Meyer Crooked Ira Hawkins decides to let Jim Channel goof Off Some More

Its cutting into the Facebook & Youporn Cell-phone watching so no more shut-off notices for you Granby, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

A sharp-eyed business owner seen the recent city utilities notice above and decided to post it to Granby Thots & Views.

The thread devolves into sanctimonious shitheads virtue-signalling about how they always pay their bills but with a minority asking why a change in policy to where they don’t give “final notice” for those about to be shut off if they don’t pay by the first of the next month. Why this change in policy?

Terra Clouse

This is from the Missouri Public Service Commission: Before your service is shut off, your utility company must:

• Send you a notice that you are going to be shut off and
indicate what you will need to do to maintain service.

Different companies have different policies regarding
shutting off service.

• Attempt to contact you in person prior to your shut off.

• Place a hang-tag on your door, or make at least two telephone call attempts, warning you of possible shut off.

• During the winter months (November 1 through March 31), the PSC Cold Weather Rule is in effect and service cannot be disconnected when the temperature is forecasted for the following 24 hours to drop below 32 degrees.


Jim Channel

Terra Clouse the PSC rules are for investment owned companies the rules do not apply to municipality owned companies

Only a municipality as messed up as Granby would hire my worthless ass, much less discontinue the final notice because I wanted more time on Facebook and watching Internet porn.

Crooked Ira decided to let me jack off some more on City time so he discontinued giving final notice to the poorer citizens of Granby.

Jamie Arnall

Patti Miller Farmer, Jim’s comment above was exactly what I was telling you this morning about this concern. He states since the city is a “ municipality” they don’t have to follow the Missouri utility laws …. Makes you wonder why Missouri has these laws and why A municipality would not be required to follow them.

Friday, Sept 24, 2021 @ 8:45pm


Patti Miller Farmer

Jamie Arnall, it seems to me that letting people know before you shut them off is simply the right thing to do. Basically, it’s like they are saying that the law doesn’t specifically apply to our city, so we don’t care enough about our citizens to treat them fairly. Acting a lot like a big city that just doesn’t give a rats ass about people.

Senile Heifer Joyce Mann — Corrupt Granby City Council-Criminal Now Resident in Hell — Croaks Off

This D-g-awful stupid greedy crooked evil old bitch now in Hell worked with Crooked Ira Hawkins & T-Rampage Gamble to destroy Granby Infrastructure and put Granby into debt the next 40 years, passed Granby ordinances upon others not applicable to herself, and proved that self-governance over inbreds is an exercise in degeneracy and corruption.

Looks like the “Boomer-Remover” Delta/Dothead Variant of the Covid-19 ZOG-virus sent this stupid greedy evil old bitch straight to Hell where she belongs.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell just like JoAnn Lamp was a Granby City Council-Criminal who used and was used by the worst Granby Mayors T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins to simply let the Granby sewer and water systems rot to the point of failure in order to get kickbacks from Allieger-Martin for a useless storm-water sewer system and putting Granby citizens in debt for #3.2 million for the next 40 years. This while these old bitches croaked off while the younger thieves like Ashley Edgmon and Will Barrett r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. outside the city limits and paid not a penny of the debt they imposed.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell also saddled Granby further with a police state, destroyed the expression of dissent by passing bills of attainder against myself in open city council meetings, was forever appointed then re-elected to be North Ward City Council in order to do the [s]will of the buffoonish drunken thieving retard T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins, and plotted with the City Clerk “She-Mayoress” Lawna Price to remove all checks and balances in the City’s finances by forcing to resign the elected City Clerk in favor of an out-of-town city collector answerable not to the Granby voters but to the Mayor.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell cried big crocodile tears when T-Rampage Gamble deliberately put an end to an independent Granby Fire Department by imposing “Internet standards” to the Granby Volunteer Fire Department with its own form of funding to Kevin Johnson then accepted his forced resignation. Likewise Stansberry and others who thought that they could deal with T-Rampage Gamble were also forced to resign as well in order to impose the weak-minded and weaker-willed Tim Murphy as Granby Fire Chief in return for his vote to loot Granby and let her put in a used double-wide contrary to the ordinances shwe voted in against others.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell went along with the other stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell JoAnn Lamp to pass all manner of laws drafted up by Barry Flint wanting to force young people to rent crappy trailers instead of them being able to buy their own single-wides and used double-wides for family formation yet the very minute she bought a used double-wide to put her own daughter and grandchildren in proceeded to in conspiratorial collusion with T-Rampage Gamble as Mayor, Crooked Ira Hawkins and Tim Murphy, the Granby Piglice Department and Granby City Attorney Jared Thomas proceeded to hold an “emergency meeting” not published 10 daze in advance in the Newton County Fake-Douche with all of two days notice and proceeded to pass permission for Joyce Mann to put in her used double-wide after terrorizing the sole dissenter who asked that since she wasn’t allowed to bring in a used trailer that Joyce Mann shouldn’t be allowed to do so either.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell simply worked with the rest of the corrupt Granby City Council — Mayor T-Rampage Gamble, Crooked Ira Hawkins, Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett, Tiny-Minded Tim Murphy and the corrupt Granby Piglice Department (Ms. Piggy Christina Poitras in her first incarantion before firing didn’t notify anyone three-hundred foot away) and Granby City Attorney Jared Thomas called the “secret emergency meeting” all of a day and a half notice, didn’t publish the ‘secret emergency meeting’ in the local Newton County Fake Douche lie-paper whatsoever and ignored the objections of the dissenter who asked why if she couldn’t put in a used trailer why the Granby City Council-Criminals were to be allowed to violate theys’ own ordinances as applied to others. Just because this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell didn’t directly vote to disobey her own law but rather put it onto the rest of the Granby crooked wrecking crew doesn’t change the unlawfulness of their hypocritical malfeasance.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell passed Granby Municipal Ordinance #815 which was used to prosecute myself for making fun of T-Rampage Gamble in June 2017 when I demanded to know why they wanted to pass new laws against Granby People putting in small houses when they couldn’t even obey their own trailer-house ordinances when they wanted to let her put one in against their own law.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell acted like she was getting a blow or hand job from T-Rampage Gamble as the Worst Granby Mayor when she would play the silly old woman buffoon at Granby City Council Meetings and would vote in lockstep 4-0 to screw over Granby and Granby People, to make rules for everyone else and raise utility rates while the Granby water and sewer infrastructure decayed past the point of repair. Well, T-Rampage Gamble will be hauling her meat-carcass at the funeral.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell worked to destroy the old brick building of the woman who ran against her and won.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell doubtless played the Good Christian Scumbag. Russ Johnson as pastor of the First Babtist Church in Granby doubtless gave a good sendoff to this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell just as he always gives a good prayer at Granby City Council-Criminal Meatings. Far from helping the poor as Christ commanded in Matthew Chapter 25 this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell worked to disallow them to help themselves by buying shitty old trailers to raise their families.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell voted to sell this bogus Sunshine Act judgment to Bryan Reo and to bulldoze me and Roxie’s Granby properties and have me pay for it without a kort order. I was thinking of shooting this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell on 15 Oct. 2019 around 12:39 pm but decided by Jan or Feb 2020 to let the ZOGvirus put this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell where she belongs in the due course of time.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell was forced by Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins to take over Wedgie Tard’s North Ward Shitty Council seat once they r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. after the failed Ms. Piggy /Wedgie Tard Thanksgiving Coup of 2020 after she retired after Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Carthage. This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell refused to recognize that I had won in the 2020 South Ward City Council [s]Election given that Ashley Edgmon r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. after winning. This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell had noting but coontempt for due electorial process. She endorsed Crooked Ira Hawkins appointing corrupt baal-priest walk-ins in order to steal from Granby and oppress under color of law the People of Granby. This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell was likewise appointed by Crooked Ira Hawkins to resume thieving and pressured to run simply because the Granby City Council-Criminals didn’t want a reformer in as a North Ward City Council-member.

