Muted Again @ Granby Thots & Views 7 Dec. 2020

Granby Thoughts & Views is a place for gossip & news about stray dogs, not a serious forum for adult discussion.

After one too many postings about the endemic corruption of the Granby Police State, the Admin of Granby Thots & Views has seen fit to mute me until after the New Year — at least for now. It isn’t even so much that a bunch of whiners, feebs and retarded inbred bed-wetters have cum-cum, cum-cum cumplained to him — although that is ALWAYS the case — but rather that Jeremy Hopper has a problem with the police chief rather than that the Granby Police Farce was established in order to supply muscle for the corrupt Granby City Council and acts more like their own private security farce and army and thus should be abolished altogether and replaced by policing from Newton County. Not that the Newton County Sheriff’s Office pigs are any moral or mental improvement over Granby pigs but because the Sheriff’s office can’t be bothered with enfarcing Granby trailer-house ordinances or bitching about whether you mow your grass or not.

(With me usually not. Where I come from in Central South Dakota tall grass is not only a sure sign of good stewardship of “The Land” but to be used for the feeding of cattle and no mowing takes place without a baler running after the mower doing something useful with that cut grass as opposed to wasting time and gasoline trying to win the Box-Wine Wedgie Tard’s “R.L. Arnall’s Granby Yard of the Month” proving what a Grate Granby Boomer Whigger Fuktard you are.)

The recent 1/2 cent sales increase bringing in $60,000 per year to the Granby Piglice Department should be spent on establishing a Satellite Station for the Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies, disbanding the Granby Police Department, and hiring two deputies to patrol Granby and East Newton County. If any taxes can improve the community — and they can’t — then having a police presence independent of political forces as opposed to being fired or hired at the whim of the Granby City Council is preferable. As it is right now, those living in Eastern Newton County know all about Granby — and they take a detour or simply stay away.

Granby could be the Queen City of Eastern Newton County again as opposed to the area’s dumping ground for the area’s poor, wretched, addicted criminal poor. (Like Diamond with its speed traps, the local wise people take the “Granby Detour” or simply avoid Granby.) But NOT with the current City Council or its renegade police department.
I want the entire Granby Police Department to be disbanded as the enfarcement arm of the corrupt Granby City Council-Criminals while Jeremy merely wants Chief Jacob Kelley dismissed.

There is a big difference there and Granby Thots & Views is Jeremy’s Facebook Group, hence my muting until after Jan. 2021 or Jeremy needs intellectual and moral muscle and heavy artillery support or gets tired of the stray puppy dog & kitty-cat postings on GT&V.

This is, of course, an editorial decision on Jeremy Hopper’s part. Granby Thots & Views is a place for the news about stray dogs and gossip as opposed to serious and frank adult discussion on a fun neutral forum open to all living in Granby.

So I’ll be posting to my blog or on Granby UnCensored Facebook page about what is going on Granby Thots & Views.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Duly Elected South Ward Granby City Councilman