Municipal [S]Election Pre-dik-dik-shuns for 5 April 2022 Granby [S]Election:

I expect the additional Granby AB_Use Tax of 2.2666 % Sales Tax on Internuts purchases to fail and that Doreen Clouse will prevail over Pfat Jackass Kelly, thus endling my tenure as elected/non-selected South Ward City Council-Critter. The Dylann Storm Coof ZOGvirus brewed in Ft. Detrick/Wuhan hath rid Granby of some really senile & thieving council-criminals and Assley Edgmon & Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh and Carthage with the Allieger-Martin winnings leaving the Granby Inbreds with the bills. Only Mayor Crooked Evil Awful ass-Clown Ira Hawkins remains and this senile thieving retard looks like large hunks have been taken from its brain leaving not much left just like Senile Joe of what wasn’t much there to begin with of a grouping thieving idiot politician.

Crooked Ira’s walk-n thieving retard replacing JoAnn Lamp who croaked, Gomer-Goober Carrel will get 80% of the eligible vote of nine percent of the 400 registered voters so approximately 45 votes with a few “No Gomer-Goober” write-ins.

Jamie Arnall shall win re-selection as a strong empowered woman to the North Ward City Council Seat. She could have saved Granby $3500 by telling Pfat Jackass Kelly, Crooked Ira, and Senile Heifer Joyce Mann that she wasn’t allowing them to tear down her old hardware store and they could shove that plan into theys’ seats of consciousness but didn’t. Crooked Ira and Pfat Kelly cum-cum, cum-cum around after she deeded her building to the Flintville / Greater-Granby Build Back [Barry] Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (Henceforth the F-GG BB[B]BBBB). Pfat Jackass Kelly then destroyed the old building across from the Church and made the owners do it at they’s own expense, but spared to old church owned by Mexicans. She voted to give the F-GG BB[B]BBBB 20% of the BidenBux for something other than Granby sewer and water infrastructure. She has refused to boycott Granby City Council Meatings thus letting Crooked Ira appoint one of his council-criminals to thieve, i.e. Gomer-Goober Carrel.

Jamie is a lot better than Senile Heifer Joyce Mann who was overheard hoping to lose so that she could watch Faux SNoos with her cat until finally croaking of the Coof, but still Jamie was just a speed bump for Crooked Ira and Fattt Lawna and Jim Channel

The next step is a $10-15 million (or more) water bond issue lasting the next 50 years through Allieger-Martin costing $400 per month water bills resulting in the diminished population living in hovels capturing rainwater with birdsh*t as opposed to the sulphur & sewage from the polluted aquifer. No one sane shall drink unfiltered Granby tap water but reverse osmosis filtering can filter out 2/3 of the oxygen and sulphur and 99.99 % of the sewage.

The Granby population — regardless of the legendary toughness of Granby Inbreds — shall decline by 4-5% per year in the next years as opposed to the 2% yearly decline in 2020 and 2021. The latest variant of the Boomer-Remover will strike but the Baal Gates Mark of the Beast Mark 666.66 Clot Shot shall remove much of the vaccinated sterilized population aged from 6 to 60.

However the Somalian and Guatamelian refugees will move into the hovels as Chinese — as opposed to Illinois housekeepers like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard who has lied low since the UnSuckcessfool Ms. Piggie/Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving Coup of 2020 — dump theys’ ZOGbux holdings as the price of renting a shotgun shack rises to $1000 per month plus $400 sewer/water bill. Newly rich Granby city council-criminals will sell out and move outside the city limits but faster than in the past 20 years. (Here’s looking at you Rick McCully).

Fattt Lawna the She-Mayoress /City Clerk having moved out two years ago with Her Lustfool Meercat (previously appointed by Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins to the TIF Bored Prez-o-dintcy until replaced by Ex-Mayor T-Rampage Gamble in turn replaced by Crooked Ira as part of the “Bad Ol’ Boyz Nutwerk) to Build Back Barry (Both Flint & the County of) Better has refugeed from Barry County to Oklahoma and is coontemplating a move at Granby expense to Texas, where it is further but possible to commute but only if the Granby AB_Use Tax passes which it won’t.

