Pastor Lindstedt is “un-withdrawing” as a Candidate for South Ward City Council

OK, lets cut to the chase.

I read the Newton County [Fake]News lie-paper and found out that Ashley Edgemon was moving back to Florida, where he belongs. Ashley was a loyal foot-soldier for the present bunch in Granby City Hall who have been looting Granby blind for the past decade or so.

“But . . . but . . . but you no longer live within Granby according to the Granby City Hall. Well, I do have quite a few properties within Granby — some of which were bulldozered and I certainly do intend to do the bulldozering onto those who are under the delusion that THE LORD BABY JESUS told them that it was fine by HIM to treat myself like a Palestinian and they be the Mossad — and it sure would be fun to engage in some federal litigation over the matter. In any case, Jeromy and I cum to a deal. He let me post before [S]Election Day and I withdraw muh withdrawal.

Now what are you going to do as a Council-Critter, Pastor Mad Dog Half Beard? Well, first of all there are going to be a lot of 3-1 votes and maybe some 2-2 votes if Reggie Bard and I can get past our mutual loathing. The fact is that while she is no Donna Fullerton — I knew (non-Biblically) Donna Fullerton. Donna Fullerton hated dogs, small children and myself and I was the only one of the three who hated her right back, since it is true that all dogs go to Heaven and small children ain’t much good at hating — but every single time Reggie Bard tries to take things over. Reality means that the daze of easy living are over and there isn’t much left to steal in Granby, because it already has been stolen.

The way things are going, even if Granby is able to sell a $3.24 million sewer bond so that Allierger-Martin gets 30% or $825,000 hyperinflation means that by next year paying off the bond will be with a $10 Trillion “forever” Stamp.

Do you know that there are less than 400 registered voters on the North Ward (North of U.S. 60) and nearly 1,000 registered voters on the South Ward? So why, especially given that the City Hall run Bill Cooper who didn’t show up for the city council meetings half the time, isn’t the South Ward got any representation according to their numbers, not even [mis]representation? Shouldn’t there be three seats for the South Ward and a general ward which would represent the voting realities better?

Let’s understand something. Voting is a fraud. Anyone who takes it seriously is a sucker, a mark, a boob, an idiot. Most of the voters want to be screwed. They obviously love liars and thieves. As proof that is what they elect. A representative dem[on]ocracy is the most corrupt form of government with the maximum of corruption and the minimum of responsibility, accountability and actual freedom. I think that when the accounting is done I’m going to lose to Ashley Edgemon by a landslide. Ashley always was “one of them Floriduh People” as the South Georgians & Alabamans say. But Ashley will be gone and I’ll be here and we all can have some fun.

Granby City Hall has absolutely no respect for the private property of others. In an era of tightened budgets there will be no money from outside for Granby from the State or federal regimes. So Granby will have to live or die upon its own resources and we have no other choice but to make City Hall stop eating all our Fruit Loops.

I will undo all of the municipal ordinances. You want to put a single-wide on your own property while not being related to a council-critter you can do so. You will no longer have to keep around a single-wide from the Truman Administration hoping to have enough ZOGbux to move into double-wide luxury someday.

The current City Clerk shall be fired and replaced by someone who can do book-keeping and resume billing.

The current City municipal director will be fired and replaced by someone who will do the work, instead of fist-fighting with the taxpayers and then getting then his cowardly butt whupped like a dog. City workers will have to fill out worksheets to account for employee and city machine time and to see that up to 100 foot of rotten water and sewer pipes are replaced at a time. The Granby Cemetery Committee will buy a grave-digging attachment to a city backhoe and those who pay cemetery tax will pay only $200 or less for grave-opening and those outside not paying cemetery tax will have all of the opening fees going to the Cemetery Trust, not an additional $30-50 thousand a year to the pocket of the municipal works director. Fifty-eight years of robbing the Granby dead since 1962 is enough.

The office of City Collector will revert to being elected and have financial oversight over City tax and utility funds. If they cannot do book-keeping, well, that is why there will be a City Clerk able to do so. Not a unelected unaccountable city worker who doesn’t even live within the city limits or even have taxable property within Granby.

There will be a State Auditor Audit — not a Dog & Pony Show Audit with secret “eyes-only” management letters to be seen by the City Council-Critters only.

The Styron Police Department Building scam will be overturned. Granby should not be buying people new buildings and then buying their old buildings. Those who would do business in Granby must pull their weight, not be subsidized by the Granby taxpayers.

The City Hall meetings will be opened to actual debate and decision-making, not the double-dealing without debate which has already been decided and arrest for dissent which Ashley Edgemon laughably calls “transparency.”

These and many other changes — not for the mere sake of change but because Granby can no longer afford the same old ways of corruption — is what I propose as Granby South Ward City Councilman.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you elect me it will not be because I was your first choice but rather because I was your “break the glass and pick up the fire-axe LAST & FINAL Choice.”

I don’t and won’t make a practice of posting on Granby Thots & Views past 10pm, but I did want to ruin the remainder of the Memorial Day Weekend for some of you — and we all know who you are.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN