Shitty of Granby Council-Criminals Show They’s Criminal Asses

A Tail of Two Granby Jackasses

It was the Best of Inbred Thieving Stupid Granby Jackasses; It was the WORST of Inbred Thieving Stupid Granby Jackasses

Granby City Council-Meeting held 10 Aug. 2021 around 6:45 pm, Item #5 on the agenda concerning an old (70+ years) concrete retaining wall made out of Granby lead-mining chat which has been crumbling since it was built around the old Granby High School (long since torn down).

This matter has been revisited before back in 2008-2009 and it was determined that the City of Granby owned the wall and that the Granby House nursing home thus refused to pay.

However, Pat Kelly the elected member of the South Ward (allowed to take my seat on the City Council) has a prior history of wanting to force private property owners to accept an unfunded mandate under color of “safety” to his whims.

After discussion essentially admitting that due to the 60 foot easement on municipality streets, especially South Main Street this retaining wall built back when they put up the Old Granby High School and Granby Gymnasium and within 30 foot of the Main Street centerline, the Granby City Council has no lawful authority to declare Granby House the owner of the ancient decaying retaining wall and imposing a mandate to make private property owners fix it up upon the City Council’s latest whims.

Pat Kelly previously did the dirty work in pretending to be concerned with safety and so went after North Ward Council-woman Jamie Arnall and ignoring this old decaying church (which would cost the City $90,000 to demolish because the old structure has asbestos in its construction) and old decaying three-story building which has collapsed on the northern third floor side to vote to spend $3500 in City funds for an engineering report aimed at Jamie Arnall’s Old Hardware Store made of brick in the late 1890’s or so. The engineering report said that Jamie Arnall’s old brick building was structurally sound and if it did collapse in the future that it would collapse inward.

So after discussion about who owns the old retaining wall Pastor Lindstedt suggested that another $3500 of City funds be spent for “safety” regardless of who owns the wall — a jape at the Granby City Council (less Jamie Arnall) in general and Pat Kelly in particular.

Pat Kelly then launched into a lying story about a little Granby jackass that he let run loose and got killed on Neosho Street 60 years ago. Then the story got to its point of calling Pastor Lindstedt a vengeful jackass out to punish the idiotic and corrupt South Ward City Council-Buffoon Pat Kelly. Then Pat Kelly threatened to assault Pastor Lindstedt who was suffering with tendonitis in his left hip and carrying a cane owned by his dead wife. Pastor Lindstedt offered to hit a “home run” on Kelly’s head if assaulted.

Then some discussion by Mayor Ira Hawkins about talking to the property owners — i.e. the nursing home operators to see if they are going to be stupid enough to fix or remove the old retaining wall.

Many Granby residents want me to press assault charges against Pat Kelly and get this buffoon removed from the Granby City Council. But they don’t want the subtitles of a previous edition posted on this GranbyMo youtube channel.

So for those on Granby Thoughts and Views there is an abridged raw video without subtitles on another youtube video for you to see for yourself and this video if you want to see the exact same video footage with sub-titles. Persons outside Granby prefer to see the subtitled video because they are able to understand it better.

I took my stepdaughter’s third husband to see the Granby City Council Meeting. After it was over I asked him what he thought. His impression: “What stupid assholes have you running this town?” (In which he now lives.)

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Elected Granby south Ward City Councilman

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