Regarding the “Lawna Peeg, Lawna Peeg”/Crooked Ira-gate:

North Ward Granby City Council-woman Jamie Arnall had no part in keeping myself from the “secret private meeting” held by the She-Mayoress Lawna “Lawna Peeg” Price and Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ass-Clown Ira Hawkins with Barry Flint & Sarah Jones to divert Covid Relief Funds to their friends at the work-meeting of 22 Feb 2022.

When I was finally let in after the “secret private meating” by them letting in South Ward Council-Criminal Pfat “Jackass” Kelly who while voting as told on this matter, Jamie Arnall entered a few minutes later.

The vote was 4-0 at the 22 Feb 2022 meating for setting aside up to 20% of these Covid Relief funds on the Mayor and Council-Critters’ friends as opposed to spending it for water and sewer infrastructure and the Granby Piglice State piglice were present to stifle dissent from myself as has happened quite a bit before. [Mis]Representative democracy is the most corrupt form of government and using the Granby Police Department — another thing brought to Granby by Barry Flint — has nothing on Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin who at least sometimes could be relied to look after their People.

Let me state I do not find Jamie Arnall corrupt. She is foolish and enables this Granby City Council Corruption as she overlooks the refusal to allow myself to have my South Ward City Council seat in favor of Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ baal-priest walk-on council-criminals and the use of Granby Police to stifle dissent. She is the Snow White on the Granby City Council of scruffy thieving trolls.

If this continues, any outside funds will be wasted on graft and kickbacks. The water and sewer system will continue to decay and be replaced by debt. And anyone stupid enough to vote in 2.6250% sales tax will find out that they get nothing for the [ab]use tax just like the TIF taxes of 1998.

Again, having secret meetings to which dissent is disallowed in order to divert public funds to select private use is a sure sign of corruption. It is also known in political “science” as “fascism.” As populist icon Huey Long of Louisiana said when asked whether fascism would cum to Amerika, said that it would but would be called “anti-fascism.”

I told Jamie Arnall that I would be posting this to Granby UnCensored to make it quite clear that she neither attended this “secret private meating” nor while she knew about it kept the Council Chambers locked up until Pfat Jackass Kelly was let in and I slipped in as well behind the regrettably not-r.u.n.n.t.-o.v.e.r. jackass of the Kelly bunch. This is a violation of the Missouri Sunshine Act and thus the vote should be overturned.

I intend to embarrass Eric Schmidt as another candidate for U.S. Senate over his not prosecuting this matter.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN

Elected South Ward City Councilman

Candidate for U.S. Senator