Reggie Bard’s $680 Granby Taxpayer Paid For “Oafishul” Granby Web Page

Also soon to be known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s Thots & Views

Looks like Reggie Bard pulled a Jim Channel and done r.u.u.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to either Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” Facebook page or to her new de facto pretend new Granby web page which will cost $505 to set up with $175 per year hosting charge as opposed to simply going with the free $75 per year web page provided for by Barry Flint’s Economic Corp which has online bill payments for City Utilities and no new coontent since 2013. Reggie Bard has screetched Granby and Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins into paying for a new “Oafishul” Granbyweb page, also soon to the known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s Thots & Views”

Reggie cums here from Illinois where she is a “housekeeper.” She keeps the houses owned by her present and former meetcats.

(Urban Dik-dik-shun-ary: A meercat is a pussy-whupped whigger quasi-male who because he wants to not be WP (Without Pussy) is PW (Pussy Whupped) instead. All of which is pointless as meercats are usualy gelded by they’s She-Beast mistresses. Meercats are commonly found with theys’ little meercat heads bobbling witlessly in random directions sticking out from they’s dry barren coosh-holes surrounded by rank hair owned altogether by theys’ domineering She-Beast mistresses.)

She is rumored to get high from Meercat Domination — both domestic and from the Granby Volunteer Group whose orange sign is stuck to her SUV door — from huffing urine from 23 cats, and much much bow wine. Thus she is commonly known as “Box-Wine Wedgie Tard” and puts on airs because she won election to the North Ward due to nobody else wanting to run. (As opposed to myself winning the election because the baal-priest aldermamzer running against myself r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t.) Reggie is a thoroughly nasty dried-out prune-faced skank whom people cum up to me at the Neosho Walmart to fink out whenever possible.

So like Jim Channel — the 91-IQ (on a good day) Directard of Pub[l]ic Works who set up a laughable Granby Facebook Page ridiculously named “Help Granby Grow” (Actually Suck Granby Dry which because he draws a $40,000 salary plus the $30,000 for digging graves in the Granby Cemetery for which he has a monopoly license to dig) and this Isbell female who set up her own Facebook Group which dried up — Bow Wine Wedgie wants to cuntrol the narrative as they say. She doesn’t like to stay where she is easily outsmarted and perpetually ridiculed like on Granby Thots & Views (GT&V) by myself and others. GT&V Admin’s sister Jaimie Arnall ( Granby’s Very Own Pollyanna) finds Reggie Bard incomprehensible and hopes that, like the She-Mayoress & Lawna’s Lustfool Meercat, and Ashley Edgemon the former South Ward City Council-Criminal and baal-prist of the Granby Church of God / Synagogue of Satan that when they are done sodomizing and looting Granby to where it is a drier husk that they will move away / r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. or return from whence they cum. Preferably either to Hell or Connaught as Texas hath a drier climate in parts west.

Now all this is the Granby way. To paraphrase Chairman Mao “Let a thousand blooming idjits boom and a dozen or so thieving inbreds run about like deranged possums seeking whatsoever shit or persimmons (though persimmons are scarce this year) theys can devour.” What is yet another free Facebook Group that some thieving inbred or outbred can cobble together and make of it a retard reservation rumpus room more or less? Why the more Granby Facebook Groups there are why that leaves less time and effort for sumthang marginally more useful like Internet porn. As long as one can make a suitable sock-possum to monitard the situation then all is well and good.

Granby Thots & Views (GT&V) is the oldest and best of these groups because it allows limited freedumb of speech and everyone is watching it. Even Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, like when she wished that the wife of one of her detractors would have a miscarrage or she wanted “Black Satanix input” either from myself or Granby’s Own Nigerian immigrunt she then pissed down her leg and r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. into the woods or her house she still kept up with her meercat Force of the alleged fourth husband or her spawn in monitarding GT&V.

Jeromy Hopper is getting some flak from some of the inbreds and parasitic outbreds though for letting me have some fun about Granby business. A week or so ago he was cussed out for one of my links to this Greater Granby Cobb & Turpentine Blog for ridiculing the more parasitical and thieving of the Granby ZOGtards, so for future use I am only putting up the name of the Blog and not a direct link to the post.

At the 25 August 2020 City Council-Criminal Meating Barry Flint — the Second Smartest Man in Granby and the prime mover for Granby being the sucked-dry Shithole of Newton County it is today — represented his spawn Tony Flint, purveyer of the $4,956 4K video system that gets 3% dynamic audio range when a $30 Logitech would work better. Barry Flint said that the Barry Flint Economic Empowerment Association provided a free web page www.granby-mo-com which allows online Granby utility bills payment even though it costs him $75 in server space. While it was set up back in the late 90s the fact that it hasn’t been upgraded since 2013 is because the City of Granby people have not provided any new content since. If Granby goes with a new Internet Service Provider other than Barry’s sprong then the free Granby web page might as well go away.

But Box-Wine Wedgie Tard in her perpetual seeking after something to validate her wretched life wants to city to pay $680 more for her own aggrandisement. She simply can’t just upgrade to her own satisfaction the Barry Flint free web page. No wonder Barry Flint had a disgusted look as he left after the endless Granby City Council-Criminal Meating. His diseased sheeple Herd of Tard just wasted $680 of Granby tax money from the general fund — no way to put it on the TIF — for the first year and counting

Meanwhile there is for free as like Granby Thots & Views my own “The Oafishul Legitimate Duly-Elected (the Mamzerchurian Baal-Priest Candidate r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. and was replaced by another meat-puppet baal priest) South Ward City Council-Critter’s Granby – Mo web page. So for free bill paying go to Granby-mo dot com and for Free Sorta-edgy Granby Thots & Views go to Granby-Mo dot xyz and for box wine and Milwaukees Worst coontent that you somehow can’t read from off the $17,000 TIF sign then got to Reggie’s Thots & Views for $680 — since you are already paying for it thanks to the Decree of 25 August 2020 by the de facto Granby Council-Criminals. <—- Barry Flint Economic Assistance Group <— The “Oafishul” Duly-Elected South-Ward City Council-Critter

But not to worry. These thieving Granby tards will r.u.n.t.-o.f.f.t. when the Granby Trust Funds for the Cemetery, Streets, Sewer, Water, and Thievery Induced Financing (TIF) are looted and no more is cum-cum cum-cummin’ in.

Granby ALWAYS wins, be it in the end, the middle, or the beginning. Granby City Council-Criminals might propose but Granby being Granby will always dispose.