Twenty Percent of the better sort will be allowed to de jure as well as de facto de-annex theysselfs from the Granby Police State.

Granby Piglice will mess with the wrong crackhead as in Joplin last month but it will be open season for them on baby-girl Granby crackheadettes as in Joplin.

Eric “Navy-SEAL Republican Family Values Rape-Dungeon Running ex-Governor” Greitens shall win the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate defeating Corporate Lawyer Eric Schmidt, Trans-ChickenHead Vickie Hartzler, and ZOGBot Silly Long and the several dozen Republicucks and then go down to defeat to the write-in candidacy of Pastor Martin “Half-Beard the Conqueror” Lindstedt, MD (Mad Dog) as seccessionist movements make Missouri the Guerrilla Capital of the Second Civil War like it was during the First Civil War.

Granby shall look a lot like its sister city in Eastern Ukraine. Or even more to the point Eastern Ukrainian towns and villages shall look more like Granby as events unfold.

Just a few sundry political observations and predictions now that the polls have closed.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin “Half-Beard Mad-Dog” Martin LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri/ZOGland

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Outgoing [S]Elected but Never-Seated South Ward Granby City Council-Critter

Three Strikes & This Sock-possum is OUT on Granby Thots & Views:

The Inbred Jeds sucking up Sulphur, Sewage, & Lead don’t do Satire

They don’t do Faulkner in the Granby Piglice State — —
Greg 5G Johnson is disgustipatin’ to fat anglo-mestizess Granby Skankazoids, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

Here is the latest offending post in relation to the Verizon Slowdown in this area:

I sure hope that this doesn’t interfere with me posting my One Post of the Day as I wanted to post about the Cemetery Board Meeting last night but here goes:

Verizon not only hasn’t been working the past three daze, but it is also likely the Cause of an Unfortunate Transporter Accident with the other Greg 5G Johnson out of Sans Fagscrisco to where I now have an irresistable impulse to join the GGBBBBBB (Greater Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau) to put up a used adult bookstore & Gayporium to sell Rubber Goods for the Weekend & Gay Bath-House where Mayor Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump currently squats across from Granby City Hall & when it rains creates a mudslide onto Wayne Brooks Tattoo Parlor Shop & am currently up to close to Three Percent and a $3 ZOGbux bill less Homophobick.

I have a Verizon cell phone which I use as a hotspot given that since Sept. 11, 2001 I have been banned from using the Internet on Stouffer Communications working in tandem with the Granby City Hall and Bryan Reo and ZOG. Whenever I need to use broadband I go parking at JJs or at Walmart. But the cell phone hotspot is by far the cheapest and most coonvenient.

For the past three daze I’ve had a problem with my Verizon cell-phone hotspot. I especially needed it when I got a letter from Senior federal Judge Chris Boyko in Bryan Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 1:19-cv-02589-CAB informing me of his final judgment (Doc. 123). So I had to get on PACER to download Docs #117-123 informing me that Judge Boyko without benefit of a jury trial assessed me a $750,000 judgment violative of not only the First Amendment but the 7th Amendment of a jury trial and 8th Amendment no excessive fines or judgments clauses. Luckily three of those judgments were a free download so it only cost me three dollars to download and I’ll appeal again to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals where it will join the other two and the pending U.S. Supreme Court docket 21-6219.

Isn’t it nice to know that the federal courts around Cleveland are even more corrupt by degree than the Newton County and Granby korts? They do corruption bigger in Cleveland Ohio and Lake County Ohio.

But it took me the better part of two hours to download off of PACER (Pub[l]ic Access to Court Electronic Records) the early morning hours of the 8th of December after the Day which will live in Idiocy around 50 pages of court documents. But this Verizon slowdown is nothing cum-cum-pared to what happened over Verizon in April of this year when I was teleported mentally with a left-wing homosexual white supremacist and exchanged, THANKFULLY no precious bodily fluids but consciousness — and I’m sure that it didn’t do him much good either.