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell died on Sept. 14th but no one other than those who will join her in Hell seem to be in mourning for this stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell

This stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell was known as Joyce Mann. Now she is in her reward awaiting Judgment Day where she will be deposited into a Lake of Fire along with the Devil, Beast and False Profit that she served while serving herself pretending to be a Christian.

Good-bye & good riddance you stupid greedy evil crooked old bitch now in Hell.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Elected South Ward Granby City Councilman

Full UnCensored Video of Granby City Council Meeting 14 Sept. 2021

This is the full video of one hour 34 minutes of the Granby City Council Meeting of 14 Sept. 2021 complete and uncut without subtitles.

The quality is low because the uploader doesn’t have broadband only a cell phone hotspot. This is the only video recording made of this other than the 4k 3% audio dynamic range recording made by the $4,956 Flint Enterprises kickback scheme purchased by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins years ago when a $30 Logitech webcam or $100 Sony digicam could be used for streaming video on Facebook. This video was taken on a $65 Sony digicam on $10 tripod.

The corrupt and witless Granby City Council of Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins and Pfat Kelly and Baal Shittrell don’t want any of the Citizens of Granby to know how much they are being cheated and oppressed, otherwise they too could make their own recording available but they won’t because they don’t want you to know how badly they have mismanaged and stole from Granby.

So see for yourself what happened at the Granby City Council Meeting of 14 Sept. 2021 free of commentary.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Elected South Ward City Councilman not allowed to take his seat

14 Sept. 2021 Granby City Council Meating Part 1: Crooked Ira’s baal-priest buttlicker r.u.n.n.t.s.-o.f.f.t.

But as least he remained safely in the tall grass to piss down his leg !!! 14Sep21 Granby City Council-Criminal Meating Pt.1

The Granby City council-Criminals for all of theys’ lying talk about wanting to keep the People of Granby informed as to theys’ criminal machinations refuse to buy a $30 Logitech web camera to place along side theys’ Fint Yentaprises $4,956 4k camera with 3% audio dynamic range because they don’t want ordinary people knowing how they steal and waste money while the Granby basic infrastructure decays. As was admitted later in the Granby City Council Meating of 14 Sept. 2021 they refuse to buy a cheap web cam or digital camera to let the People of Granby know what their [s]elected thieving council-criminals are up to in spending and largely wasting their tax dollars and how they mis-use their Granby Police Department to stifle dissent under color of their law which they theysselfs don’t obey when inconvenient.

So, as I told them at the time, while I will indeed put up the raw video without sub-titles eventually upon demand, first I would give out my own “DirecTards Cut” in which I would trash them out so that the general Granby Pub[l]ic could know what is going on as well as outsiders not knowing Granby polyticks.

