Me & Phred Phelps & The Phelpsters from the Westboro Babtist Church diss Joplin

My feeding Phred & the Phelpsters of the Westboro Babtist Church back in May 2011 just after the Joplin E-5 Tornado was merely lashing them up to a fine homophobic frenzy by pointing out that the massive tornado started on the Missouri Kansas border and first hit McClelland Park in the sourthwest corner of Joplin wherein the rump-rangers don’t have to get a room but rather use the rest-rooms there. Back in the daze of pre-Lawrence v. Texas 2003 Supreme kort decision decriminalizing consensual sodomy the Joplin Police Department would dress up as girly-men and entrap the fudge-packers for mashing. Seneca readers like the cocktail waitress who thought she was better than me take note: Your current Seneca Police Chief Altic was the best entrapper of them homos. Why here I was being arraigned in Joplin Municipal kort back in 1996 for failure to wear a seat belt while driving my car on Main Street and a dozen fudge packers were pleading guilty to “mashing” all of them caught in the act by James Altic.

As my friend Swillis Gumpff-Turner who raised on a Newtonia sheep farm whose life took a different turn than his Cousin Randy Turner says, “How are you going to keep them on the [sheep] farm once theys’ seen Gay jewplin?” He don’t like his Cousin Randy much. He abandoned Ewelene.

Well, anyways Paula get yourself off’n the floor and time to make a plan to relocate. I hear that Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and East St. Louis are lovely this time of year, especially if you enjoy that diversity sausage.

Further closer to home since the Prices can’t run a feed store in Granby but have moved their base of operations to Neosho, even though rumor has it that when Assley runnts-oft to Florida the Granby City Council-Criminals will plop the Meercat into my rightful seat pending litigation and keep her on as the Granby City Clerk and “She-Mayoress.”

Show your solidarity while in Neosho by patronizing they’s feed store and everyone in Granby patronizes the MFA, Orschlin’s or Ritchey Crossroads feed store. See if you can’t go snout up in theys’ “Blue-Trough Special” 1/2 Star Dining and fill ‘er on up. A half-peck of chopped corn mixed with a handful of milo, yum, yum.

So what part of my Church’s web pages offended your tender sensibilities?