To see the rest of this article go to Granby UnCensored: @

Join the Greater Granby Build Back Better Botique Businesses Bureau (The GBBBBBB) & Let the Infrastructure Take Care of Itself As Best It Can!!!

From previously in the thread:

Thank you Jamie Arnall and Allen Malloy for making it clear that none of you want to be on the Granby City Council but rather on the Granby Build Back Better Botique Businesses Bureau. (Henceforth “The GBBBBBB”). Granby needs more flea markets and antique sellers downtown to take the place of . . . well whatever there used to be whenever there was something there.

I wish you all the luck in getting on the Granby BBBBBB, especially given that Mrs. Arnall has already contributed her building worth $10,000. And yet another Granby Heritage Building was recently wrecked at the expense of the owners. Perhaps those owners too can get a place on the Granby BBBBB. Perhaps Mr. Malloy can contribute his old heritage building as well to show that he is serious about being on the GBBBBBB. Perhaps the owners of this old church can be induced to destroy their old church building with asbestos in return for a place on the GBBBBBB along with their cousin Jesus. Think of the free publicity!!! Jesus gave up his Church and joined the GBBBBBB!!! Well Granby is used to & prefers being kicked as opposed to being ignored. Granby NEEDS a whole lot more of Jesus (and a lot less late 1800’s and early 1900s Granby Heritage buildings).

Why to think about the filings for City Council nearly two years ago! The City Council except for Mayor Ira Hawkins either croaked of the Covid-coof or r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida or Carthage or for the tall grass after voting in $3.2 million for Allieger-Martin to build a stormwater sewer plant. Indeed, it is suspected that all of them got kickbacks and one of them actually worked for them (although this was not mentioned on Facebook until he r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t to Florida and certainly not when filing his Financial Disclosure Form eleven minutes before the close of filing). The Granby City Council seems to have placed such burdens upon Granby utility customers for the next 40 years while evading them and their families paying for them by either death or by distance.

So the next step will be in getting a water system. If it is done like it is usually done in Granby then the result shall be a $10-15 million water system which like the Birmingham Alabama city utilities will result in $400-$500 water and sewer bills paid for by the Section 8 welfare houses while the greater number of Granby people will simply set up rooftop rainwater catchment cisterns and drink bottled water and simply flush their toilets with wash rainwater.

Or like Purcell, which got a state audit, found that the mayor and council-members were stealing and held them up on charges and voted by 4 to 49 to sell their water and sewer to the Missouri American Water System for $200,000.

So how much do you think that Granby will get for its low-pressure leaking water and sewer system full of sulphur and sewage?Of course knowing Granby, any such payment to take things over shall be stolen as surely as walnut logs from the City ball park.

But not to worry. Mayor Ira Hawkins surely has a number of “walk-ins” to do whatever to keep business as usual usual in Granby (or Flintville). Let him reap the whirlwind that he and his kind have sown in the name of Jesus. (Not the one perhaps soon to be on the GBBBBBB.)

Perhaps the State will step in. (The County certainly won’t if they have any choice in the matter.) Or Granby voters will eventually vote to dis-incorporate Granby (while trying to disown the massive debt left).

Nope, some things are just too far gone to fix.

Like Granby.

Death is killing old fat stupid thieving Granby City Council-Criminals

Here in the Age of the ZOGvirus these thieving shiteating swine are dying like shit-eating flies

Baal Cooper, South Ward Shitty Council-Criminal

William ‘Bill’ J. Cooper, age 73 of Granby, Missouri, entered into rest suddenly on November 3, 2021.

Bill was born September 8, 1948 in Granby, one of four children to Everett and Corene (Wick) Cooper.

He was a lifelong area resident and a graduate of Granby High School, class of 1966. He worked in the automotive industry, working at Griffith Motors in parts sales and then as sales manager at Crowe-Burlingame until his retirement. He loved hunting and fishing and was a member of a local bass club and was an avid Nascar fan. He loved his hometown community and had served on the Granby City Council.

