Far be it for me to interrupt the fascinating stories about stray dogs & cats recently jailed at the Granby puppy pound, but I’d like to present my new Granby Missouri You-Tube Channel and starting out with the infamous 5 Oct. 2020 TIF Bored Meating in which T-Rampage Gamble and Reggie Bard screamed at each other and T-Rampage offered to resign, acted as if he was going to have a coronary and got a gumball instead and his way because the promised heritage lighing got delayed until all the TIF money is all spent and wasted on kickbacks and Reggie Bard didn’t get her way. T-Rampage Gamble refused to cater to the pub[l]ic and after running Sharon Jackson off in tears none of the pub[l]ic was around except myself and my ex son-in-law and he didn’t appreciate the non-pandering to the pub[l]ic nearly as much as I did and maybe you will upon viewing the video. That said, sometimes your pub[l]ic could do with a spell of pandering . . .

Another Great Moment in the History of Granby Civic Corruption at its very best !!!

This video along with others such as the 22 Sept and soon the 13 Oct Granby City Council Meeting will be put up live, uncut and uncensored like the original SouthPark Movie (Rated PG-13) on both the Granby Missouri Youtube Channel and my Oafishul Legitimate Cum-in-Second But Actually Elected South Ward City of Granby Councilman Blog.