So here is the first four minutes of the Granby City Council Meeting, Part 1 entitled “Crooked Ira’s Proposed Baal-Priest Council-Criminal r.u.n.n.t.s.-o.f.f.t. before being InHoGGeraTarded.” It would seem that Crooked Ira [s]elected another thieving baal-priest retard to becum-cum the new City Council-Criminal to replace the late unlamented JoAnn Lamp but due to the high probability of being trashed out for life and beyond chose to piss down its leg and stick to the tall grass rather than having to make a run for it. Jamie Arnall knows who the Crooked Ira Hawkins baal-priest nominatard was but refused to divulge the name.

So Pastor Lindstedt reminded Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins that there was someone who was actually elected who ran and won once theys’ pet baal-priest Ashley Edgmon r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh as planned who they could seat to have a quorum of opposition.

Now if they had another video person doing recording they wouldn’t be in this fix. So sad too bad.

The rest of the Granby City council Meating was nothing more than deceit, defeat and decay as well as crookedness.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
Elected South Ward City Councilman

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 14 September 2021

Proposed Agenda September 14, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted August 6, 2021

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented
2) Approval of Minutes, August 10 2021
3) Appointment of council member

SWEARING IN OF NEW OFFICIAL The proposed baal-priest Crooked Ira wanted to put in there chickened out at last minute.


1) Stephanie Mikeska — Business License Request Baked goods

2) Isiah and Alysha Howe re: Business License Private contractor under the delusion that plenty of real stupid rich people who want a big $200,000 McMansion to be built in Granby

3) Amanda Kelly re: Christmas festival

New Business:

1) Council Chamber Etiquette Crooked Ira and Baal Shittrell claim that Granby Municipal Ordinance #815 gets to allow them to arrest dissenters, particularly Pastor Lindstedt, who is threatened with arrest four or five times. They have no remorse for Pat Kelly’s misdeeds.

2) Bills to Pay, Balances on hand

3) Department Head Reports

4) ORDINANCE 869: An Ordinance to amend Section 117.010 Article II Chapter 117 of the Municipal Code , the Same being an Ordinance of the City of Granby Newton County Missouri to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of Interest and Substantial Interests for certain Officials. Ashley Edgmon the fat baal-priest and council-criminal failed to disclose that he worked for Allieger-Martin while voting $3.2 million in debt until he r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida in defiance of this ordinance asking for interests of contractors before they vote to impose these debts for construction. This ordinance is a sham as are [s]elections.

5) Bid from Ozark Electric for light poles. $9453

6) Bid from James Johnson Construction re: insulation $13,400 for Community Building

7) Jim Channel re: purchase of leak detector $5,000 after all these years

8) Victor Coggin re” purchase for wastewater plant $2500 for Douglas Pump Service, $1900 for 2 hp grinder pump

9) Amend 20-21 Budget to actual

10) Resolution re: OMTD Change from July 4 weekend to June 4 & 5, 2022

11) OMTD Committee members: Steve Burnett, Dawn Fenton, Sarah James, Pam LeeMaster along with Parks Director Guinn

12) Discussion re: replacement windows for City Hall Bid from Loews for $32,978 to repair water leaks and termite damage of neglected City Hall

13) Website Demanded by the removed Box-Wine Wedgie Tard and never updated but costing $78 per month to have. They will NOT buy an inexpensive camera to stream video feeds on Facebook.

14) Employment qualifications and hiring process Obviously they cannot simply look at Missouri Case Net to find out that theys’ latest employee is on probation and without a valid drivers license)

Granby City Council-Criminals Hire Convicted Criminal Without a Valid Drivers License Because They Can

It is NOT as if them licking theys nuts is so darn good but that Granby has to eat shit as well as drink sewage in order to shoah them Inbreds who is boss, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



In order to survive living in Granby whether you are a genuine Inbred Jed or simply someone hiding out on the cheap in this shithole which is the dumping ground of Southwest Missouri for the crackheads, drunks, chomos, and sundry Inbred Jeds & Jethrenes who like sucking up lead and a goodly amount of sulphur and now sewage through the decaying Granby water and sewer system or simply have already been r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. from Neosho, Carthage or even Monett and have neither ambition nor brains to leave then as a Tough Granby Inbred Jed Sucking up Lead then you need to vote for one of your thieving relatives onto the Granby Shitty Council or batten down as a Shitty [Sic] “Worker” and that means turning a blind eye or deaf ear or shit-loving taster or fart smeller.

If like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard or this senile old Boomer heifer who cum here because Granby being a shithole use-ta-mean this place is cheap but thanks to the [mal]Adminstrations of T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins you are drinking sewer and sulphur water from the decaying sewer pipes thanks to the stupidity and thievery of the last decade and especially last seven years or so and now you have gotten to the end of the line and have no assets to move to a worse place (and not just because Granby is the worst place) then you simply need to suck it up, Buttercup.

But living in a shithole hath itz advantages, foremost of which is bitching about it on Granby Thots & Views, and to a limited extent Jim Channel’s “Suck Granby Dry” where you too can enjoy this 91 IQ (on a good day) dick-tater-sheep of the Granby ZOGling anglo-mestizotariate. The Channel Fambly is to the Granby Shitty Polytick defined as being somewhere between “Cancer” and “Chlymidia” — usually closer to merely annoying like chlymidia but insofar as Granby Infrastructure (such as it is) closer to cancer.

The problem with being an Inbred Jed/Jethrene though is that being related to everyone — like in Mississippi where the fambly tree looks like a telephone pole — is that you are going to piss off at least half your relatives if not more of them. There are cliques and claques and factions and interests which an outsider will find incomprehensible. But Granby had its day and now in the twilight of a weak and degenerate population living in the ruins while outsiders who bought some shithole properties cheap simply fail to understand them whatsoever.

So you have the “honest inbreds” who live amongst the “bad trash inbreds.” Those who are the better sort can be reasoned with and sometimes vote for myself by 20% to 80% of the rest simply because they have cum to the realization that it can’t continue like this — but it does. There is a lot of ruin in a perpetually ruined shithole to paraphrase Sodden Winnie Churchill.

So back to bitching on Granby Thots & Views, wherein I am allowed to lurk.

Last month this nasty old piece of shit Pat Kelly ( working with Bryan Reo ) upon seeing that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins used the services of Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelly to shut down for a third year in a row my criticism in wanting to de-annex my and my Aryan Nations Church properties from outside Granby shitty limits even though in the decaying heart of Granby. So of course Pat Kelly understood that it is legitimate to hide behind the guns and badges of Granby Piglice Department to make whatever threat he wanted. The Newton County Sheriff’s Department and Prostituting Attorney doesn’t want to get involved in taking my cumplaint as “Whatever happens in Granby needs to stay in Granby” like Raccoon City’s toxic waste dump.

So recently Jim Channel decided to hire one of his good buddies who like Jim Channel had been fired for being a drunken thieving scumbag. Charles Brian Barker Jr. has over thirty-five items in his Missouri Case Net file. One for felony stealing was resolved in 2019 with five years probation, which means that he is a felon on probation and parole subject if he misbehaves to being imprisoned until 2023. But the disbarring feature is State v. Charles B. Barker 19NW-CR02093 in which Barker Jr. managed to evade trial — a pre-trial coonference was held 3 Aug. 2021 — on driving with a suspended license. A clever criminal can evade trial for a long long time by “working the [corrupt] System” and Brian Barker is no exception.

I asked one of the better Inbreds if he knew Brian Barker. Yes, as a doper and meth-head and petty criminal with a lot of issues involving domestic violence. Not his father who is a “good guy.” But Brian Barker is bad bad bad news. Coontrary to the lies of Jim Channel and Crooked Ira — and they know about his not having a valid drivers license and evading trial for driving while suspended — in this “Life of Brian” he isn’t getting a Second Chance but a 666th Change from Baal-Priest Crooked Ira Hawkins of the Pharisatanist Synogogue of Mammon.

There are a number of domestic protection orders given out by GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel — and unlike the ones granted by Greggie Stremel and Kevin Lee Selby to Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and City Collector Carra Jo Coffer in order to prevent me from entering Granby Shitty Hall to see theys’ Granby Shitty Corruption and Thievery — these domestic protection orders were to prevent assault by a violent drunken addicted criminal. There is also allegations of rape in which the corruption and incompetence of the Granby Police Department prevented felon charges.

In short Granby City Council-Criminals and City Employees have hired someone exactly like theysselfs and deliberately overlooked the fact that he doesn’t even have a valid drivers license to drive on City streets !!!

What is the corrupt Granby City Police to do? Drive they’s Granby Piglice SUVs after their Granby City Worker to make sure that he isn’t drinking and doping? Or ‘selectively enforce’ the Laws of Missouri and of Granby like they do with trailer homes?

Of course there was a time in which neither Jim Channel nor his father had a drivers license which wasn’t suspended and the Granby Piglice Department refused to go after them as well.

Now a shout-out to North Ward City Council-woman Jamie Arnall and her brother running Granby Thots & Views for objecting to this hiring of this felon without a drivers license.

However, just as Jamie is only one City Council member and the rest are simply thieves and liars and crooks that means unless the situation becomes politically untenatable altogether as happens every so often leading to resignations she is simply subject to being outvoted 2-1, nor does she have the strength to boycott the city council meetings to deny a quorum.

So Granby shall stagger on from embarrassment to embarrassment as the rest of Newton County sniggers.

So Jeromy Hopper as administrator of Granby Thoughts and Views allowed some sock-puppet to log on as “Group Member” to speak freely. Jim Channel — a cowardly bully — is trying to determine her name.

What is interesting is in seeing how the People of Granby go down on this issue. No shortage of drunkards who drive, crackheads, and other criminals but there are also those who are able to do a search on Missouri Case Net or know something about the parties involved who don’t like the embarrassment of being tarred with being a resident of Granby. Everyone other than fools who refuse to do “due diligence” in buying cheap property in Granby knows all about Granby if they live here.

Frankly put, City Clerk Lawna Price should be fired as she doesn’t know book-keeping, got out of billing, destroyed public records and costs the City money better spent in hiring a local City Clerk who is honest and knows something other than thieving and lying. Same thing with Jim Channel. All this character does when nothing other than on Facebook is to slowly repair some of the water and sewer pipes. That and hire one of his criminal buddies who doesn’t even have a valid drivers license and due to his own delay hasn’t settled his driving with a suspended license litigation of which both Crooked Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel were fully aware of.