He was a member of the First Baptist Church of Granby. Bill married Lavonna Irene Mishler on January 4, 1990 and she preceded him in death on Jan. 3, 2008. He then married Karen Brown on October 10, 2008 at Bella Vista, Arkansas and she survives. In addition to Karen, he is survived by a daughter, Jenny Cooper of Joplin, Missouri; two grandchildren, Hunter and Emma Simkin; brother, Jerry Cooper and wife, Melanie of Granby, Missouri; stepson, Joshua Childress of Neosho, Missouri and sister-in-law, Elsie Cooper of Wichita, Kansas. In addition to his parents and wife, Irene, he is preceded in death by a brother, Robert and sister, Betty.

Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021 at 1 pm at the Clark Funeral Home, Granby, Rev. Russ Johnson will officiate. Interment will follow in the Granby Memorial Cemetery and those serving as pallbearers will be Jim Channel, Joshua Childress, Bobby Crowder, Dusty Johnson, Rex Budd and Todd Bertalotto. The family will receive friends Monday evening at the Clark Funeral Home, Granby, Monday evening, from 5:30 to 6: 30 pm.

In a little over three months three fat old stupid thieving Granby city council-criminals have croaked, maybe all or two of them from the ZOG-virus. This one above William “Baal” Cooper wasn’t as bad as JoAnn Lamp or Joyce Mann because while fully as stupid and one of Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ butt-licker sometimes sorta cared for the People of Granby every so often. Not very often and for a while was sick as a dog during the first [mal]administration of T-Rampageifer Gamble and missed most of the City Council Criminal Meatings in 2015 to 2016. But at least he wasn’t the Baal-Priest [mis]representing Allieger-Martin Ashley Edgmon but rather one with this fellow retard from the North Ward R.L. Arnall who becum Mayor until his term was cut short by a North od Pierce City hackberry tree who gave its bark that Granby may prosper, cum-cum, cum-cum.

He told the voters when he displaced Ashley Edgmon that he was going to carry out the extremely stupid work of his fellow piece of shit R.L. Arnall — and so he did. Other members of the Granby Shitty Council deplored Baal Cooper and R.L. Arnall’s self-serving stupidity and idiocy in thinking — like the majority of the Granby City Council-Criminals the past 40 years — that the City Government existed to fulfill theys’ whims and wants using the power of a rogue city government.

But like every single mayor during the Richard Eutsler [mal]administration these inbreds at least gave a bit of a shit for the People of Granby who were literally theys’ fambly if only a step-niglet grandchile. T-Rampage Gamble as mayor immediately worked to destroy the office of independent fire marshall and city collector so that they could let Jim Channel thieve and tell them what to do and to appoint a “she-mayoress” unable to do the book-keeping and unwilling to do the billing. Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins is even worse in saddling Granby with debt and increased infrastructure decay and bringing in $3.2 million debt to give Ashley Edgmon’s Allieger-Martin kickback scam.

In fact, Baal Cooper voted against T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins to vote to fire Paula Coursell as Granby City Clerk because she did books the old fashioned way and was unable or unwilling to learn Quicken. Baal Cooper and Richard Eutsler were against firing Paula and Baal Cooper was close to crying, but these council-criminals voted 2-1 to fire Paula, clearing the way for the “She-Mayoress” Lawna Price and the forced resignation of Sharon Stephenson as elected City Collector who acted as a check on financial corruption. Later in 2016 the Granby inbred tards voted to do away with [s]electing an independent City Collector. It turned out as expected, with the decay proceeding but now massive debt which will last for the next 40 years if ZOG lasts. It won’t.

So Baal Cooper was the last of the old trad feebs who f#cked Granby in the traditional way of limited graft which merely bled Granby but didn’t shoot it in the head. Baal Cooper lost by a few votes to First Synagogue Baal-Priest Ashley Edgmon then cum-cum back to regain his seat running on a Platform of Traditional Fuktardation and won. Then in the next year of 2015-2016 the sick old bastard didn’t attend half the Shitty Council Meatings allowing T-Rampage Gamble who appointed Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett from the North Ward and Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins from the South Ward to shut down dissent, use its Granby Piglice Department to stifle dissent (mainly from myself) and raise the City Utilities while letting them decay because they wouldn’t make Jim Channel work, and appointed Lawna Price as City Clerk while getting rid of an elected City Collector and Kevin Johnson as Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department.

