T-Rampageifer Gamble bitches about the price of gas @ the Granby Paki-marts

Stupid drunken evil mean ass-hole should have made Jim Channel fix the water & sewer leaks when he was mayor instead


Stream of ass-holeishness coonsciousness from T-Rampageifer Gamble the failed worst Granby mayor ever:

As a lying thieving retard who had to resign numerous times when running things in Granby cum-cumpletely into the ground I realize that there is little that can be achieved by this post but it’s not going to stop me because as admitted previously I’m a thieving retard in love with the sound of my own retarded voice.

Now for what I wish to bitch about, I dont like to see the residents of Granby consistently getting hosed at the gas pump by them damn Pakis who also got a liquor license but give me no discount on all that Wilwaukee’s Worst I like to drink in mass quantities!

Its always at least 10 cents higher then the surrounding towns, these damn Pakis who own the Neosho Paki-Mart keep theys gas priced coonpetitive — over there.

I also am well aware of our towns lifeblood is tax revenue so shopping outside of town is like getting castrated by my own mean bitch who drives me to drink. My own neighbor is better off because your neighbor has to many kids but having the market cornered is not a good thing for consumers we desperately need competition in the convenience store/ gas station area . Can you tell that I’ve been drinking heavily? Casey would be such a great addition to our town! If I was still Mayor I’d give them a liquor license, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

Competition keeps everyone on there game and creates a more well rounded town. That said, I buy my gas and my Milwaukee’s Worst in Joplin where I work.


There, fixed it for you, you drunken mean stupid ass-hole T-Rampageifer Gamble. Also known as “The very worst Mayor ever of Granby”.

First of all, even if you hadn’t been forced out as Mayor and then when allowed back in as TIF Bored Chairmattoid by Crooked Ira Hawkins acted the drunken mean asshole and was forced to resign a second time, what the Pakis who now own both the gas stations / coonvenience stores choose to price theys’ shitty gas at a nickle to a dime far above what is charged in every single town in Southwest Missouri isn’t really under your control. At theys’ Pakimart in Neosho they charge no more than the other gas stations charge. They can charge more in Granby because Granby has changed into the most expensive shithole to live — the dumping ground of SW Missouri, the boil on the ass-hole shithole of Newton County — precisely because you and the thieving City Council doubled the city utility rates and shut down any citizen input into City of Granby business to where since there are no jobs the working people when they go to work they simply buy their groceries and gas in Joplin, Neosho, Carthage and Monett on the way back to the shithole wherein they live in the decaying housing.

The Pakis charge more for their gas because they can charge more for their gas. Granby had the highest sales tax in Newton County until Neosho decided to vote in an additional half-cent sales tax for their piglice. As it is right now the best way to protest the absolutely corrupt Granby City Council [mis]governance is simply to buy the bulk of your groceries, all of your gas, and most of your books, electronics, building supplies, and other items out of town and on Amazon.

Actually Granby is still a pretty good place to live — as long as you understand realities of living in Granby. Where else can you buy an old hovel with a half-acre to live for $3000 back in 1987 because the old-timers with children and grand-children sold you their properties real cheap because nobody with anything on the ball wanted to live in Granby? Before the thieving ass-holes on the Granby City Council figured out that they wanted to pass all sorts of municipal ordinances that they theysselfs had no intention of obeying and unleahing a “whole swarm of thieving worthless Granby Piglice to set up theys’ own Granby Piglice State” starting in 1994, Granby used to be a semi-lawless place in which the inbreds lived in chaotic crackhead harmony. Granby has always been a lawless place of anglo-mestizo inbreds where everyone knew each other and made allowances while the Granby City Council performed corrupt acts of petty thievery and graft to benefit theys’ friends & fambly.