Granby Missouri as an incorporated municipality is a failure. The utilities need to be sold off, the Granby Police Department disbanded and private individuals allowed to live in peace minding their own business like pre-1994 Polce State Granby.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC
Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-22

Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins & South Ward City Councilman Pat Kelly are Criminals Together

Today on Tuesday Aug 17, 2021 I called the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in order to press criminal charges against both Pat Kelly and Crooked Ira Hawkins for their crimes against myself. And possibly against Granby police Chief Jacob Kelly.

You see Pat Kelly gets the notion that as a supporter of the corrupt bunch of Granby Council-Criminals infesting Granby the past six years since the advent of the T-Rampage Gamble [Mal]Administration that these Granby regime criminals get to loot Granby and that Pat Kelly is one of them.

On Aug. 10, 2021 at 5:45 pm 15 minutes before the Granby City Council Meeting was a scheduled open public meeting in which the Granby public subject to property taxes could speak freely. However for the past three years Pastor Lindstedt has been harassed by Granby Police Department from getting to speak simply because Granby Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins doesn’t want to be criticised for his activities as Granby Mayor. In all of these “open public meetings” the Granby Police Department is coonscripted as “enforcers” denying political speech critical of the Granby City Council.

Last year there was Ms. Piggy Christina Poitras who called Jim Channel up to hinder Pastor Lindstedt criticizing forcing Pastor Lindstedt and Roxie Fausnaught and Church property located within Granby from being de-annexed. Ms Piggy kept on yapping about how she wanted to “talk outside” about something while the public hearing was going on. Pastor Lindstedt said that he wasn’t interested in talking about Granby property tax levy with Ms. Piggy — who was later fired because of the Wedgie Tard / Ms. Piggy Thanksgiving Coup of 2020.

When Jim Channel cum up upon being summoned by Ms. Piggy and Crooked Ira Hawkins, Pastor Lindstedt asked Jim Channel “Short sleeves or long?” When asked what that meant Pastor Lindstedt said it was a choice as to whether having Jim Channel and the entire Channel criminal cornholing fambly having their hands removed at the wrist or above the elbow. Pastor Lindstedt preferred above the elbows, but was willing to leave more of a choice than the Channel fambly and the Granby Piglice Department was giving.

Jim Channel, being a hulking snivelling coward said that he had no intention of assaulting Pastor Lindstedt. “In which case if you have no intention of assault in order to shut me up you might as well sit down then.” Channel sat down and thus Ms. Piggy was reduced to yapping about how she had something important to discuss outside with myself.

Pastor Lindstedt allowed this Shannon Swope woman to discuss planting some trees and she sat down when told that the regular meeting wasn’t up. Then Pastor Lindstedt wanted to resume criticism of the Granby Shitty Council and Ms. Piggy was doing Stupid Piglice Shit until the time struck 6 pm and Crooked Ira Hawkins could close the “open public meeting” farce and start the regular meeting.

Time after time starting with T-Rampage Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins these council-criminals have destroyed the basis of their mis-rule by threatening to arrest citizens and taxpayers by means of using their police forces to destroy or evaporate dissent. This was particularly during the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewer scam in 2020 and 2021, when Eugene Spears and Susan Bascomb demanded that Pastor Lindstedt be refused to participate in the public meeting enforced by Jacob Kelly acting as a policeman over dissent.

What is relevant is that the “good shitizens of Granby” have gone along with this. Danny and Sally Bush. Steve Burnett. At the latest tax-levy public hearing on 5:45 to 6:00 pm on Tuesday 10 August 2021. What is with this civic nationalist crap about “land of the free and home of the brave” and worshipping a flag fetish and pledging allegiance to a corrupt form of government of hypocrisy promising freedumb while delivering tyranny and oppression.

So having a present federal lawsuit I simply assurred Granby Police Chief Kelly that all this was doing was to justify future federal litigation and I had no intension of being arrested that night.

Neither Crooked Ira Hawkins nor Baal Shittrell / Bill Kittrel and certainly not Pat Kelly have any respect for rule of law nor free speech criticizing themselves for their miscoonduct while in office. And Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley is merely a pig whose function isn’t to protect or serve the average Granby citizen but rather those who let him be a pig and pay his paycheck. The Granby Shitty Council is who is “protected and served” no different than the police farces of any criminal regime regardless of which form of government they oppress the People.

So is it any wonder that a senile old power-mad feeb such as Pat Kelly who is firmly in the fold along with Baal Shittrell / Bill Kittrell and with a massive hatred of the Hopper family, especially Jamie Arnall and having just found out that dissent can be denied or delayed through the threat of state-sanctioned terrorism by the police forces who have always historically been used for that purpose that Pat Kelly would of course make a threat to assault or harm any dissenter given that “his” police forces would protect him from the consequences of the tyranny?

So Pastor Lindstedt simply sat back and waited an opportunity to get in some more licks.

This crumbling retaining wall built around the Granby High School circa 1900 hasn’t been maintained for over 50 years after the Granby High School was supplanted by East Newton School District, then the High School was demolished and the old gymnasium suffered from “jew lightning” and the grounds sold to Granby House Nursing Home. The inner wall was of Granby chat which is the glass-like tailings left over from the lead and zinc mines surrounded by worked concrete. As the concrete got water in it parts of the 120 year old wall flaked away the outer concrete shell and exposed the crumbling Granby chat concrete. The end result is an ugly looking ruin which having retained the soil for the past 120 years is still structurally sound even in places where the wall has crumbled away.