In short this traditional inbred didn’t even do Granby City Council-Criminal Corruption the old fashioned way but rather simply didn’t show up more than half the time. So as admitted the South Ward which has 940 registered voters opposed to the North Ward’s 375 voters didn’t have even [mis]representation but rather a series of 3-0 votes by Senile Heifer, Bill the Buttlicker, and Crooked Evil Ira following the witless largely drunken whim of T-Rampageifer Gamble from April 2015 to April 2017 in doubling the utilities, promising a “new Granby piglice station” (while cooniving to buy for $300,000 the Styron Eyesore) and letting the water and sewer lines decay for lack of maintainence in hopes of collecting contractard kickbacks.

So after only attending half or less of the Granby City Council-Criminal Meatings from 2015-2016 this old fat feeb ran again for Granby Shitty Council-Critter and for the next year once [s]elected this feeb attended even less!!! It got even sicker and by November 2016 didn’t attend three meatings in a row and thus was forced to resign by T-Rampage and Crooked Evil Ira and the rest of the thieving retards. But in line with theys’ corruption they were going to appoint another compliant Granby fuktard and not bother having a [s]election.

Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins don’t want to hold [s]elections 4 Jan 2017

Nothing has changed five or six years later. Crooked Evil Ira insists on appointing “walk-ins” to cuntinue his civic thievery.

Someone finked me out to Fedbook about making fun of this dead piece of shit.

Granby UnCensored gets Censored

Well, every so often I get censored for speaking the truth about this sort of piece of shit in the local government.

Initial Report 12 Oct. 2021 Granby City Council Meeting

Who’s the new councilmen?

Some obvious baal-priest goober that no one ever heard about before that Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins dug up named Gabe Cooper. He seemed to be obedient. I asked Jamie Arnall to boycott the meeting but she refused but she didn’t vote in favor of this Gabe Cooper. I pointed out that I had actually stood for [s]election against Assley Edgmon and Assley left so Crooked Evil Ira appointed another baal-priest Charley Brown who voted in lockstep with JoAnn Lamp and Joyce Mann, both who have died of the ZOGvirus this summer.

Regretably this goober looks pretty healthy but hopefully he took the ZOG-vaxx clot-shot.

Moving to the guests, first the Clouses want to hold a Halloween Parade and was duly given permission to do so on Saturday, oct. 30, 2021.

Then Sarah James were up for the Granby Economic Development Corporation where it was announced that Jamie Arnall signed over the old brick hardware store for which she paid $10,000 to the Granby Economic Development Corp. Barry Flint proposed that it would take $20,000 to clean up the mess inside the walls of the building, then another $180,000 to build a new truss roof and framework to tie in the roof, the four brick walls and floor. Then another $300,000 for a wooden building leaving the brick walls intact as a facade.

Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins decides to let Jim Channel goof Off Some More

Its cutting into the Facebook & Youporn Cell-phone watching so no more shut-off notices for you Granby, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

A sharp-eyed business owner seen the recent city utilities notice above and decided to post it to Granby Thots & Views.

The thread devolves into sanctimonious shitheads virtue-signalling about how they always pay their bills but with a minority asking why a change in policy to where they don’t give “final notice” for those about to be shut off if they don’t pay by the first of the next month. Why this change in policy?

Terra Clouse

This is from the Missouri Public Service Commission: Before your service is shut off, your utility company must:

• Send you a notice that you are going to be shut off and
indicate what you will need to do to maintain service.

Different companies have different policies regarding
shutting off service.

• Attempt to contact you in person prior to your shut off.

• Place a hang-tag on your door, or make at least two telephone call attempts, warning you of possible shut off.

• During the winter months (November 1 through March 31), the PSC Cold Weather Rule is in effect and service cannot be disconnected when the temperature is forecasted for the following 24 hours to drop below 32 degrees.


Jim Channel

Terra Clouse the PSC rules are for investment owned companies the rules do not apply to municipality owned companies

Only a municipality as messed up as Granby would hire my worthless ass, much less discontinue the final notice because I wanted more time on Facebook and watching Internet porn.

