Noted Carpetbaggers & Scalawags of Greater Granby. Part 1

Having been called a “carpetbagger” as is the wont of Granby carpetbaggers and scalawags, let’s first give forth a definition of the term. Like back in 1988 I was called an outsider from South Dakota in the local newspaper by the wife of one of the most egregious “scalawags” of Granby who made ordinances as mayor outlawing private trailer-home ownership within Granby so that he could act as a slumlord of the local trailer parks and charge higher rents. A great deal was made of the fact that I was not one of the local inbreds and didn’t want to cheat them but rather to live in peace with them on my own dime. As a matter of fact that mayor should have been jailed for RICO act violations but the point was made — and understood by some — that some dygenic inbreds have a preference for being cheated by one of their own rather than have to tolerate an outsider who they think thinks he is better than them. Oh well, such is life in Granby and the first rule of living in Granby is that GRANBY ALWAYS WINS. Sort of like the Star Trek Next [De]Generation episode Skin of Evil the best and brightest left Granby long ago and if they cum back too often they are changelings who want to change Granby but in a dark and twisted way, like T. Rampage Gamble the Worst Mayor of Granby.

I’ve been living in Granby since 1987 since living just outside Granby since July 1965. As for the term “Carpetbagger” that referred to someone coming into the defeated South looking only to loot their population and move on . . . sort of exactly like yourself, and most of the city council, except JoAnn Lamp, who was married to Clinton Lamp and oldest brother of Roxie, whom I live with. By the way they came from Nebraska to Monett and moved to Granby in 1969 — four years AFTER I arrived. If you wish to call the Lamp family “carpetbaggers” as well then what of it? Most of them are good people. JoAnn is not a Lamp but rather a “Scalawag” to use a bit of lingo, like “carpetbagger” from the post-bellum First Civil War.

A “Scalawag” referrs to the criminal element which collaborated with the “carpetbaggers” out to loot the local community. The carpetbagger is a thieving looting criminal outsider who as an outsider needs the traitor within the gates to loot the local community efficiently if at all. Jim Channel cums from a long line of Granby scalawags who have done such a good job in keeping Granby impoverished and its infrastructure the way it is today. Jim Channel doesn’t live in Granby, but picks up $40,000 in salary plus $500 per grave opened using a grave-digging device attached to the cemetery backhoe. Jim Channel inherited the job from his father Kenneth Channel, who likewise looted the City of Granby. The long terminal decline of the City of Granby infrastructure can be laid at the paws of the Channel Family, which are like the Jukes & Kallikaks — but worse.

As a candidate for both South Ward City Council and East Newton R-6 School Board is would recommend that the voters in Granby pursue voting no to extend the $12,000 (now much less) sales tax extension in favor of splitting the $500 grave opening fee to $400 for the cemetery and $100 for Jim Channel, especially since T.Rampage Gamble brought the City Cemetery which used to be a lot more independent under the control of the City Council — where the trust fund is now under as well. I fail to see why the struggling elderly and poor must pay for the upkeep of the graves of their loved ones — I have a father and mother and brother buried in the “New” (since 1897) Granby Cemetery — when the inflated grave opening cost of $500 should go into maintaining the cemetery and not Jim Channel’s pocket because of an arrangement made with the Granby City Council.

Insofar as a slight difference as to your past history is concerned, as a public figure running for public office I could post the police reports when you, Sabrina Thomas and David & Lawna Price in collusion with the Granby Police Department was trying to arrest me for something last year. I found it highly informative. Not to mention all the people who find me in one of the aisles and just have to tell me about you and who to drop the sheckel to about your doings. And who can forget the time last year that you wished a miscarriage upon the wife of the person who set off the baby-gender thermite boom? If only when you had run off then you had stayed runnt-oft!

If you want to haggle with me about the details of your criminal history then we can arrange that, as I have numerous blogs of my own, particularly . But this Facebook Granby Thoughts & Views is not the place or time to be having this discussion.