Where shit really went off the rails was bringing in a Granby Piglice Farce back in 1994 and then in 2016 with the [s]Election of T-Rampage Gamble a narcissistic psychotic asshole who got rid of the elected office of City Collector who stood in T-Rampage’s and Crooked Ira Hawkins’ way, choosing a City Clerk who was run-off from offices of trust and responsibility, unable to do book-keeping and unwilling to do billing, who destroyed over 30 years of public records and allowed the so-called “Public Works Directard” to not fix the water and sewer systems vital to city living. That and bringing in outsiders to fill City of Granby jobs and weaponizing the Granby Piglice Department to stifle dissent leading to the impossibility of “self-help” repair of the collapsing Granby water and sewer infrastructure. In short, T-Rampage Gamble was the Worst Mayor of Granby who was suckceeded by the Second Worst Mayor of Granby, Crooked Ira Hawkins, who carried out further the decay and rot of Granby city water and sewer infrastructure while making it beyond the reach of Granby citizens who are older and more poor and driving out the working middle class having jobs outside Granby.

Even to this very day the Worst and Second-Worst Mayors of Granby meat every Sunday in Crooked Ira’s Synogogue of Satan to coonspire how they can screw over Granby and turn Granby into a worse shithole.

Wherein the Worst Mayor of Granby whines about high gas prices @ the Granby Paki-marts when T-Rampageifer Gamble is the main reason why Granby utility payers are paying high utility rates on Granby sulphur & sewage water in broken and leaking water pipes. There is no money available to fix this infrastructure because it has all been stolen because of the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewage scam and debt lasting until 2050 and beyond.

The only thing which can be done is to keep on doing what Granby People have always done — buy all your gas and most of your groceries outside Granby where you work. The poor and old shall do what they have always done — hunker down and make the best of it.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt

Rightful South Ward City Councilman

Amended Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 26 January 2021

Amended Proposed Agenda January 26, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted January 22, 2021

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented
2) Approval of Minutes, January 19, 2020


1.) Lizette Garcia request for business license, Churros Colima


1)Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

2) Discuss renewal of ENFPD contract

3) Jim Channel — re: purchase and installation of regulators and valves

4) February 9 city council meeting

5) Discussion re: buildings that need to be condemned

6) Renaming Annex 2

Censored Again @ Granby Thots & Views

The butt-chewing is so much better when the Granby City Council-Criminals is lying . . .

Nothing new here because when you tell the truth about how Granby has fallen and it cannot get up the very same people who made Granby into the shithole of a decaying town now without hope given that it now is in debt, is being financially ravaged by the Granby City Council and the water system not only has sulphur in it but sewage from its contaminated 1200 ft aquifer and there is no housing available given a Senile Joe Prez-o-dint Executive Order forbidding evictions for not paying the rent, and the shuffling of Council-Criminals to keep the decline operative, my harping on what ails Granby was deemed “bad for business”. This time I was actually banned instead of muted.

So what to do, what to do?

I know !!! How about nothing?

For the very first time in 25 years this year I didn’t run for anything because now only a fool thinks that [s]elections are anything other than fraudulent.

Two Proven Birds in the North Ward Hand Beats a Suspected Unknown Scumbag in the Council-Criminal Bush

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

“Martin Lindstedt just so that you will have your facts straight the meeting was not a secret meeting the meeting on the 12th was put off for one weak due to sickness in the council and lack of quorum. I was the one that approached the mayor and told him I would be interested in filling the vacant seat and that I was interested in filing to run. The mayor had no clue who I was until I started coming to the council meetings a couple of months ago. On top of that you have no clue who I am and I would hope you would give me a chance before passing judgment on me. I love my city and I want to see it grow and I pray that we can see great things come to pass. I believe if the people of Granby want great things and want change they need to get involved and help bring change. Martin Lindstedt I have decided to become involved… thank you sir” — Bill Kittrel, North Ward apponted meat-puppet to the Granby City Council-Criminals

You are judged negatively because as an unknown you have received power from the current corrupt City Mayor and put on their City Council.

First of all, I called in on both Monday and Tuesday to find out who was going to run. On the previous Friday and both days I was told no City Council meetings until Jan. 26th. So when I went in to collect my public records on Wednesday I read that a new City Councilman had been appointed in place of Reggie Bard, who was a massively dishonest and vicious person until she ran afoul of the pros on the current Granby City Council and Police Department who were even more vicious and wicked than she was. This dishonesty from City Hall is business as usual. You know sometimes they even claim to have posted the Notice of Meeting outside business hours on weekends in order to lying claim to not violate the Missouri Sunshine Act.