Crooked Ira decided to let me jack off some more on City time so he discontinued giving final notice to the poorer citizens of Granby.

Jamie Arnall

Patti Miller Farmer, Jim’s comment above was exactly what I was telling you this morning about this concern. He states since the city is a “ municipality” they don’t have to follow the Missouri utility laws …. Makes you wonder why Missouri has these laws and why A municipality would not be required to follow them.

Friday, Sept 24, 2021 @ 8:45pm


Patti Miller Farmer

Jamie Arnall, it seems to me that letting people know before you shut them off is simply the right thing to do. Basically, it’s like they are saying that the law doesn’t specifically apply to our city, so we don’t care enough about our citizens to treat them fairly. Acting a lot like a big city that just doesn’t give a rats ass about people.

14 Sept. 2021 Granby City Council Meating Part 1: Crooked Ira’s baal-priest buttlicker r.u.n.n.t.s.-o.f.f.t.

But as least he remained safely in the tall grass to piss down his leg !!! 14Sep21 Granby City Council-Criminal Meating Pt.1

The Granby City council-Criminals for all of theys’ lying talk about wanting to keep the People of Granby informed as to theys’ criminal machinations refuse to buy a $30 Logitech web camera to place along side theys’ Fint Yentaprises $4,956 4k camera with 3% audio dynamic range because they don’t want ordinary people knowing how they steal and waste money while the Granby basic infrastructure decays. As was admitted later in the Granby City Council Meating of 14 Sept. 2021 they refuse to buy a cheap web cam or digital camera to let the People of Granby know what their [s]elected thieving council-criminals are up to in spending and largely wasting their tax dollars and how they mis-use their Granby Police Department to stifle dissent under color of their law which they theysselfs don’t obey when inconvenient.

So, as I told them at the time, while I will indeed put up the raw video without sub-titles eventually upon demand, first I would give out my own “DirecTards Cut” in which I would trash them out so that the general Granby Pub[l]ic could know what is going on as well as outsiders not knowing Granby polyticks.

So here is the first four minutes of the Granby City Council Meeting, Part 1 entitled “Crooked Ira’s Proposed Baal-Priest Council-Criminal r.u.n.n.t.s.-o.f.f.t. before being InHoGGeraTarded.” It would seem that Crooked Ira [s]elected another thieving baal-priest retard to becum-cum the new City Council-Criminal to replace the late unlamented JoAnn Lamp but due to the high probability of being trashed out for life and beyond chose to piss down its leg and stick to the tall grass rather than having to make a run for it. Jamie Arnall knows who the Crooked Ira Hawkins baal-priest nominatard was but refused to divulge the name.

So Pastor Lindstedt reminded Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins that there was someone who was actually elected who ran and won once theys’ pet baal-priest Ashley Edgmon r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh as planned who they could seat to have a quorum of opposition.

Now if they had another video person doing recording they wouldn’t be in this fix. So sad too bad.

The rest of the Granby City council Meating was nothing more than deceit, defeat and decay as well as crookedness.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Elected South Ward City Councilman

Granby City Council-Criminals Hire Convicted Criminal Without a Valid Drivers License Because They Can

It is NOT as if them licking theys nuts is so darn good but that Granby has to eat shit as well as drink sewage in order to shoah them Inbreds who is boss, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



In order to survive living in Granby whether you are a genuine Inbred Jed or simply someone hiding out on the cheap in this shithole which is the dumping ground of Southwest Missouri for the crackheads, drunks, chomos, and sundry Inbred Jeds & Jethrenes who like sucking up lead and a goodly amount of sulphur and now sewage through the decaying Granby water and sewer system or simply have already been r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. from Neosho, Carthage or even Monett and have neither ambition nor brains to leave then as a Tough Granby Inbred Jed Sucking up Lead then you need to vote for one of your thieving relatives onto the Granby Shitty Council or batten down as a Shitty [Sic] “Worker” and that means turning a blind eye or deaf ear or shit-loving taster or fart smeller.

