as opposed to the old decayed Granby pound. No tax funds would be spent in setting up a facility or upkeeping the dogs.

Instead Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel put Granby tax funds into play so that they could steal the private funds raised and select a contractor who would like Allieger-Martin provide a kickback and raise the price of what was supposed to be a private-funded non-profit to take care of Granby stray dogs. This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs.

Pretty much what the entire City Council wants to do is to benefit their families and friends, institute a Granby Police State to enforce onerous restrictions and ordinances — which they do not obey themselves — and to loot the remaining funds out of the tax trust funds, and to place millions in unpayable debts, get the kickbacks from the contractors, and then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida or Carthage or McDonald County like has happened the past year and leave Granby tax & utility payers with the mess.

Since you don’t live here I fail to see why you want to give moral absolution to corrupt City government, unless you somehow benefit from the thievery. In the past six years I’ve been told since Day One of the T-Rampage Gamble [mal]Adminstration — after the drunken whining about how what in retrospect seems to be a “Golden [M]A[n]GE” under Richard Eustler by T.-Rampageifer — that it is time to “move forward” to higher utility rates, unpayable debt, and false arrests and the shredding of the past 30 years of Granby City Hall history. Those who forget the past are most likely to repeat the past — but at a lower standard of living. I would not recommend that anyone put new funding or housing within Granby.

That said, unlike the worst of the Granby City thieves and their enablers I won’t ask that you be censored, just ignored or upon showing your true colors, understood.

Eighty Percent of Granby People Voted For That Which They Deserve

All Roads out of Idiocracy Leads to Fewer Idiocratards Living in Squalor

Someone recently lamented about the position of Granby City Collector no longer being an elective position, just as they mourn the rising city utility bills from a corrupt city council since like forever, but accellerated within the past five years under both T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins [Mal]Adminisrations.

But let’s not forget that Granby people have voted for everything involving taxation which the City Council put in the Granby trough. T-Rampage Gamble bullied the City Collector — an elective position acting as a veto to City Council corruption — into resigning. But the People of Granby voted to make of it an employee postition so that there was absolutely no veto over financial affairs. Having an elected City Collector meant that both the Mayor and the City Collector had to agree in large part because the City Collector could summon the state authorities to investigation. Now the City Council hires in effect an office worker — living outside the city limits — like the current City Clerk Lawna Price who can neither do book-keeping nor does the billing but rather coonives as “The She-Mayoress” living not only outside the town but likely the County as well. Along with her “Lustful Meercat” still hanging onto as head of the TIF Bored until they go through the rest of the $280,000 or so left there on sundry schemes of cash flow. Neither of them could run a feed store in Granby but they sure can help the current City Council run Granby — right into the ground.

The People of Granby have voted for the highest sales taxes in Newton County. As a result no one with much serious buying to do buys in Granby, but rather Neosho, Joplin and Monett. Granby should be the “Queen City” of Eastern Newton County. Instead it is a decaying shithole with its own bypass of county roads much like its fellow Shithole Piglice State of Diamond. The problem is that everywhere else at least has grown some while Granby further decays. The City of Seneca voted in a $6.2 million sewer project but at least they were promised to keep Milnot Milk jobs. When Milnot sold out to Smuckers then they closed the plant but were stuck with having to pay for the sewer project. Whereass in Granby all the Pisspul of Granby have to show for it will be having their rainwater from two inches to four inches treated in order that Allieger-Martin can collect $830,000 and the City Council-Criminals can get a free yellow t-shirt, 30 pieces of silver and an unknown amount in kickbacks. That and paying for it until 2045 or longer. Such a deal.