Then I read in the Newton county [Fake] News liepaper  that you were appointed to fill Reggie Bard’s seat. It seemed to myself, knowing Granby politics, that you were to be given a “leg up” in order to take your place amongst the most thieving criminal lot in the most decayed and dying town in Southwest Missouri. At the same time, Joyce Mann who made a big deal of “retiring” until such time as Will Barrett — North Ward – Styrons — r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Carthage after saddling Granby for the next 35 years with the Allieger-Martin stormwater sewer scam. Then she filed at the last minute to run against Jaimie Arnall. The last year all this thieving and musical chair filling with nothing but baal-priests and meat-possum thieves to replace the thieves who have r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. has left the Granby City Council-Criminals in power as they have looted every single tax fund, used their police department to stifle dissent and criticism. And now yourself have cum out of nowhere, claiming that you just want to “help” and that you are not to be judged as being like those who have given you an office as a “walk-in” even though Bobby Brooks six years ago was trying to get an independent audit of the City books, not the Dog&pony show audits with secret protocol “management letters”.

Thus you are adjudged accordingly to those of us who will judge according to the recent past events. I simply must assume that you are as big of a crook as the mayor who appointed you who appointed every single failed criminal back to the City Council or TIF Bored or whatever spends Granby tax money. Why should I give you a chance to do a good job as one of a den of thieves?

Now let’s say you are honest and just want to help as you claim. Therefore you are not out something if you were to immediately resign in favor of Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks who have a proven record of love and service to Granby as small businessmen? If the Mayor had cared for an independent voice and mind on the Granby City Council he could have appointed Jaimie Arnall to the TIF Board and then the City Council. Or done so with Bobby Brooks and agreed to a thorough State Audit costing just a little bit extra, $18-21 thousand as opposed to the dog&pony show fake audit which backstops the $21,000 spent year after year because the she-mayoress / City Clerk can’t and won’t do book-keeping.

If as you say, you just walked in and offered to help, then you won’t be out anything by resigning then will you? Of course not !!! You first act of service in showing that you are an honorable candidate for office would be to selflessly say, “Please Ira Hawkins, please the rest of you Council-Criminals, let me wait my turn at the trough, please don’t use me to finish off Granby. Appoint in my place Jaimie Arnall or Bobby Brooks so that Granby Reform can get its honest snout in the door, please, please, please I beg you as an honest man !!!”

You get my drift, don’t you?

Well, I have slathered it on a bit thick. I think you are not going to resign. I think you are lying to me. If on the off chance you are not a crook, then I shall say as much. I don’t know you. But I do know Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks and although a South Ward voter will support them even though not able to vote for them.

Jaimie Arnall knows all about the Granby sulphur and sewage in the water since it was in her shop that she drew the stinking water five weeks ago. Bobby Brooks knows what the problems are as well and was against the City Council lawlessly bulldozing down my and Roxie’s and niece and nephews’ property back in Oct. 2019. So if they win and are allowed to take their city council seats along with Pat Kelly there is a chance that the sewer bond scam can be set aside, that Jim Channel and Lawna Price fired, and that all these municipal ordinances that this City Council won’t obey themselves repealed and the law enforcement can be sent back to Newton County.

With you, all there is is campaign rhetoric from someone appointed as one of their dreary meat-puppets by Granby City Council-Criminals who have made Granby into a thieves paradise. I prefer to stick with the reform that I got in Jaimie Arnall and Bobby Brooks.

The reason that I didn’t run for anything for the first time since 1994 is because voting implies consent to a failed form of government. I have filed a tax protest and intend to file litigation to strip Granby of its taxing priviledges or allow those of us who have had enough to de-annex ourselves from the lot of you altogether.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Duly Elected South Ward City Councilman 2020-2022
Duly Elected Granby Municipal Judge 2003-2004

The Channel Fam-bully

In the Granby City body polytick them “Channels” is always somewheres between “cancer” & “chlymidia”

I usually try to ignore Martin but he continually tries to discredit me if anyone wants to question my job and what I do and what I get accomplished they are more than welcome to inquire at city hall, I ask them to look at the city’s finances when I first came back to work for the city and then look at them now, with the help of 2 good mayors and the city clerk and support of an outstanding council we have turned the pages from red to black, I can’t explain Martin’s love for me as we have nothing in common I’ve never been in any state corrections facility or spent a night in any jail I’ve never been accused of child molestation so I don’t know why he is obsessed with porn which I don’t watch on the computer at my office or even my home” — Jim Channel Granby Thots & Views


I am the William Faulkner of the Shitty of Granby, as well as its Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolf Hitler.