If like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard or this senile old Boomer heifer who cum here because Granby being a shithole use-ta-mean this place is cheap but thanks to the [mal]Adminstrations of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins you are drinking sewer and sulphur water from the decaying sewer pipes thanks to the stupidity and thievery of the last decade and especially last seven years or so and now you have gotten to the end of the line and have no assets to move to a worse place (and not just because Granby is the worst place) then you simply need to suck it up, Buttercup.

But living in a shithole hath itz advantages, foremost of which is bitching about it on Granby Thots & Views, and to a limited extent Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” where you too can enjoy this 91 IQ (on a good day) dick-tater-sheep of the Granby ZOGling anglo-mestizotariate. The Channel Fambly is to the Granby Shitty Polytick defined as being somewhere between “Cancer” and “Chlymidia” — usually closer to merely annoying like chlymidia but insofar as Granby Infrastructure (such as it is) closer to cancer.

The problem with being an Inbred Jed/Jethrene though is that being related to everyone — like in Mississippi where the fambly tree looks like a telephone pole — is that you are going to piss off at least half your relatives if not more of them. There are cliques and claques and factions and interests which an outsider will find incomprehensible. But Granby had its day and now in the twilight of a weak and degenerate population living in the ruins while outsiders who bought some shithole properties cheap simply fail to understand them whatsoever.

So you have the “honest inbreds” who live amongst the “bad trash inbreds.” Those who are the better sort can be reasoned with and sometimes vote for myself by 20% to 80% of the rest simply because they have cum to the realization that it can’t continue like this — but it does. There is a lot of ruin in a perpetually ruined shithole to paraphrase Sodden Winnie Churchill.

So back to bitching on Granby Thots & Views, wherein I am allowed to lurk.

Last month this nasty old piece of shit Pat Kelly ( working with Bryan Reo ) upon seeing that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins used the services of Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelly to shut down for a third year in a row my criticism in wanting to de-annex my and my Aryan Nations Church properties from outside Granby shitty limits even though in the decaying heart of Granby. So of course Pat Kelly understood that it is legitimate to hide behind the guns and badges of Granby Piglice Department to make whatever threat he wanted. The Newton County Sheriff’s Department and Prostituting Attorney doesn’t want to get involved in taking my cumplaint as “Whatever happens in Granby needs to stay in Granby” like Raccoon City’s toxic waste dump.

So recently Jim Channel decided to hire one of his good buddies who like Jim Channel had been fired for being a drunken thieving scumbag. Charles Brian Barker Jr. has over thirty-five items in his Missouri Case Net file. One for felony stealing was resolved in 2019 with five years probation, which means that he is a felon on probation and parole subject if he misbehaves to being imprisoned until 2023. But the disbarring feature is State v. Charles B. Barker 19NW-CR02093 in which Barker Jr. managed to evade trial — a pre-trial coonference was held 3 Aug. 2021 — on driving with a suspended license. A clever criminal can evade trial for a long long time by “working the [corrupt] System” and Brian Barker is no exception.

I asked one of the better Inbreds if he knew Brian Barker. Yes, as a doper and meth-head and petty criminal with a lot of issues involving domestic violence. Not his father who is a “good guy.” But Brian Barker is bad bad bad news. Coontrary to the lies of Jim Channel and Crooked Ira — and they know about his not having a valid drivers license and evading trial for driving while suspended — in this “Life of Brian” he isn’t getting a Second Chance but a 666th Change from Baal-Priest Crooked Ira Hawkins of the Pharisatanist Synogogue of Mammon.

There are a number of domestic protection orders given out by GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel — and unlike the ones granted by Greggie Stremel and Kevin Lee Selby to Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and City Collector Carra Jo Coffer in order to prevent me from entering Granby Shitty Hall to see theys’ Granby Shitty Corruption and Thievery — these domestic protection orders were to prevent assault by a violent drunken addicted criminal. There is also allegations of rape in which the corruption and incompetence of the Granby Police Department prevented felon charges.