A dozen years ago the Granby City Council of the day decided to force Granby House with an unfunded mandate to fix “their wall” even though given that the easement on all Granby streets is 60 feet and thus the wall is actually Granby City property for them to fix up. The nursing home told the then Granby City Council to go pound sand up theys’ bungholes and the Granby City Council let the matter drop.

So these thieving retards on the Granby City Council thinking that whatever they want by decree they get proceeded to argue the hypothetical unfunded mandate they would impose on the nursing home not altogether sure of whom the owner was. Never contemplated was in destroying Granby Heritage other than the pitiful few bricks in an above-ground memorial to Granby High School and the three generations who went to school there when Granby was a working community these idiots schemed and plotted.

So Pastor Lindstedt planned a jape at the stupidest and second-most corrupt Council-Criminal after Crooked Ira Hawkins namely Pat Kelly. Pat Kelly has already barged into Jamie Arnall’s quilt shop and threatened to assault her brother Jeromy Hopper last year over what was allowed to be posted on Granby Thots and Views by myself. But in order to punish Jamie Arnall for daring to run and win the North Ward Council Seat against Senile Heifer Joyce Mann Crooked Ira, JoAnn Lamp along with Crooked Ira decided to allot $3500 for a “safety inspection” of Jamie Arnall’s old brick hardware store 120 years old which has a decayed roof. This vindictive foolishness was carried out in the name of safety even though there is another old building whose north wall has collapsed and an old church with asbestos in it owned by Mexicans. Jamie Arnall’s building passed structural inspection and $3500 of Granby tax dollars wasted due to Granby City Council-Criminal viciousness.

Pastor Lindstedt decided to make a jape especially at Pat Kelly. “Why not for safety coonsiderations pay a structural engineer $3500 to determine the safety of an old structure even if the ownership is in dispute?’

Pat Kelly decided to tell an old lie meant to discredit and demean his smarter opponents. Then ensued an idiotic story in which Pat Kelly killed through his own stupidity the very best and smartest of the Kelly jackasses. At the end of the story — wait for it — the jackass would get its revenge on Pat Kelly.

When asked if the other Kelly jackass was a thief, a liar and a waster of tax dollars Pat Kelly snarled for Pastor Lindstedt to shut up while Crooked Ira Hawkins tried to stifle dissent.

Then this fat old feeb did what he did to Jeromy Hopper and threatened to assault Pastor Lindstedt. Just as Jay Jeter did back in July 1994 to assault Pastor Lindstedt and when Pastor Lindstedt hit back and was arrested by the new Granby Police Department the same things ensue. Council-Criminals and Granby Piglice assault dissenting citizens and the Newton County Prosecutors and Judges like GRIDS-Grindr Greggie Stremel dismiss the assault charges and the “riot charges” by the Newton County Prosecutor Scott Watson.

Pastor Lindstedt was racked up by tendonitis in his left hip and thus carrying Roxie Fausnaught’s driftwood cane. I offered to hit a “home run” on Pat Kelly’s head. A pity because I didn’t want to get blood or brains on Roxie’s driftwood cane unless absolutely necessary much less shatter the best souvenir of Roxie. Not that there was anything to worry about because the Granby piglice were not going to let Pat Kelly do something stupid and get his head caved in. They called in the other Granby policeman and he took up station by my side.

Item #6 was about Jim Channel no longer wanting to get $400 of the $500 for opening up graves and the Granby Cemetery owned by the City getting a measly $100 of it. So Jim Channel working on Granby City time with Granby City equipment is against opening it up for bids but rather wants to get a kickback from Craig Hopper’s surviving spawn and is against bids. This item is another item of Granby City corruption.

So I was eased out of Granby City Hall and Pat Kelly kept away.

Jeromy Hopper heard about this matter and wanted a not subtitled copy of the incident. Jeromy unbanned Roxie Fausnaught’s nephew’s account and I provided a copy without subtitles which has gotten nearly 1000 views in 3 days as opposed to the subtitled one which the outsiders prefer because it gives them understanding.

So now there is a hue and cry to force Pat Kelly to resign. And so Kelly should. After all, I won the seat held by Pat Kelly that the Granby City Council refused to let me take.

But the real culprits are Crooked Ira Hawkins and Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelly. After all if Crooked Ira and Chief Kelly couldn’t shut down criticism in what is supposed to be a public meeting by threatening false arrest and imprisonment then even a senile corrupt doddard like Pat Kelly probably wouldn’t think he was all cute for threatening to assault a citizen who likewise ridiculed him now would he? Crooked Ira Hawkins as mayor and Jacob Kelly threaten to arrest Pastor Lindstedt saying that he would just as soon remove his real property from taxation by the City of Granby what is the difference, if any, between a false imprisonment carried out under color of law and an assault likewise protected under color of “law.”

I talked to some people at the Hope Kitchen soup kitchen in Neosho. They had the misfortune of working under Crooked Ira where Crooked Ira is in charge and one of them said that “Crooked Ira is the biggest hypocrite in the world.” Similar sentiments are voiced by the owner of the tattoo shop whose property is flooded by next door “Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump” which Crooked Ira uses City Employees to clean up every so often.

Yes, Pat Kelly should be charged with assault and forced to resign. But so should the rest of the Granby City Hall such as Crooked Ira Hawkins and Granby Police Chief Kelly, Baal Shittrell / Bill Kittrell, Lawna Price and Jim Channel.