Amended Proposed Agenda Semi-Secret Granby City Council Meeting 19 January 2021

The Granby City Council-Criminals put in their new crooked meat-puppet to install permanently and got “Retired” Senile Heifer Joyce Mann to make sure that the kickbacks & Granby Sulphur-Sewage Kool-Aid Continues.

Amended Proposed Agenda January 19, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted January 18, 2021

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Appointment of New Council Member Appointed Meat-Puppet Bill Kittrel
2) Approval of Agenda as presented
3) Approval of Minutes, December 8, 2020


1.) Lizette Garcia request for business license, Churros Colima


1) Appointment of New Councilmember Appointment of their new Meat-Puppet Bill Kittrel

2) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

3) Department Head Reports

4) Aprove Audit 19/20

5) General Code Update

6) Approve paid holidays for 2021

7) Discuss renewal of ENFPD contract

8) Approve TIF minutes December 7, 2021

9) Approve TIF approved projects and bid notice approvals

a) bid from Ozark LED and Electrical for Lighting in park
b) Bid from Building Brothers for Restrooms
c) Bid from KBC Construction for sheetrock and flooring on
d) Bid from J&L welding for fence rail
e) Bid from Hussongs for painting

10) Renaming Annex 2 at the Community Building

11) Build and Install dog kennels at new dog pound

And then there were plenty

All sorts of People are running to preside over Granby’s further decline

And then there were plenty

First of all, the City of Granby does not observe Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. Which is fine by me. I suspected as much, that Granby City Hall would be open because the City Clerk — also known as “The She-Mayoress” and “Crooked Ira’s Brain” — while never ever posting the pub[l]ic notices public meeting agendas on the door ever since she was hired at the start of the T-Rampage Gamble [Mal]Administration in 2015 always posts Notice of Holidays in which she doesn’t work as opposed to the endless daze in which she doesn’t work on doing the book-keeping or the billing. So I called up Granby City Hall, our civic Babylon, and asked the [un]elected City Collector (whose elected status was done away with over four years ago) and after asking her what she thought of Granby not observing a federal holiday (devoted to one of her kind), got onto the purpose of my call. Who was running for Granby City elected positions?

On Friday there were only two people running for the City Council Seats. Jaimie Arnall running for the North Ward City Council position of the r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Box Wine Wedgie Tard (a.k.a. Reggie Bard the “brains” behind the failed Wedgie-Tard / Ms. Piggy Thanksgiving Coup of 2020). And Pat Kelly who is running for my South Ward City Council seat. And Crooked Ira Hawkins for Mayor, seeking to have a second term in the Position Perilous. (“Perilous” because since in recent history no one has ever sought, and if getting got, to serve two whole terms because either the Granby voters get pissed off or the State tells them they got to go quietly or go to jail.) Steve White is running for Granby Cash-Register Municipal Kort for the 13th time since 1995.

I told Steve White on Jan. 5th Court wherein he was squeezing the white trash that he need not fear me running against him like I did from 1995 to 2003. (When I came in second and was denied my lawful position as municipal judge when Steve got sent to Iraq and neither the FBI nor Missouri Attorney General chose to uphold the Missouri Statutary law then either.) In all these decaying Missouri towns devoid of any economic reason to exist whatsoever they all have to have a corrupt Piglice Farce to enfarce municipal ordinances and pay for their piglice forces upon the backs of the poor as opposed to taxing their own property. The symbol of Amurrikwan jewstice should be not a blindfolded woman with a balance and sword but rather a whore running a cash register.