The People of Granby have voted for a TIF District whose sole purpose was to give the Styrons $250,000 for a metal building designed to the specifications of the Dollar General Store so that they could get the lease payments forever. Then when their old building couldn’t get the cheap sweatshop Chinese textile goods they sold — as arranged by T-Rampage Gamble all along under guise of a “new” police station. They couldn’t and wouldn’t buy the best of the old buildings next door to Granby City Hall of Rex Burnett’s old grocery and laundromat for $30,000 as I urged when I was running for mayor against T-Rampage Gamble back from 2016-17. They then voted for a 1/4 cent “Granby Piglice Tax” which was used to pay $253,000 until 2032 for the Styron’s surplus eyesore of a building. I got arrested for peacefully protesting and convicted of violating Granby Ordinance #815 of “making fun of the mayor” in a mockery of a municipal kort trial held in Neosho lasting 2 hours and 35 minutes in which the Missouri Attorney General’s office and that corporate meercat Josh Hawley sent down his deputy attorney general Caleb Wagner to endorce this bogus “domestic protection order” against myself trying to find out what your legendarily corrupt Granby City Hall is up to. I filed a third Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Action against the Styron purchase but decided to drop the matter last September because if all of the one-quarter piglice sales tax is spent on an old worthless building until 2032 then what of it? An honest regime has those who benefit the most from the police paying for their security. The Granby Police Department has gained a reputation for being the place where new piglice either begin or end theys carreer of being bullies hiding behind a badge — but I’ll catalog theys’ sordid history of brutality, kidnappings, thievery, rapes, child molestations, and absolute thuggery since 1994 another day.

How else can you explain except for being a Granby Piglice State where Fraaaaankie gets to run wild and is caught & released on his own recognizance after refusal to appear twice on a warrant whereass I myself have been warrantless arrested around a dozen times the past five years upon the order & sometimes the whim of the Granby City Counci or just the Granby Piglice? Why I was thrown out of a “public meeting” right before an audience of typpycull Granby Pissple as recently as 14 July 2020, two weeks ago for wanting to “interrogate” Sue Bascomb the grant writer of a bogus Community Action Block Grant application for $750,000 pretending that a scheme to give $830,000 to Allieger-Martin / Gene Spears for two goldbrick-plated stormwater sewer basins to store stormwater was Section Eight housing for Somalian negros like Noel is infested with and a Resolution to have the Granby Piglice not beat the crap out of antifa gliberal whiggresses and rioting negroes which might choose to visit. From my own investigation the current Granby Police Chief and his wife were run out of Norwood for much the same reasons as what they are doing in Granby, i.e. trying to turn the human dumping ground for Newton County into a sort of suburban bedroom community but the Norwoodians were made of sterner stuff. I was threatened with arrest on March 10 for placing my camera outside an arbitrary police line of coverage for they’s Flint Enterprises $4,956 video-camera system with three percent dynamic range (When a $30 Logitech web cam bought at Best Buy would have worked much better.)

This while seating one of they’s new baal-priests given that the City Council-Criminals choose to not recognize that while they’s Mattoidchurian McCaindidate Ashley Edgemon did get 80 percent of the voat because Ashley r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Vero Beach Floriduh and intended to do so all the time when he was forced by his fellow City Council-Criminals to file at 4:49 on January 21, 2020 eleven minutes before closing time for filing. The Granby City Council has become such a toxic place unlike back six years ago when 19 year olds were filing — like the old one-egg incubators selling for $9.99 at the back of comic books 40 years ago touting “the Miracle of Birth” — that it took six daze for Ashley to decide to run even though after ramming through the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewer scam that he would be r.u.n.n.t.i.n.g.-o.f.f.t back to Floriduh and not paying a penny until 2045 in sewer bonds or having his Synogogue-of-Satan pay the raised utility bills resulting in his foray into Granby Polyticks. So these Granby City Council-Criminals and theys’ Piglice and Pub[l]ic [Non]Works Directards have no use for representative dem[on]ocracy.

Well neither do I. But like all revolutionaries, especially in these Pre-Collapse times and just like the Founding Felons of 1776 one seizes power by claiming that those who have power lack legitimacy due to corruption.

Back in 2011 when the Arab Spring sprung and the Egyptians overthrew their military dictatorships in favor of electorial representative democracy of the Muslim Brotherhood. But there is only enough carrying capacity for less than 40 million and with 80 million population they had to be fed from abroad and were to not fight with the Israelis. Within a month or so back to a military dictatorship theywent and everyone was coontent enough and those who weren’t were shut down and muzzled — sorta like myself. Can’t take care of Roxie while I’m sitting with Billy Gillibrand in the Newton County Jail. We all got to pretend to be under [D]Rule of [F]Law.

