Reopen the Newton County R-6 School District on 29 April 2020

I predicted that East Newton R-6 would close down the schools a few days before they did close.The purpose of the closure was to give the oldsters time to self-quarantine at the end of flu season. But now it is three weeks later and those who were wise acted accordingly to the signs of the times. The foolish, poor and desperate had no choice other than business as usual.

I am not going to predict anything such as the good sense in opening up the businesses and the schools, but as a candidate on the ballot for East Newton School Board R-6 and a write-in candidate for the Nationalist Party for Governor of Missouri I recommend that schools and businesses re-open and that those at risk for dying or serious injury from this bio-warred influenza/SARS-2/Boomer Remover virus self-quarantine themselves.

I recommend leaving it up to the parents to decide whether thay want their children to attend school. The purpose for attending will be to learn or for purpose of child-care and feeding the district school children. Nor does this opening have to be for the entire grade but for as many days as the parents want to bring them to school. The children should be assigned a laptop or tablet and have a cell-phone hotspot connection. Let’s also understand that things will never go back to Pre-Collapse “Normal” and in order to transition to the new ways / really old ways then changes in education and taxation will just happen to follow.

The virus is particularly striking the big cities. I don’t see any virtue in self-jailing myself but do wear one of Jaimie Arnall’s cloth masks because I don’t want to give it to Roxie.

You want to get this virus after temperatures reach 80 degrees so that you will have some limited immunity for the Second Wave of this flu when it re-arises come September-October. The first Midwest communities which understand the panic-pandemic and learn to live with it will be the first to recover from what is a long-term situation as polio and smallpox were not eradicated except in better times and it took 30 years to do so. Tuberculosis we will have with us always. I like what is happening to the Blue Zones but see no point in following their collapses of finance and public order here in Newton County.

I know that most people think I’m a maniac. Well, maybe so. But those in this East Newton R-6 School District needs a fore-sighted far-seeing thoughtful maniac that will think outside of the box with the other members doing business as usual in these rapidly unusual times.