So here is a list of current candidates:

Mayor: Crooked Ira Hawkins

North Ward City Council:
Jaimie Arnall (1 year, Wedgie Tard’s seat)
Bobby Brooks & Billy Kittrel (Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett’s seat who r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t to Carthage and was replaced again by “Senile Heifer” Joyce Mann)

South Ward City Council: Pat Kelly (For my lawful elected South Ward City Council Seat)
JoAnn Lamp (wanting re-election for a two-year seat. And later I shall “tell some” about JoAnn Lamp, the wife of my woman Roxie Fausnaught’s older brother Clinton Lamp and younger sister to George Martin legendary Granby cocksman and her efficient self-serving corruption as former Granby City Clerk)

Let’s understand something. The Granby South Ward has two and a half times as many voters (1,000) as the North Ward (400). These wards are divided by U.S. Route 60 into the two wards. The North Ward had the bulk of the smelting back in the days of the lead-zinc mines and has the bulk of the businesses today. The South Ward has the bulk of the population and the pastures. The South Ward has always been under- & mis-represented, especially the past thirty years, but even more so the past six years.

Now I’ve run every single election cycle — except when imprisoned in jail or a NutHouse — with no expectation of winning but as a means of exercising muh “sedition licence”. Several times I’ve won by default in Granby but not allowed to take the elective office. All of which goes to show that the myth of having a COONstipational Repub[l]ic is nothing but a lie and was a lie all along. Voting in the ZOGland would be illegal if it could possibly change thangs, rather it has all the sort of relevance as when Joseph Stalin rammed through the greatly liberal meaningless Soviet Constitution of 1936 during the height of the Soviet Terror, the Ukranian Holodomir and the Show Trials promising all manner of rights and priviledges for all. And who can forget, given this stolen [e]election of 2020 when the ZOG-Emperor Trump got 74 million and Senile Joe “won” through ballot harvesting in the inner cities and Dominion voting machines owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Amurrikwans are supposed to bee-leave that 155 million votes were cast for Prez-o-dint even when there are less than 160 million registered voters in the entire ZOGland? Well, as Joseph Stalin once remarked, even though voting was mandatory, and Joseph Stalin never dipped below 90% of the vote even when invaded by Nazi Germany, “It doesn’t matter as to who votes but what is important is who counts the votes.” A bunch of Africans living in Amurrikwan inner cities in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and especially [Tw]Atlanta counted throughout the night and gave the [s]election to Senile Joe & The Nasty Ho.

Now of course one of the benefits of the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf losing due to vote fraud is that Newton County Missouri which voted overwhelmingly for The Donald & Judas Pence by 80-something to nineteen-something percent over Senile Joe & the Ho has been disenfranchised by the entire Blue-State ZOGland by a slighly greater margin than I was last June by Ashley Edgemon, the Baal-Priest next door who worked for Alleger-Martin then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh as planned leaving it open for Crooked Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby Looting Council-Criminals to appoint some baal-priest meat-puppet to take my South Ward City Council seat. The vote for the departing r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t.ing Ashley was likewise split 80 to 20, with me getting only the 20 percent. And after manfully suppressing my racial and religious views in order to post on Granby Thots & Views and talk about the state of Granby’s decaying infrastructure. My sole campaign points against the incredibly corrupt baal-priest Ashley Edgemon — the piece of skillit-licking Xian-Zionist shit who used to work for Allieger-Martin and thus gave them a no-bid contract for $3.2 million for them to make $830,000 profit from this unnecessary storm-water sewer project — was disclaiming any such building and debt projects, in disowning the debt entirely and financing the fixing of the water pipes by fixing it ourselves as a City.

Proposed Agenda Granby City Council Meeting 12 January 2021

Proposed Agenda January 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted January 8, 2021

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, December 8, 2020


1.) Lizette Garcia request for business license, Churros Colima


1) Bills to Pay, Balances on Hand

2) Department Head Reports

3) Aprove Audit 19/20

4) General Code Update

5) Approve paid holidays for 2021

6) Discuss renewal of ENFPD contract

7) Approve TIF minutes December 7, 2021

8) Approve TIF approved projects and bid notice approvals

a) bid from Ozark LED and Electrical for Lighting in park
b) Bid from Building Brothers for Restrooms
c) Bid from KBC Construction for sheetrock and flooring on
d) Bid from J&L welding for fence rail
e) Bid from Hussongs for painting

9) Renaming Annex 2 at the Community Building

City council Meeting cancelled that afternoon. Maybe rescheduled for 19 Jan 2021 @ 6:00pm


Christina Poitras finds the lawyer INTESSIMONE , TIMOTHY MARK , Attorney for Plaintiff, files in forma pauperis on 8 Dec. 2020. Granby & Kelley to be served.