That is why I laugh at naive people like Jaimie Arnall. We can be friends and remain friends. I want Granby to have running cheap city water and sewer for the best of my houses in Granby. So does she. I don’t want TIF money to be spent tearing down Granby Heritage buildings and she wants to restore them including those way too far gone. She will start threads on Granby Thots & Views aganst the RV Park scheme for the waning TIF funds but when asked, “What comes next now that everyone except the beneficiaries agree that this is a bad idea?” she draws a blank and that thread like all threads of how to fix Granby peters out because it is a Granby People problem and unless you can figure out how to break the chains holding all of us together then there is only a Pol Pot solution.

Anyways, now she asks, “What should we seek out in a Granby City Council-Criminal?” Well, judging on the results, how about a never-ending sense of entitlement like the antifa and Black Lives Matter bunch living in a Big Blue City but scaled down a bit for a fourth-class municipality headed like a bullet for sixth or six-hundred-sixty&sixth rate status? That means a baal-priest like Ira Hawkins or Ashley Edgemon or Charles Brown who mistake the ability to be a skillit-licker and fried-chicken eater for executive and legislative ability — over others, not theysselfs. They claim to worship two masters, both civic Caesar and religious Satan, but render neither true faith not alliegance to either. They are most polite and even sorta open to free speech as guaranteed by the CONstipations & Bill of Goods of both the ZOG-USSA and the State of Missery whenever they’s piglice muscle are absent but when the Granby Piglice presence is present then best go to meetings with the bond money in pocket and see if one can get by with less than a half-dozen threats of kidnapping, felonious restraint, and slanders about what a big pervert I am by those who have long since bit off the nuts of theys meercat spawn and alleged humpers.

Insofar as asking not to “bash” those Granby City Council-criminal traitors and thieves which better and sterner regimes under Theodoric the Great or Felix Sulla the Dictator or Cambysis II would have respectively strangled with the intestines of theys’ worthless families for perjury or crucified if baal-priest for civic simony & sodomy and/or skinned alive for corruption, well, methinks someone asks too much for something which will not happen. The Granby City Council Criminals won’t be in a mood to go directly an everburning Hell (as they profess to believe but obviously do not) unless they are facing dire consequences for their actions in this life. They won’t profess remorse except as an attempt to escape punishment and they won’t make theys’ way to Hell unless they are sent upon theys’ end destination.

But that is exactly what 80 percent of the Granby population wants, is someone who will cheat and rob them blind as long as it is done with a sanctimonious air and odor. I call Crooked Ira Hawkins the “Master of Sanctimonies” although Assley Edgemon was also an accomplished thieving baal-priest. I so enjoyed looking at Assley’s boodle left behind in the dumpster. Assley was in a panic like a cowardly recruit abandoning the baggage train. The yellow 2x Allieger-Martin t-shirt. The glass begging bowl like a lounge singer. Not the 30 pieces of silver but the five years of Granby City records, most of them likely destroyed by Lawna Price by vote of Council-Criminal revealing the mindset of an absolutely mediocre mind of a skillit-licking baal-priest who left behind his calling cards as a “pastor” in the dumpster as if Assley the R.u.n.n.t.-O.f.f.t. will never play baal-priest again, nor lick a skillit dry of white sausage gravy or sop it up with an Always Save fake-buttermilk bisquit or eat the overcooked over-fried 99-cent a pound Tysons chicken breast, nor yelp alond in pub[l]ic to Almighty D-g, or help the Boy Scouts earn theys’ merit badges in Civic Corruption (like on 20 June 2017 when T-Rampage was yapping about putting up ordinances regarding small houses just after letting in Council-Criminal Joyce Mann put in her used double-wide in violation of they’s own council-criminal ordinance with the collusion of the Granby City Piglice and City Attorney). [From what I hear during late-night TV commercials the Boy Scouts must have had a Sodomy Merit Badge as well, call an 1-800-LAW-YERS for a free coonsultation if NOT satisfied, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!]