But worst of all, Granby is really nothing but a decaying corpse in that for years the Granby City Council and Granby Police Department has been allowed to arrest and terrorize the People of Granby who protest the corruption while they pass municipal ordinances after ordinances which they ignore against their favorites and mercilessly selectively enforce against their enemies and the poor and weak. What is especially damning is that the worst of which pretend to be men of God whilst nothing but ravening Christian scumbags who oppress the poor by denying them the ability to live in single-wide trailers simply because Barry Flint wants to charge $600 per month in his own trailer park.

Granby is NOT Mayberry. Granby is a shithole much closer to Gomorrah. And it is not because of the lower elements of Granby society but of the higher and connected like Crooked Ira Hawkins, Baal Shittrell, Pat Kelly, T-Rampage Gamble, Ashley Edgemon who are run by Barry Flint and the Styrons.

However, the salvation of Granby is like Purcell. The Missouri Attorney General should step in as should the State Auditor. An cleansing of the Granby City Council should take place, the Granby Police Department disbanded and the law enforcement returned to Newton County who will only enforce state law and not municipal ordinances, the water and sewer sold to Missouri American Water Company, an above-ground surface water reservoir impounded, and the gas system sold and a franchise fee imposed to pay for an unincorporated municipality and Granby restored to what it was like pre-1994.

This can be done but first the main cause of Granby’s decay and decline swept away and that is the Granby City Council and City of Granby employees who cannot book-keep, cannot do the billing, cannot stop wasting and stealing the taxes, and cannot fairly and impartially protect and serve the People of Granby.

For those that haven’t dealt with Martin personally you have no idea how hateful and evil he is.

He is really really mean to whores wanting to tear down his chickenhouse.

Sherry Lamp/Duncan/Whatever:

I loved the story about the jackass. Honestly, Martin pushes buttons and I’m glad someone said something to him. For those that haven’t dealt with Martin personally you have no idea how hateful and evil he is. I agree council members shouldn’t act childish but come on. Its Granby.


It is not as if I went to see this ten-times married whore who is the favorite niece of the late un-lamented JoAnn Lamp show her tits, ass and pussy before the paying multitudes at “Dimples” in Carthage or other strip joints.

I never showed Roxie’s brother’s girl anything but consideration and politeness. In May of 1989 when I took a month off from truck driving Sherry Lamp asked to come along with myself, Roxie and Amalie, Roxie’s daughter to South Dakota on vacation and would be taking her own money so she wouldn’t be a burden. After clearing it with her parents she went with us for a couple of weeks and was not a problem.

But in 2005 she and her third or fourth husband Joe the jew Treschek decided to buy the two acres across the street other than the decaying old house from my brother Pighook the Mother-Killer and there was a splendid root cellar with a rock basement and a 6-inch concrete slab and a rickety chicken house atop it that I used to hold chickens and quail. This chickenhouse was there before she was born and she know when she bought it along with her third or fourth husband that it was on the property line. So she decided to cut down the underbrush and destroy my chickenhouse.

When I got wind of it I told her that if she tore down the chicken-house me and Roxie wouldn’t let her put in the double-wide regardless of what JoAnn Lamp who used to be Granby City Clerk said. We would veto the placement and then she couldn’t put the doublewide in.

She yowled like a coyote and tore down my chickenhouse and had me arrested as they put the double-wide anyways.

Below are links to the events of March and April 2005.

This nasty whore who is politically coonected to Granby City Hall is all mad because I posted up on my web page at the time her and Granby mayorial and council-criminal and piglice miscoonduct. I didn’t pay to see her tits and twat at strip joints. I wasn’t one of her ex-husbands. I merely said that she needed to leave my chicken-house alone if she wanted to put in a double-wide. She put up the double-wide and had me jailed for protesting it. Granby is simply a shithole wherein the Granby City Council-Criminals do as they please under color of [f]law and thus this shithole should be unable to do anything as a municipality with police and a municipal court. The water, sewer and gas should be sold to private corporation utilities and anyone wanting to be de-annexed should be able to do so.

No one of any intelligence having capital should invest in new construction in Granby because you will be cheated and your capital will be wasted by Granby thieves at the City Council level as well at the crackhead level.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

10August 2021 City Council Meeting Item #5 upgraded video without subtitles Upgraded Youtube Video without subtitle commentary

Granby North Ward City Councilwoman Jamie Arnall asked for a raw video copy of the 10 August Granby City Council Meeting particularly where Pat Kelly gets mad at my jape about wasting another $3500 for a “safety inspection” on an old retaining wall built around the long-since demolished Granby High School and gymnasium which property was sold to the Granby House nursing home. Pat Kelly threatens assault just like Kelly does with others — but this time as a City Councilman.

A lot of Granby People want me to press charges against Pat Kelly in order to rid themselves of an especially idiotic and corrupt buffoon who does the will of Jim Channel and Crooked Ira Hawkins. I think it would improve Granby a lot if the primary cause of Granby decline were removed, i.e. the corrupt and idiotic thieving Granby City Council and they were replaced by people who at least will do no harm and who might do some good like firing Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and the Directard of City Works Jim Channel and selling the city utilities off to someone with profit not power as motivational forces. The biggest obstacle to Granby becoming a good place is its evil and thieving Granby City Council (excepting Jamie Arnall who wants to help Granby reform and prosper.)