In short Granby City Council-Criminals and City Employees have hired someone exactly like theysselfs and deliberately overlooked the fact that he doesn’t even have a valid drivers license to drive on City streets !!!

What is the corrupt Granby City Police to do? Drive they’s Granby Piglice SUVs after their Granby City Worker to make sure that he isn’t drinking and doping? Or ‘selectively enforce’ the Laws of Missouri and of Granby like they do with trailer homes?

Of course there was a time in which neither Jim Channel nor his father had a drivers license which wasn’t suspended and the Granby Piglice Department refused to go after them as well.

Now a shout-out to North Ward City Council-woman Jamie Arnall and her brother running Granby Thots & Views for objecting to this hiring of this felon without a drivers license.

However, just as Jamie is only one City Council member and the rest are simply thieves and liars and crooks that means unless the situation becomes politically untenatable altogether as happens every so often leading to resignations she is simply subject to being outvoted 2-1, nor does she have the strength to boycott the city council meetings to deny a quorum.

So Granby shall stagger on from embarrassment to embarrassment as the rest of Newton County sniggers.

So Jeromy Hopper as administrator of Granby Thoughts and Views allowed some sock-puppet to log on as “Group Member” to speak freely. Jim Channel — a cowardly bully — is trying to determine her name.

What is interesting is in seeing how the People of Granby go down on this issue. No shortage of drunkards who drive, crackheads, and other criminals but there are also those who are able to do a search on Missouri Case Net or know something about the parties involved who don’t like the embarrassment of being tarred with being a resident of Granby. Everyone other than fools who refuse to do “due diligence” in buying cheap property in Granby knows all about Granby if they live here.

Frankly put, City Clerk Lawna Price should be fired as she doesn’t know book-keeping, got out of billing, destroyed public records and costs the City money better spent in hiring a local City Clerk who is honest and knows something other than thieving and lying. Same thing with Jim Channel. All this character does when nothing other than on Facebook is to slowly repair some of the water and sewer pipes. That and hire one of his criminal buddies who doesn’t even have a valid drivers license and due to his own delay hasn’t settled his driving with a suspended license litigation of which both Crooked Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel were fully aware of.

Granby Missouri as an incorporated municipality is a failure. The utilities need to be sold off, the Granby Police Department disbanded and private individuals allowed to live in peace minding their own business like pre-1994 Polce State Granby.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC
Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-22

T-Rampageifer Gamble with a Message of Extreme Importance for Crooked Ira Hawkins

As an extremely stupid drunken psychotic asshole and failed ex-mayor of Granby yapping to his suckcessor I have many questions about the big picture! I mean it is not printed up on the bottom of a Milwaukee’s Worst 12-pack so I just don’t see it. Besides when I’m down to muh last can I’m not particularly in the mood for reading and never in thinking anyways.

And I hope that people are being rational about things? These decisions that are being made on the run with nothing more to back them up then dreams are very disturbing and filled with unknowns? I’m seldom rational but rather a buffoon and braggart who puts his foot in muh mouth, which is why we need to keep on meating in your baal-priest temple to get our stories straight, cum-cum, cum-cum, Crooked Ira.

The seem almost tainted. You know “tainted.” Itz the place between a pussy and an asshole on a skank which ‘taint neither but smells like a mixture of both.

The topic I believe in question should NEVER have in front of the city government, but you can’t put the jennie back in the bottle! At least not unless we get to dip either our beaks or our peckers in it, whatever “it” is.

However if anyone envolved with the city is trying to pick winners and losers the should absolutely be ashamed of themselves and really give some thought to why the are in office? I mean other than to steal something or to have the Granby Piglice harass people we don’t like for whatever reason. I’m disturbed more than usual in this process and feel compelled to follow up on this at least as long as the 12-pack lasts.

Stuff like this can absolutely destroy a thoughtful agenda and hamper progress that actually benefits the Entire City Of Granby. Like how can tearing down Jaimie Arnall’s Big Beautiful Brick Building forward our particular scams and getting of kickbacks so that more Milwaukees Worst can be bought?

I ask these questions With All Due Respect Sir. This is no way to run an inbred retarded shithole like Granby, Crooked Ira.