There is a reason for a $4,956 videocamera from Flint Enterprises with a 3% dynamic range when a $30 Logitech web-camera from Best Buy would have worked out better. There is a reason for a $17,000 sign across in the park from City Hall but still not a $100 sign over the 1934 WPA-built Community Building. Can you say, “Thieving Granby City Council-Critter-Criminals & Cousin Inbred Jed & Maynardine Sucking Up Lead who voted for them agin and agin and agin?” All it takes is a bit of intellectual and moral honesty & then I know you can. If deficient in this, then lots of luck because the world will always be a dangerous and unprofitable place.

You have to understand Granby Shitty Polyticks. Eighty percent of the population votes for thieving baal-priests and for high utility bills and decaying infrastructure and for living in houses worth at most 60% of the value of a house in Neosho dreaming of the Granby graft & corruption machine “breaking good” enough to raise theys’ property values so that they can live in Neosho or better yet in Carl Junction. The Twenty Percent who matter and vote for me or for Granby Reform are chained up with Cousin Inbred Jed & Maynardine in a Twentieth Century Idiocracy. Eighty Percent outnumbers the Twenty Percent and always will in a dem[on]ocracy. That is why I am looking forward to the onrushing Post-Collapse Ten Thousand Warlords local military dictatorships over the 10-20 million ex-whigger ZOGling lumpen-whiggertariate. My vision of the future is the perfection of 1910 small-town Alabama while being coontent to the realities of living like in rural 1910 Mississippi. All roads out of Idiocracy lead to yeoman peasantry living in the Ozarks if it all turns out well as can be expected.

The best thing which could happen is a May 2003 tornado that ripped through Pierce City, tore out the entire downtown and had the insurance companies and relief pay for a new downtown. YHWH Lightning as you will. Otherwise Granby will become like flooded Houston, or Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico or even Pitcher Oklahoma. I was looking at a re-run from 2007 of “Life After People” and seen where after years of cleanup after cleanup the powers that be finally decided to simply buy people out and Pitcher becum a ghost town. A third-world population living in a third-world ZOGland — my term for the Mighty Evil AmurriKwan / Neo-Babylonian Empire — is not going to get much help now that the ZOGland has becum-cum cum-cum an open-air free-range nuthouse / prison shithole where there is no Brigadoon of beautiful 120+ IQ White People to flee to.

To the twenty percent who voted for myself and my political platform of fixing the water pipes and plugging the sewer leaks and disclaiming the bogus stornwater sewer scam and re-opening up the schools well thanks. I’m going to cum-cum cum-cum-plain to the Republican Missouri state government officials about Granby City corruption. Yes, I know: Ha ha ha !!!

But on a more coonstructive note I suggest the Tony Randall Gremlin’s advice in Gremlins II of stocking up with canned food & shotgun shells. That and growing a large garden and voting no on any gnu taxes or levies or Granby baal-priests and collecting your rainwater and buying and learning to use a composting toilet and treating the Granby City Council-Criminals & they who will vote for such with all the coontempt that they deserve. And to let Nature take its course.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Doctor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN, M.D. (Mad Dog)

The Granby Missouri 2014 Water Survey Summary

Section IX “Implementation & Costs” 
Summary of five pages.

“Build a $750,000 Well #3 Water Tower, 
$220,000 Additional Costs, raise the water 
bills by 229 % to get state & federal grants”

Of a 100+ page Water Report from Sept. 2014 these five pages concerning the recommendation and how to pay for $970K improvements is the summary.

This Engineering Report has Well #1 and the East Tower #1 both made in 1906 as a reserve system.

This 2014 Water Study compressed into five pages recommends that a $750 thousand water tower be built at Well #3 instead of pumping Well #3 water to Well & Tower #2 and other improvements costing another $220 thousand. To pay for it via “grants” from the federal and state governments but you won’t get the grants unless you raise the water rates by 229 percent.

What the Granby City Council did was to do nothing other than to raise water rates by 100%.

The importance of the 2014 water study was that it recommended making real capital improvements to be paid for by grants made possible by raising water rates by at least 229 percent.

Build a new Water Tower #3 at Well #3 at a cost of $750,000 and sundry improvements at Well & Tower #2 for $220,000 and raise water rates ASAP.

The Granby City Council had no intention of building any new water tower or following any recommendations of this 2014 Water Study other than raising the water rates by at least double or more

The five pages of Section IX detailing the proposal and how to pay for it is the core of the 100+ page 2014 Water Study.