Jeromy Hopper of Granby Thoughts and Views asked for the raw footage as did his sister whose filmer went down with the Covid-Delta ZOGvirus. I explained to Jeromy that I had given the video chip to be copied into Jamie’s computer at her quilt shop. And that I was unable to see the Facebook page because someone banned “Skeeter” from GT&V. Jeromy explained that the banning wasn’t him but likely someone else.

So for those squeamish about seeing ridicule upon the truly deserving of it I uploaded a subtitle free video shoing the raw footage. However, those who don’t live in Granby prefer the subtitled video because it explains matters that they don’t know about not living in Granby or in SW Missouri who don’t know what a shithole Granby is.

But from now on “Skeeter” will only lurk at Granby Thots & Views. “Skeeter” had notions of running for JoAnn Lamp’s City Council seat and having myself as his mentor but his wife didn’t want him to get into Granby polyticks and I myself cautioned that “Granby might be too fucked-up to fix” and so “Skeeter” backed off from running. But I did ask Skeeter to join Granby Thots and Views so I could see what “them inbreds” were up to after getting kicked offn GT&V after “The Failed Thanksgiving Coup of Wedgie Tard/Ms. Piggy of 2020”.

This same foolishness about the Shitty of Granby going after the Nursing Home over this old retaining wall was covered back in 2008-2009. Granby House told the Shitty of Granby Council-Critters that the wall belonged to the Shitty of Granby and for the Council-Criminals to go eat shit, yum, yum and so they did until the current especially retarded and thieving bunch wants to try again.

What is even more important is Item #6 in which probably having looted the Granby Cemetery Trust Fund of $250,000 Jim Channel got lazyitis and no longer wants to make an additional $24,000 per year digging 60 graves on City time and equipment in a cemetery owned and from which they imposed an 8-cent property levy for 2022 earlier in the council-meeting. In short Jim Channel wants to get another one of the Granby City workers to dig the graves and give Jim Channel a cut as opposed to bidding it out to others. I’ll put that item up with and without subtitles on this youtube channel later.

For now it is sufficient for those living in and outside Granby to know about Granby city corruption by seeing it on video.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Duly Elected South Ward City Councilman

Shitty of Granby Council-Criminals Show They’s Criminal Asses

A Tail of Two Granby Jackasses

It was the Best of Inbred Thieving Stupid Granby Jackasses; It was the WORST of Inbred Thieving Stupid Granby Jackasses

Granby City Council-Meeting held 10 Aug. 2021 around 6:45 pm, Item #5 on the agenda concerning an old (70+ years) concrete retaining wall made out of Granby lead-mining chat which has been crumbling since it was built around the old Granby High School (long since torn down).

This matter has been revisited before back in 2008-2009 and it was determined that the City of Granby owned the wall and that the Granby House nursing home thus refused to pay.

However, Pat Kelly the elected member of the South Ward (allowed to take my seat on the City Council) has a prior history of wanting to force private property owners to accept an unfunded mandate under color of “safety” to his whims.

After discussion essentially admitting that due to the 60 foot easement on municipality streets, especially South Main Street this retaining wall built back when they put up the Old Granby High School and Granby Gymnasium and within 30 foot of the Main Street centerline, the Granby City Council has no lawful authority to declare Granby House the owner of the ancient decaying retaining wall and imposing a mandate to make private property owners fix it up upon the City Council’s latest whims.

Pat Kelly previously did the dirty work in pretending to be concerned with safety and so went after North Ward Council-woman Jamie Arnall and ignoring this old decaying church (which would cost the City $90,000 to demolish because the old structure has asbestos in its construction) and old decaying three-story building which has collapsed on the northern third floor side to vote to spend $3500 in City funds for an engineering report aimed at Jamie Arnall’s Old Hardware Store made of brick in the late 1890’s or so. The engineering report said that Jamie Arnall’s old brick building was structurally sound and if it did collapse in the future that it would collapse inward.

So after discussion about who owns the old retaining wall Pastor Lindstedt suggested that another $3500 of City funds be spent for “safety” regardless of who owns the wall — a jape at the Granby City Council (less Jamie Arnall) in general and Pat Kelly in particular.

Pat Kelly then launched into a lying story about a little Granby jackass that he let run loose and got killed on Neosho Street 60 years ago. Then the story got to its point of calling Pastor Lindstedt a vengeful jackass out to punish the idiotic and corrupt South Ward City Council-Buffoon Pat Kelly. Then Pat Kelly threatened to assault Pastor Lindstedt who was suffering with tendonitis in his left hip and carrying a cane owned by his dead wife. Pastor Lindstedt offered to hit a “home run” on Kelly’s head if assaulted.

Then some discussion by Mayor Ira Hawkins about talking to the property owners — i.e. the nursing home operators to see if they are going to be stupid enough to fix or remove the old retaining wall.

Many Granby residents want me to press assault charges against Pat Kelly and get this buffoon removed from the Granby City Council. But they don’t want the subtitles of a previous edition posted on this GranbyMo youtube channel.

So for those on Granby Thoughts and Views there is an abridged raw video without subtitles on another youtube video for you to see for yourself and this video if you want to see the exact same video footage with sub-titles. Persons outside Granby prefer to see the subtitled video because they are able to understand it better.

I took my stepdaughter’s third husband to see the Granby City Council Meeting. After it was over I asked him what he thought. His impression: “What stupid assholes have you running this town?” (In which he now lives.)

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Elected Granby south Ward City Councilman