JOPLIN, MO 64804
Year of Birth: 1985
INTESSIMONE , TIMOTHY MARK , Attorney for Plaintiff
JOPLIN, MO 64801
Business: (417) 622-4036

GRANBY, MO 64844
 KELLEY , JACOB , Defendant   
GRANBY, MO 64844

12/08/2020 Filing Info Sheet eFiling
Note to Clerk eFiling
Confidential Address Filed
Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet.
Correspondence Filed
Request for Summons.
Proposed Order Filed
Proposed Order Appointing Special Process Server.
Motion Special Process Server
Motion for Special Process Server.
Mot to Proc In Forma Pauperis
Proceed In Forma Pauperis.
Entry of Appearance Filed
Entry of Appearance as Co-Counsel.
Pet Filed in Circuit Ct


12/14/2020 Judge Assigned
Case to the Honorable Stremel



Attorney Intessimone has filed in forma pauperis, i.e. former Officer Christina Poitras is filing for free as opposed to paying around $100, some process server will serve the City of Granby and Police Chief Kelley and upon service the case shall proceed unless dismissed.

Another Granby Piglice & Council-Criminal Plot to Remove the Head Pig Enfarcing Granby City-Council-Criminal Thievery

Box-Wine Wedgie Tard & Ms Piggy Christina Mount another failed coup to eliminate Granby Piglice Chief Jacob Kelley & get fired & r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t.

This is a blog post in progress . . .

One wouldn’t have thunk it, what with Granby corruption and decay being legendary from Monett to Joplin, but Granby City Hall “polyticks” — from the Greek word for many and ticks being blood-sucking parasites — is oft a battle of factions which change depending on the interests of the particular band of thieves. There is the endemic civil war between all of the Council-Criminals against an external threat like myself wanting to bring Granby back to its pre-1994 daze wherein we had no Granby Piglice Department enfarcing the [s]will of the Granby City Council-Criminals. But that is a persistant low-level threat of insurgency without much chance for success given the corruption within this decaysing system is everywhere and the Granby inbreds are beat-down and a-pathetic and know that “they will do whatever they want to anyways so I can do nothing to change it.” Face it, no one with any sense or something to lose is going to rebel against the half-century of Granby decline and decay because if they could move or wanted to do so then they have already left.

Rather I am talking about outsiders like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, er Reggie Bard, who cums to Granby from Illinois by way of Carthage — another buttoned down town but relatively well run — to buy the cheap decaying properties then wants to turn Granby on the cheap to the very same shithole from whence she cum. So she enlists local Granby inbred tards who think they is better than run-of-the-swill other Granby inbred tards into a crusade to somehow turn Granby — the dumping ground of the area for the crack-heads & chomos, the elderly and down & out — into a Boomer Whigger Paradise of well-kept lawns and anglo-mestizo grandchildren cum over from Neosho or Monett to visit for the weekend. Box-Wine Wedgie Tard is a housekeeper — some skank who kept the house from divorcing her past meercats & thus keeping the house which she sells to move on to the next boat-pisspul locale further down the scale as she grows older, her money-pit gets slacker and she acquires yet more cats yielding urine to huff. This is what is happening all over the ZOGland, as these gliberal Boomer whigger refugees look for a new place just before the nursing home & oblivion.

So Box-Wine Wedgie Tard started her “Granby Volunteers” and posted it all over the local jews-media about how she was going to “clean up Granby” and the media cumplied by doing stories about how the local legendary shithole was becum-cummin’ a polished turd. I would ask the locals why they were doing this stupid shit and they said it was because Granby needed to look like a Boomer Whigger Paradise and because Wedgie Tard had so much “energy.” “So does a tornado,” I would reply, “But before you tear down the old stuff brought about by the old ways, maybe you had better figure out what to replace it with.” And they would think for a second and go about doing their same old stupid crap.

. . . The purpose of the Granby Police Farce is to enfarce the ]s]will of the Granby City Council-Criminals as their own quasi-legal paramilitary force . . . .