Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Emergency Meeting 9 November 2020


Proposed Amended Agenda Nov 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Posted Afternoon November 9, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall

302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

5:00 p.m.

Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented (The Agenda was Changed to Allow Police Chief Kelley to mention proposed Trailer Home & RV Ordinances and Police Salary increases)

2) Approval of Minutes, October 13, 2020


1) Appointment of new Council Member (Joyce Mann reappointed)

2) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

3) Discussion — RV Permits and Trailer Home Parks

4) Chief Kelley — Wage Structuring and Changes for Police Department (All four permanent officers get minimum of $33,000 per year to be paid through 1/2 cent Sheriff’s Sales Tax)

5) TIF Chairman Resignation (T-Rampage Gamble resigns a second time)

6) TIF board member resignation (Tim Murphy finally quits as promised)

7) Victor Coggin — Request to purchase sewer pump (10 hp motor for motive pump & variable drive unit for lift station)

8) Lawna Price — Close Police Department grant account at CBT (for purchase of new police SUV)

Special Meeting called to approve bills to pay and Appointment of ‘new’ Council Member

Regular meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum (Charlie Brown and JoAnn Lamp being operated upon tomorrow)