Now the First Synagogue of Satan of Granby says that theys isn’t political no more !!!

They were plenty political, oppressing the poor and stealing everything possible when Ashley Edgemon was their Chief Rabbi

“I just had to remove some political signs from our church property. Please don’t post any signs. Our church is the polling place for our community and we don’t support any candidates. Please respect our property.

Mark Thomas, Current Pastor of the First Church of God in Granby

I agree. Your Church being a 501(c)(3) organization is by its agreement with the taxing authorities signed a contract with Caesar that they would separate their parishoners rendering unto both you and Caesar so that you could proceed with your works and accumulation of treasures on this world, rather than trust that YHWH would provide.

Shame your predecessor Ashley Edgemon was thoroughly political and ran repeatedly for Granby City Councilman and is suspected of using his office of preacher to prach the Pauline Doctrine of Romans Chapter 13 which has been used by all manner of “Christian Tyrant”

So what did this baal-priest do while on the Granby City Council?

Well, most egregiously Assley ran up a $3.2 million dollar debt for a unnecessary $3.2 million stormwater drainage sewer while not allowing a $30,000 smoker and a multi-thousands video camera to be deployed so as to detect and fix the leaks. All this was was a graft and kickback scheme for Allieger-Martin to get as their cut $830,000 and the grant writer Sue Bascom $40,000 and the Granby City Council and employees their own unknown cut. Why when I raided the Church dumpster I got 3-5 years of City records from Ashley Edgemon’s administration, and a 2X yellow t-shirt and Ashley’s card holder and cards. Ashley might have found being a corrupt baal-priest on the City Council profitable at the cost of his bloated soul.

Ashley Edgemon also:

Voted for taking money out of the mouths of the poor by taking their gas money meter fees and applying it to paying off the Styrons a dozen years early at the beginning of the epidemic,

Delivered the $250,000 Cemetery Trust fund into the paws of the Granby City Council,

Not only raped the poor of Granby but demanded that the poor can’t live in trailer homes which is the only housing they can afford, so that Barry Fint can charge $500 on up for living in his shitty trailer park and sent the Granby Piglice Department out to enfarce the ordinances. This while allowing favored insiders like Granby North Ward City Council-member Joyce Mann to buy a used double-wide for her daughter and grandchildren without obeying a single one of Granby trailer ordinances and getting the corrupt City Attorney, Granby Police Department and Mayor and City Council to vote to suspend the rules in an “emergency special meeting”

Was complicit in sending a bulldozer to the properties of myself and Roxie and my nephews and agitating for my arrest at City Council Meetings

And as a last act of corruption filed to run for City Councilman knowing that he wouldn’t stick around so that the Baal-Priest Council of Granby could appoint another of their pet baal-priests in my seat won by default.

I have a bulldozer lien on your church. I look forward to dragging Ashley Edgemon back from where-ever he done r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to in Floriduh and crucifying this evil fat vicious baal-priest in the bulldozed ruins of the First Synagogue of Satan, i.e. your 501(c)(3) church.

Perhaps you will agree with me that your Church should get out of Granby City politics by agreeing that after this election the polling place should move right back to the Granby City Annex or Community Building.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt,

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / AN of Missouri,

Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri