Political Realities in Granby

As a frequent candidate for political office at the state, local and municipal level my policy has been to tell the electorate what I think they need to hear, not some lies I use to get into power to loot the public purse — like the current Granby City Council. Dem[on[ocracy is a fraud and representative dem[on]ocracy is the most corrupt form of dem[on]ocracy as it enables the looting of what little remains under color of popular sovereignity. The most stable form of government is the military dictatorship which follows all democracies like sharks following a slave ship.

Telling the electorate that they are mostly nothing more than a herd of diseased herd animals awaiting the collapse of their environment’s carrying capacity is not popular — except amongst the sane and healthy ones who know what is happening. Only one in twenty of you have any real leadership capability. Four out of five of that talented five percent are bought off. Get the allegiance remaining one percent and when the die-off claims eighty percent then you have the new ruling class of the 10-20 % survivors.

So this reality will play out everywhere as in Granby.

Let’s understand something. Ashley Edgemon is going to win the election. I am going to come in second. Ashley is going to resign and the City Council will appoint David Price (or some of you want Danny Bush) to try to fill the term. Lawsuits will be filed, and the State of Missouri might well swoop down and declare Granby to be a “failed municipality” like they do with other municipalities which have been declared bankrupt. All of which is fine by me.

So I’m offering an alternative. Fire Lawna Price and Jim Channel. Repudiate increasing Granby debt passed by fraud and fear. Fix the water pipes and sewer leaks using the current resources intelligently planned and applied. Undo the municipal ordinances telling people what they can and cannot do with their private property. Let the police force revert back to the County, which while corrupt has no interest in enfarcing municipal ordinances. Allow people to have their say before the Granby City Council as opposed to unlawfully doing what these council-criminals got theys heads together to do anyways under color of “resolution”.

Now many of you equate freedom with me setting up say, Dauchau. When I tell some woman that I do not intend to use City police or ordinances to harass her or her non-white husband it seems that once extermination is off the table all of a sudden I don’t deserve to live in Granby. This is why I am so dubious about refugees from elsewhere. Their main objective is to tell the natives how good it is for them to come in, then when they are established they immediately seek to take over and loot the place to turn it into from whence they fled. They get on the City Council and then things immediately take a turn for the worse. Then they flee back, either from whence they came like Ashley Edgemon or to seek another Granby to loot like Reggie Bard.

So the funds are depleted. I urge people to vote “No” on the Granby Cemetery 1/8 cent sales tax which used to bring in $12,000 but will be used as a tool to have the Granby City Council dictate what should be Granby Cemetery policy. The runnt-oft T-Rampage Gamble and Ashley Edgemon were the main architects behind that scam in which the price of cemetery lots quadrupled, and $400 of the now $500-$600 grave opening fees go to Jim Channel’s pocket as opposed to $100 for the cemetery upkeep. Decouple the sales tax and you decouple the power of the Granby City Council to rule over what should be an independent board which will apply funding for cemetery plots and grave openings to the upkeep of the cemetery. You want to save the cemetery? Get it out of the thieving and incompetent paws of the Granby City Council.

I also urge people to vote “NO” to the half-cent sales tax for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. They are absolutely corrupt and should be starved of funding always so that they don’t get into mischief and false arrests even in the best of times. When you need every single penny before the currency is hyper-inflated away you will need the $500 or more in additional sales taxes you will pay to buy canned food and shotgun shells. The only virtue to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department is that they will not enfarce selectively or at all Granby municipal ordinances.

The good times are over. There will be no return to “normal”. We either fix Granby using our own resources or some of us are going to go our own way and let the rest of you fend for yousselfs while claiming to be Granby.