Mad Dog Musings 27Dec22 — Mad Dog 4 Granby Municipal Judge

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt files for Granby Municipal Judge on 27 Dec. 2022

A thoroughly boring 20+ minutes of filing for the office of municipal judge against the perpetual incumbent Steve White who has been [s]elected every single time since 1995, when the office became open to election as Division IV cash register police kort of no record. I ran against Steve White of the local White family of Granby and Judith Stiger who was the previous appointee and as I recall came in third of us three. Steve White got a sizable majority of the votes.

In 2003 as in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2001 I ran for Granby municipal judge and cum in second with about 10-20% of the vote. But in 2003 Steve White’s National Guard unit was called to Iraq and according to Missouri law as the runner-up I was supposed to be installed as municipal judge. Of course these corrupt korts were not going to obey Missouri law when incoonvenient as I have made it quite clear that I’m a defendant’s judge as opposed to government plaintiff’s judge. There is even a provision of fining Granby piglice $500 per case for bringing up a bogus case and I made it quite clear that I would shut down the Granby Piglice State and not enfarce Barry Flint’s Racketeering schemes regarding not letting poor people put up used single-wide trailers on theys’ own property and making Jim Channel work in connecting them to the Granby water & sewer utilities.

So Steve White is in Iraq, the Granby Piglice much of it is in Iraq, they eased off in writing tickets for revenue because they won’t be able to prostitute these cases and according to Missouri law I’m supposed to be municipal judge.

Of course these Missouri korts can’t be bothered with obeying they’s own law. They appointed Anne Wells as municipal jewge in Granby and Diamond and my retarded son-in-law was targetted and I forbidden from looking on to this supposedly open kort.

So I bitched to the FBI esconsed in jewplin and they cared nothing about municipal corruption. Instead they tried to set up a “perjury trap” of trying to find out the location of some Arkansas Christian Identity believer named Timothy Coombs who they blamed for being a “Phineas Priest” who shot this fat thieving Highway Patrol pig named Harper who was stealing more than his fair share of McDonald County dope.

So I went bitching to “The Simp” the editard of the jewplin Glob and he too didn’t give a crap about Granby and Newton County kort corruption.

In short even back in 2003 neither Granby, Newton County, the State of Missouri nor ZOG/Babylon was interested in maintaining just korts or in fair, open, free [s]elections.

The System has gotten even more corrupt since then.

For further information see:…2—MD4Judge:f

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Candidate 4 Municipal Judge of Granby Missouri

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